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Tesa's Scouts

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S: Tesa's Troop 423

BC: Created by Cristine for Tesa~ because she's one $#%* of a leader!!! Girl Scout Graphics: www.girlscouts.org/program/gs_central/graphics/ Glacier Graphic: http://schools-wikipedia.org/wp/g/Glacier.htm Kinport Postcard: http://www3.familyoldphotos.com/photo/idaho

FC: Tesa's Troop 423

1: EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW, I LEARNED FROM BEING A GIRL SCOUT LEADER 1. Green is always an appropriate fashion statement. 2. There is no such thing as trash, only future craft supplies. 3. Sleeping under the stars is invigorating to the soul. 4. You can survive in the wilderness with a flashlight and a pocketknife. 5. Girl Scout cookies have no fat and no calories. 6. Walk softly and carry a copy of Safetywise. 7. Always travel with a buddy. 8. Don’t cry over spilled paint and don’t sweat the small stuff. 9. Girls like to be seen and heard. 10. No song is too silly to sing and nobody sings off key. 11. Working on a team is much easier than working alone. 12. Plans gone awry can lead to the very best times. 13. That responsibility, opportunity, hard work and success are all related. 14. Girls really can rub two sticks together to make a fire. 15. You can learn something from the tiniest Girl Scout. 16. Good friends are like silver and gold. 17. There is no substitute for advance preparation. 18. There is no such thing as failure, only a change in plans. 19. You are never too old to try new things. 20. Leadership is a two way street. 21. Sharing knowledge is truly a path to immortality. 22. Never let petty politics keep you from your mission. 23. Patience really is a virtue. 24. If a Girl Scout Leader can’t do it, nobody can. 25. A girl’s smile is worth a thousand words. 26. If they are leading or succeeding, they probably were a Girl Scout. Kathy Little 2001 | Thanks Tesa! | ...and a good spirit! | ...and a lard coated finger will keep warm! | Persistence will take you home! | TESA | X X X | at least no one will point it out... | and with an emergency supply of chocolate.

2: On January 15th, 2010, several local restaurants gathered at the historic Whitman Hotel in Old Town Pocatello to help kick off our cookie sale. With nearly 20 restaurants, loud musical performances and approximately 500 people, the place was jammin! | N.O.C.M.

3: The proceeds were to help offset the costs of a trip to Glacier. It was a big to do- complete with reporters and television news coverage! J'Anna's Bistro won the vote with a delicious cheesecake using the Thank You Berry Munch cookie. | 2010 | 2nd annual

4: harriWOman

5: February | ski wknd | Too cold- too hot- squeaky stove door! | Crepes? Gourmet Meals- the Girl Scout Way! | Weather Wise- Beaded Stars- Trumpeters- Snow Ambush | Hot Showers- Good Night Truffles

6: Scouts Make A | Working with Hannah Sanger, the troop walked around the Gate City area and carefully adhered epoxy stickers to all the street drains in an effort to promote water conservation. The girls also made door hangers promoting clean water- all to earn EPA's Water Drop Patch!

7: Girl Scouts putting their best foot forward! | Water Drop | Patch | May 2010

8: 1-27-10 | ISU DNA LAB | The ladies learned how to extract their own DNA from their saliva. Spit- mix, shake and watch it precipitate out!

9: Glacier Prep Day If Glaciers don't push rocks, then what do they do? The girls created their very own glaciers to demonstrate how glaciers 'pluck' chunks of rock to move it and how glaciers 'abrade' the earth's surface. Glaciers are Groovy! | June 2010

10: Cristine's House Nottingham Lane | Started here!

11: The Hikers... | Troop 423 began the long process of getting the group into shape. We planned to take a handful of local hikes- each one progressively harder and longer. The first was supposed to take about an hour- but ended up taking two! Some light bushwacking was involved and we overshot our target- which was Cristine's house. Oops! | 5-2010

12: This was the second hike in our series... we picnicked beneath a small grove of trees to escape the heat. These hikes often took longer than necessary due to certain people's obsession with spring blooms... it was a good excuse to rest!

13: HIKE | take a | up Gibson Jack

15: Kinport Peak | 6-10-10 | This was one of those hikes that we knew would test our endurance. With an altitude of approximately 7179 feet above sea level, the girls made it to the top to revel in their success!

17: Valve House | 6-18-10 | Elissa had just hiked this trail with her family and suggested it to the troop. Why not? It was a fun trail- all uphill, and the girls were rewarded with a small cave to explore. Coming down, the fields were covered with arrow leaf balsam root flowers. The flowers were so distracting!

18: Hinky Pinky, Slow Pizza at Glacier Rest, Julie Andrews, Ranger Rick, line rotations, crazy coyote, Tippy Tesa, 5:30 am wakeup calls, Going-To-The-Sun, friendly goat, silt x 4, tilt x 4, a 'Noble' rescue, sun, rain, hail, BEARS where?

19: Glacier National Park | August 2010 | Mon- Drive Tues- Waterfall Hike (8 mi.) Wed- Kayak, Canoe, Trick Falls Hike( 1.5 mi.) Thurs- Hiline (11.6 mi.) Fri- Logan Pass (3 mi.) Sat- Grinnell (12.4) Sun- Homebound

20: Take us to our | When we went to Harriman State Park, it was the first time I skiied- and it was FUN! - Cessna | The best leader I ever had- she alsways thinks of her troop first! That's Tesa! - Emma | Girl Scouts isn't fun without Tesa! She always has surprises for us, such as falling off kayaks!!! -Lillee | From Susan-Kate Tesa...where do I start? This is the best troop I've ever been in, thanks Tesa! From Becka You're asking me to say how much I love Tesa in ONE sentence? | From Roz Juliette Gordon Low would have been proud | Tesa you have been a great leader. I have had a great time being in your troup. -Nina | To our leader who keeps it together in our moment of peril... Glacier 2010. I don't know of any troop leaders with so much patience or organization and who plan so many adventurous activities that help our girls grow so much! -Laurie | Thanks for all you do- we really appreciate it and Cessna really enjoys Girl Scouts! -Susan | Tesa, Thank you for your commitment to our girls, you have given them the opportunity to do may things they would otherwise miss out on. Megan has had a great year. You are a terrific leader. ~ Lynn

21: Awesome Leader! | Joining your troop was the best move we made after relocating to Idaho... my girls were plunged headfirst into opportunity and friendships- and I got to be friends with a lady whose middle name is 'adventure.' -cristine :) | Tesa, Thank you so much for being our girl scout leader. This troop has impacted my life in so many wonderful ways over the past 5 years, and I wouldn't be the person I am without it. Thank you. -Kestrel | I appreciate Girl Scouts because the group offers fun learning experiences among supportive peers. There is a positive and encouraging attitude and the girls gain confidence as they are encouraged to try new things. Being a part of a club gives girls a feeling of acceptance, while at the same time encouraging each girl to excel at being herself. -Julie J. | My favorite part about Girl Scouts is doing booth sale to sell G.S. Cookies! I like that we all get along and have so much fun! -Maxine Gee | I had a lot of fun learning to cross country ski at Harriman State Park! - Bev | I didn't think Girl Scouts was going to be so adventurous... there's so much learning to do! -Megan | I still can't believe my good fortune in finding a girl scout troop for my daughter with a leader who is so amazing. I look back over the years at all the crazy cool stuff Tesa has done and all the great things my daughter has experienced due to Tesa's leadership--and I'm amazed. Thank you. Really. Thank you. Marjanna | "In Girl Scouts, Liz is learning to serve, to prepare for her future, and to have confidence in herself. Thanks, Tesa, for the great influence you've had on my daughter!" -- Kelley | Tesa has a wonderful way of demonstrating independence, a spirit of adventure, and concern for the unique gifts of every girl. She's a wonderful leader, and inspires us all to bring out the best in ourselves! - Elissa | I've love Girl Scouts ever since I started. Glacier was one of my favorite experiences and I enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you for everything you do for our troop, Tesa! -Liz- | I love girl scouts because Tesa is there. It was very fun when she was dancing with the kindergardeners. I can't wait to get badges.........Bailey | Tesa~ Thanks for giving Bailey confidence because of your endless giving, caring, and time with Girl Scouts. She has learned a ton and is having a blast! Thank you! - Michelle | Tesa- We admire and appreciate you so much! We are amazed by the seemingly endless amount of patience and energy you have. This troop and leadership have been such a good influence on Maxine and she enjoys it immensely. You have created leadership and educational opportunities for these girls that they may not otherwise have. Thank you so much for your time and talents on her behalf. You are wonderful!! -Bryan and Cydnee Gee | I love how my mom always has fun interesting things for us planned to do during Girl Scouts and how she doesn't get mad about how loud and crazy we can be. =D Nicole | My mom is a great helper and motivates us to try new activities! -Courtney

22: Nutrition w/ Char | The girls had to sort out all these little paper foods that had nutrition labelling on the back. It kinda made us hungry because someone forgot to bring snack that day. | October 2010

23: Bannock County Historical Museum | 11-5-2010 | The girls found the old police logs fascinating! | Urban Legend of the 3-legged duck ?! | Margaret was kind enough to help the girls work on badges relating to local history. We learned about the Oasis Bar and poured over antique maps of early 20th century Pocatello. | A page from an early 20th century phonebook... when Grace was downtown!

24: KISU fm | 91.1 | Girl A: Do you like desserts? EVERYONE: Who doesn't! Girl B: Do you like Girl Scout Cookies? EVERYONE: You bet! Girl A: Well I know where you can get desserts made with Girl Scout Cookies! EVERYONE: Where?? Girl B: At ISU's Student Union Ballroom at the third annual Night of Cookie Magic! EVERYONE: Cool!!! When is it? Girl A: Friday January 28th from 6 to 9 pm. EVERYONE: Tell us more! Girl A: There's 21 of your favorite local restaurant creating these delectable desserts. Tickets are $5.00 to taste three desserts, or $20.00 to taste 15 desserts! Girl B: AND... the local businesses have generously donated TONS of prizes for auctions and raffles! EVERYONE: Sounds Awesome! Girl A: That's not all! There will be music provided by SoundScape Barbershop Quartet and the Century High School Jazz Combo. EVERYONE: How can we get tickets?? Girl B: You can find a Girl Scout or call the local Girl Scout Office at 234-9076- that's 234-9076. You can also get them at the door! EVERYONE: We can't wait for the Night of Cookie Magic!

25: Recording a Public Service Announcement | 1-5-11

26: Officer Nielson came by to give us a talk about substance abuse. January 2011 | Yesh, Mr. Police Occifer. I shure can sing my alphabet backwards... | And girls, here's a fine example why you don't drink and drive. | But Officer Nielson, I don't see any orange cones!

27: Try to maneuver around cones while wearing a set of goggles that impair your vision- as though you were under the influence... | GOGGLES! | BEER | ~make Good Choices!

28: We slowly skied in on Friday night pulling four sleds behind us. For some, it was the first time on skis! The next day, we skied as a group, then split up later that afternoon. Some needed a hot shower- while others needed the thrill of a hill! We learned about insulation, held contests, choreographed dances, and held a sing-a-long with Marjanna. | It Was Snow Much Fun!

29: Harriman Ski Weekend | January 2011

30: NOCM | 2011 | 21 restaraunts participated in this years Night Of Cookie Magic! J'Anna's Catering won with her minty racoon-like dessert.

31: 3rd annual Night of Cookie Magic Friday January 28th 6-9 pm ISU Student Union Ballroom we're expanding due to it's popularity- 400+ people 21 local chefs tickets $5/3 or $20/15 buy tickets at door people cast votes for favorite Live Musical Performances: Century High School Jazz Combo Sound Scape Barbershop Quartet Musical Kalidescope (flutists) Putnam Together

32: Thinking Day | The girls chose to represent Uganda and invited Sara, an exchange student, to help them better understand the food, culture and customs. We played the game Ambe and you were on the Ampala side or the Oshwa side. We served Matooke, which was an Ugandan stew made with plantains, tomatoes and beef, a Banana Coconut Bake, and a flatbread called Chapatis. | February 2011

34: Look At The Birdie!

35: Photo Shoot:

36: Girl Scouts plant a garden of pinwheels at Bright Tomorrows Child Advocacy Center's Tuscany House By Eniko Jordan for the Journal Idaho State Journal A dozen Girls Scouts braved a rain and hail storm to plant a garden of pinwheels at the Bright Tomorrows Child Advocacy Center’s Tuscany House in Pocatello Wednesday afternoon. Girl Scout Troop No. 423 is comprised of girls in grades four through seven, and led by Tesa Handlen. They planted the garden to support the nationwide Pinwheels for Prevention campaign during April, which is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The Pinwheels for Prevention campaign is a national movement trying to bring the issue of child abuse prevention to the attention of the public. The pinwheels represent the kind of happy childhood and bright future that every child deserves. The organization Prevent Child Abuse Idaho is working with local community coordinators in trying to plant at least 10,000 pinwheels across Idaho. The Girl Scout Troop No. 423 planted over 500 pinwheels to represent the over 500 children that have been helped at the Center’s Tuscany House since it opened in August 2007. Even the rain and hail, and the whipping of the pinwheels in the wind, did not flag the spirits of the girls as they planted the pinwheels one by one in the lawn in front of Tuscany House. Through the wind and rain of the sudden spring storm, one of the girls could be heard shouting, “Girl Scouts rock!” | Through rain, snow, sleet, and hail...

37: Pinwheel Perfection! | April 2011

38: IDAHO Food Bank | April 2011

39: Bread, rolls, and bakery items GALORE! We sorted three HUGE boxes of bread products.

40: Cookie | April 2011

41: ISU press release- POCATELLO – Local Girl Scout Troop 423 recently donated about 250 boxes of the organization’s famous cookies to be included in care packages for Idaho State University student soldiers deployed to Iraq with the Idaho National Guard. The care packages, which also included items such as Valentine cards from local school children, snacks, personal hygiene products and more, were shipped from Idaho State University on Thursday. The 25 student soldiers began receiving them Monday. The care package program is organized by the ISU Armed Forces Veterans Club-Pocatello chapter and the Veterans’ Sanctuary Program. This was the second of three rounds of care packages ISU will send to the student soldiers before their return, which is scheduled for September. For background on the Girl Scout donation, Troop 423 raised the funds while selling cookies on weekends at Fred Meyer in Pocatello. When customers purchased cookies, the girls asked them if they would also like to purchase a box for the student soldiers. The troop’s goal was 200 boxes. In addition to the cookies, the girls also wrote the soldiers letters and messages on many of the cookie boxes. Thanks to the girls’ effort, and to the generosity of the community, by the end of the third weekend, the troop had surpassed its goal. “The success of the care package program is a direct result of hard work by many organizations and individuals on campus and in the community. The cookie donation from Girl Scout Troop 423 is a perfect example of that support,” said Casey Santee, Veterans’ Sanctuary recruiter/counselor. “We would like to express our gratitude.” | Care Packages | The Veterans were so taken up with our donation that they invited us back to receive special recognitions: medallions, a certificate and t-shirts.!

42: Let's Get Physical! | Elaine, an athletic trainer from ISU, led the girls in a series of 'How to Get Fit' exercises. We can have our cookies and be fit too! | April 2011 | Hey Kes? Do we really have to do one crunch for every Samoa we've eaten? | I'm hoping she meant one crunch per BOX...

43: been there. | done that. | cookie sales | cookie booths at Fred Myers | Angel Tree Gifts | Senior Homes | Kool Kid Kamp | Meals On Wheels Tray Favors | Breast Cancer Awareness Month Beads | ISU Africa Night | Making Paper | United Way Interviews | Portneuf River Monitoring | Council Overnighters | Girls in Sports Day | Halloween Parties | Silver and Bronze Awards | water balloon fun | astronomy | Macarena, Fox Trot, and Hustle | Excel Exercising | Bike Safety | cookie rallies | Geology | photography | cooking | women's health | candlemaking | online scrapbooking | origami | batiks | ecology | birding | theater | archery

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