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Textured Portfolio

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S: Easters at Gristle's, Tres Lomas Dr. Tucson, Arizona 2003-2013

BC: 2011 | Without the three of you, Easter wouldn't be the same. Thank you for making my favorite holiday one to remember with a smile. I love you all! See you next year! Love, Rabbit | ^ baby tarantula ^

FC: EASTER 2003-2016 | made with love, Rabbit

1: Bunny Brilhart

2: this was a common scene throughout the years...with the addition of grandkids Nini's lounge time was shortened but always treasured...Mom's comment every year, "Look at this view, I'm moving here.".... "Hear that dad? Lock your doors." | 2003

3: Connor James White's first Easter at Gristle's....Joel's first and last....Rabbit's and Nini's, one of many.

4: can you find me?

6: 2004 | Welcome to the desert CeCe and Amy....

10: the beginning of something special... "I'm going to marry this girl." | fun time in Nogales....

11: Kenny's handmade towel racks...

12: ready to do some damage...

14: the olive, the sperm, and the camou....

15: Egg hunt.... | looks like I'm not the only one that likes getting an Easter basket. -->

16: 2005

17: remembering the days when there was just one grandkid.....

18: there was always plenty of time to...... | play dice.... | go shooting... | dance....

19: take in the scenery...

20: coloring eggs for the Easter bunny...

21: let the hunt begin...you're never too old for a good Easter egg hunt.

22: 2006 | there were many new additions to the family this year... Lucy and Childrey spent their first Easter at Gristle's...

23: the announcement of soon to be, first baby Brilhart... | Matthew joined the madness for his first, and last time.. | this year the egg coloring contest was brought to a whole new level...

24: "Rabbit.... | Ohhh Rabbit, Rabbit!... | Nini!...Na!...SOMEbody! Somebody take this child...this is NOT funny!"

25: notice the difference?...baby is sleeping...women are smiling... Gristle, you just need some more practice. :)

26: there was plenty of time to relax and take in the warm weather...2006 was a good year.

27: 1st Easter for Mattea Blu, aka baby Michael Jackson | 2007

28: It's 5:00p.m. somewhere...Nini's perfect evening...feet up, cocktail in hand and off child duty.


30: 2007 ended with another successful Easter egg hunt, family bonding and not too much crying...

31: Easter 2008 was a very busy vacation, full of lots of highs, a handful of lows and a whole lot of sickness... | 2008

32: having fun in the sand pile... no, Cracky isn't wearing that hat for a joke... he is Nini's son and Na's brother.

33: Reid zoo, Collier school, good food and family...

34: litter patrol and fun in the sun...

35: get out the hose...it's time to color eggs...gone are the clean and quiet days of coloring eggs inside...as for the adults, we are lucky if we get to color an egg that hasn't been broken.

36: "hey guys, you better come back, I think the Easter bunny has been to Gristle's." | THE HUNT....

38: "Seriously,... where the heck is my Easter basket! Oh look, a piece of bunny poo!"

39: 2009 | what a year...the Whites opted to stay home and visit at Christmas when it is less chaotic.. Dad got kicked out of his home and along with the Brilharts, is staying at Wa's...1st Easter for baby Roland...

41: hanging with the girls...

42: our own personal guided tour through Reid Park Zoo...behind the scenes access to the rhinos and giraffes..."Thanks Cassie"

43: first class ticket to feeding the giraffes...RIP...

44: here we go again...let the madness begin....welcome Cassie and Jackson.....

45: bring on the annual silly string war....poor Gristle, never the winner...

46: going for a walk so the Easter bunny will come....waiting patiently..."has he been here yet?...LOOK!..I see bunny poo! let's go!" <--

47: finding all the eggs hidden in Gristle's backyard...always time to stop for a taste... <--

48: I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that Easter is my favorite holiday...my wedding proposal, lots of candy, family bonding and good old fashioned, fierce, competitive Easter egg hunting. I look forward to these hunts every year...even if I'm the only one searching. Thanks for letting me still be a kid at 34....Rabbit

49: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKY! | born April 20th 1974

50: behold the beauty of the desert...

52: 2010 | welcome to the family Miss Kasey! Happy 1st Easter.

53: "these are the best bunny huts ever. thanks Wa".. | "can we eat them now?..."

55: grandkids enjoying every moment....

57: as the kids gets bigger, so does the mess....

58: "Look what the Easter bunny left us!"

61: 2011 | just the DeJong family came this year but we still managed to run Gristle out of his own home...or maybe he just ran....

63: taking some time to feed the birds....

65: did somebody say they saw the Easter bunny?

66: give the kids a giant sandpile and a pool, they will be happy for hours...

74: This years crew: Lucy got to come along with her DeJong cousins. Uncle John and Marianne rented a house near us. | 2012

75: Mom and Wanda surprised us all with the addition of Cracky. What a great Easter and birthday present. Dad and I were so shocked! The girls were excited to have their Uncle Cracky. "You better put on your tennis shoes. You're going down this year!."

77: here we go again....The kids look forward to this every year. Chili and Lucy made a picture for the Easter bunny and left it on the driveway so she would be sure to come.

81: Tarantula hunting with the girls and Cracky. We flushed one out with the garden hose.Who knew we were such good hunters?


83: This year the battle was in the wash. Cracky put up a fight.... But once again, he was defeated.

84: the girls had a great time swimming in John and Marianne's pool.

87: another fun day behind the scenes at Reid Park Zoo with Cassie | ZOO | Reid Park

88: Litter patrol in the wash

91: "You better run Gristle. Here comes the silly string!"

92: 2013

95: Collier school

97: Kasey learns how to ride a bike for the first time. Way to go Kasey! She got the hang of it in no time

100: looks like the Easter b

101: EGG | EASTER | HUNT | looks like the Easter bunny left some poop outside your bedroom door

103: This year Alisa was my competition.With the help of my girls, she was the victor monetarily, but I found the most eggs. :)

105: While trying to flush a tarantula....we encountered more than we bargained for. A RATTLE SNAKE! We were also visited by a family of 5 javelinas. Mom tried to scare them away with a pool noodle!

106: Hanging out with Alisa | the girls were Alisa's shadow. she was the beautiful, fun cousin who wore underwear "that was always stuck in her butt crack."

107: when you gotta go, you gotta go!

108: EASTER | 2014

112: The Pixie

115: Never a dull moment......Chili fractured her radius. Girls got away for much needed pedicure. Scavenger hunt, bike rides, rummikub, playtime at the park and always room for a good pig pile!


119: CREATURES OF THE DESERT | mom was brave until she realized the tarantula was crawling up her neck! EWWK! jkd mom, that was just Kenny! LOL

120: The Glam Squad


131: Happy 40th boys! Here's to many more years of bonding

132: The

133: Race

135: 2014 was another great year. We were joined by Lucy, Cracky and Joel. Alisa came for her 2nd year. Like always the egg hunts were successful and competitive. Rabbit was still the victor, as if there were any doubt.

136: 2015

142: Happy 6th

143: birthday Kasey

144: Seven Falls | Beautiful but long 7 mile hike. Thought we were going to lose mom a few times due to exhaustion, but the spry 70yr. old made it all the way


150: Happy Easter

154: On Your Mark.....Get Set....Go!! | EASTER EGG HUNT



161: Always such great memories created. 3rd year for Alisa. The girls look forward to her visit. They are counting the days until next year,planning pranks, rib dinners and who's all sleeping on the pig pile next year | 2015

162: Easter 2016

164: bike rides, walks to McDondald park, water balloon fights, relaxing in the beautiful Tucson weather eagerly awaiting The Brilharts and Joel to come

167: The kids excitedly filled up water balloons and waited patiently for Na to return from her walk. Na didn't stand a chance!

168: The arrival of Joel The Bear, Alisa, and The Brilhart family | this year we had a total of 16 people. That's a lot of people for one pig pile, so dad was generous enough to rent us a house. best of all, it had a pool! Bring on the scavenger hunt!!


170: the last clue lead them to the house that we would be staying at while we were all here. it was a mile from dad's house and close to the park.....their Easter baskets were also waiting for them hidden in the front yard. Connor had to work extra hard to get his

174: Fun times at the Rental House, swimming, trampoline, movies and just hanging out!


181: Cooking up some ribs

183: The boys' EASTER EGG hunt

185: Pie Face

186: The girls' EASTER EGG hunt

189: GOLF 'n' STUFF

191: U | of | A | Alisa

195: An all girls night and slumber party on the UofA campus. the girls said this was the highlight of their trip. baseball game, pie face, brownie & cookie making, doing hair, carnival for Kasey the next day. what lucky girls! Moms could only come when the party was over

198: the adults' EASTER

200: This year we flushed out 5 or 6 tarantulas, two baby birds, several wolf spiders, a baby rattle snake and a little gecko. I also made the mistake of putting 2 tarantulas together in the same bucket. we learned the hard way that they are territorial and cannibals

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