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S: It's Raining!

1: It's Raining! | Written by: Lesley Ann Hadella Illustrations by: Whitney Burton

2: It's Raining! Copyright © 2012 by Lesley Ann Hadella & Whitney Burton All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission of the author ISBN TBD

3: For Our Mom. Who has been telling us to do this for 15 years. We finally listened.

5: It was pouring rain and the thunder was scary as I sat in my tree house eating my tapioca pudding. Not another rainy day. How many of these in a row can we have? It feels as if it’s been raining for a week. As I looked at the dreary puddles outside, I wondered if the rain would ever end. What if it didn’t stop? What if it made water all the way to my tree house?

6: Oh my goodness! Then I’d have a boat. I’d fashion myself a hat out of newspaper and set sail for a great adventure! Can you imagine what the neighborhood would be like as I navigated it with my ship? I put on my raincoat, sat on my trusty soap box, peered out the window, and prepared for my journey.

7: As the tree house started to tilt with the waters waves hitting it, I grabbed a hammer and loosened the nails where it was hooked on to the tree.

8: As the rain came up, bit by bit, the sparrows in the tree nearby flew their nest into my boat. They too, were ready for the adventure.

9: I looked out and saw the gray skies gathering, a lightening bolt struck across the sky, “CRACK!”

10: Thunder rumbled right behind it, “BOOOOM!” The noise was so loud that the tree shook once, and we were carried off into the street on a wild river. The wind rushing into my face, I moved to the front of my boat. Little droplets of rain were pattering everywhere.

11: I looked out over the neighborhood and was amazed at what I saw! There were the other kids, in their own boats, floating on top of the rising rain water. “Where are we going?” they called out to me.

12: Let us race our boats to the park near the dam at the end of town! Perhaps there is something we can do to get the rain to drain better!

13: So Dan and Tamesha pulled their boats next to mine. We used some willow branches to tie them together and make one big boat. Slowly using her oar, Whitney climbed out of her tall oak tree and joined Ralph on his raft and they paddled their way over to us.

14: We were off! Even though the rain continued to pour down on us – it was so much fun! Looking around there were little pools everywhere to splash in! The ducks from the park were even out playing with the frogs! They were dancing on floating logs that were drifting by!

15: We laughed watching the teeny tiny water bugs glide across the water on their backs! When we got near the courthouse, I looked over and saw all of the goldfish jumping through the hoops on the fountain!

17: The rain swept us up higher towards the tree tops and we reached for oranges out of Mrs. Rollings’ tree. Dan grabbed a big banana leaf and used it as an umbrella over his head.

18: The wind started to pick up and it blew our boats really fast down the river that was forming in the center of the neighborhood. Then the rain got harder. It started to pour and the animals began to run for cover in the tops of the trees. Oh no! What were we going to do? I began to get scared. I looked at my friends and they were afraid too.

19: We wobbled. .and the boats skipped along the water our pace picked up and soon we were racing towards the edge of town! We buckled down and when I saw the big oak tree sticking up above the water, I got an idea! What if I were able to tie the rope ladder from my tree house around it?

20: I pulled at the rope ladder with all my might. I tugged and tugged and the water was just rushing too fast!

21: “Help!” I called out. My friends came running over. We huddled together and tried to pull again. The rain continued to spill down on us, the river got faster and the ladder wouldn’t budge.

22: Oh no. We were getting closer. Soon we’d be at the dam and I didn’t want to risk us falling over it. I looked towards the sky and yelled again, “Help! Anybody!”

23: Swooping in from the sky was the big hawk that usually flew in circles over the lake near Town Square. His eyes always looked so scary! He saw me waving my arms for help and zoomed at me. I screamed thinking I had made him angry.

25: Instead, he gently plucked the top of the ladder from my hands. With a mighty squawk he called out to his other animal friends! Soon there were several large birds grabbing the edges of the ladder it was moving! The hawk quickly looped us over a branch of a nearby tree. As our boat steadied, I began to feel safe again. | The hawk landed on the front of the boat, and shook the water off of his feathers. I approached him slowly. “What can we do? The rain isn’t letting up!” He nodded. Then he jumped up, flew off, and didn’t look back.

26: I began to get worried. My friends huddled together – cold and wet. They were getting nervous too. The hawk returned and sat on the front of the boat. He pointed his beak towards the other side of the river.

27: “Oh my goodness!” I gasped! I didn’t notice it before! There was a little clasp, just where the top of the dam would fold down. If I could move it, the water could spill over. We could save the neighborhood!

28: “Whitney! Tamesha! Ralph! Dan! You guys! Help! Look!” I pointed over. Immediately they saw my plan. We paddled over, and all held on to each other in a chain. We pulled. “UGH!”..and pulled again. “OOF!”.

29: EEEEK. Something creaked. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH.

30: With that the dam opened up and the water spilled out into the river below taking us with it. I grabbed onto my friends hands, and we were falling towards the river below.

31: Suddenly I woke up again, in my club house, put right back into the tree in the backyard. I looked out the window and my house was there, my spoon from my pudding right beside me, the sun shining. I had just been sailing the river, I was just tumbling over the waterfall – how did I get here?

32: As I was climbing down from my club house, a hawk flew into the branches right above my head. He looked at me and almost, perhaps, smiled.

33: The End

34: About the Author Lesley Ann Hadella isn’t really a writer yet. She’s dabbled in a few books that her family and friends seem to like, but let’s be honest, while she hasn’t made the New York Times Bestseller List, she’s definitely made the front and center of her wonderful mom’s fridge from time to time. When she’s not scripting new books and blogs for her sister to illustrate, she finds herself being a market analyst and economist in the oil and gas business. She’s content to find herself in the suburbs of Katy, cozied up with her dog, Ralph, and bunny rabbit, Alice and a mug of macaroni and cheese.

35: About the Illustrator Whitney Burton makes just about anything come to life out of anything. While not yet hanging in a museum, you can see her freelance works around a few local Houston hot spots. Married to Cullen, she and their two dogs, Mimi and Hank, along with their cat, Max, prefer to find home nearer to central Houston. You can find her most days working hard for the oil and gas industry giant, ConocoPhillips, in their marketing communications department. When she’s not flexing her business muscles, she seems to be content painting her newest works of art, decorating her home or running about with her latest to-do list in hand.

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