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T 2009

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S: Tobin Pagley 2009

FC: Tobin Pagley

1: 2009

2: We bought the gingerbread house kits hoping to get them done as part of our Christmas celebration, but with everything else, we couldn't. So, we decided to make them as a way to bring in 2009. The walls were a little hard to get up, but after that we had an easy time of decorating them. You had so much fun placing the candy on the house. It is always interesting to see how different the gingerbread houses turned out. | Gingerbread Houses

4: We had a big storm that dumped enough snow to make sure that schools would be closed for a few days! You went sledding with friends (I don't have pictures), hung out around the house watching movies, and making homemade pizzas. We always enjoy our days off from school. | School Rocks, Especially When It's Closed!!

5: This was your second year playing for Coach Griffin. You played forward. You were really excited to be playing with friends that you've been playing basketball with since third grade. You work really hard at practices to perfect your basketball skills. It shows in the games and on the court. | I270 Darnestown Cougars

6: Having a Ball!

7: Caribbean Cruise February 7-14, 2009

8: The Boat | The boat , Liberty of the Seas, turned out to be absolutely amazing! It was a brilliant floating machine. And it turned out to be quite clean. We had a room with a window that framed our bed on the 3rd floor. The kids had the room next door. This worked out quite well as it had a door between the rooms and we had two bathrooms instead of one!

9: We had a wonderful steward, David, who took quite good care of our rooms. He cleaned our rooms twice a day and made fun little animals out of our towels and sunglasses. As our boat left Florida, and we had partied on deck 12 to say bon voyage, we wandererd around and ended up at the front of the boat. We got to see the coast guard escort us out of the bay which was quite a site to see them flanking our sides with guns in hand on the decks of their boats.

10: Haiti was beautiful even though we only went to a small Royal Caribbean owned part of Haiti where there were two beaches to go to. We chose the beach with the water park that had inflatable floats, a trampoline, and a floating log for you all to run across. You had a great time. Royal Carribbean also provided a bbq lunch for us. When you have a day of sun, surf and sand, it made it taste great! Haiti was the place for relaxing. We had no plans to do anything other than enjoy the beach. It didn't quite work out that way, as you, Noah, and Brenna went off in 3 different directions! As we were leaving Haiti, Andy and I could only spot one road and very few houses; it seemed untouched and beautiful place to see first. | Labadee, Haiti

12: Haiti

13: In Jamaica we wanted to go snorkeling and chose Doctor Cave Beach. Poor Brenna never really got the hang of it. She ended up hanging out on a water trampoline while the rest of us snorkeled. You and Noah had fun and seemed to remember the ins and outs of snorkeling and saw several familiar fish, eels, and sea life. They boys loved trying to swim down and touch the fish-- yes this was all Daddy's influence. | Jamaica

14: Jamaica

15: From the cruise ship we took a 15 minute ride to Dolphin Discovery where we had what was called a "Dolphin encounter" with Kopi. He was from Mexico and was about 7 years old. We got to pet him, (he felt like a wet mushroom), clap hands with him, kiss him, swim with him pulling us, and we got to be pushed from behind by him as we held onto a boogie board. Each time was so fun, and exciting. Kopi really just seemed like he was smiling all the time! After meeting Kopi, Dad took you and Noah snuba diving. You did so well and saw so many neat things. | Grand Caymen, Caymen Islands

16: After you went swimming with the dolphins... you went on a snuba diving trip and were so lucky to get your own tour guide. She thought you and Noah were amazing as you picked up the breathing so quickly and didn't panic at being under the water. You saw turtles, lobster, barracuda and big schools of fish.

18: Mexico | The ruins at Tulum

20: Mexico was a blast!! We wanted to see the Mayan ruins in Mexico. I was more excited after I learned that you would be studying the Mayan ruins in your social studies class. The ruins, at Tulum, are the only ruins on the Caribbean coast. The Mayan buildings were set atop a cliff with the most beautiful beach below. There were lizards all over the Mayan grounds. After seeing the ruins, we were dropped off in downtown Cozumel with about an hour and a half before the boat left. So,we walked around the open air "mercado" and enjoyed being outside.

22: We ate dinner in the Rembrandt dining room with the same table quests every night. They had a daughter Brenna's age, but their young son attached himself to you almost instantly. You would play peek-a-boo with him, talk to him about his day, and entertain him. Our waiter was Cat, and was from Austria. You chose to eat steak as often as you could.

23: Haiti | Jamaica | Caymen Islands | Mexico

24: Our Ocean Adventure Ends

25: Getting Braces | I think the family was as excited about your braces as you were. We couldn't wait until you came out of the drs. office with the shiny metal on your teeth. I am so excited for your teeth to become straight. You couldn't eat the usual suspects, like popcorn, chewy candy, gum. and even carrots. It seemed a small price to pay for straight teeth.

26: My dad came to visit us for a weekend in March. It was the first time he has been to our home in ever! So, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the weekend was. We seemed to have a lot to say and I know Dad loved watching you all play with the cousins. He was very observant and loved learning about you that way. | Family Visits for the Weekend

27: Easter Morning 2009

29: Easter was a really fun day. You woke up to find your first clue in a plastic egg on your bed. You figured it out and were off to your second clue, until finally you found your basket! Then you immediately pulled out the Cadbury creme eggs. Later that night we had a very fun family dinner. We had a simple dinner of ham, potatoes, green beans and rolls. I loved that it was just our little family.

30: I loved my Mother's Day card from you. It shows your developing sense of humor. We had dinner with the Shahs and had a wonderful time. We didn't see you all very much though. Although when we would peek in on you all, you were always laughing. You and Delaney seem to be developing a fun friendship.

31: Sharks Teeth Hunting

32: Mrs. Thompson emailed this picture from when you hung out at Drew's house before going tooth hunting for Drew's birthday. You are getting really confident on your skateboard.

33: Getting ready for one of the many Bar Mitavahs.

34: Teddy's Bar Mitzvah

37: End of Year Party | For the past few years, the Thompsons have an "End of Year" party the last day of school. 7th grade was no exception. They have been a lot of fun and always involved water. Most of the games are organized like "balloon volleyball" or "towel toss." However, your favorite activity is always the final water balloon fight! It was almost a free for all.

38: At the last minute Noah decided he wanted to play as well. You were excited to have Noah who played at your level! | Katie and I arranged a day of golf. You were very nervous about | playing with Delaney, knowing how good she was. Dad | and Manish set the tone with lots of laughter and | silliness. You had some great shots | and seemed to enjoy playing | with Dad.

39: Tobin's 13th Birthday at Ziki's | This was the first year you did not want a birthday party, This was very hard for me. So, we compromised on a small birthday dinner for you at your favorite restaurant.

41: We got together with my family to celebrate the June birthdays! We had a great dinner and then were able to celebrate with cake and ice cream. We always laugh when Dad, Uncle Buff, and Al are around. You are now an offical teenager!

42: Summer League I270 | I270 summer league is a great way for you to build your basketball skills. You work with the QO JV coach, Dave Griffin (Griff), so you are learning the QO plays (70, 72). You have some of your favorite friends, Bradley, Colin, Andrew, and BJ on the team and you anticipate playing on the JV team with them at QO. This is a great opportunity for you.

43: Swim Team 2009 11-12 year old | You have a great swimming birthday. You get to swim with the lower age group because of your late June birthday!

44: Our swim team came out strong and stayed "tribal" (our theme) throughout the swim meet. We won and you made an all star time in breaststroke. Your stroke looks beautiful and he has grown so much. You look like a dolphin in the water. You are really fun to watch, especially in breast stroke. You are all about the team. Our team lunch was at noodles. Your group includes everyone. You hang out, talk, joke and have fun.

45: Every Friday before our swim meet, we have a pep rally where the coach, Jonathan, pretty much says whatever he wants to and thinks you swimmers need to hear. He is extremely motivating and we love, love, love him as your coach! However, on this pep rally night, the outpouring of rain falling from the sky was to hard to ignore. It became a free for all right outside our clubhouse! Yes, I made you walk home afterwards.

46: Swim Meet Themes | The Kentlands swim team always tries to get inventive with their themes. This year, you did a tribal theme, pirate theme, chess theme, and mission impossible theme. That last one is a big hit. Everyone dresses in black. The 8 and unders read a newspaper and the rest of the team swarms in over the fence, through the main entrance, and over by the b-ball courts.

47: Divisionals

48: August 2009 | Solomon's Island

49: Gardens | On our first afternoon we took you to a museum. I loved two things about AnnMarie Gardens. The art was done by local artists and the exhibit was a 1/4 mile walk of art through the woods. The museum borrowed some of the art from the Hirschorn and from the Smithsonian museums. It was hard to keep you off of the art though. However, t was a neat way to see art in a natural setting. When we were done, we found a grove and asked you to make your own art. | Ann-Marie

50: On Friday morning we woke up leisurely. We went to Breezy Point to look for sharks teeth. You are quite enthralled with this activity and spent most of your time on the hot sand looking for sharks teeth. You found quite a few sharks teeth. After a while the heat pushed everyone into the water. You Noah, and Brenna, along with Drew and Alexa played so well together in the water. You played marco polo, did hand stands, and splashed around. The water was its usual August temperature, but cool compared to the sand and the temperature.

51: The dock provided unexpected fun for you all. After putting the kayaks away, you were hot and wanted to get back in the water. Your natural choice was to jump back in. And it was so much fun you wanted to do it...repeatedly. It was one of the best pleasures of the week.

53: Kayaking was one of our favorite activities of the weekend. At one point, you thought you would latch on to my kayak without me knowing. It worked until it dawned on me that I was having a hard time paddling. Finally, I heard this laughter and I turned around to find you laughing hysterically. I laughed too. In fact, once I started I couldn't stop You, Drew, and Noah tried to make obstacle courses in the water. They wanted to go around poles, under docks, and bump into each other's boats. Yes, I'm sure you can see why we didn't get very far in our kayaking that night.

54: Playing on the Dock

55: On Saturday afternoon, we went to visit the Calvert Marine Musuem. The best part of the museum was that you were able to tell what kind of sharks teeth you had found on the beach yesterday. You brought your teeth with you and spent about a half hour trying to identify the type of shark from which your teeth came.

56: August 21, 2009 | For our anniversary this year, we wanted to spend the day with you all. I wanted to get some pictures of the three of you. This is the best of what I got. You don't like it that I "always" want to take pictures. I keep trying to tell you that one day you will be so happy to have them. Even though these pictures aren't that great, I love them because they show we were having fun on this day.

57: The Last Lazy Days of Summer

58: First Day of School 8th Grade

59: Noah's Birthday September 3, 2009

63: This was your 3rd year playing tackle football and your first year playing quarterback. It was really exciting to watch you communicate the plays and then implement them. Because you were involved in so many of the plays it made it more exciting. There were a lot of ups and downs to this season as you fought for every win.

66: Celebrating Mom-Moms 70th birthday was important to me. I wanted to do it BIG. We decided that taking Mom-Mom to one of the places she loves most in the world and being surrounded by those she loves most would be the perfect thing to do. We flew Tiercy in as a surprise to Mom-Mom. We arrived up at the lake Friday evening to a wonderful house complete with a swimming pool and a pool table! Aunt Tiercy was with me (you and Daddy would be arriving late Friday night) so we made a dinner of lasagna, salad, and bread for everyone. We ended up staying up late and talking, waiting for everyone to arrive. We had big plans for the weekend. Saturday included a hike at Swallow Falls, a birthday dinner for Mom-Mom, and a candle celebration with cake and ice cream.

67: We all woke up to a rainy Saturday which made everyone want to stay in pjs with warm cups of cocoa. We cozied up in the living room, near the fireplace, and hunkered down for more fun and laughter. The cousins played pool and swam in the indoor pool attached to the house. As one of the oldest you were great with the little ones which I really appreciated. You watched the children while we went out to dinner Saturday night.. | Unclie Blair, Mom, Aunt Tiercy, Mom-Mom. AuntRobin, UncleTodd

68: On Sunday morning, we woke up to a yummy breakfast of Uncle Steve's scones, eggs, and orange juice. Then we headed home full of the memory of a happy weekend. The most memorable quote of the weekend came from Uncle Buff, Robin's husband. He said, "You know, Ann, when I used to think about this day way back when, I used to think of you being an old maid....and're not a maid anymore, but you certainly are old!"

69: With Aunt Tiercy here, we decided to take everyone to the indoor pool for some fun. You had a great time diving off the high dive

70: For Dad's birthday we went to the Italian Pines, one of his favorite restaurants. He loves his Italian heritage, something he has passed down to you all. We had a great dinner with family and friends. Whenever Dad and Manish get together, there is a lot of laughter and this evening was no exception. | Happy Birthday!

71: This outfit was for Crazy Day at School. You love these spirit weeks at school.

72: Markoff's Haunted Forest Oct. 2009 | You, Drew, and Ryan walked the path while us moms stayed at the bonfire. Since we go to church with the Markoffs, many working the forest recognized you and tried to scare you out of your mind. They fell out of trees, they walked by you until you noticed, and they came running at you. It didn't work!

73: We are so proud of you.

74: You and Brenna have a typical brother/sister relationship. She makes you work for every ounce of attention she gives you and you instigate and annoy her so that she gives you attention. At times I catch you cuddling close to watch tv and then other times you..well you drive me crazy! | Brenna turns 8!

75: We had Thanksgiving at Mom-Mom's house this year as my cousins, Luke and Brianna were visiting. We had a great time and discovered that Luke is really funny! You enjoyed having an older cousin to hang with. The Colchagoffs were sick so they weren't able to come at the last minute! That was the only bummer to our dinner. We had traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, and stuffing. | Daddy saved the day and made our traditional crab pie! It's is amazing to think how that dish has become a tradition of ours!

76: The first thing you and Mom-Mon did in New York was to meet Luke at Ground Zero. It is a part of American history that you will remember not from history books, but from your own experiences. After that Mom-Mom wanted to bring the fun and took you to Times Square where you and Luke spied the ESPN Zone- no keeping you out of there. Then it was on to Sardi's for dinner (the place to be seen) and then to see Billy Elliott, the whole reason for the trip to New York. You loved the musical as there wer some funny dance scenes. It was your first Broadway play.

77: Our Christmas Tree search turned into a big game of hide and seek. for you three. I spent my time telling you three to "stop running", "no more" and since I had to repeat myself I wasn't exactly full of Christmas cheer. Next time, Dad and I are going to make it a date and leave you at home!

78: Schools Are Closed! | As the snow fell and fell the snowstorm was called, "Snowmageddon 2009" and you got to start Christmas vacation early by three days. Dad took you all sledding at Frost Middle School where the hills are bigger. You and Ryan had a great time!

79: Christmas Eve is a magical night in every way! The anticipation of opening presents is always present, but the thought of being able to play with cousins is always right up there in fun. You and Brett get along well, even though he is so shy. We had our traditional lamb, potatoes, green salad, and rolls. My favorite part of this Christmas Eve was afterwards, getting to hear Dad retell the story of Jesus' birth and seeing how you all paid such close attention. Merry Christmas! | Christmas Eve

80: Christmas Morning | Brenna woke up around 1 am and saw that Santa had come! She reached across her bed to see what Santa had brought her in her stockings. I told her to lay back down and that we weren't going to do that right now. She said, "well, the boys are doing it, their light is on." I turned and looked towards your room and indeed saw a light. I walked into your room and almost laughed out loud! Noah must have planned this because he had his head lamp on his head so his hands could be free to pull and grab things out of the stocking! If I hadn't been so tired, I would have let him go, but I couldn't! So I said, "Noah, we are not doing that right now! You need to go back to sleep and do this in the morning." Thankfully they did!! I didn't hear from them until 7:30 am. Andy and I came down, turned on the lights, turned on the Christmas music, turned on the video camera and called the children down! The waiting was always the hardest part of Christmas morning but it was so worth the wait.

82: This Christmas was so much fun. Dad and I decided to let you open gifts as you pulled them out from under the tree which meant you wouldn't be opening up your "same" gifts at the same time like we had done in the past. It was perfect! You were so excited as you watched Noah open up his I270 jacket; I could tell you wanted one and you were so much more excited when you finally opened your jacket! In the same way, Noah could hardly contain himself when you opened your personalized fathead! You could tell he thought it was the coolest thing you had ever gotten. So, he was happy to open his! It was a wonderful Christmas!

83: After your b-ball tourney (which you won) we headed up to Deep Creek Lake for some great fun with the Colchagoffs! We arrived at night to snow falling gently and a fire in the fireplace. The next morning you got ready for a day of snowboarding! It was snowing again. IT was a whirlwind until you all left for the slopes and then it was quiet! You came back that evening pretty tired. We got you Ledo's Pizza and then the adults went out to dinner. You had a great time at the house. Unfortunately we had to leave the next morning.

84: New Years Eve Welcoming 2010 | We spent New Year's Eve with the Shahs. We went to a restaurant for dinner and then back to their house for dessert and games! | Night Owls

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