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FC: VENGENCE OF THE NIGHT Dylan Metz 2nd period

1: It was dusk and i hit the streets with a vengence.The mean streets of Boston were filled with the derelicts and vermin of a modern society. The killers and dealers of the night were begining to crawl out of the underbelly of the historic metropolis. The kind of men who could peddle you any type of illicit thrill and the eager thrill seekers. Perverts and addicts. It was my job to stop smut like this from tarnishing the rep of our fair city.

2: I started my quest for justice at Trixie's Tavern. Trixie's Tavern , a favorite haunt for dealers gangster, and the people they profitied from. the smell of booze,cigars,and cheap perfume permeated out of the speakeasy.

3: This vile poperiee assulted my nostrils as i stepped into the dark and smokey tavern. Trixie was finishing a flirty jazz number on the small stage.I scanned the joint from where i stood at the door. Just then I laid my eyes upon James Corleone, a recently released convict. He was incarcerated for selling some homemade gin to a couple of off duty cops. To the left of him stood Leonerd lawrence, a notorious hitman. I felt his cold eyes upon me and it sent shiver down my spine. Iturned towards him and stared him down.

4: I would be sure to keep my eye on him, but then a more relevent matter got my attention. A scream tore through the solitude of my mind. I raced from the bar out to the alley. It was in the dark musty ally behind Trixie's where I heard the maddening laugh of him. "OOOOOHHAHAHAHAHAHAH" came out of the sewer gate that man called his mouth. In one arm he brandished a lighter in the other he held a frightended dame. I reached for my gun, feeling the cold blue steel touch my warm flesh as my finger curled around the trigger.

5: I "RRRRRember meeeee?", questioned the psychotic man at the end of the long,dark,alley. "IIIIIITTTTS your old palll JJJJJIMMMY", he shouted, rather than questioned. I did remeber the crazy . It was my first case. The task was to track down the mysterious dissaperences of young women. This track led me staright to a warehouse on the waterfront of Boston. I' ll never forget what I saw inside. Ten girls bound, and gagged , and Jimmy standing in the darkness , his un- naturally white teeth glistening in the shadows, like the Cheshire Cat. He was holding a zippo and a gas can.

6: I was almost too late , he had alredy doused the girls in gasoline. Long story short , I blew Three holes in his stomach. As he fell to the ground, he dropped the lit lighter, and the girls along with the warehouse were set a blaze. I picked up Jimmy and ran outside as the place went up in smoke. This man was not going to get off this easy. I made sure he payed his price for his sins against humanity. " Toss me into the fire ", he begged. I wanna Burn , he continued. There sure would be fire where i was sending him to. I made sure he got all the holes plugged up and then i made shure he would get death row.

7: He shoulda fried and then burned in the Hell that he both desired and deserved. But, somehow he got the case thrown out of court on the grounds that I failed to "mirandize 'em". But, that didn't matter now. I had him pinned,back up against the wall and i was about to personaly send him to that Hell. He then raized his modern torch to the girl's preety brunette hair. No, he will not get a way with taking another innocent life. I lit him up like a Christmass tree and he fell to the gound as blood poured down his body. he let out one last insane howl as i lit him on fire with his own zippo.

8: And so his wretched body burned in that dark alley in this dirty city, just like he always wanted. I left the alley, made sure the girl had a place to stay and then dissapered. I didn't want or need to be credited with this service.

9: setting is defined by wikipedia as , "In fiction, the setting of a story is the time, location and circumstances in which it takes place. Broadly speaking, the setting provides the main backdrop for the story. Sometimes setting is referred to as milieu, to include a context (such as society) beyond the immediate surroundings of the story. In some cases, setting becomes a character itself and can set the tone of a story." the setting of my story is Boston, Ma, during the Roaring 20's. The setting of my story Inspired the dialouge of my story and the fact that all of the characters have Irish names. ( Boston has a large Irish population.) Allusion is defined by wikipedia as, a figure of speech, reference/representation of/to a well-known person, place, event, literary work, or work of art. My story features an allusion to the Chesire Cat from Lewis carrol's book Alice in Wonderland.


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