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Stories of the life of Eva Schaible

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S: Stories of the Life of Eva Schaible

BC: The End | Thanks:)

FC: Stories of the life of Eva Schaible

1: Introduction: I am who I am today because of my past. Everything I have ever experienced in the past has effected me somehow and made me a different person. I have learned important lessons from my past, that will continue to affect me in the present and into the future. I am grateful for these lessons because they have made me a better person. I love my life, and i am very grateful for the experiences I have had and the people I have met. | Eva Schaible

3: The Bravest Person I Know April 11, 2013 On December 18, my grandfather died at one o'clock in the morning. He had lung cancer and a problem with the nerves in his face that caused him to not be able to see out of one of his eyes. He saw numerous doctors and none of them could figure out what was wrong with his face. That was one year ago this summer. In early December, he was scheduled to start radiation. They tried radiation on hid head to try and fix his face which was a very bad decision. This really sped up his dying. About two weeks after the radiation he was put on hospice. At this time my Aunt Theresa called my mother saying that she had better come visit and to bring some funeral clothes as well because he probably would not last long. He died with my grandmother laying next to him on his bed. Through the entire ordeal, my grandma stayed strong and supportive for my grandpa, and all of her children and grandchildren. At the funeral, I saw my grandma sitting next to the coffin and talking to it, as if she was confiding something in my grandpa like she would if he was still alive. He was the love of her life and she and the rest of us were praying that he was now up in heaven pain free. She was comforted through him and God to help her get through the rest of her life without him. Even though she was suffering the most, she focused on everyone else and made sure we all knew how much he loved us ad that we meant so much to her. She really inspired me that day. Though she was in pain she was remaining strong and keeping up a brave face for the rest of us. She is the bravest person I know. She has taught me to stay strong through the tough times and never give up, and to be strong for everyone you care about no matter what.

4: The Dreaded Vacation 11 April, 2013 Every summer, my family and I go to Rock Island. We pack up all of our camping crap and load our entire family, including our dog Sid, into the overstuffed van. Drive through the tip of Door County and take the Ferry to Washington Island. We the finish by driving about a half a hour to the Rock Island Ferry. As we travel, my heart continues to steadily sink. I absolutely DESPISE camping, and my parents are extreme campers. Rock Island is my dads favorite 4 days of the entire year. Which I is why I suck it up and suffer through the entire trip every year. Once we reach the end of Washington Island, we have to unload the car ad get ready to board the Ferry. One "lucky" person gets to Kayak over to Rock Island with my dad. (My sister ad I secretly fight over who has to go every year, because neither of us want to.) The the other three member load all of our gear onto the Ferry. After this, we board the ferry and leave civilization behind.:( Once reaching the Island, we have to carry all of our crap to the campsite (this is the time that I always regret packing so much clothes!) This is followed by unpacking and the setting up of the campsite. I usually like to set up the tent, while my dad sets up the clothesline and my sister fetch water from the tap. After this, we are usually famished and commence to cooking dinner. Camping food seems to taste sooo much better when you are camping than when you eat it at home. We usually have scrambled eggs, pancakes, pudgy-pie pizzas, fajitas, or hot dogs for dinner. Most of the time when we bring scrambled eggs we have them the first night. This way we can bring milk and it is not too warm and bad to use for the eggs. We use Hungary Jack when we want to eat pancakes because all you need to add is water to make the mix. We bring tortillas ad bring beans or rice mixes or cans and put it in the tortillas to make fajitas, while we just make the hogs dogs over the fire if we eat hot dogs for dinner. The pudgy pies are also made over the fire.

5: During the day, we go hiking, kayaking, and swimming. We have two kayaks that we take on adventures around the island with my dad. There is a hiking trail around the island that is about three miles total. The first mile is up a hill to the island Lighthouse, which is available for touring. The rest is a beautiful trail the line is the backside of the island next to the cliffs, from which a beautiful view of Lake Michigan is available. To rest when the weather is bad, we play card games, such as Phase 10, and Wizard. Every night, we sit around the fire making s'mores, reading, and talking. Sleeping is the worst part of the trip. the 5 of us and my dog, Sid, cram into our 5 man tent. Squished together, we try to get a little bit of rest on the bumpy ground. In the morning, breakfast is a packet or two of instant oatmeal. After about 3 days and nights come my favorite part: returning home! On the way home, we stop at Grandma Tommy's store in Door County for ice cream. When we return home and I see my toilet, and shower, and pillow; I am reminded of the things that I am blessed to have and how I take everything for granted. Overall, the trip is actually not as horrible as I make it out to be, and it makes me very thankful for the things I have.

6: Falling on the Mountain April 17, 2013 When I was 7 my family and I went to Virginia. My Uncle Scott, an old college friend of my dads, had a cottage on Smith Mountain Lake, a large man-made lake in Virginia. My Uncle Scott is a weird guy, no denying it. His real name is Richard Ward. He is very opinionated and loud. Every fall my dad and I still get together with him to go the a Michigan football game. Anyway, we drove down to Virginia, a choice my parents have always regretted I think. Ten hours in the car with a 7, 8, and 3 year old, Great Idea!! We stayed in my Uncles cabin high in the mountains. It was beautiful. While there, we swam off of my uncles boat and dock every day. One day my dad decided to get on a bike ride. He never came back. My mom went off on her bike to find him. She called my Uncle to come meet her on the highway, my dad had fallen off of his bike and did not look good.

7: My uncle rushed my dad to the hospital. When they returned later that night, we learned that my dad had a couple stitches in his elbow and a broken collar bone. My dad has a pretty high pain tolerance and you could tell he was trying not to make it obvious, but even I could tell he was in a lot of pain. Instead of staying in Virginia for another couple days, we drove to my Uncle's house in Washington D.C. While there, my mother, sisters and I toured the monuments. It was soooooo HOT! I had honestly never experienced that extreme of heat before. At night though, it was the perfect temperature. After 3 days, we returned home, where my dad recovered after a month.

8: insomniac 2 May, 2013 I have primary insomnia. I was formally diagnosed in fifth grade when I was 10 years old. This is when it peaked. In the beginning of fifth grade, my family moved. We stayed in the Ashwaubenon School district, but changed neighborhoods. I don't know if it was the move or the new house or if it was anything specific that cause my insomnia, but it spiked in fifth grade. It became so that i could never get to sleep at night. sometimes, if my mom rubbed my back or if I prayed long enough, I could somehow manage to fall asleep. Other nights, the bad nights, it could take hours to fall asleep. I would get so frustrated with myself those nights. is something wrong with me? Why me? What's happening to me!? These were the questions I asked myself, and I turned my anger inward. I hated myself for not being able to do something as simple as fall asleep. I sometimes just wanted to kill myself. It really scared my parents. Finally, it got so bad that my parents took me to a counselor. We did stupid stuff like coloring and making crafts. I also went to a psychiatrist. After taking notes on my behavior, he prescribed me 3 milligrams of Melatonin every night. Melatonin is a hormone that your body naturally makes, but mine apparently doesn't makes enough. Since then, I have been able sleep better. I continue to take Melatonin every night before I go to bed. I still cannot fall asleep right away most of the time, but it does not take hours.

9: This insomnia is maybe one of the biggest challenges I have had to face in my life. I had to be strong and choose to get through it. I had to trust my therapist and doctor enough to let them help me. It was hard to become a normal sleeper again, and it was even longer before I finally stopped dreading going to sleep at night. But now, five years later, I am back to normal and am a stronger person for being able to conquer my problem and my fears, I also now have no problem sleeping 12 hours a night, which always feels great.:)

10: Soccer tryouts 2013 April 28, 2013 Ashwaubenon has had five different coaches in five years. This year we had another new coach, his name is Trevor vanlaanen. he is about 22 years old, and played soccer at CArthage university, he was a goalie for his entire career until he tore both of his acls. our assistant coach is Catie, a player from uwgb, a division one school. this means that she was very good in her day. the first night of tryouts this year, i had no idea what to expect. last year, tryouts were during spring break, and it was 80 degrees, so we could practice outside. this year, we played inside for the first month of the season. Trevor appears very tough at first, but really is not very scary at all. the first night, our first drill after a dynamic warm-up and stretching routine, we did about 15 minutes of sprinting drills. after that, we ran 10 laps around the gym, which is one mile. each day after that, we increased the distance until we ran 2 miles, or 20 laps, on Thursday. he told us that if we hoped to be on varsity, then we had to run a 7 minute mile. i was sooo terrified, and i wanted to make varsity so bad!! i was on varsity for the second half of the season last year. I ran the mile in 7 minutes and 9 seconds, i hoped it would be enough. the rest of practice we did ball drills to show our coach how we could handle and pass the ball. i honestly was so tired after that practice that i went home and almost died. i was so tired that week from the very physically draining practices from 7-9 every night.

11: we walked into the commons on Friday for our last practice we waited and waited until the start of practice, which rolled by without any sign of our coach. finally, 15 minutes after practice was supposed to start, after we were supposed to be told our teams. it was so nerve-wracking!! Trevor walked into practice with Miranda's mom, Mrs. Dreckschmidt. they slowly laid out all of the uniforms on the table while we sat and watched him. finally after 20 minutes, Trevor took out the list of the names that are on varsity. he slowly started to read the names. he started off by reading all of the seniors' names. then he said my sister, Claire's, name. He also said my best friend's name, dreck(Miranda dreskschmidt). he said the rest of the names of the sophomores, last years freshman, that were on varsity last year. then, he read my name. it was amazing. i was so relieved!! the work from the entire week was worth it was ready to work hard now to earn my playing time. Let the season begin!!

12: The Stupidest Accident Ever May 16, 2013 I was in gym class with Mrs. Treml fourth hour last term. The first week, we did fitness testing every day, which was horrible. Fitness testing is where you do a bunch of fitness challenges and record how many of each you do, like push-ups, and sit-ups, and sprints. Then the computer gives you a number of how fit you are, it's pretty stupid. The second week I was really excited to get into the fun unit, until I saw what it was: Frisbee. We were doing a full unit on Frisbee. It was LAME! The second day we played ultimate Frisbee. i was on a team with Caleb, Casey, and Ashley. Caleb had the Frisbee and I was in the end zone. I thought I was open but didn't want to yell and get the other teams attention, so I jumped up and down. Just then, I landed on the end of my foot and went down. It hurt a lot! I had completely twisted my foot and it had collapsed. I tried to stand on it but it was impossible. It was horrible!

13: There was a searing pain in my foot. I sat and iced it for a while. I was worried because I had a game that night, and there was nothing that was going to stop me from playing. (I was wrong.) I had film after school and went to film, telling my coaches that I would definitely play, I just needed to tape it up and I would be good to play. Again, I was very wrong. | We arrived at Pulaski and I found the trainer and asked him to tape my foot. He did a normal ankle tape. Now, most ankle tapes cover your mid foot, this one, however, did not. It went right over the injury and after warming up for 2 minutes, I knew that playing was impossible. I went to the bench and told my coach. I was VERY angry. I couldn't play because of FRISBEE!!! I went to the doctor the next day and he said that I had sprained 2 of the tendons in my foot and that I was out for 10-14 days. i was soo depressed! I had to wear the boot shown above. I ended up being out for four games.

14: Little Did I Know May 15, 2013 The second to last time that I ever saw my grandpa was four summers ago. It was my grandma and grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary. At the time, I didn't dream that in 3 and a half years that my grandpa was going to be dead. We went up to a camp ground in the U.P. We rented the entire campground that was comprised of 6 cabins that were on a lake. Each family got a cabin that they stayed in; my grandparents, my family, my Aunt Theresa and her family, my Aunt Cathy and her family, Uncle Jeff and his family, and my Uncle Steve and his family. The cabins were little red buildings with one bedroom and bathroom and a kitchen.In our house, my sisters and I slept in sleeping bags on the floor while my parents took the bedroom. I did not like the cabins, they were pretty dirty and gross. This did not matter thought, because we did not spend much time in our own cabins.The main cabin that everyone spent time in was my grandma and grandpas.

15: Though the week was very fun, I am pretty sure that we picked the coldest week the entire summer. It was low sixties high fifties the entire week. WE went to the beach, and sat in towels and sweatshirts. WE also went to a nearby water park for a day also, and the only way to stand the cold was in the water, which felt warm compared to the cold air. It was actually odd for me to see my cousins. I had not seen my cousins for years before that. They all lived within an hour of each other in Michigan and knew each other very well. My sister, Claire, and I were kind of like outsiders who never knew what they were talking about. And Lydia, my younger sister, just got on everyones nerves 24/7. While there, we went to Dairy Queen in St. Ignace every single day. That is one of my grandmas traits: she is addicted to ice cream. It's awesome! We also went parasailing in St. Ignace.That is where you are attached to a parachute and pulled 100 feet in the air behind a speed boat. It is honestly soooo fun! It feels like you're flying. You can see the entire world. That was my favorite part of the trip. We spent a lot of quality time with my grandparents, aunts uncles, and cousins that trip. Now, I look back at those memories with a bittersweet feeling knowing that we will never all be together again like that. Yet I am thankful that I had the opportunity.

16: My First Wedding May 23, 2013 Last summer, I went to my first wedding. My cousin, Anna Schaible, is 23 years old. She is a teacher in Indianapolis, Indiana. She married her college boyfriend named Sam Moody. He is from Texas, and he went to Butler University with Anna, which is where they met. We met Sam for the first time two summers ago while Anna was first dating him, so they had been dating for a while. He finally proposed to her at their favorite restaurant. He is in a acapella group, and they sang Anna and Sam's "Song" to her with his group, he then got on his knee and proposed to her. (The video is actually on YouTube) She said Yes. They set the wedding for July 14, 2012. When I heard about the engagement, I was with my Uncle Mike, Anna's dad. I was really happy that she was getting married, just not overjoyed about the date, see July 14th is my birthday. As the wedding approached, I was really excited. I was happy for Anna, and I was excited for my birthday. The week before we were supposed to leave for Indiana, my mom broke her collar bone. She decided that she couldn't make the trip down to Indiana with us. I was really sad that she wasn't going to be able to go. So, we headed down to Indiana without her.

17: When we arrived at my grandparents' house in Terre Haute, Indiana, it was blazing hot. My Aunt Babs was at my grandparents house when we got there. She had decided that we should have my birthday celebration that night instead of the next day. She gave me my present and my card. The card said happy 16th birthday day. I graciously pointed out that I was turning 15, not 16. She laughed and said that I can just keep it for next year. She gave me two shirts from Hollister that were really cute, but big, i ended up returning them. After that my grandparents gave me money and also wished me a happy 16th, saying I should get my license in Indiana! (Which couldn't have happened even if I WAS turning 16.) After that we ate cake, which my cousin picked out. Aaron is 18 and very cocky. He decided to get me princess cake and thought he was so funny. It was really good though. The next day, we got all dressed up to go to the wedding. I wore a dress that I bought with my mom about a month before. It became my homecoming dress this year also because my mom said that she wouldn't buy a dress for me for the wedding otherwise. It was a beautiful ceremony and I was very happy for my cousin. I hope that when I get married it will go that flawlessly and I will be that happy.

18: The Best Decision I Ever Made May 16, 2013 I met my best friend Miranda Dreckschmidt, in 2nd grade. She was in Mrs. Frank's class with me. I never really talked to her before we became best friends. One day, I wanted to hang out with a friend, and all of my other friends were busy. I called Miranda's house and asked her mom if she was home. She wasn't, I said that was fine and asked her to call me back when she got home. She later told me that she was at Walgreen's with her dad buying Chapstick.

19: We had tons of fun together and became best friends, hanging out all of the time. She was a great friend to me, and we hung out all of the time at the summer park program. She came over to my house all the time and became friends with all of my friends. We still are really good friends today. She takes a lot of advanced classes with me, so we're in a lot of the same classes. She also plays soccer, which I also play so we play on the school team together. I am really glad that I became friends with Miranda.

20: The End May 27, 2013 The end that I was saddest to see come was basketball season this year. I absolutely loved my basketball team this year. I was on the Ashwaubenon School JV Basketball team. We had 10 people this year. My teammates were Emilie Enke, Amanda King, Eden Ferell, Becky Mrozinski, Tara Campbell, Mackenzie Schneider, Andrea Kraus, Hailey Brabant, and Kendra Bodart. Our coaches were Ms. Biese, the government teacher, and Adam Woodworth, one of the freshman football coaches. Ms. Biese is really tough, but she is a really good coach. She made us run a lot to get in shape, but it made it that much easier to push through and play hard during games. We called our assistant coach "Woody". He was quiet and didn't say a lot, but when he did it was useful.

21: I really liked the people on my team this year. We had really good chemistry, none of us are that good of friends outside of basketball or at school, but we still liked each other. I also really love basketball, just the sport in general. I just get a lot of joy out of playing basketball, running up and down the court and doing drills. It gives me thrills. We didn't have that much success this year record wise because we had a lot of injuries. I got hurt for two weeks, Hailey was hurt for two weeks, and Becky was out for about three weeks too. Though this was tough, we still had a lot of fun and competed well with other good teams. I was really sad when the season was over. I wished I could go back and redo the entire thing, not because I had regrets but because I enjoyed it so much. The great time I had this year just makes me that much more excited for next year!

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