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Stan's 60th Birthday

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Stan's 60th Birthday - Page Text Content

S: Happy 60th Birthday Stan

BC: Cheers!

FC: Happy 60th Birthday Stan

1: Here's to 60 great years... February 22, 2011

2: Leave a birthday message for Stan...

3: Photo by Eric Nomura | "STAN FEVER"

4: and your favorite movie moment with him.

5: "STAN'S WORLD" | Photo by Eric Nomura

6: Stan at age 1 with his sisters, Dawn and Pam | Stan was born on February 22, 1951

8: Age 6 | Age 7 | Age 8

9: Age 12 | Age 18 | Age 11

12: Happy Birthday Stan! I still remember when you were a little boy. - Virginia Nineman, Betty's twin and Stan's Aunt (and, thanks to Aunt Virg for sending in so many great pictures of Stan as a little boy)

13: Stan Graduates from Boys Tech High School 1969 | I remember when Stan was in high school. We were living on 75th Street close to his Grandma Horak and his two uncles Frank and Lorin Horak. Stan and his Dad spent every Saturday morning at their house talking. One Saturday when they came home I complained of their wasting every Saturday morning when they could be helping at home. Stan said "that's right Mom we could be working at home, but who would solve all the world problems than, and you would have to suffer through a whole week of unsolved problems until next Saturday when Uncle Frank, Uncle Lorin, Dad and I met. - Betty Horak, Stan's mom

14: Stan takes Fay to the Prom in 1969.

15: 1st time I met Stan. This skinny, tall, young,long hair but bald {was he bald then too?} dude comes to the front door on Allerton Ave. to play tennis {Hope this was you not another stud, don't forget its over 40 years ago}. I know you didn't stay long, but when you left Mom and Dad had a lot of good things to say. I was told if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all... so I am not saying anything. Just kidding! I'm so glad your part of the family and taking care of my big sis (or does she take care of you) for 40 plus years. Love you Rob Bahling

16: Stan and Fay get married! January 6, 1973

18: Stan and Fay move to Seattle and after their first summer in the Pacific Northwest, they decide to never move back to the frost belt. 1977

20: Stan and Fay with Betty, Erv and Dawn, Stan's sister, and their new niece, Sarah, and nephew, Sam.

21: Laura is born July 18, 1981. Shana is born March, 8, 1984.

24: Stan graduates from Law School in 1977.

25: Stan starts his own law office in Vancouver, WA in 1983. | And, after many cases, strange clients, hundreds of trials, and mountains of paperwork, his office keeps on growing...

26: "Stan and his bevy of admirers, all of whom are paid to admire him." Stan, even if we weren't in the worst recession since the Great Depression and jobs for law school grads were growing on trees, I'd still choose to work for you. Thanks for the guidance, support, and generosity over the past decade+ (!!!). I'm so lucky to work in an office with a boss who likes to talk about movies! Unfortunately, Stan and I consume news from the same sources, so I usually know when Stan is plagiarizing a review from the New York Times and trying to pass it off as his own. Which is often. Few things are more fun for me than sneaking away for a movie in the middle of the day, and several times Stan has closed the office early so we can all attend a matinee. -Holley Cassell

27: Stan, I have been extremely fortunate to work for you for the past 4 years. I really couldn't have a better boss. I appreciate all that you have done for me and for everyone in the office, especially making birthday celebrations so unique and important. Many of my favorite memories happen at these birthday celebrations. One of Grace's birthday celebrations was particularly memorable. For her present, we decided to rent a cotton candy machine for the day because of Grace's obsession with it. Once we hauled it upstairs, we had no idea how to operate it. Fluffy pink sugar was floating all over the office when Stan decided to demonstrate how to properly make a bundle of cotton candy. For the next several minutes he made several cones of cotton candy for everyone while explaining his technique to the entire office. It was a great experience, as with all the other birthday celebrations. I hope that this birthday for Stan is even more memorable, and I am glad I can have a small part in it. Happy 60th birthday Stan! While I have not actually seen a movie with Stan, we regularly discuss the latest movies in the office. Stan (thanks to his subscription to Entertainment Weekly) always knows everything important that is playing anywhere in the city. Not only that, but with the help of weekly People magazine Stan is also surprisingly up to date on the latest actors and actresses. He routinely informs the office of new celebrity gossip. One of my favorite examples is when he casually brought up the details of Jessica Simpson's recent engagement. While I can't pinpoint a specific movie, cinema is a frequent topic in the office with Stan almost always leading the discussions. If he has not seen a movie, he has at least read about it. -Kaitlen Cassell

28: Happy Birthday, Stan! I hope that you know how much all of us at the office appreciate your generosity, your kindness, your sense of humor, and your support. There are many memorable moments with you that stick out in my brain, but one in particular that I will remember for a long time. One morning, we were having an animated office discussion about how I had "liberated" crickets that I bought from Petco, because I felt bad that they faced an imminent death. We were all laughing and poking fun about how I may have officially gone off the deep end with my sensitivity towards animals, because let's face it, crickets have a life span of about two weeks. My heartfelt "freeing of the crickets" probably bought the crickets at least a few good hours of life though, right? Right about the time that I started wishing that my cricket story hadn't seen the light of day, you said something that validated why I decided to set the crickets free. You told me of a story about a father and son that were walking along the beach, and the beach is filled with starfish that had washed up on shore. There were thousands and thousands of starfish, that were obviously going to die unless they were able to reach the ocean again. The little boy was picking up one starfish at a time, and throwing it back into the water. The father asked, "Why even bother? There are too many starfish here. It's not going to make a difference". The little boy replied, "But, it makes a difference to this one". Is that a true story? Doubtful. Sappy? Yes. Does it give me warm and fuzzy feelings? Sort of. Did it make me feel good to know that you took the time to understand where I am coming from? Definitely. Thank you for everything you do, for taking the time to get to know and understand the people in your office, and for making our office a great place to work! I feel very lucky to work for someone that I have a lot of respect for. Happy 60th Birthday, Stan!!!!! I hope you have the best birthday ever! - Laura Morello Stan, Happy 60th birthday! My office being on the same floor, I am not above making an excuse to come down to your office and witness a hub of fun and great attitudes that I consistently find there. It says a lot about your character and interpersonal relationships. If you have any extra space, let me know—I might move in! - Craig Limoges

29: Kaitlen and Stan | Kalka and Stan

30: Fun times with The Nomuras

31: Coming of Age Over the years we have watched hundreds of films with Stan & Fay. Frequently it was an obscure film that Stan had found and the rest of us were pretty clueless about it. When asked for a quick synopsis the answer was frequently, “it’s a Coming of Age film” or “a Slice of Life”. More often than not these films turned out to be among our favorites. When we first met Stan he had just finished spending a year being a house Dad, taking care of Laura in Seattle. Here was this intelligent, sensitive and caring guy taking his turn with childcare while his wife was finishing up a post-doc. When the kids were young we decided to buy a “fixer-upper” beach house together. We spent many weekends increasing our “sweat equity” by numerous home improvement projects. Stan was always ready with his stack of “how-to” manuals and tools ready to get his “lawyerly hands” calloused working on projects that none of us really knew how to do. The beach house was to become the focal point of our numerous movie/game/dining weekends and holiday traditions. We have many fond memories of our kids playing at those beach weekends. The only adversity that comes to mind was a disagreement with a contractor that ended up in small claims court. Stan was calm and confident steering us to a positive outcome. Afterwards, Stan came out of the courthouse smiling, saying “Wasn’t that great!” while the rest of us were about ready to throw up from the stress. Stan is a great guy to have in your corner. Over the next 30 years together we watched our kids grow up, go off to college, and start their lives as young adults. These events are the subject of all of those Coming of Age films. I guess that’s why we love them. Now that Stan is turning 60, he has Come of Age. But wait, we still have some other events in the not so distant future: weddings, graduations, births, retirements. So, we’re not at the end of this film yet. We look forward to the future, with Stan adding his perspective, wisdom, and wry sense of humor to the coming decades. Love, Veda and Dave

33: Happy Birthday Stan! I've had the pleasure of knowing you for my entire life (half of yours old man!) and I have so many great memories of you and your family. Growing up I remember being confused about this mysterious entity called 'Stanafay' who I assumed lived with you guys because every time my parents told us we were going over to Stanafay's we would end up going to your house. Years later (I'm not going to say how many, but let's just say past the point where it would have been cute) I realized that they were actually saying 'Stan and Fays'. There were so many fun weekends at the beach house watching movies, playing games and getting woken up by a wet, slobbery Nala in the morning. In my memories you're always wearing that Waynes World hat. I also remember working at your office one summer helping you sort through old case files and learning how to operate the copy machine (my one and only foray into a non-academic position). I remember being impressed seeing you in your suit, going to court, meeting with clients, taking us out for a power lunch. It was the first time I'd seen you in any role other than devoted husband and father and it made a strong impression on me (people can do multiple things well?!). I think one of my favorite things about you though, something that I'm sure has only gotten more seasoned and mature with age is your sense of humor. I think you have this great gift of being able to relate to anybody, no matter what the topic (the trials and travails of the latest Hollywood starlet, a Judd Apatow movie...) or the age of the person in a way that is hilarious and genuine. You may be 60 years old, but I'm pretty sure you could still get away with the infamous 'Care Bear alert!' that we all loved to hear as angsty teenagers who 'didn't care'. :) ~Emi Nomura

34: The Beach House

35: Erv and Betty's 50th Anniversary

36: Laura finally gives Dad a long-promised Foot Pillow

38: Christmas in Wisconsin

39: I remember the time when we were ATVing on the sand dunes when I came to visit a few summers ago. I got stuck in the sand and you helped me get out. It was a fun experience. You always have those questions too and you asking me what my favorite kind of beer was in front of my parents...hahaha - Jessica Bahling Uncle Stan thanks for being a super uncle! Have a great birthday! -Jack Bahling For many years I mostly saw Uncle Stan 2-3x a year when he visited WI. Inevitably, we would have a family movie night out but the frustrating part was that he already went to every movie that I really wanted to see. That is, till I went to Portland, and I could tag along! Tagging along to awesome things like movies, plays, dinners, etc was an awesome side benefit to moving to Oregon and being closer to the Horak side of my family. A more significant benefit was being around a kind hearted, funny, smart and generous man that I learned a whole heck of a lot from just by being around him more. Stan I appreciate everything you have done for me! Really, there are too many things to list and I know I am very fortunate to have an uncle like you. Happy Birthday old guy! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you and the family. - Jason Bahling

40: Stan the man. thanks for the memories...... My earliest memory of you was on the island of Maui. Fun in the sun with Stan and his convertible Mustang. I was so amazed that your hair never got messed up or in your face while driving (oh yeah, you didn't have too much then either). Little did I realized just how many vacations we were going to spend together. Driving the CA coast line to Laura's apt. in San Francisco. Camping out at Cater Lake and Land of the Giants. And do you remember teaching me how to play Queen of hearts (I loved shooting the moon). 2000 was spent at Disneyland, the whole family, I remember eating our thanksgiving meal at 10pm. Boston, Cape Cod (lobster every night) And of course every summer "up North", where I leaned (still learning) how to play Euker and Sheepshead. So, needless to say, you're a pretty cool dude. I enjoy your sick sense of humor, that your never to old to act like a kid,and your not to bad of a card player. Now on the more serious side, Thanks for including Jason in your family and being a favorable mentor in his life. Thanks for all the Goods Times together and many more to come. Love, Mary Bahling

41: Happy 60th Birthday We have had lots of great times with you and all family members up at Hayward enjoying being out on the lake with the pontoon boat which our neighbor was so generous to let us use.So we all could go on it to enjoy the day together. And also enjoying just relaxing on the porch and watching the beautiful birds. We also cannot forget those wonderful meals everyone took turns cooking. can almost smell those wonderful aromas still. The patients you had trying to teach me yuker which I was always seemed to play wrong once in awhile. And remember how much Donald enjoyed you playing Sheepshead with him, he always looked forward so much for those times. It really made him so happy. He is most likely smiling down on us all with love. Love and have a good one. - Wanda Bahling

42: One story with Stan I will never forget was the Family inner tube trip down the Namekongon River in Hayward, Wisconsin. We were all in northern Wisconsin for the annual family summer vacation. It was late July to early August and was hot and in the 80’s. We all decided to experience a relaxing tube ride down the national scenic waterway, the Namekogon. There was a tube rental place on the river but we thought for the cost of the rental we could buy our own tubes and go again in the future if we wanted to. We checked with the DNR ranger station on which section of the river would be best for a 2 - 3 hour inner tube trip. After we received his expert advice, we went to the hardware store to pick up our tubes. We had a large group. Stan, Fay, Shana, Laura, Rob, Jason, Nancy 7 months pregnant with Jenny, Jessica and myself. We had two vehicles and dropped one of the vehicles off at our destination. We put our all our tubes in the river, each person sat on their tube and used their hands and feet to steer and propel themselves if they needed to. Nancy, being pregnant, paddled a small rubber raft and towed Jessica behind. The river current was carrying us down the waterway at a very steady and relaxing pace. The river was at its lowest level but we still could float steadily without getting hung up. We traveled an enjoyable two hours until we came to a section of the river that widen and meandered into a marsh. The river flow slowed to where we had to paddle with both our arms and feet. We all thought that our destination was near because we had already completed the 2 hour trip. We looked down the river and said that our journey’s end would be “just around the bend”. Well, it wasn’t! It already has been over 4 hours since we left on our 2 hour trip. The bottoms of our arms were chafed from rubbing against the rubber tube with our arm paddles. .. We paddled for another hour and still no sign of our wayside. Actually, the only sign of human life was a shore line campsite. I decide to check out the campsite thinking that maybe there would be a path to the main highway. The river ran parallel to highway 63 but I could not see it. I ran for about a city block on a path toward the highway but no sign could be seen. I came back to the river and continued paddling. I heard a dog barking and decided to see if I could find its owner. I saw the sky getting darker with black clouds in the distance. Seems like a storm may be coming in our direction. I could see a farm about 100 yards away. The brush was very thick but I made it to the farm. I asked the farmer how much further the wayside was away. He said “not far. Just another hour or so down the river”. Yikes! He seemed to be annoyed so I decided to run further to a distant trailer court. I thought I would first go back to the river to inform the group of my decision. The entire shoreline all looked the same. I then saw Rob coming out of the woods. He was the last person on a human chain from the river. Well I meet a nice guy at the trailer court who took me to the wayside to pick up the van. Just after we all climbed into the van a large bolt of lightning blasted above us and a very hard downpour occurred. We went to town to have pizza and warm up. Rob decided to run to the front entrance in an attempt to get out of the rain. He slipped backwards and landed on his backside. What an adventure! Another story was Stan's first and last water ski lesson. He got up with no problem. I went into a bay and I had to turn sharply to avoid a fishing boat. Your dad was headed straight for the shore. His eyes where sooooo big. He finally let go of the rope just in the nick of time. - Ron Bahling

43: Stan and your mom took Robbie and I to Jaws, in 1975, in Minneapolis. Being only 10 years old, I was freaked out by the blood and guts, music, and especially the severed head that popped out of the boat. It was a great time and as you would expect your dad was scared and almost screamed as loud as your mom! Great time! I remember when you guys took me to Bend Oregon in 1987, your dad and I went whitewater rafting, another crazy moment smashing into whitewater and your dad ending up in the bottom of the boat. A woman pissed her pants during the exhilarating ride – I have a picture in a frame somewhere from that trip- -another great time - Jeff Bahling I remember a time that her and Stan were watching TV up north at North lake, and the system wasn’t working quite correctly, and your dad was turning the volume up and nothing was responding. After he pushed a few other buttons, a large boom of volume shook the house, almost broke windows, and my Dad almost had another heart attack – I actually heard this in the boat down by the lake! - Peggy Bahling

44: Stan, the Traveler | Sweeden 2010 | France 2009

45: Iceland 2010 Thailand 2005 (Stan holding a million year old piece of ice) Spain 2007

46: Venice, Italy 2009 | Iceland 2010 | Bangkok, Thailand 2005

47: Sweden 2010 | Guatemala 2008 | Switzerland 2009 | Creating Batik in Bali 2009

48: Spain 2007 | Belize 2008 | Cambodia 2005 | Brazil 2007

52: Stan, The Adventurer

57: One of my favorite things, when I was growing up, was to arrive home from school and dad would have the paper in his hand with the movie section out. We'd look quickly to see what was playing and usually it was starting in about 15 minutes, so we'd jump in the car and run over to Lloyd Cinemas or the mall or else the Koin Center or Cinema 21. If we saw an early enough movie we could stay and watch another one right after - our own little double bill. This is one of the things I miss most! Dad always tells me about how he volunteered to stay home with me as a "house husband" when I was a year old. For a long time, I thought it was just because he enjoyed taking care of little me and taking me to the playground and the co-op. Later, I learned that that was the year that the VCR was invented. And guess who had the first model?! Once dad and I went to see a movie at the Moviehouse in downtown Portland. After the movie we were walking out of the theater and we saw another guy exiting the theater who had a shaved head except for a tuft of hair dyed black and he was wearing a white shirt and black suspenders and combat boots. Dad, apparently, was thinking to himself: "Boy, Portland is really getting weird!" And then the guy turned our way and waved and said: "Hi Laura!" And I waved right back at my good friend Toby! Another time, dad and I were at a dinner party or something and he was telling them about a movie we had just seen together that was really explicit -- I think it might have been Trainspotting. He was telling them how embarrassing it was to see a movie like that sitting next to his young daughter. Just then, I piped in and added: "You think that's bad - imagine watching that movie sitting next to your father!" Love, Laura One of the things that I like best about you, Dad, is that you enjoy just about every type of movie, from the dumb action flick, to the cheesy comedy, and to the black and white, silent, foreign films that Laura likes so much. Your easy-going and fun attitude about movies taught me to be more open minded not just about films, but also toward all types of people, places, and experiences. And, even in those rare instances when you don’t like a movie (like Milo and Otis), you were still willing to take me to the movies, watch it with me, and enjoy my happiness. I remember watching Dawson’s Creek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer with you each week in high school and sharing my own coming of age experiences with you by discussing our favorite characters (luckily, there weren’t any vampires at my high school). Happy 60th Birthday, Dad. I look forward to many more years of watching and reciting It’s a Wonderful Life with you. And, in response to one of your favorite George Bailey quotes: “You call this a happy family? Why do we have to have all these kids?” Yes, this is a very happy family. Love, Shana

58: Shana and Greg get engaged October 2010.

60: Stan, I don't remember the first movie we went to, but I do remember that you took me to my first concert ever--They Might Be Giants. We later did see the documentary about the group. :-) My favorite story is from when I was working for Stan doing settlement proposals. I was in his office, and he had a client come in who was in trouble for a domestic dispute. The fellow explained to Stan that he had hit his wife in the head with a book. Stan's response was "Well, now, that's not very nice." I practically burst out laughing right there. Stan is the king of understatement & droll wit! :-) I also much appreciate both Stan & Fay for all their support! Moving 3000 miles away from my immediate family at age 21 was not an easy thing. Stan & Fay have always opened their home to me and have been as generous and caring as parents. They are both a big part of my success as a person & a biologist, and I can never thank either one of them enough for that! I am honored to be a part of celebrating Stan's 60th & I wish him many more!! - Sarah Courbis Dear Stan, Happy 60th Birthday. I really appreciate how much you and Fay have embraced me as part of your family. Shana and I have had many great memories with you in the past few years, like trips to Italy, Guatemala, and Wisconsin and escaping girl-talk to watch football with you. I look forward to many more family vacations with The Horaks. Sorry I have to miss your party. And, thanks for letting me marry your daughter - Greg Hawley

63: Stan's life portrayed through The Movies by Ron Bahling | Stan before he met Fay. | Stan after he met Fay. | Stan met Fay's parents

64: First came Laura | Then came Shana | A good Dad

65: Lots of trips to Timberline Lodge | A 3 hour tour... while tubing | An attempt at Waterskiing

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