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Textured Portfolio

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FC: All Things Barton | 2005-2006

1: Makenzie Lynn Barton January 12, 2005

5: Makenzie's Blessing Day

8: BYU Graduation: April 2005

15: C R U I S E

18: Lana and Scott Wedding December 2005

22: Makenzie's First Christmas: December 2005

29: Wednesday May 17, 2006 So we have a new baby. Life is great. What do you think? Sunday May 21, 2006 I thought I would write a quick letter before I go to sleep for another precious few hours...mainly to let all of you know that yes, despite the lack of faith in our parenting abilities, we are surviving without the grandparents here. (barely). Yes it was less than 24 hours before my parents left that our apartment was officially declared a disaster zone, and yes Makenzie did fall off the bed, pull string from my sewing machine all around the house, and poke Annie in the eyes one too many times, today, but as of now they are both asleep and all is well. We will make it :) And to be honest I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for my two cute perfect little girls....well maybe a big thing of popcorn and a 10 hour nap (just kidding). They are both so precious to us. There is nothing better in the world than to see Makenzie “kiss” little Annie on the head. It makes all the diapers, messes, feedings, whining, etc worth it. Alrighty I guess that’s it for now. A big huge thank-you to the “grandparents” for all the help. We really couldn’t have done the past three weeks without all the help! And Mom we had the lasagna tonight. It was delicious!!!

30: Thursday June 1, 2006 (press play and turn up volume for music in background) Today was a great day for Leslie. After I left for work she got a knock on the door. She thought it was me deciding to stay home for the day and help with the kids. Au contraire, it was something better...better than that??? It was. Last month I entered a contest for Red Robin (a cheeseburger joint across the country). The contest was to write a 100 word essay about what makes your mom great. Well, Leslie got a FedEx package today with the second place prize---a 200 dollar Visa gift card and a 50 dollar Red Robin gift card. Yes!!! Everyone is wondering what kind of a nice essay I wrote to win. Well, here it is: Leslie---a wife and mother---is like the Red Robin Bacon Cheeseburger. She is the best mother in the city, state, nation, and all the world!!! Her qualities of compassion, love for her children and husband, kindness, generosity, and humor make our family what it is. Just as Red Robin would not be a restaurant without great burgers, we would not be a great family without a superb mother in Leslie! And like the fries---the qualities that make her great are bottomless!!! So this weekend we’ll be eating quite the meal at Red Robin! :) Leslie also wanted me to share another story about Makenzie from this week. We are trying to teach her little signs so that she can show us what she wants while she can’t speak. One of those signs is “more” which we try to use at mealtime instead of her high-pitched scream. We are always battling her and reminding her to do the sign, and not to scream. The other day we had a cookie at our house and I gave her some. Within seconds she was right by my side again doing the sign for more. I said, “ You little snot. When you want a cookie you know to do the sign right away, but at dinner you yell and yell!” At least we know she’s learning something.

32: Thursday June 15, 2006 Makenzie is busy pulling out all the paper plates from the cupboard so I thought I'd writeanother quick letter. Things are moving right along here in Kansas. Crazy how time flies....our little Annie is already 6 weeks old. Wow!!! She is cute as ever, and seems to be adapting well to her new home and surroundings. Every timeMakenzie sees her she "screeches" in delight. Screech isn't quite the right word. It's more of a happy little cry of delight. She thenprecedes to either kiss her on the head, or poke her in the eye. They both seem to be forms of endearment to Makenzie. Makenzie is keeping me busy. One minute she is laughing and the next minute she is crying. I don't know how she does it. (side note: she's done pulling out all the plates and now she is ripping them...who would of thought plastic plates could provide so much entertainment?). Her new thing now is learning body parts. We say something like, "Makenzie where's your eye?" She then points to it. Her favorite is elbow. She can't leave the game until you've pointed to her elbow at least a dozen times. She is also learning a bunch of signs...stuff like cat, hat, more, thank-you etc. It's funny because I'll go through all the signs she knows, "Makenzie how do you do bath." She'll fire through them until I get to dog. She then forgets all about sign language and starts barking. It's great. I probably find a lot more joy in it than anybody reading this letter---definitely something you gotta see before you can appreciate it! Mike is doing a great job adapting to his new role as the, "keeping everybody sane" guy. He comes home from work and hardly gets through the door before he's bombarded. He does a great job getting everybody (including me) fed, pajamed, and into bed. It's quite the job, and he rarely gets appreciated, so yeah for Mike!! I'm doing wonderfully. Thanks to help from Robin I was able to get most of Annie's blessing dress done. By the end I was ready to give up sewing for the rest of forever. I picked a pattern that was way too hard, without Robin Annie would have been blessed in whatever pink, yellow, or green dress we currently own. Whew, that was quite the project. I'm looking forward to our quick little trip to Utah and seeing everybody. Mike asked in passing the other day, "What exactly makes a baby a toddler?" I didn't know at the time...maybe because of how they "toddled" around. But, thinking about it now I think I know. You know you have a toddler if... 1. You seem to eat hotdogs and pb&j on a daily basis 2. All of your walls are decorated in "scribble" 3. You're one of the few people up before the sun on Saturday mornings 4. Our of your mouth comes more animal sounds than actual words 5. You sing along with Barney 6. Vacuuming becomes more of a pain mainly because you have to pry out all those stupid outlet protectors 7. You can't remember the last time you actually put on make-up and combed your hair 8. The best part of the day comes in the form of slobbery wet kisses.

33: Sunday June 18, 2006 This just in! The army will be naming their new helicopter after Makenzie, the prototype being based on her hairdo above. Well it’s been another busy week for all of us. Leslie has been trying to keep two---no, three kids happy---and is doing a wonderful job. The Tahoe has an XM radio and she has fallen in love with the broadway channel. However, the last two songs have gone something like this: 1) (keep in mind this kermit the frog singing, so leslie played it loud for makenzie) It’s okaayyy, if you’re gaaaay, you were born that waaay, it’s in your dnaaaa!!!” Needless to say we want to know which broadway toon this came from. 2) (this is being sung by a man) “Whenever life gets hard, I like to put my mascara on. I put on a dress, and my fake----” and we’ll leave it at that. All I can say is who says broadway is cleaner than hip hop? On Friday night we went to see Cats (yes the broadway show). I don’t know what the theme is with broadway. There is a park nearby that has shows every weekend, so we went to see it. Alls I can say is I don’t know how that show was so popular for so long. I mean, come on, its cats jumping around. I have no idea what happened. Leslie seems to think she knew what was going on, but I think she is just saying that so I think we got our money’s worth. We had the kids so we left at halftime, which was good b/c I wasn’t sure what Mr. Moostofales was going to do next. On Saturday night we got someone to babysit and went to the symphony---the last show of the year. It was a great performance of my homeboy, Rachmaninoff. I love that guy. We were happy to see that it wasn’t Rach 5 (?), which I’ve heard drives pianists mad trying to learn it. But it was good. Leslie screamed “encore” and the piano player came out and played again. Father’s day was great. I got a little tool that marinates my meat from Leslie. I love BBQ so that will come in handy. Last Father’s day I had one child. This Father’s day I have two. We decided today that this is not a pattern that needs to continue. :)

34: Annie's Blessing Day

36: Monday July 10, 2009 We haven’t updated this site in a while so since both of my “little angels” are sleeping I thought I’d write a quick blog. A lot has happened since Mike last showed everybody how good looking he was. :) Our Utah trip was a whirlwind of both nightmarish plane rides, and fun fun times with family. I don’t think I will ever forget that night spent in the airport. Many of you know of that fun night, but not of the great trip back. I had been dreading the whole airport scene the moment we turned in our rental car, but this time I knew everything would be ok when we weighed our first bag and it was exactly 50 lbs. Our luck was turning. Later I boarded early with Annie and then anxiously awaited to see who I would be lucky enough to sit by. I cringed as 2 enormous men (at least 400lbs each) looked at me apologetically and sat down, or rather flowed down, next to me. My eyes got big as this man’s sweaty, hairy, arm literally rested on me and my Annie. Uhhhh. I couldn’t move--a little because of fright, and mainly because I was stuck. But, as I said our luck had turned. I made eye contact with the stuardess, she immediately sensed my terror and moved the gentleman. Whew!!!! Many people have asked about our 4th of July. Sticking true to our reputation of being a very exciting family (mainly due to how late we stay up at night :)) we passed up fireworks at the park and 2 cranky girls, and instead enjoyed a nice night of Boston fireworks on t.v. with 2 cranky girls in their beds. Yes I know, we are pathetic! Makenzie’s “latest” include braided hair (her hair really is longer than mine now), climbing up in her high chair, and dancing. I got out my little step for some exercise video and Makenzie went crazy. She thought it was the coolest thing to get up on that step and “dance.” Her dance involves awkwardly stomping her foot up and down and bending her waist. She insists on music by pointing to the stereo and yelling “gah” (which is her main word for anything she wants /needs) and then stomps to absolutely no beat at all. I love it! :) She is also still our little water princess. She loves standing on the bottom step of the pool and then stepping off and falling all the way under the water. She comes up sputtering and surprised, with a face that says, “uhhhh I’m not so sure I like that” and then yells “gah” to go do it again. Crazy.

37: And a big momentous moment for Makenzie is her 18 month mark in 2 days. Everybody knows that means nursery!!!! We left her there last Sunday and my heart almost broke. Our nursery is full of 21/2 almost 3 year old boys that jump, and climb, and wrestle, and yell, and I really was scared for my petite, shy, territorial little Makenzie. When I came back to pick her up I snuck in and watched for a little while. A little boy was pushing her aside from the kitchen play thing yelling, “Makenzie, Makenzie, move, move” She was just looking at him with big eyes--and she moved. I wanted to jump right in there and fix things, but I guess as long as she’s not getting hurt interacting with other kids is probably good for her. Sigh... But she loves singing (next time you talk to her ask her to sing and you might be in for a treat) so nursery is just her thing. And a quick note on Annie (yes we have another daughter :)) she is finally starting to coo and smile. I think this is the best part of a little baby. Their grins are worth a million bucks. Her hair is growing also-but not normally. It has these patches of length, and then patches of baldness. It looks quite hilarious after a bath when the long hairs stick straight out. What a cutie! :)

40: On our way to Morton Grove, Illinois!

41: Thursday August 17, 2006 Despite this being the summer of 666 (talk to Mike for more details on that one) we are finally moved into our new house, and pretty much all unpacked. I say pretty much because there still seems to be little piles everywhere....but eventually. Our trip here was quite the little stressor. Thanks goodness for all the help from Robin and Nancy. But despite all the nights in a hotel, the broken furniture, and the incompetent moving company, our house is perfect and I couldn’t be happier. There is sooooooo much space. For the past week Makenzie just seems to run (or rather waddle-that girl moves her bum like crazy when she runs) from one room to the next listening to her feet on the hardwood floors, and her voice echo off the walls. You can tell she loves her new house. And just for a quick update of our girls “progress.” Makenzie’s new words are kick, cookie, poo-poo (great word huh), and a couple of others. She can also climb up about anything (Mike found her on top of the ladder in the garage the other day (ahhhhhhh)). Annie has really started smiling and hooray, she rolled over. We weren’t even ready for it. Mike and I are “enjoying” all this great family time together since he hasn’t started school yet. We haven’t quite decided if it’s bringing us closer together or farther apart :) That’s all for now, everybody is hungry (again)

46: Hawaii 2006

47: Sunday September 10, 2006 Well, well, what can we say. Hawaii was a blast. I’ll try to do review the quick highlights, but to be honest, the best part was really just sitting in the sun watching Makenzie play in the kiddie pool at 7 in the morning (5 hour time change from Chicago) and eat pineapple....but that’s boring to write about :) I, (Leslie), definitely enjoyed the surfing the best. I (Mike) did too b/c Leslie was an awesome surfer babe and she surfs almost as good as me. Plus it was fun watching my mom wash up a mile down the shore after the current took her away. I guess there’s something about surfing in the ocean that really strikes, “the fancy” of a little Montana girl. It took me about 6 years to paddle out about 100 feet (I have no arm strengths) and then slowly stand up to ride a little baby wave back into the shore. (I had no problem achieving the, “classic tourist” status. ) And then do it again..and again. I could have done it forever except I was soooo tired and I had a bunch of raspberries on my belly...and then there were those crying children on the beach that I couldn’t quite get out of my mind. Another favorite was Hanama (spelling???) Bay. I quite enjoy snorkeling. We saw tons of fish, and Makenzie had a blast chasing all the pigeons. She also made friends with a little Japanese girl. Despite the language barrier they were still 2 cute babies who enjoyed the same birds. We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. That day was super hot but we had tons of fun at the luau (?) and the show after dinner. Mike walked around with his shirt off in a skirt j/k.

48: Besides the great activities, Mike loved the food. Great food and great pineapple. He doesn’t know where else he’ll get sausage, eggs, pastries, guava juice, crepes, pancakes, etc for breakfast all in one place. Then there were smoothies by the pool and pineapples in abundance. Yum yum. What else? We went parasailing, and wave running, and ate at that fun Japanese restaurant where they chop up all the meat in front of you (except I missed it because I was feeding Annie on the floor in the handicap bathroom), and boogie boarding, and lots of time in the pool. It was fun. Take a look at some of the pictures. We’ll post a video of Leslie’s surfing highlights in a day or two. Thanks a million and a half to those great in-laws who took us to Hawaii. Could we be any luckier???? It was a little sad to come back to “normal” life away from our family. Mike had his first “late for school on the first day dream” the day after we came back, so he’s getting nervous for school. That starts next week. Makenzie was looking for gaga and gapa to give goodnight kisses the first few nights, and keeps looking for aunt jen (for some reason associated with the “apple” sign) and uncle Duck (marcus). Until next time, aloha.

51: Sunday September 17, 2006 Hello ya’ll. Tomorrow we celebrate constitution day. I don’t know much about this holiday, as it is new (as of 2005, I believe). I could easily do a search on it but I’m too lazy. All i know is that all federally funded universities have to take the day off. As a student again, I offer a big “thank you” to “the man.” Who says he’s always trying to keep us down? This week Makenzie got her first potty (that’s little kid talk for toilet). It plays music when you sit down so I am currently in the market for one in my size. She sits on it every once in a while, but mainly she just walks around the house and says “poo poo” whenever she has a full diaper. And, to our chagrin, yes--chagrin, she will sometimes pull the diaper off on her own and walk around getting poo everywhere. But we are glad she is getting closer to being potty trained. What a day it will be when Leslie only has to change a diaper ever other hour. I begin school on Tuesday (thanks again to Constitution day). I had orientation earlier this week and met many of my classmates. I also met my teachers and am still wondering how I’ll pass graduate level statistics and finance (apparently math IS necessary because I guess companies want to know how they can make money). I keep telling myself I can handle 10 weeks of intense math. Come on little train, you can do it. Leslie is just trying to stay sane. Between me being gone to school and Makenzie walking around with no diaper on, Leslie has her hands full. She did make a delicious chicken alfredo dinner the other night to which I must say, “bravo.”

53: Friday October 6, 2009 I decided since it’s been a month since any blog has been posted that it’s time again to put off the nap a little longer and tell all you Barton fans (i.e. Mom and Dad) what’s been happening to us this past month. As the title goes our life pretty much revolves around the potty. It’s Makenzie’s new thing ever since we got her a little “potty” that makes music every time she sits down. (I know you are all jealous) Now all she can talk about is poo-poo. “Big poo-poo,” “smelly poo-poo” “baby poo-poo” “Da-da poo (also analogous to big-poo-j/k) get the idea. We have potty books, draw potty pictures, etc, etc. Fun fun. With this Makenzie likes to take off her clothes and diapers. I have never been so stressed in my life. Everywhere I turn there’s naked little bums threatening to soil my carpet. And of course she can’t just take off her clothes, she has to take Annie’s off as well. Annie’s clothes even have an extra incentive---snaps. For all those who don’t know snaps=heaven to Makenzie. She loves pulling them (she’ll make a funny face and say, “pull, pull, pull) and grin as the snaps come apart. I can leave Makenzie unsupervised in a room with a fully clothed Annie, and within 2 minutes Annie is de-clothed and de-diapered. Whewww. One time I caught Makenzie as she was trying to pull Annie’s arm out of the sleeve. She was pulling so hard Annie was forced to roll over on her stomach. Needless to say, undressing Annie now leads to “time-out” and lots of tears. Fun FUN!!!! :) Makenzie is also starting to pick up letters. I just casually started pointing them out to her not really expecting much, when one day in the car Makenzie saw a Marathon gas station and started shouting, “M, M, M, M, (there logo is a big M). Wow. I later realized that she also notices A, K, O, and sometimes E. I’ll also note that all N’s and W’s are also M. I was so proud of my daughter until I took her to a little play group and this little girls was drawing shapes. Makenzie couldn’t find a triangle if you offered her all the snaps in the world. It make me realize how quickly those kids pick up on things if you stop to teach them. What else? I always feel bad because I never have fun stories about Annie. Every time someone asks about her I say “uhhh, she’s getting bigger.” She’s big...and cute...and more fun than ever. She’ll squeal when you tickle her, she loves to drool on Makenzie, and she can roll like no other. This morning I left her on a blanket with a toy, ran upstairs to get some socks and came back down to find that she had rolled a couple of times and was now face down on our hardwood floors. Sometimes I miss the carpet. And much to Makenzie’s chargrin she’s started liking toys. Which means Makenzie has to share...and we all know Makenzie doesn’t all. So that’s us. Mike is “busy” at school. (I’m never quite sure what he does there). You’ll have to get him for details on that one. And I’m starting to find my “nook” here in Morton Grove. I’ve started running a little more. The new routine is to take the double stroller run for awhile and end up at one of the many parks. Makenzie loves the slides, I love the run, and Annie loves the stroller. I guess you would call it a win-win-win event. Plus all the little kids at the park love Annie so she gets extra attention. It’s funny because I have to stand close to Annie and keep saying, “no touching the baby, just talk to her” So the kids talk, and Annie squeals...another win-win I guess. I also joined a bunch of play groups and a little music class type thing with “Miss Bonc A” That’s a whole other story!!!

54: Monday November 6, 2006 The news of the day is that Annie officially wears the same size diapers as Makenzie. (Yes that is our exciting life). Whew...Annie is “substantial” as Grandpa Barton called her. We took her to the doctor last week and she was 15lbs 9oz and 2’2’’. She’s growing like crazy and is just starting to think about crawling. She is at the point now where, if she sticks out her toes and pushes really hard she can move about 2 inches. Progress. The “news” in my life is the new family that moved into our ward....they have a 6 year old boy. Hooray (grimace). That makes my primary class up to friends. I don’t know how kindergarten teachers do it...or rather why they would want to do it. Between the tears, the stuff stuffed down pants, the rolling on the floor, and the constant chatter I can barely last 2 hours once a week. Wow! Next week is the primary program. Because I have 2 kids they’re allowing me to sit with my family. I shouldn’t admit it, but I’m kind of excited to sit in peace and watch someone else struggle with my class :) (I’m terrible). Mike came home excited today because he scored 3.25/5 on an assignment. I kind of looked him funny until he explained that there were several 0’s and the mean was 2. So I was happy for him. I’m proud of my “brilliant” husband :)

55: Thursday November 9, 2006 We had the missionaries over last night and while the one Elder was bearing his testimony I let Makenzie look at a Joy to the World Pass-a-long card. On the front was a big picture of Mary and baby Jesus and on the back was a smaller picture of the same thing. Lately Makenzie and I have been learning “big” and “little.” For example I’ll draw a “biiiiiiiiiiig M” and then a “liiiiiiiitle M”. Well she kept pointing at the bigger picture of Mary and screaming (she wanted attention) “Big Mamma, Big Mamma” Here the missionary was bearing his soul and it was all I could do to keep from laughing at Makenzie and her “Biiiiig Mammma!!!!” :)

57: Our First Thanksgiving at Home...2006

60: Mike just came home from a long day of finals. whew. He has one more day tomorrow and then he’s done for a month. I can tell he’s ready to be done with the semester, but I’m not quite sure how ready he is for our fun days full of diapers, baths, feedings, crying, whining, and sublime happiness....whew. Makenzie has what Grandma Raymond used to call “diarrhea of the mouth.” If she’s not whining she’s talking up a storm. She has just started spitting out words like crazy. She probably comes up with four or five words a day. Today she started saying “bieper” (diaper) and bum (bum). (Yep, she’s still fascinated with the whole potty thing). The tricky thing is figuring out what she is saying-- at times it’s frustrating and other times it’s funny. One day I was chewing gum and Makenzie wanted some. I kept telling her, “Nope. Mama’s gum. Mama’s gum. Mama’s gum” The next day somebody was so kind as to bring up the word “dumb.” Makenzie quickly shouted, “Mama’s dumb!!!!” (thinking we were talking about gum again.) Everybody at the table thought it was quite funny. I did not. Annie is our little army crawler. She can get anywhere with just her arms. Crawling, real crawling, is a different story. She’ll get up on her hands and knees, start rocking, and then eat it. One of these days though she’ll get it. BUT!!!! She’s starting to sleep through the night. Hooray, hooray, hooray. I couldn’t be happier. Annie also has figured out how to spit....a lot. I swear she figured out how to do it the minute I really cleaned and polished our wood floors. Now the polish is gone, and is replace by a fine layer of saliva. Wonderful! That’s all for now. I will see most of you in the next couple of weeks! Happy Holidays!

61: Merry Christmas 2006

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