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FC: Literary Analysis of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird By: Stefanie Woomer

1: Table of contents Part 1: Setting (pages 3-6) Part 2: Point of view (6-13) Part 3: Conflict ( Pages 14-17) Part 4: Characterization(Pages 18-23) Part 5: Symbolism (pages 24-25) Part 5: Theme (pages 26-29) Part 6: reflection (page 30)

3: Setting: Place: Maycomb Alabama quote 1: "Maycomb was an old town, but it was a tired old town when i first knew it" (Lee 6). quote 2: "In rainy weather, the street turned to red slop" (Lee 6). quote 3: Rain-rotted shingles drooped over the eaves of the veranda" (Lee 10).

4: Setting cont. Understanding the context of the setting is important because it helps you better visualize what is happening and how.

5: 425 | Setting cont. Time: 1930's Real life comparisons: 1) The Scottsboro trial- Tom Robinson Trial. Citation: "Old Bob Ewell accused him of rapin' his girl an' had him arrested an' put him in jail" (Lee 164). 2) Emmet Till and Tom Robinson: both victims of racism and prejudice. 3) Some people still treat others unfairly because of differences. 4)Rosa Parks: refused to give up a seat for a white person.

6: Point of view Point of view- 1st from Scouts point of view Quote: "Walter looked straight ahead. I saw a muscle jump in his skinny jaw" (Lee 25). Description: Scout is a mischievous, yet innocent 8 year old who grows throughout the story becoming wiser and more mature.

7: Point of view cont. Q. Why did Lee choose to have Scout narrate the story? A. Lee probably had Scout narrate the story because she wanted to have an innocent, uninfluenced, and unprejudiced mind tell the story.

8: Different Perspective | Dill’s Perspective I heard the other day that a writer was at Maycomb when Scout and Jem’s father was going through the Tom Robinson trial. I hear that she had Scout tell her the story from Scouts perspective, and I’m mentioned in the book! So, one lazy, slightly breezy summer, I sat down and read the thing; and I must say that it was a fantastic book.

9: Different Perspective cont. I sometimes like to close my eyes and remember things. Sometimes I remember the time Scout, Jem and I used to play Boo Radley together (Lee 51-66). I also remember the time I ran away from my home to Scout and Jem’s home (Lee 187-189). Atticus, their father, was very kind about that, but then he always was.

10: Different perspective cont. I never really appreciated what I had with them until I left for the last time plenty of summers ago. I used to tell them wild stories Jem would never believe them, but Scout, sweet innocent Scout, always ate them up. I could always see the excitement in her eyes every time I told them. That was part of the reason I told them so much.

11: Different Perspective cont. I write often to them. Jem has a family now. He ended up marrying a girl named Marie Fisher he met in College. He studied to become a lawyer just like his father. He also has two twin boys and says he named one of them Dill! Atticus is still living in the same old house in Maycomb. He got remarried to Miss Maudie though. I’m really happy for him. He needed someone.

12: Different Perspective cont. Scout still hasn’t married, (Even though she has matured quite a bit in the past few years, from the photos she sends.), and is currently going to school to become a teacher. She’ll do a fine job. Writing about them makes me miss them much more! I think I should pay them a visit. I could also ask Scout for dinner of some sorts.

13: Different Perspective cont. I’ll need time to decide all the details. Well, it’s getting late and my eyes are starting to droop. I will stop writing for tonight and come back tomorrow.

14: Conflict cont. 2) Atticus and Aunt Alexandra had a conflict where Aunt Aexandra disagrees with the way that Atticus raises Scout. Type: Man vs Man ( Atticus vs Aunt Alexandra) External

15: Conflict 1) Scout and Mrs. Caroline had a conflict where Scout wasn't supposed to read and write because she was only in third grade. Type: Man vs Man (Scout vs Mrs. Caroline) External

16: Conflict cont. 3) Tom Robinson has a conflict with the town where everyone thinks that he raped Mayella. Type: Man vs Society (Tom Robinson vs Town) External

17: Conflict cont. Mrs. Caroline Before: She was new to job and followed rules exactly as they were stated. After: As far I know, she is still the same. (Static)

18: Characterization cont. Aunt Alexandra Before: She was a mean old woman who had prejudice views of how a child should be raise. After: She still has prejudice views. (Static)

19: Characterization cont. Scout Finch Before: Was innocent 8 year old who's views were not prejudice. After: She was innocent afterwards but had her own views that she has made herself.

20: Characterization Dynamic: Scout: She is an innocent 8 year old. How she changes: At the beginning she is innocent and doesn't really know much, but towards the end she had formed her own views. Jem: He is a young man who thinks he is mature but in reality is not. How he changes: He matures from a boy to a young man.

21: Characterization cont. Static: Miss Maudie Atkinson: She is a realistic woman that lives down the street. Why are they static: She is static because she doesn't change throughout the story. Arthur "Boo" Radley: He is a 'recluse' of the town. Why are they static: Throughout the story he never comes out.

22: Characterization cont. Flat: Bob Ewell: He is a big jerk face who frames Tom Robinson for something he didn't do. Why they are flat: He is flat because he is rude throughout the whole story. Miss Dubose: She is a cranky old woman. Why are they flat: Up until the day she died, she was cranky and irritable.

23: Charcaterization cont. Round: Scout: She is an innocent 8 year old who throughout the story she becomes wiser. How she changes: She becomes wiser and forms her own views on things. Jem: He is a 12 year old, brother of Scout. How he changes: He becomes more mature and a young man learning to treat elders and such with more respect.

24: Symbolism The significance of the mockingbird in To KIll a Mockingbird is that it represents peace and innocence. If you hurt a mockingbird its a sin because its a sin to kill something innocent. This is a really big part of the book.

25: Symbolism cont. Boo Radley: Boo Radley could be considered a mockingbird because he was innocent throughout the whole story. Tom Robinson: Tom Robinson could symbolize a mockingbird because he never did any harm to anyone. Scout Finch: Scout Finch represents a mockingbird because she is an innocent 8 year old who still has time to make her own views.

26: Themes 1) Don't kill something that is innocent. Evidence: "To kill a mockingbird is considered sin because they ain't done you no harm". Elaboration: If you kill something that is innocent then it is considered wrong because it is not justifiable.

27: Theme cont. 2) Judging others before knowing about their own lives. Evidence: "you never know a person u till you consider things from his point of view". Elaboration: This helps explain the theme because it shows that you don't know a person until you actually meet them or talk o them.

28: Theme cont. Theme: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Evidence: "Doesn't matter who it is, anyone who set foot in th house is your company and you treat them like so" (Lee 33). Elaboration: This states that no matter what color they are, gender etc. you treat everyone as you would want others to treat you.

29: Theme cont Explain: Theme 1): This theme can relate to the real world because innocent people get killed all the time. Theme 2): This theme can relate to the real world because people judge others ll the time without ever really getting to know them or trying to understand things form their point of view. Theme 3): This theme relates to the real world because basically people are rude to others but get upset when people are rude to them but yet they continue to be man to others.

30: Reflection This book was an overall good book. My favorite part was when Boo Radley saved Scout and Jem and Scout is nice to him afterwards. It was really sweet that she finally gets to meet him and they sort of lean on each other. My least favorite part is at the beginning when Scout was narrating because it was sort of slow. Other than that it was a great book and I really liked the overall point of it. I would definitely read it again.

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