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Sports Editable Copy

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S: My fantasy

BC: My favorite Team | 2010

FC: My dreams of BASEBALL | Go # 7 | My Fantasy | By: Marcos Martinez

1: To Start off... | Play Ball!

2: My desires

3: Greatest fealling | My baseball Game | BASEBALL | My role model | my times and my dream

4: Hit one out of the park! | 2010 All-Stars

6: When I become a MLB player I want to beat this record | my vision

7: My goal

8: Stories of my baseball time

9: Stories of my Baseball games | Dreams,and Experiences | # 7 | Game Ball

10: Championship! My proudest moment was when my team the Black Sox won our play off game. It was a warm 6:00 evening the dirt was on the groundthe grass was waving in the wind and I was in my garage tying my black, dusty, Luisville slugger cleats like in the movies, getting ready for my game but not just any game my play off game. I was thinking will we win or lose? When my mom came in the garage to get the car started she said, "Whatever happens you played well" I stood up with my black baseball bag on my shoulder and my glove on my hand and got in the car. Finally the game had started, and I was pitching. "Strike 1, Strike2, Strike3"the umpire yelled as I struck out the batter. From the first inning to the fifth it was a tied game. I was on the pitchers mound sweaty, tired arm hurting and we had two strikes i threw my pitch and PING! The ball was headed right toward me and SMACK! The ball was in my glove I was shocked then our teams parents and family cheered and I noticed that we had one the game and we were on the way to the championship.

11: I GOT SKILLS! One skill that I have and that I'm thankful for is playing baseball. I can hit the ball and hit it far run the bases fast and play the positions of third base and pitcher I also can throw the ball from third to first base. Another talent that I have is playing right field, I'm good at that. It is one of my favorite positions and it is one of the most fun positions in the game you get to dive like the pro's. You can catch pop fly's and get the baseball to the base needed. "Ouch it hurts" During one of our games I had a fractured thumb and I had to pitch but I managed. During my 2009 season one of our third baseman Ryan got hurt and I had to fill in for him after every play I did He said,"Just like Ian Stewart!" Also while playing baseball I have been gaining more skills like I use to dip when I swung and SWISH! I'd miss now I don't do that any more which means I gained the skill of not dipping and I hit line drives all the time. This is the main skill I have.

12: When it was the middle of the 2008 summer it was a late summer evening and I was in bed reaming about the MLB. I could remember me at drafting and getting picked for the Colorado Rockies my favorite team. Immidiately I was given my first check. I saw the price one million dollars I almost fell down and fainted. Before I knew it I was on the field the next day. I was training doing catching at the plate and pitching at the mound, getting hit pop fly''s in the outfield, even batting in the batters box. I was doing great and I wanted to play during the first game. Then our entire team was called to the dug out and the line up for the first game was called. After two names I was called, I was so grateful and excited. We then wrapped up practice with running and more hitting. As I was walking in the locker room I said, "I did great." When the first game came I was called I

13: ran up to the mound slowly and nervously and looked around. There were tons and tons of fans cheering and calling my name. I got the major league baseball in my hand and Threw my first pitch then my second and then CRACK! The ball got in for a hit and the next batter came up. I threw my first pitch and CRACK! The ball hit the ground my second baseman got it touched the bag and then threw it to first we got a double play. I got the scarred up ball back I threw the ball and RING! RING! RING! I woke up and stood up walked to my mirror and put on my Rockies hat then said, "WOW!"

14: The greatest experience I have ever had is going to the Two Thousand Seven World Series Game 4 the last in the series. The match up was between the Colorado Rockies and the Boston Red Sox my least favorite team, but it was a good match up. My family and I had great seats we were on the dividing line of the Rockies fans and the Red Sox fans but after a short time period of five minutes we realized tons of Red Sox fans were sitting next to us. So when they made good plays or did something we were surrounded by tons of cheers from Red Sox fans and I got angry when that happened. But when the Rockies did a good play or did something cool I had fun. Inning by inning it was some of the worlds most amazing plays but it got worse. It was the top of the ninth and there were two strikes on Brad Hawpe and well the ball was thrown and he struck out then all the boston fans cheered and the players did a giant hug.

15: I stood up and said to my parents, "Let's go know" then I yelled "There will be another time but remember this moment right know" WOOHOO! the Boston fans cheered. My family was talking in the car and saying, "All those games and moments for nothing" I went home took off my Rockies hat and tears fell. One thing I would of changed big time was that the Rockies won the World Series. (P.S, HA I WENT TO THE WORLD SERIES! AND GO ROCKIES!)

16: My greatest dream ever is to be a major league baseball player, and well I want that dream to come true. I've been playing baseball for about 7 years each year I have different seasons and experiences just like famous people and there movies. Each season I play better and perform better. every time I do anything wrong I say,"Dang It" and also I fell as if I should be thrown out of the game. I make new friends every year to. Every time I go to a professional baseball game I wonder how it would feel to be on that field surrounded by millions of fans screaming cheering and even yelling your name when I hit or do a good play. One feeling I would love to encounter is... Winning a World Series all that sense of pride and accomplishment even the World Series trophie and the best thing is getting picked as MVP of the year. To me this would be the greatest felling to me and one of greatest

17: dream. Also one of my greatest dreams ever is to be elected into the baseball hall of fame all that famousnes and fans it would be unbelievable and amazing this is my greatest dream ever.

18: I was in the 2010 eleven year old all- star team and our team wasn't that good we had 20 practices for nothing. My old team had finally won the championship and I was on the winning team and that moment felt like winning a world series. The next day My coach was talking about the all-star tryouts he sent out permission forms a fast as a race car and after a couple of sweaty, hot try outs I was in the eleven year old all-star team it felt like you were on the sun. The next day There was a practice we had so many it was crazy. After atleast 10 miserable practices we had a scrimage game. It was so easy like stealing candy from a baby we pumbled them the score was 24 to 7 we won and I did great. I hit to triples and two doubles all of my hits far and high I felt like pro baseball player. "by the look of this game we should do good during our games" my coach said i immedeatly i knew that this was going to be fun.

19: I was on my vacation in the beautiful state of Maryland. My family was on our way to Bowie to see the minor league baseball team of the Baltimore Orioles. We were on our way to see the Bowie Baysox. It was the first minor league game i went to and I enjoyed it. When we got inside the stadium I said hi to the baysox's mascot and I was of to get my hot dog. But sure enough the line was long so I nearly died because I was so hungry. when I went to go see if my brother and my dad were bringing my hot dog they were invited to play in this game were they threw toliet seats on a base ball tee. I yelled "Go dad Go!". One thing I observed in the game was that the players weren't as good as the major's but I realized this is what I would have to go threw if i wanted to be a baseball player. one thing I was really happy about was I got a minor league baseball. I really enjoyed that experience with my family and the game.

20: It was a hot summer day and I was i Baltimore, Maryland at Oriole stadium at the main gate waiting for the Black gates to open. I felt as if I was trapped like prisoner with the gates closed. I had my printed laminated ticket in my hand my Oriole hat on my head and my nose was in the air sniffing for the hot dogs like a hungry dog. I counted to 10 saying, "1,2,3" when I reached ten the gates opened I rushed threw the crowds like bull doser got my ticket scanned heard the beep and got my bright orange shirt that had Pie on the back. Soon enough I was in my seat I saw the player's from the Annehiem Angels were warming up and throwing balls then the game started. When the Orioles were batting they got 2 runs. Also during every inning they did double plays catches and dives it was amazing. On the ninth inning the orioles won and I was happy because it was my first oriole game I went to and they Won. It truely was a fun game. GO ORIOLES!

21: HA HA HA! NICE ONE! My greatest practice was during the practice before our championship game. There were so many laughs there it was like a circus. The entire team met on the field and ran to any position on the field we were playing husle. It's were you play any position and you get there before the first pitch is thrown. I was up to bat and my coach Mike said, "Your gonna strike out your gonna strike out" I yelled back, "Oh no I'm not" sure enough i hit it and I hit far then my coach mike said, "Danget" Woo!!! I yelled running the bases. Then after two hit's I said, "I'm not going to miss it" PING! I did it again. After practice we took a knee in right field. My coach Marti was talking to the team about the championship game coming up. Then we ended practice with a hitting contest. Like usual I won with two home runs and two triples. This was the greatest practice I ever had.

22: Dear Mom Dad friends and family, Baseball is the most important thing to me and my dream is to play it in the major's these are my dreams and experiences. as Babe Ruth once said,"Baseball is and will only be the best sport in the world to me" By seeing this I hope that you keep this espacially if this dream comes true. Love: Marcos P.S I will get you all season ticket's every year.

23: Minute Maid park

24: Coors Field

25: Oriole Park

26: Busch Stadium

27: Nationals Stadium

28: Dodger Stadium

29: PNC Park

30: Major League Baseball

31: Yankee Stadium

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