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Stormy ABC Book

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FC: Stormy | ABC Book | By: Brianna Wilson

1: A | A is for Allan. Allan is a main character in the story. Allan is living on his own because his father is in jail. In the beginning of the story, Allan has always wanted a dog, especially a good hunting dog. Allan later finds a dog that is trapped in water, and he knows that this dog is a good hunting dog because it still had a mallard in its mouth. The dog was injured, so Allan cared for him and named him Stormy.

2: B | B is for Blizzard. During this story, there are many blizzards. The blizzards that occur cause many problems for Allan and Stormy.

3: C | C is for Canvasback. Canvasbacks were flying in small flocks but there were many of them when they were arriving. They flew over the lake, braked to a halt with their wings, and settled on the water. Allan studied them with interest.

4: D | D is for Del Crossman. Del Crossman was the only person that Stormy obliged himself to obey, but he had passed away. Del Crossman was Stormy's previous owner before Jacob Zermeich.

5: E | E is for Emporium. Johnny Malaming owned a store that was a small building, and had 'MALAMING'S GREAT EMPORIUM' written in gold letters across the front. The inside of it was warm and comfortable, with the odors of coffee, soap tobacco and fresh pine boughs.

6: F | F is for foxes and fox traps. Allan is hunting foxes and he sets a few fox traps. One of the traps was frozen, so Allan hit it against a tree a few times until the metal jaws of the trap snapped. Allan had dug up and reset a total of three traps.

7: G | G is for gaff. A fishing gaff is a pole with a sharp hook on the end used to stab large fish and lift it in the boat. In the story, Allan uses a fishing gaff to help him catch a big pike.

8: H | H is for hunters. Allan and Stormy make a great team because they are great hunters.

9: J | J is for Jail. Allan's father was in jail. He was in jail because he had an argument with Bert Torrance. He had beaten him so badly, that Bert was laid up a full month in the hospital. His father had to be in jail for thirty months for assault with intent to kill, which is what they called it.

10: J | J is for Jeff Darnley. Jeff Darnley is the game warden for Beaver Flowage. When Allan was blamed for shooting Bob Torrance, Jeff offered Allan to come live with him/hide out at his house because Jeff knew that the Torrances would start looking for Allan as soon as they found out about Bob. Allan refused to go because he said he would be a coward. He also said being cooped up at Jeffs house, afraid to go outside, would be like being in jail.

11: K | K is for Kool-Aire. Allan entered the side of the town, Tillotson, that was devoted exclusively to motels. Allan remembered that when he checked his thermometer that morning, it read twenty-seven degrees below zero and he grinned because of the name on one of the closed motels. The name of it was 'Kool-Aire.'

12: L | L is for life saver. Stormy and Allan are both pretty much life savers. Allan saves two people. He saved Joe Torrance and Jeff Darnley when there was a snow storm. He safely brings back Jeff Darnley. He tries to save Joe Torrance, but when they left the island for the second time, and were on the skiff in the water, they grounded on a dead tree and the skiff capsized. Joe Torrance floated in with the skiff, but Stormy towed Allan because he got knocked out. So Stormy save Allan's life.

13: M | M is for Mallard. When Allan first saw Stormy trapped in the ice, not only was Stormy struggling to get out, Allan noticed that he had something in his mouth. Allan got a closer look, and saw it was a Mallard. He then knew that this dog had to be a great hunter to still be able to have that mallard in his mouth, despite the situation he was in.

14: N | N is for nature. Allan loves nature. For example, in the beginning of the story, Allan tries to save the drake because he knew its fate was a part of nature. Allan learns a lot about nature and his surroundings throughout this book.

15: O | O is for outlaw. Stormy is known for being an outlaw dog ever since he turned on his previous owner, Jacob Zermeich. In one of the old editions of Tillotson Courier, there was a section titled 'OUTLAW DOG AT LARGE' with a picture of Stormy. It told how Stormy was living on Zermeich farm, after his previous owner, Del Crossman passed away. It then told that Stormy turned on his previous owner Jacob Zermeich, and that this dog is thought to be rabid and should be shot right on sight.

16: P | P is for Pike. Allan was concerned about ducklings being eaten by this big pike, so he went through quite a bit of trouble to catch it. It took a few tries, but eventually he caught the pike, and saved the ducklings. Allan entered the pike in a Spring Pike Derby that the Tillotson Chamber of Commerce sponsored. The winner would be awarded with a hundred dollar cash prize for the biggest pike brought in. Allan won that money. His pike was just over forty-three inches long and weighed thirty-eight pounds

17: Q | Q is for Quarrel. A quarrel means an angry dispute or to have a disagreement over something. In the story, Bert Torrance and Bill Marley had a quarrel because they shot at the same duck and both of them had claimed it. They were both proud of their skill in shooting, and neither of them took great interest in the duck, and would have gladly given it to the other, but under no condition, would either admit that the other had killed it. Bill Marley had then beaten the older man senseless.

18: R | R is for Rifle. A .22 Rifle, that is. Slap Happy Jackie, holding a .22 Rifle in his hand, was peering steadily at where Allan had docked his skiff. Allan was unsure why this was happening, but he thought that maybe Slap Happy Jackie saw Stormy and recognized him because Stormy was still technically an outlaw dog. Later in the story, Jeff Darnley was speaking to Allan and told him that Bob Torrance was found dead near where Allan docks his skiff with a .22 Rifle bullet in his head.

19: S | S is for Skiff. The word skiff has been used, and is used, to refer to various types of small boats. Allan takes Stormy in his skiff when he goes fishing or travels by water. His skiff was not powered by a motor. | Allan's skiff probably looked something like the picture to the left.

20: S | S is for Stormy. Stormy is the outlaw dog that Allan took in and cared for. Stormy looks like he has a lot of Labrador and Chesapeake in him, but he is much larger than any Lab or Chesapeake and his muzzle is slimmer. He's a dull black with a thin band of white across his upper chest. | The picture below is a picture of a Labrador Retriever | The picture below is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever

21: S | S is for Storm. There were two big storms in this story. There was one where Allan and Stormy got stranded outside of their house. The other one injured Jeff Darnley. Allan had to try to bring Joe Torrance and Jeff Darnley safely off the island they were on, and take them back home over water.

22: T | T is for tin box. Allan kept all of his money in a tin box. Allan hid this box great, in a place where almost no one would think of looking. In his tool shed, under the floor. When Allan left with Stormy to hide from everyone else, he had almost forgotten to bring his tin box with him. | The picture below might be close to what Allan's tin box looked like.

23: V | V is for V-wedge. Allan was hunting, when suddenly in the north, high in the air, a V-wedge of black dots appeared. Allan ducked into the withered cattails, and looked up to see rapidly approaching ducks. Allan couldn't shoot them because they were out of shotgun range.

24: W | W is for Winter. Winter was a season that was a big part of this book. It did cause many problems like, bad snow storms that trapped Stormy and Allan, and gave people injuries. In a good way it also made Stormy and Allan's friendship stronger. All the stuff they used teamwork for, made them realize how much they need each other and can depend on each other.

25: W | W is for Waterfowl. Waterfowl's are certain swimming birds such as ducks, geese, and swans.

26: Z | Z is for Zermeich. Zermeich is the last name of the man who got attacked by Stormy (Jacob Zermeich). He suffered severe injuries from what happened but Allan believes that Stormy only attacked him because he was being badly mistreated. Even though Jacob Zermeich called/reported this to Deputy Burmeister, a posse found no trace of this dog.

27: Wonder Words/Sparkle Words: | Enigma-pg. 12 'There was an enigma here, one that offered no pat solution.' Definition-a problem or inexplicable situation. | Ease-pg. 30 'He did his best too feel at ease.' Definition-freedom from difficulty or great effort. | Dignity-pg. 15 'Then, in spite of what must be raging hunger, Stormy ate slowly and with dignity.' Definition-a sign or token of respect. | Rigid-pg. 86 'Rigid bad limits were established.' Definition-inflexible, strict, or severe. | (continued on next page) | Soberly-pg. 22 'Allan went soberly on.' Definition-sadly

28: Sympathetically-pg. 81-82 'He grinned sympathetically.' Definition-Feeling sympathy for, feeling bad for. | Halted-pg. 62 'He turned toward the house, but halted after three steps.' Definition-to stop either permanently or temporarily. | Rarely-pg. 51 'Rarely did such storms last longer than twenty-four hours.' Definition-on rare occasions; infrequently; seldom. | Keenest-pg. 67 'However, the senses of the dullest animal shame those of the keenest human.' Definition- Having or showing great mental penetration. | Hostility-pg. 35 'However, after Allan took him into the house, he had shown not the faintest sign of hostility.' Definition-a hostile state, condition, or attitude.

29: Plot | There are a few conflicts in this story. One of them is Allan is blamed for killing Bob Torrance when he didn't. Allan knew that the other Torrance's would come looking for him, so he went and hid. The climax of this story is when Allan hid, Joe Torrance and Jeff Darnley landed on that island looking for him. Jeff Darnley's knee was twisted and Joe Torrance was freezing cold. Allan knew that he must do something. The resolution is Allan taking Jeff and Joe on the skiff with him back to safety. Even though Allan crashed, they still made it back. Stormy saved Allan's life by towing him to land and Joe floated in with the skiff. This also helped Allan prove that Stormy is not a bad dog.

30: Character Traits | Allan is very kind, giving, caring, and brave. Allan is kind because he cared for Stormy and denied seeing him so no one would come shoot him. He is giving and caring because he gave Stormy all the help he could and cared for him as much as he could. He is brave because he ventured out onto thin ice to save Stormy and he tried bringing Joe Torrance and Jeff Darnley to safety during a bad storm. The main problem Allan faced was being on his own/ learning how to be on his own, since his father was in jail. Allan has grown and changed by the end of the story. He is now more confident and is a better hunter, especially now that he has Stormy as a partner! | Stormy is a very brave and strong dog. He has been through a lot. For example, he was badly mistreated, was stuck in icy cold water, and was shot. The main problem that Stormy faced was that he was accused of being an outlaw dog for attacking a man that badly mistreated him. Stormy has grown and changed by the end of this story. He now knows how to sit on a skiff and obey commands.

31: Setting | Allan lived in a Northern Country where spring, summer and autumn were pleasant but brief, and the rest was all winter. In fact, the main season in this book was winter. This book took place in various towns like Cardsville and Tillotson. The setting of the story sometimes makes the characters feel stressed/angry. | Theme Statement Analysis | The lesson learned by the main characters (Allan and Stormy) was to learn to trust. This lesson can be applied to all people as a universal lesson. This lesson is kind of like the saying, don't judge a book by its cover. If you take some time to get to know someone, then you might find that they are a great person. It took some time for Allan to trust Stormy and Stormy to trust Allan, but eventually, they knew they could trust each other.

32: Literary Elements | An example from the text that includes imagery is on page 64, the first three sentences of the first full paragraph: "Stormy's eyes gleamed. His tongue lolled slightly and his jaws seemed to frame a happy grin. His tail wagged." | Another example from the text that includes imagery is on page 83-84, the last paragraph on page 83: "About to resume paddling, Allan dropped his glance to the shallow water just below the alert drake, and saw what at first seemed to be a submerged log. Then he made out the head, body, and tail of a giant pike and caught his breath. He looked away, sure that he had exaggerated the pike's size, but when he glanced back, he knew he had not."

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