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TDA 2010

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TDA 2010 - Page Text Content

S: David Saevitzon Tour D'Afrique 2010

FC: An account of my Tour D'Afrique bike ride January 16 2010 - May 15 2010 Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa

1: With thanks to my fellow 'Locker 9' charter members | Gabriel 'Porca troia' Bohrer | Gerald 'Concierge' Coniel | Jos 'The Boss' Malherbe | Peter 'Piiiieeeter' Pizer | Eric 'Where's Eric' Saastamoinen | A pictorial account of my Tour D'Afrique bike ride January 16 2010 - May 15 2010 Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa

2: Months of planning culminate with a nervous departure in the shadow of the pyramids. | January 16, 2010: Cairo, Egypt

3: January 16: Exit Cairo Cairo to Desert Camp: 133 km Exit Cairo with ear-shattering sirens, first convoy - quite unpleasant. After 2 hours we're on open road heading SE towards the Gulf of Suez. 133km with mild headwind. | January 16: First Campsite Arrived at first campsite after 8 hours - tired. Rush to pitch tent before nightfall. Realize that no matter how well I thought I was organized - my stuff is everywhere - and I have too much of it! Also figure out the reality of not being able to shower at the end of day :-O. | January 17: Desert Camp to Desert Camp along Red Sea: 168km Day started pleasantly enough heading south along Red Sea then degenerates into an almighty struggle as we face huge headwinds. Connect with Jos and Gerald for the first time. Wild night with gale force winds, driving rain and 2am explosion - think my tent will be blown away as I've still to figure out staking!

4: Second day riding degenerates into a 168km nightmare. Largely flat paved road - however, severe headwinds. Hooked up with Gerald and Jos and made it to camp just before nightfall. Tough day, pitching tent in the dark, rain pounding down and wind howling. Welcome to the TDA! | January 17 2010: Red Sea Coast, Egypt

5: January 18: Desert Camp to Desert Camp: 142 KM Gerald and Gabriel at one of our first coke stops. A tailwind assisted fast ride. Not much to see except deep blue Red Sea and desert. Figure out how to pitch tent. Fingers toes and other key areas start going numb. | January 19: Desert Camp to Safaga: 86 km Roads still muddy from the very unusual rain the previous evening. Relatively easy day. Rode with Jos most the way. Great campsite right on the beach. First hotel opportunity - taken. | January 19: Safaga View from hotel of the TDA campsite.

6: Westbound - climbing through the Eastern Arabian Desert towards the Nile and Luxor with Jos and Peter. My first appreciation of the importance of total climb / downhill statistics! | January 20, 2010: Climb from Safaga to Luxor

7: January 20: Safaga to Desert Camp 138 KM Hugely disappointing day - lost EFI status. Beautiful but constant 65km uphill climb from the coast through the mountains - into strong headwind. | January 20 Beautiful but tough climb through the mountains. Shortly after lunch I bail and wait a few hours with Eric to be picked up by the lunch truck - right thigh seized up / major saddle sores. | January 20 Our first (of many!) crappy campsite

8: Karnak Temple, Luxor | January 21-22 2010: Luxor (Rest Day)

9: January 22: Luxor Caroline and Eric | January 22: Luxor | January 22 Nile Cruise Boats

10: We follow the Nile heading south towards Aswan | January 23 - 25 2010: Luxor to Aswan

11: January 23: Luxor to Idfu: 116km Change saddle, raise height and I'm back in gear. Flat paved roads as we continue south along the Nile. No wind - perfect riding conditions | January 23: Enroute Idfu | January 24: Idfu to Aswan Typical roadside scenery. Constant harassment by kids asking for money.

12: Approaching Aswan - flat, paved roads - no headwind. Frequent police checkpoints. | January 25: Aswan

13: January 25: Aswan Katya, Eric and Peter at the amazing Aswan Market | January 25: Nileside Aswan | January 25 Typical Nile Scene

14: Memorable ferry ride across Lake Nasser and crossing into Sudan. | January 25 2010: Ferry from Aswan to Wadi Halfa, Sudan

15: January 25: Ferry to Wadi Halfa Ferry deck stacked with bikes, boxes, people and you-name-it!. We watch for hours as the ship is loaded. | January 25 Peter and I avoid sleeping on deck because of our relative 'maturity'. Turns out to be a bugger as the cabin is infested with cockroaches. Eric spends the night on deck. | January 25 Jenn and Laura hunkering down for the night on deck. Deck filled up to overflowing and defending your turf was a full-time activity.

16: Feels like Africa now. Once we leave the ferry it seems like there is no return - you are committed to keep heading south. | January 26: Sudan landing

17: January 26: Ferry to Wadi Halfa My cockroach infested cabin - only a Doom parameter seemed to help. Evening interrupted by a bizarre Sudanese immigration medical check. Chowing down on delicious fried Nile Perch in Wadi Halfa. Ferry ride is 16 hours but we spend over 28 hours on board. | January 26 Happy to be of the ferry! Washrooms were the most disgusting I've ever had to use. Peter stops eating and plugs himself up so he can avoid them.

18: Cycling the Nubian Desert in Northern Sudan. Sand as far as the eye can see - thankful for spanking new paved roads. Rocky outcrops, beautiful oranges, brown and purple mountains in the distance. Desolate, largely uninhabited. Incredibly quiet when you stop roadside for a pee. | January 27 - 29 2010: Northern Sudan - Wadi Halfa to Dongola

19: January 27: Wadi Halfa to Desert Camp - 149km Typical lunch scene - this would repeat pretty much every day. Stopped at a convenient point for a quick bite, water-bottle refill and to compare notes and discuss the route ahead. Today I feel strong and no pain from my ass-sores. Glad I stuck it out through Egypt. | January 27 Camp this evening is brilliantly located on the Nile and we take advantage by using it to cleanup. A rare treat after a great day's riding. Just over 6 hours in the saddle. | January 27 Typical campsite in Northern Sudan.

20: Camels ... encountered pretty much from Cairo well into Sub-Saharan Africa | January 29 2010: Northern Sudan - Approaching Dongola

21: January 28: Nubian Desert - 149km I'm loving these flat long stretches. For the most part following the Nile which is on our right with a narrow strip of lush vegetation / cultivation between. | January 28 Not much traffic on these roads other than local donkey drawn wagons. Camp this evening was hot, and a mass of flying insects - very unpleasant. | January 29: Nubian Desert - 108km to Dongola Dongola is a hot dusty town in Northern Sudan. Elected to stay at a dodgy local 'hotel' - courage in itself. Immediate task at hand was laundry which I dried on the roof.

22: Classic 'Coke' Stop in Northern Sudan - Gabriel, Peter, Jim and Jos | January 31 2010: Heading South from Dongola towards Khartoum

23: January 31: Dongola to Dead Camel Camp: - 140 km Stiff headwind made the ride tough going - especially with temperatures rising into the low 40's. | January 31 Incredible amount of liquid needed to stay hydrated - take advantage of every chance to drink. | January 31 Peter and Eric

24: We leave camp at daybreak to avoid the searing midday sun. | February 1 2010: Towards Khartoum

25: February 1: Dead Camel Camp to Desert Camp: 142km Searing heat today ... 44.2 degrees C Simple things at camp today ... - finding shade with a breeze - pouring water over your head - hot soup after the ride in 45 heat | February 2: Desert Camp to Desert Camp - 146km Taking advantage of any rest and shade along the way as we quickly cover the 150km to camp. Great tailwind. Spend as little time in windswept/hot camp as possible and try and find nearby shelter to hang out in.

26: Khartoum - at the confluence of the Blue and White Nile | February 3-4 2010: Khartoum

27: February 3: Desert Camp to Khartoum: 105km Milepost 0 - but Khartoum nowhere in sight! TIA (This is Africa) | February 3 Assembling the convoy for ride into Khartoum | February 3 Entering Khartoum

28: South of Khartoum - heading southwest towards Dinder National Park. Dry, dusty plains - curious cracked earth. | February 5 - 11: Southern Sudan, Dinder and Northern Ethiopia Kahartoum to Gondor

29: February 5: Kartoum to Nile Camp - 160km Gabriel making an ass of himself :-). Glad to leave our Chinese managed hotel in Khartoum and get back on the road. Roads paved but bad - lots of trucks, potholes and no shoulders - had to be careful. Dusty, dirty and garbage everywhere. Not pretty. Great campsite close to the Nile. | February 5 Eric is under the scrum - somehwere | February 6: Nile Camp to Sinnar - 161 km Not exactly picturesque surrounds. Needed to be extra vigilant as road conditions terrible and major traffic - Jos took a bad tumble today.

30: Entering tribal village - Southern Sudan | February 7 2010: North of Dinder

31: February 7: Sinnar to Azuza Village Camp - 136km Tough but very interesting day - right out of National Geographic. After 50km our first off-road. True Africa - very remote with a lifestyle that looked unchanged for hundreds of years. Beautiful vistas along the Dinder River. Day of my first puncture. - see picture below | February 7 The first of many days of cracked brown earth ... after leaving behind the golden sand of the desert. The going is tough but manageable. After 10km of offroad my handlebar tape starts unraveling. I also realize that my offroad tires will not stand up to the pounding I'm expecting in Northern Kenya. amp is alongside a village where we get a chance to see a little of their day-to-day life.

32: Dinder - the name alone evokes fear and trembling! | February 8 - 9 2010: Dinder

33: February 8: Azuza Village to Bush Camp (60 of 18km) Legendary day on tour - many lose EFI status as the road through Dinder turns into ... well, not really a road. I'm doing well physically but after my 5'th puncture I throw in the towel. | February 8 We get picked up by Sudanese military unit. Officer drives the truck as if he's on the autobahn and we hang on in the back for dear life. He stops after an hour or so for a smoke ... of pot. We get into camp well after dark. Over 30 riders don't complete the day. Paul hitches a ride in a dump truck after hours of wrangling with the military.

34: Relaxing on the first evening in Ethiopia - the night before the first Mando day - and I'm determined to do it. Quiet in camp tonight as many riders skip camp and head to Gondor to get a head-start on the rest day. | February 10 2010: Quallabat - Cross into Ethiopia at Metama

35: February 10: Quallabat to Bush Camp - 98km Great to change to slicks and get back onto paved roads. Here's the border between Sudan and Ethiopia - a thin piece of string. | February 10 Waiting to cross the Sudanese - Ethiopian border. | February 10 One of those camps ... in the middle of a harvested cornfield with stalks everywhere - but check out the great view!

36: Heading up dirt roads into Gondor | February 11 2010: Climbing to Gondor

37: February 11: Bush Camp to Gondor - 99km - MANDO DAY Route briefing to Gondor. Note the 2,502 m climb. I had to walk a little on the uphill dirt sections but none-the-less made it to Gondor in good time. My first experience with yelling and stone throwing children. I rode alone for most of the day as both my riding buddies were under the weather. | February 11 Peter takes a breather. It was also our first experience of the magnitude of the hills and climbing we'd be doing in Ethiopia. Also our first taste of altitude - Gondor is situated at over 2,300m. | February 11 Enjoying the fruits (hops and barley mainly) of my efforts. I make it into Gondor after a 7 hour ride. Gondor is spread in the hills and our hotel is at the top of the highest - what a way to finish the ride! We spend the next two days chilling at the hotel awaiting our dinner truck repair.

38: Descending from Gondor towards Addis Zemen | February 14 - 16 2010: Gondor to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

39: February 13: Gondor 2nd rest day in Gondor I explore the remnants of the local Falasha community. Rest days seem to be anything but. Between bike cleaning / repairs, other equipment maintenance, blog updates, washing clothes etc. it's great to find a few free moments to chill. Gondor was a great 2 day respite. | February 14: Gondor to Farm Camp - 114km Great descent from Gondor before a major climb to lunch. Mostly pastoral with a few crops here and there. Beautiful countryside to be cycling through. Unfortunately, locals are to be suspicious of around camp as anything left unattended will be swiped. | February 14 Crazy rock formations

40: Typical of the Ethiopian kids circling our campsite | February 15 2010: Farm Camp to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

41: February 15: Farm Camp to Bahir Dar - 61km Short easy ride to Bahir Dar. This depicts the typical riding in Ethipia as we rode through hundreds of small towns just like this. | February 16: Rest Day Bahir Dar Classic Ethiopia ... blanket draped men ... stick across the shoulder, barefoot. | February 16 And again ...

42: Good roads - but either uphill or down - nothing flat! Ethiopia is a stupid country to cycle :-) | February 17 - 21: Bahir Dar to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

43: February 17: Bahir Dar to Bush Camp: - 161 km Tough ride - but beautiful scenery. | February 18: Bush Camp to Forest Camp - 116km A tough day of rising rewarded with our best campsite so far ... | February 18 Typical lunch scene ...

44: Close to the top ... Eric snaps this shot of me | February 19 2010 - MANDO DAY - Blue Nile Gorge

45: February 19: MANDO DAY: Forest Camp to CPAR Camp: 87km Incredible ride down into the Blue Nile Gorge and then out the other side. Downhill hitting speeds in excess of 70km - rims burning hot. On the ascent had to stop every kilometer to drink and take a breather. Slow and steady wins the day. | February 19 Looking back to the gorge floor and the bridge over the Blue Nile | February 19 Switchbacks ...

46: THe 3 amigos take a breather at altitude | February 20, 2010 - at the highest elevation on the ride - 3,101m

47: February 20: CPAR Camp to CPAR Camp - 87km Altitude riding - at the top of every hill there seems to be another. Tough going for most of the day - happy to get into camp. | February 20 Peter keeping me under close scrutiny ... | February 21: CPAR Camp to Addis Ababa - 105 km Assembling convoy for short ride into the city

48: Bike fixin' on the shore of Lake Kono | February 23 2010: Ethiopia - south of Addis Ababa to the Kenyan Border

49: February 23: Addis to Lake Kono- 90km Largely flat - but noisy and dusty route south from Addis. Jos rides the flat plain. | February 23 Memorable for the BBQ Chicken dinner | February 23 View towards the Lake ...

50: The scenery turns to that which looks familiar | February 24 - 27 2010: Lake Langano, Yirga Alem and Yabello

51: February 24: Lake Kono to Lake Langano - 110km Relatively easy day's ride to Lake Langano. | February 25: Lake Langano to Yirga Alem: 131km Eric, Peter and Gabriel | February 25

52: Always surrounded by curious onlookers in Ethiopia | February 26 -27 2010 Yirga Alem to Yabello

53: February 26: Yirga Alem to close to Agere Maryam: 106km These three images pretty much sum up riding in southern Ethiopia - lush, very hilly, green, wet and people everywhere screaming as you ride past - 'you, you, you', 'where are you go?' etc. Tortuous riding - tortuous harassment. Did I mention the stone throwing? | February 27: Agere Miryam to Yabello - 120km Did I mention the rain - pretty much non-stop from the 25 February to today. | February 27 Riding through small villages, locals walking.

54: Eric Dufor dodging a storm heading towards the Kenya border | March 1 - 2 2010: Yabello to Kenyan border at Moyale

55: March 1: Yabello to Bush Camp - 127 km March 2: Bush Camp to Moyale - 81km Peter does the Bike Riding / Banana combo ... and we start the 'We are Cyclists' nonsense ...

56: Just south of the Kenyan border - onto dirt. It's the calm before the storm | March 3 - 4 2010: Moyale to Lava Rock Camp

57: March 3: Moyale to Sololo Bush Camp: 80km Rain held up and what could have been a disastrous day turned out OK. Not too bad an 'orientation' to Northern Kenyan riding. | March 4: Sololo Bush Camp to Lava Rock Camp First taste of the infamous Lava Rock road in Northern Kenya - brutal.

58: Soon after heading out we encounter ubiquitous camels ... an excuse to take a breather as we knew what lay ahead ... | March 5 2010: Mando Day - Lava Rock Camp to Marsabit

59: March 5: MANDO DAY - Lava Rock Camp to Marsabit - 87km Another Mando Day that I was pleased to have completed. Rode all day with Eric - encouraging each other through some pretty horrendous terrain. Super hot, easy to get dehydrated. We arrive at the Sister X Convent Camp elated - and thankful for the cold beer the Sister has on hand. | March 5: Mando Day ... stocking up with extra water in the mid-afternoon heat | March 5 We are Mando Men ... Eric feeling strong!

60: We leave Marsabit on a wet and misty morning and soon encounter the after-effects of the torrential rain of the last few days | March 7 2010: Marsabit to Laisamis

61: March 7: Marsabit to Laisamis: 95 km Rendelle tribesmen intrigued by our bikes.

62: More effects of the recent rains | March 7 2010: Marsabit to Laisamis

63: March 5: Lava Rock Camp to Marsabit - 87km | March 7 Just outside camp on a wild and crazy day.

64: One of the toughest mornings of the ride - torrential rain. Choice between riding in the sand, severe corrugation or a smooth portion of the dirt road that was now a small river. Most chose the river. | March 8 - 9 2010: Laisamis to Isiola

65: March 8: Laisamis to Bush Camp - 87km Tough morning and then we see the start of a Chinese road in the early stages of construction ... it saved the day degenerating into a fiasco. My camera was soaked and this is the effect! Mud EVERYWHERE. | March 9: Bush Camp to Isiola - 80km We pickup the new road and even though half constructed it's brilliant to be off 'real' dirt. | March 9 Me and my bike take a shower

66: We cross the equator just south of Nanyuki, Kenya | March 11-12 2010: Isiola to Nairobi

67: March 10: Isiola to Nanyuki - 71km Great French toast lunch with Mt. Kenya in the background. This was the day that Locker 9 first convened - on the balcony of our hotel in Nanyuki. | March 11: Nanyuki to Sagana River Camp - 105 km The day we crossed the equator - brilliant campsite on the river bank after a beautiful day of cycling through rolling hills and lush vegetation. | March 12: Sagana River Camp to Nairobi - 136 km Tough slog into Nairobi - but I was excited as Randi was meeting me the following day.

68: Relaxing at Lake Manyara - nothing like camping in tall grass | March 19 - 20 2010: Arusha to Lembo School Camp, Tanzania

69: March 19: Arusha to Lake Manyara - 105km Hectic departure from Arusha - serious traffic, fumes, dodging taxis. Crappy campsite with thigh high grass - not a clue what's lurking. But - bucket of water to clean, and plentiful beer and pop ... all's good with the world. | March 20: MANDO DAY Lake Manyara to Lembo School Camp - 119km Mando Day but an enjoyable one ... big climb before lunch to Gas Station lunchstop where I discovered a puncture. Tough afternoon climb through beautiful countryside on good dirt. Eric took a serious tumble after being hit by local cyclist from behind. | March 20 Campsite in local school soccer filed where we locate a farmer willing to sell a bucket of water for a few shillings. Weird experience stripping naked in a sunflower field and taking a bucket shower ... great finish to a great day.

70: Classic scenery - Tanzania | March 21 - 23 2010: Lembo School Camp to Bush Camp south of Dodomo

71: March 21: Lembo School Camp to North of Dodomo - 99 km The Day my Chain Broke - epic struggle to get into camp that failed with 10km to go. Sandy, rocky and corrugated roads did my bike in. | March 22: Bush Camp to Dodomo - 111 km All dirt road to Dodomo - great morning scenery. Picture on right taken by TDA crew on a steep, sandy downhill making a sharp left turn. | March 23: Dodomo to Bush Camp 93 km Grind of a day - with me sprinting to the finish in a race with Tony, Rick and Eric. In the evening received call from Randi re her father's passing, packed up and headed back to Toronto.

72: A view - of Peter - that would be repeated for thousands of kilometers | April 7 - 11 2010: Lilongwe, Malawi to Lusaka, Zambia

73: April 7: Lilongwe to outside Chipata 153 km After 2 weeks away - good to be back on the bike - albeit for a long and hilly day. After 120km crossed into Zambia and camped at beautiful Mama R's campsite. Swimming pool, grass, - the works! This was the night I broke my tentpole. | April 8: MANDO DAY - Outside Chipata to School Bush Camp - 196 km Longest daily distance to date ... paved, little traffic and pretty much no notable scenery along the way. Fixed tentpole ... the night of Tony's party. | April 9: School Bush Camp to Bush Camp - 122km Crazy humid - crappy campsite with, however, a handpump shower which I used many times. DF tent nextdoor - evening of JC - W meltdown April 10: Bush Camp to Jehova Witness Camp - 149km Hard ride with over 2,100m climbing - hot and humid. Camp in soccer field, shower in village, rim tape fix and then down evening. April 11: JW Camp to Lusaka - 104km

74: Jos, me and Gabriel - replenishment Zambia style | April 13 - 15 2010: Lusaka, Zambia to Livingston, Zambia

75: April 13: Lusaka - Oasis Bush Camp - 159 km Easy flat ride with good tailwind. Notable for Pizza second lunch in the afternoon. | April 14: Oasis Bush Camp to Chalet Bush Camp - 185 km Long boring day through Zambia - as per usual. Evening at chalet-like campsite. | April 15: Chalet Bush Camp to Livingston - 152 km Fast ride with great tailwind on good road with 4-5 sections of construction to slow us down. Riding in a pelaton with Jos, Gabriel and Peter. Arrive at campsite and take taxi to Zimbabwe and the Vic Falls Hotel.

76: Crossing into Botswana on the infamous Kasane Ferry | April 18 - 22 2010: Livingston, Zambia to Maun, Botswana

77: April 18: Livingston to Kasane - 85 km Short and fast ride into Botswana - pleasant campsite outside Kasane. | April 19: Kasane to Firebreak Bush Camp - 159 km First full cycling day in Botswana - fast pelaton ride to a memorable sandy campsite.

78: Typical Botswana - hundreds of kilometers of heads-down pelaton riding - and not missing much in the way of scenery. | April 20 - 22 2010: Firebreak Bush Camp to Maun, Botswana

79: April 20: Firebreak Bush Camp to Nata - 156km Another century ride - mostly in the rain. Soaked to the bone by lunch and another 80km to a beautiful lodge. Notable for mosquitos and for washing my bike in the bath! | March 21: Nata to Bush Camp - 182 km Due West, wind assisted straight as an arrow for much of the day. Stopped at Boabab lodge where we chilled for an hour or so. Peter and I dodge a crazy storm as we beat it to camp. Get my spoke fixed which I discovered broken the day before. Great Locker 9 meeting using Gabriel's tarp - see below to right. | March 22: Bush Camp to Maun Hard ride into Maun with challenging headwind - especially after lunch. Great toasted cheese. We find Island Safari Lodge where it's only Peter, Eric and Me.

80: Dinner - Witvlei enroute to Windhoek | April 23 - May 3: Maun, Botswana into Namibia

81: April 26: MANDO DAY - Ghanzi to Manumo/Namibian Border - 207 km Longest day ride of the tour. Cross into Namibia and drenching rain campsite behind gas station / general store. Lani shares our floor. | April 27: Manumo to Witvlei - 160km Misty rainy ride to toasted cheese sandwhich lunch. Ride through Gobabis and into Bush Camp with vicious looking insects. April 28: Witvlei to Windhoek - 159km 20km team trial from camp - loads of fun. After lunch the wind picked up and it was a brutal last 50km into Windhoek | April 30: Windhoek to Wissenfels Lodge - 114 km Back to dirt - missed it! Decent conditions compared to Kenya and Tanzania. Rolling hills - beautiful vistas. Wissenfels lodge - shared room with Peter.

82: Freak / Feat of Nature - Peter's first puncture after more than 10,000 km | May 2 2010 - Hardcore Namibia: Wissenfels Lodge to Solitaire

83: May 1: Wissenfels Lodge to Solitare - 124km Fantastic day as we spend the morning dodging a gargantuan storm in the morning. The day of Peter's first puncture (the bastard!).

84: Gerald just after cresting the Pass | May 1 2010 - enRoute to Solitaire, cresting the Streethoogte Pass and down to the coast

85: May 1: Hit the storm at lunch - spectacular descent to the coast and sprint to Solitaire.

86: Classic Namibia - great scenery, good dirt and close company | May 2 2010: Solitaire to Sesriem (Rest Day)

87: May 2: Solitaire to Sesriem - 83km Beautiful day's ride - spectacular early morning red sand and purple mountains. | May 3 - Sesriem Rest Day | May 3 After our Namib Desert and Atlantic Ocean flight.

88: Off the dirt and back on paved roads - crossing the Fish River | May 4 - 8 Sesriem to Felix Unite

89: May 4: Sesriem to Betta - 140 km Good supporting winds - long distance on dirt but made good time. Jenn and I do Canada! May 5: MANDO DAY - Betta to Konkiep Kappa - 152 km A relatively easy Mando Day. May 6: Konkiep Kappa to Seeheim - 126km Another easy day as we ride good dirt and camp at unusual Castle like setting. May 7: Seeheim to Hobas Camp - 110 km Easy riding to a lovely campsite under the trees - and our last campside Locker 9 meeting. This turns out to be our last camping night of the trip May 8: MANDO DAY - Hobas Camp to Felix Unite - 177km An unusual Mando Day with a splendid morning ride that included a huge and spectacular straight line downhill. Steady uphill on dirt after lunch to a spectacular 2nd downhill to the Orange River campsite

90: Crossing the South African border at Noordoewer | May 10 - 15 2010: Felix Unite, Namibia to Cape Town, South Africa

91: May 10: Felix Unite to Springbok - 132 km Climbing out from the Orange River valley made for tough going. Chilled to the bone as it was freezing - stayed at delightful guest-house secured by Gerald. | May 11: Springbok to Garies - 117km Relatively short distance but tough day - constant climbs and descents. Misty cold morning. Spectacular downhill freewheel into Garies | May 12: Garies to Vanrhynsdorp - 147km Tough afternoon long, windy and flat ride into town - rewarded with great guest-house.

92: We see the coast for the first time in months - riding the last few days of the ride in driving rain. | May 13 2010: Down the West Coast to Cape Town

93: May 13: Vanrhynsdorp to Yzerfontein - 146 km Cold, wet and soaked ... but happy! | May 14: Yzerfontein A scene I will not soon forgot ... Peter in my mirror. | May 14: Yzerfontein - last briefing Paul goes through last day route briefing.

94: No caption required | May 15 2010: Cape Town arrival

96: Jos donning the Canadian colours | May 17 2010: Cape Town - Locker 9 Dinner

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