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Summer Reading ABC Book

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FC: ABC Book The Help Megan White January 4, 2013

1: A: | Aibileen | "I done raised 17 babies in my lifetime. i know how to get them to sleep, stop crying,and go to the toilet bowl before there mommas even get out of the bed" | This quote describes what the black maids like Aibileen were meant to do when they worked for white women. and it also shows how dependent the white women were on the maids for everything around the house, even raising there children.

2: B: | Bathroom | Miss Leefolt wants a new bathroom because of what miss Hilly proposed in her Home Sanitation Initiative | "Miss Leefolt, said Miss Hilly you let the maids use the guest bathroom!!!?"

3: C: | Celia | So as Mini described her, "Shes wearing a tight red sweater and a red skirt and enough makeup to scare a hooker" | This quote is describing the woman that to everyone else stereotypes as "trashy"

4: D : | Discrimination | "All these houses they try building with out maids courters? Its just plain dangerous. Everybody knows they have different kinds of diseases than we do" | When Hilly Holbrook says this it is displaying the racial discrimination attitude that many housewives had against there maids.

5: E : | Electric Cool | "We have survived this long with out electric cool and i have no intentions of setting one of those tacky contraptions in my window." | What Skeeter's momma is talking about is air conditioning! Which is a brand new concept in the 1960's.

6: F: | Fancy | "Mrs. Leefott fancy when she do a luncheon . Maybe she trying to makeup for her house being small. They ain't rich folk. Rich folk don't try so hard. | This quote is showing how much people are concerned with there social standing around town. This need to please is mostly with the housewives

7: G: | God | "Oh....God!!!!" Cries Miss Celia. | Miss Celia is in shock becuase there is a naked man walking around her house watching her and Minnie, Trying to find a way to break in!

8: H: | Home | "Thats exactly why i have designed the Home Help Sanitations Initiative" Mrs. Hilly say, " As a disease preventative measure. | Mrs. Hilly is speaking about the Help when she mentioned the HHSI. Its just another form of inequality. Building designated bathrooms inside the house for the maids to use and her mentality is to prevent disease.

9: I: | IntegrationViolation | Loud voices shouted in the street and both of our eyes darted toward the window. We are quit stock still. | The nervousness of both the woman shows how unaccepted integration was for if anyone found out about the interviews Skeeter and Aibileen would be taken to court for Integration Violation.

10: J: | Jim Crow Laws | Robert was beaten for using the White Bathrooms. | This incident shows how serious the Discrimination of the Jim Crow Laws were in Mississippi.

11: K: | Kitchen | This is where the maids belong according to the housewife's of suburbia. | "I stick my head so far into that stove that way i cant hear all that nonsense Mrs. Leefolt be saying about a new bathroom."

12: L: | Love | Mae Mobley is plying out side , Aibileen watching her. A wants her to know she is a goody girls she tells her she is kind and smart to help her self esteem ."She turn from the bird bath and smile and holler , 'Hi Aibee, I love you Aibee."... | This quote is showing the bond between the young and the innocent raised by the kind and sweet maids. Its a special Love.

13: M: | Don't go ruining it now she offered you a jay-oh-bee. "Miss Celia, i would be happy to work for you." said Minnie. | Minni is one of the younger maids and she is very out spoken. Miss Celia wants her help but only in secret. | Minnie

14: N: | Nigger | Bus driver tells a white man on the bus with Aibileen "Some nigger got shot." | A man with the NAACP was shot along with ten others and most likely do to racial violence.

15: O: | Number One | "So now i must wait. Wait to find out if, Number One, my best friend in the entire world gets fired for getting me a job." | Miss Celia and Miss Hilly has been talking and Minnie is super worried that Miss hilly is just trying to spread those nasty roomers again.

16: P: | Pie | "I tell her to eat my shit" which she did she had two huge slices of that chocolate custard pie, but that was before i told her what was in it of course. | Miss Hilly had just told Minnie that she was spreading untrue rumors around the town about her being a thief and all and Minnie decides to take revenge with a chocolate poop pie.

17: Q: | Quit | " Quit squirming Mae Mobley." Mrs. Fredrick snapped,"or ill pinch you". Luckily Aibileen rescued her from her Grandmother. | This quote is showing how the normal house wife of grandparents were so harsh to there children.

18: R: | Red | "You want me to call Mister Johnny?" i say. I try but i cant stop myself from looking at the red full bowl. Because theres something else deep down in that red liquid . Something solid looking. | Miss Celia just had her second miscarriage and she is too scared to tell Johnny.

19: S: | Skeeter | I was not a cute baby. When i was born my older brother Carlton looked at me and declared in the hospital room, "Its not a baby , its a skeeter!" And form then on the name stuck. | Shes telling us this because she is trying to show how important to youge white mothers it was to have perfect everything and conform to the "normal way" no one wanted to be different.

20: T: | Trust Fund | When Skeeter mentions using the money form her trust fund to get her own apartment in town , her mother cried and said ,"Thats not what that money is for Eugenia . To live in some rooming house with strange cooking smells and stockings hanging out the window." | Skeeter is thinking about living on her own, to get away from the drama of a small town and become the journalist she dreams to be.

21: U: | Uniform | "Hey Miss Skeeter,"Whispers Aibileen. She is still in her white uniform and white orthopedic shoes. | This quote is from when skeeter goes over to Aibileen house right after Yule May gets throne in jail for a petty stealing.

22: V: | Vomit | Skeeter is at Aibileen's house. The first day they meet for the interview. But Aibileen is so nervous that she is going to get caught, she excuses herself to go vomit! | "I'm sorry. I don't think i can. i think i need to lay down."

23: W: | White | At 14 years old, Minnie"s Mom tells her,"Remember one thing :white people are not your friends."as Minnie gets ready for her first job. | Minnie's momma doesn't want Minnie to get involved with white people because they are only business, and Minnie is only business to the white people.

24: X: | Exhausted | Aibileen is exhausted as i am , surely more since she works all day and then comes home to the interviews at night. | Skeeter finally has the beginnings to her book but not with but Aibileens help.

25: Y: | Yankee | One of the older maids recalls a time during the Civil War, when she hid with a little white girl in a small trunk while Yankee soldiers tamped through the house. | "Faye Belle's stories unfold like soft linen. "

26: Z : | Zillion -Carat | Minnie thinks"I need Mister Johnny to know why i have his sterling silver and Miss Celia's zillion -carat ruby earrings in my hand everyday. | Mister Johnny don't know that Minnie is cleaning his house and his silver and keeping his wife comfortable and cooking his meals every night and Minnie is starting to feel guilty.


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