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Surviving in the Wild

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BC: I'll love you forever I'll like you for always As long as I'm living Your big sister I'll be

FC: Surviving in the Wild A COMPLETE COLLEGE BIBLE | By: Kimberly Patricia


2: Rule Number One: | I’ve learned that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you’ve had and what you’ve learned from them and less to do with how many years you have lived... never let a lesson to be learned pass you by

3: Build up your DVD collection and get ready to start following more shows, you’re going to have a lot of down time. | #2

4: Meet new people... don’t be afraid of skin colors or backgrounds...expand upon what you know and who you are and appreciate that people are different. | #3 | I’ve learned that to do this entirely, you have to accept that people from different places may have different rules of what is ‘polite’ or ‘appropriate’..to avoid world war III you have to let things slide sometimes and just agree to disagree. Don’t ever cross someone off your list, you never know. Life is short.

5: Rule 4: This is your fresh start; try not to let your high school burdens define you. No one will know about them unless YOU tell them. Be the person you always wanted to be in high school. | Your college friends will become closer to you than anyone you ever knew in high school in a matter of months based on the simple fact that you live together. This can be a burden and a blessing. Be a good friend, and you’ll find good friends.

6: Number Five: You have to be yourself. Be very honest about who and what you are. If people still like you, that’s fine, if they don’t, well that’s their problem

7: Numero Seis: Take advantage of your res hall. Be overly friendly to your floor mates from day one - remember, everyone is in the same boat. The first few weeks are the perfect time to become popular by preying on people's vulnerability and need for friends.

8: #7 Befriend your RA (who said a little ass kissing never helped in life)?

9: EIGHT = Pee before bed rather than in it. Just saying’

10: (9). Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to be a certain way. Be unique. Be what you feel. | You may find that our ‘small town’ world leaves you a little naive. It’s fun to learn and adapt, but remember that its okay to still be humble at heart.

11: Speak up in class. You may feel nerdy at first- but it’s the best thing you can do. It’s important to stand out to your professors in a lecture hall full of blank faces. However, keep in mind that no one wants to be in a group with "annoying question girl". | #10

12: #11. DO NOT hook up with every boy the first week of school. You don’t want to be "that" girl, you’ll regret it later, don’t rationalize- it’s not ok. | My good friend made this mistake, and although it only lasted through 1st semester, she is still had to deal with jokes as ‘that girl’. Trust me, freshman year is your best opportunity to make new friends- including guy friends. Don’t taint a possible great friendship with a drunken hook up. It will NEVER be the same. | I promise you even if you meet someone for the first time EVER out at a party, you will see them afterwards on campus, in lecture halls, at food halls.so be prepared to face them | THIS IS IMPORTANT

13: RULE TWELVE Get your work done during the day, while everyone is switching on and off to class. Preferably before dinner- you’ll find that there’s a lot more action going on in the dorms at night that you won’t want to miss out on.

14: PARTY TIME | Rule 13 If you become drunken ‘BEST FRIENDSSSS’ with someone and then run into them on campus, smile and wave the FIRST TIME you see them following the incident | . I promise it will end up better than awkwardly pretending you’ve never seen them before in your life for the next 4 years. Hey- they may be your new sober best friend!

15: 14. SLEEP. sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep. EVERYTHING in life is harder and more miserable if you’re tired. You’ll see who gets the last laugh if you turn in early.

16: Number Fifteen | I highly suggest at some point in your residence hall life you engage in a prank war, youll leave with some great stories.

17: 16.Campus organizes a lot of events, speakers, and games. Dont be too cool for them, youre paying for them anyways! Let's get real, what better things do you honestly have to do on a Tuesday night?

18: Heartbreaks are inevitable; but as a rule of thumb, think of yourself as the rule... not the exception when dealing with guys. He is NOT going to change for you | 17 | When I say that guys will say anything to hook up, I am not kidding. They will promise to text you the next day, make dinner plans, anything. Every college guy is guilty of it at one time or another. Trust me, some REALLY good guys that will not be named are capable of going to the furthest extent. | That being said, don’t become cold. Just don’t expect to meet prince charming at a kegger. Friends of friends, class mates, and people from your residence halls are probably your best bet in this department- aka- people you talk to soberly. | Don’t be a psycho. If he doesn’t text you, he doesn’t want to talk to you. If he wanted to see you again, he would make sure he did. End of story.

19: By this point you’re probably thinking, ‘Kim, I appreciate the effort but I’m not going to be a raging alcoholic idiot like you.’ I both accept and understand this emotion. However, if you think ‘it’s never going to happen to me’ I can GARAUNTEE you that, although it may be less frequent, you will be faced with every one of these situations. Check yourself girl. | (18)

20: If youre interested, Im willing to teach you the rules to every drinking game in the book. Trust me, theyre way easier to learn now than 4 drinks deep. | #Nineteen

21: You are going to be faced with many different decisions and choices in the next few years. Always stay true to yourself and remember its only peer pressure your freshman year. After that, people will respect you more for saying NO. | T.W.E.N.T.Y. | We’re sheltered when it comes to a lot of things. Sometimes the best excuse is to play the small town card and say you never got into this stuff in high school, no one did in your town. People will try to laugh it off... but in the end will drop it.

22: REMEmBER: | #21 | Quarters are like gold ($5 never will mean so much to you) Flip-flops become as important as shampoo and soap If the lecture hall is big enough, get someone else’s notes. Care packages rank up there with birthdays You never realize how many people are smarter than you are You never realize how many people are dumber than you

23: Pick up all the new lingo Beware of the freshman 15, or in some cases the freshman 20 (you may think it won’t happen to you, it probably will!) Learn to sleep with light, noise, extreme temps and roommates snoring Cosmo magazine is your deep philosophical material

24: I double dog dare you to join 1 club. Just one. I’m not asking you to be Miss Involved, but being involved not only makes you feel productive- but is also a great way to meet people you may have never otherwise had to opportunity to! I know that the idea of walking into a meeting not knowing anyone can be overwhelming and even intimidating, but I’m telling you- if you do it you won’t regret it. People are friendly in college! You’ll make new friends every day. | Rule 22

25: 23. Personal growth is one of the toughest things a person can do. Do it and do it well!

26: 24.Get a monthly AND weekly planner. Be OCD with it. Go over your syllabi; write down every single thing that you have to remember. Once it’s on paper- it can be out of your mind. goodbyeee extra stress!!

27: 25 | Sororities are like the Volturi minus the hott werewolf to save you. They brainwash followers then snap their necks while they are in a trance. Sure they may be beautiful to look at, but lets face it- its paying for friends and more trouble than its worth.

28: Take as many classes as you can in as many different subjects as possible. You may find a new subject that | inspires you | 26. | Rule number

29: #27 CAPTURE EVERYTHING | You probably won’t have time to journal, but cameras offer instant gratification.

30: (28. ) Get your ass to the gym. Reading this now I’m sure you don’t need to, but even if you don’t drink much in college the sedentary lifestyle combined with a meal plan can be deadly. Get into the habit now; it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving.

31: 29: Understand that a sober hang out or movie watching with a guy is the college equivalent of flowers, dinner, and a movie. Cut him some slack. Finding a guy willing to hang out in your dorm on a Monday afternoon is kind of a gem

32: #30 Fake ID’s will eventually become as important as your own social security number. | Listen good on this one. Put off pressure to go to the bars as long as you can. Once you start going, you’re not going to want to go back to just house parties. Take advantage of house parties while you can. They’re going to be full of people your age that will be around the whole time you’re in school, unlike the bar scene of older kids. Not to mention you’ll save a bundle of cash AND won’t have to worry about getting tickets for identity theft or underage consumption. | When the time comes that you have the honor of impersonating me, I’ll absolutely slaughter you if you ever give it to anyone else- this includes friends and cops. You stole it from my purse. I don’t know you have it; that is, when I decide you can have it.

33: Speaking of older friends, don’t be intimidated of older kids in your major. They can be the biggest life saver there is. Having a few token older friends in general will make your life a lot easier- they’ll have insight into Oneonta-specific knowledge. | Number Thirty One

34: Take advantage of you friends’ closets. You can figure out what you like and spice up your wardrobe without breaking the bank or having buyer’s remorse over the latest trend. | {32}

35: 33.I can’t tell you when, where or how the mood will strike- but at some point in time you WILL feel like a caged animal and have a dire urge to do something impulsive. | Word to the wise: piercings close up, hair grows...Tattoos do not wash off.

36: [Number 34:] Rob your friends’ ipods of new music. It’s like finding buried treasure.

37: Did I mention to be super friendly? Once you get used to getting the balls up to approach new people, you’ll not only gain confidence- but you’ll be noticed as being easy going. Who doesn’t want to be friends with the pretty AND nice girl? It’s a skill that will get you far in even the most uncomfortable situations. | RULE 35

38: It’s okay to cry sometimes. You’re going to get stressed. You’re going to get homesick. You’re going to feel like you just can’t get away from everyone and have a moment alone. At the risk of sounding like a depressed head case, a nice hot and long shower is a perfect place to relax and let it all out. I promise your roommate won’t walk in, and no one will hear you | 36

39: Guys may come and go but your friends will always be there. Balance- and make time for both. | 37

40: number thirty-eight | Being in a mature relationship means not sharing every detail with your friends. Yet, hooking up with someone does! (most of the time)

41: [39.] USE CONDOMS | I can’t stress this enough. It's impossible to tell by looking at someone or by how many partners they say they’ve had if they’ve got something. STI's don't just happen to 'bad' or 'dirty' people, Alison. In fact, the most common sign for all STI’s is no symptoms at all. Remember- these are decisions that will effect you for the rest of your life. If you put yourself at risk, you are banking on good luck alone to protect you..and we both know how things usually turn out with OUR luck! | guys lie. they want to have sex. they will say anything. be smart.


43: Ginger ale (diet) and goldfish crackers should be accessible at all times | fourty-one

44: 42. I’ve learned that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel, and realizing that is the first step to growing up. One of the best things you can do in any situation is own up to your mistakes and take pride in your accomplishments

45: Call home. There will be times where you’re completely caught up in the fun of always having friends around, but trust me- 5 minutes is worth making mom and dad’s day. | (43.)

46: - 44- - I’ve learned that no matter how good a friend is, they’re going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that | You’re going to hate your room mate some days. It’s not her. If you had to live in a box with any one person for weeks on end, they’d get on your nerves. I promise you that you’re getting on her nerves too. Vent to someone OUTSIDE your group of friends.

47: #45 | Pee with the door open, sing in the shower,walk obnoxiously through campus, BE SILLY! It’s college. I can’t stress enough the value of your freshman year and living in a dorm, it’s the one time in your life you can ever get away with this lifestyle. LIVE.

48: 46.Respect others | even if they’re a bitch/asshole

49: Don’t do anything that would make your mom cry. | Rule 47 | This rule honestly helps- sure there are things that she wouldn’t want to hear about, but if it’s something that you know would truly disappoint her... don’t do it.

50: Take the time to gather new information about yourself, maybe some of the things you believed to be true are no longer valid... | ...perhaps a new you grew when you werent looking | f.o.r.t.y. e.i.g.h.t.

51: (49.) Give your best friend my cell phone number. Just in case.

52: ...Last but not least...

53: Rule #50 Don't Forget to Study!

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