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The 16 Career Clusters

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FC: The Sixteen Career Clusters | By Claire Hicks

1: By Claire Hicks Career Management First Period | The Sixteen Career Clusters

2: Careers in this cluster involve working with plants, animals, and food processing. Also included in this are power, structural, and technical systems as well as natural resources, the environment, and agribusiness. An expanding population, globalization, and an increasing public focus on diet will result in more job opportunities in the future. Pathways: Food Products & Processing Systems Plant Systems Animal Systems Power, Structural, & Technical Systems Natural Resource Systems Environmental Service Systems Agribusiness Systems

3: Careers from this cluster that I am interested in are: Food Products & Processing Systems - Nutritionist, Dietician, Produce Buyer, Food Inspector, and Cheese Maker. Plant Systems - Rancher, Plant Breeder and Geneticist, Greenhouse Manager, Agricultural Educator, and Plant Pathologist. Animal Systems - Veterinarian, Aquaculturalist, Animal Nutritionist, Embryo Technologist, and an Equine Manager. Power, Structural, & Technical Systems - Recycling Technician, Parts Manager, Information Lab Specialist, Welder, and an Engineering Specialist. Natural Resource Systems - Environmental Interpreter, Wildlife Manager, Ecologist, Pulp and Paper Manager, and a Soil Geology Technician. Environmental Service Systems - Water Quality Manager, Pollution Prevention & Control Manager, Health and Safety Sanitarian, and a Hazardous Materials Handler. Agribusiness Systems - Farm Investment Manager, Agricultural Economist, Breeder, Farm Manager, and an Animal Health Products Distributor

4: People in this career cluster design and build roads, bridges, and buildings. They construct homes offices, shopping centers, hospitals, and factories. Engineers make sure all structures are sound. Employees in maintenance/operations inspect and move new equipment into position. Pathways: Design and Pre-construction Construction Maintenance and Operation

5: Careers I am interested in from this cluster include: Deign and Pre-construction - Designer, Preservationist, Cost Estimator, Regional & Urban Planner, and a Surveyor. Construction - Painter, Project Inspector, Sales and Marketing Manager, Construction Inspector, and a Mason. Maintenance and Operations - Estimator, Faciliities Engineer, Security Controls Manager, Remodeler, and an Equipment & Material Manager.

6: People with careers in the arts, audio/video technology and communications include photographers, printers, painters, sculptors, singers, and dancers. Many careers in this cluster are rewarding, creative, and challenging. They are constantly changing, too, because of technological advances. People who work in this area require the ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written form. Pathways: Audio and Video Technology and Film Printing Technology Visual Arts Performing Arts Journalism and Broadcasting Telecommunications

7: Careers from this cluster that I am interested in include: Audio and VideoTechnology and film - Video Graphics, Special Effects, & Animation Designer, Audio-VIdeo Designer & Engineer, Audio Systems Technician, Video Systems Technician, and an Audio Systems Technician. Printing Technology - Graphics & Printing Equipment Operator, Lithographer & Patemaker, Computer Typography & Composition Equipment Operator, Desktop Publishing Specialist, and a Web Page Designer. Visual Arts - fashion designer, Commercial Photographer, Commercial Interior Designer, Residential & Home Furnishings Coordinator, and a Curator Performing Arts - Script Writer, Make-up Artist, Costume Designer, Video Editor, and a Stagecraft Designer & Lighter. Journalism and Broadcasting - Journalist, Reporter, Editor, Radio & TV Announcer, and a Station Manager. Telecommunications - Installer, Telecommunication Technician, Telecommunication Computer Programmer & Systems analyst, and a Telecommunications Equipment, Cable, or Line Repairer.

8: Careers in this cluster involve clerical, computer, accounting, management, and administrative work. an office setting is the most common job site for people working in these careers. Most entry-level jobs require basic data entry, bookkeeping, and filing skills. Knowledge of commonly used software programs is especially important. Pathways: Management Business Financial Management and Accounting Human Resources Business Analysis Marketing Administrative and Information Support

9: Some careers from this field that I may be interested in are: Management - Human Resources Manager, Payroll Manager, Public Relations Manager, Assistant Credit Manager, and a Chief Executive. Business Financial Management and Accounting - Accountant, Budget Manager, Finance Director, Price Analyst, and a Treasurer. Human Resources - Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist, Human Resources Coordinator, Training and Development Manager, Pay Equity Officer, and a Corporate Trainer. Business Analysis - Budget Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Business Consultant, Systems Analyst, and a Requirements Specialist. Marketing - Sales Manager, Customer Service Clerk, Small Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Department Manager, and a Wholesale & Retail Buyer. Administrative and Information Support - Receptionist, Court Reporter, Office Manager, Desktop Publisher, Dispatcher, and a Records Processor.

10: People who enjoy working with and helping people will find this career cluster very rewarding. People in this field need a solid background in academic, technical, and presentation skills. Teachers and trainers must have the ability to communicate, inspire trust and confidence, and motivate learners as well as understand their educational needs. Pathways: Administration and Administrative Support Professional Support Services Teaching and Training

11: Careers from this pathway that I might enjoy are: Administration and Administrative Support - Principal, Curriculum Developer, Test Measurement Specialist, Dean, and an Administrator. Professional Support Services - Psychologist, Social Worker, Audiologist, Counselor, and a Speech & Language Pathologist. Teaching and Training - Physical Trainer, Kindergarten Teacher, Special Education Teacher, Professor, and a Child Life Specialist.

12: People holding jobs in this career cluster generally handle tasks that involve money. Some professionals work for individual clients, while others work for various firms and organizations. Pathways: Financial and Investment Planning Business Financial Management Banking and Related Services Insurance Services

13: Careers that I would be interested in from this cluster: Financial and Investment Planning - Tax Preparation Professional, Personal Financial Advisor, Securities and Commodities Sales Agent, Development Officer, and an Investment Advisor. Business Financial Management - Accountant, Economist, Financial Analyst, Revenue Agent, and a Tax Examiner. Banking and Related Services - Teller, Loan Processor, Debt Counselor, Bill and Account Collector, and a Title Researcher and Examiner. Insurance Services - Sales Agent, Customer Service Agent, Insurance Appraiser, Claims Clerk, and Direct Marketing.

14: Careers in this cluster provide government, legislative, administrative, security, and regulatory services. All of these services are needed at federal, state, and local government levels. People in this cluster need a solid background in social studies, political science, foreign language, and history. Pathways: Governance National Security Foreign Service Planning Revenue and Taxation Regulation Public Management and Administration

15: Careers that i would be interested in include: Governance - Vice President, Mayor, Commissioner, Representative, and a Policy Advisor National Security - Electronic Warfare Specialist, Special Forces Officer, Missile and Space Systems Officer, Air Defense Artillery Officer, and a Combat Operations Officer. Foreign Service - Ambassador Foreign Service Officer, Political Officer, Economic Officer, Administrative Officer, and a Diplomatic Courier. Planning - Census Clerk, Census Planner, Business Enterprise Official, Chief of Vital Statistics, and a County Director. Revenue and Taxation - Tax Policy Analyst, Inspector General, Assessor, Tax Attorney, and a Revenue Agent & Officer. Regulation - Election Supervisor, Immigration Officer, Border Inspector, Code Inspector or Officer, and an Aviation Safety Officer. Public Management and Administration - City Council Member, Court Administrator or Clerk, City Manager, Management Analysis Officer, and an Officer.

16: The health science career cluster offers many opportunities for employment in careers that promote health, wellness, and diagnosis as well as treat injuries and diseases. Jobs are available in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Other workplaces include laboratories, dentists' offices, and pharmacies. Pathways: Therapeutic Services Diagnostics Services Health Informatics Support Services Biotechnology Research and Development

17: Jobs in this cluster that would interest me are: Therapeutic Services - Athletic Trainer, Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Home Health Aide, and a Dietician. Diagnostics Services - Exercise Psychologist, Geneticist, Cytotechnologist, Cardiovascular Technologist, and a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. Health Informatics - Epidemiologist, Ethicist, Health Educator, Medical Information Technologist, and a Patient Financial Services Coordinator. Support Services - Facilities Manager, Biomedical Engineer, Clinical Engineer, Biomedical Technician, and a Materials Manager. Biotechnology Research and Development - Cell Biologist, Geneticist, Microbiologist, Pharmaceutical Scientist, and a Quality Assurance Technician.

18: This cluster prepares people for careers in the management, marketing, and operations of restaurants, other food services, lodging, attractions, recreational events, and travel-related services. People in this cluster work in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, amusement parks, country clubs, tourist attractions, and on cruise ships. They focus on making visitors to these places happy. Pathways: Restaurant and Food and Beverage Services Lodging Travel and Tourism Recreation, Amusements, and Attractions

19: Careers from this cluster that I would be interested in are: Restaurants and Food and Beverage Services - Catering & Banquets Manager, Restaurant Owner, Baker, Executive Chef, and a Pastry & Specialty Server. Lodging - Food & Beverage Director, Director of Sales and Marketing, Director of Human Resources, General Manager, and a Quality Assurance Manager. Travel and Tourism - Travel Agent, Event Planner, Director of Volunteer Services, Director of Tourism Development, and a Destination Manager. Recreation, Amusements, and Attractions - Resort Trainer & Instructor, Fairs and Festival Facility Manager, Theme Parks & Amusement Parks Area Ride Operations Manager, Club Manager and Assistant Manager, and a Parks and Garden Ranger.

20: The many job opportunities available in this career cluster all have to do with families, human needs, and improving a person's quality of life. Some jobs assist individuals or families while others involve entire communities. People in human services work in homes, schools, clinics, child care centers, and community centers. Pathways: Early Childhood Development and Services Counseling and Mental Health Services Family and Community Services Personal Care Services Consumer Services

21: Careers from this cluster that interest me are: Early Childhood Development and Services - Elementary School Counselor, Preschool Teacher, Childcare Facility Director, Childcare Assistant or Worker, and an Educator for Parents. Counseling and Mental Health Services - Clinical and Counseling Psychologist, School Counselor, School Psychologist, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, and a Marriage, Child & Family Counselor. Family and Community Services - Social Services Worker, Human Services Worker, Religious Activities and Education Program Director, Employment Counselor, and a Licensed Professional Counselor. Personal Care Services - Skin Care Specialist and Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Spa Attendant, and a Cosmetologist, Hairdresser, & Hairstylist. Consumer Services - Financial Advisor, Customer Service Representative, Certified Financial Planner, Real Estate Services Representative, and a Consumer Credit Counselor.

22: Occupations in this cluster design, develop, manage, and support hardware and software information systems. Careers in this area are available in every sector of the economy from financial services to medical services, from business to engineering and environmental services. Many information technology careers are available for people with strong computer, math, and science skills. Pathways: Network Systems Information Support and Services Interactive Media Programming and Software Development

23: Careers from this pathway that I might enjoy include: Network Systems - Data Communications Analyst, Information Systems Operator, Network Administrator, Network Operations Analyst, and a Technical Support Specialist. Information Support and Services - Data Modeler, Online Publisher, Customer Service Representative, Knowledge Architect, and a Database Developer. Interactive Media - 2D & 3D Artist, Web Page Developer, Web Designer, Audio and Video Engineer, and a Virtual Reality Specialist. Programming and Software Development - Program Manager, Operating Systems Manager, Business Analyst, Application Analyst, and a Software Applications Specialist.

24: This cluster involves planning, managing, and providing judicial, legal, and protective services. Many careers in this cluster require, at minimum, technical training and successful completion of preemployment tests. Renewed national interest in public safety and security has expanded opportunities for employment in this career cluster. Pathways: Correction Services Emergency ad Fire Management Services Security and Protective Services Law Enforcement Services Legal Services

25: Careers that I would be interested in are: Correction Services - Services Worker, Corrections Educator, Program Coordinator and Counselor, Correctional Trainer, and a Community Corrections Practitioner. Emergency and Fire Management Services - Hazardous Materials Responder, Grant Writer and Coordinator, Forest Fire Inspector & Investigator, Dispatcher, and a Trainer Officer. Security and Protective Services - Computer Forensics Specialist, Private and Corporate Investigator, Private Investigation Assistant, Security Trainer & Educator, and a Security Director. Law Enforcement Services - Missing Persons Investigator, Police Detective and Criminal Investigator, Immigration and Customs Inspector, Criminal Investigator & Special Agent, and a Police & Detective Manager and Supervisor. Legal Services - Case Management Specialist, Legal Secretary, Information Officer, Investigator Judge, and a Negotiator.

26: People in manufacturing careers produce cars, computers, appliances, furniture, toys, and other products. They refine ore and produce steel. They also knit and weave textiles. This cluster includes inventory control and logistics. People in this cluster need a solid background in math, science, and technical skills. Pathways: Production Manufacturing Production Process Development Maintenance, Installation, and Repair Quality Assurance Logistics and Inventory Control Health, Safety, and Environmental Assurance

27: Careers from this cluster that I am interested in include: Production - Instrument Maker, Bookbinder, Calibration Technician, Milling Machine Set-Up Operator, and a Large Printing Press Machine Setter. Manufacturing Production Process Development - Design Engineer, Labor Relations Manager, Precision Inspector, Tester, & Grader, Electronics Engineer, and an Industrial Engineer. Maintenance, Installation, and Repair - Computer Installer & Repairer, Biomedical Equipment Technician, Computer Maintenance Technician, Facility Electrician, and an Industrial Machinery Repair Technician. Quality Assurance - Inspector, Lab Technician, Quality Engineer, Calibration Technician, and a Process Control Technician. Logistics and Inventory Control - Dispatcher, Quality Control Technician, Material Associate, Traffic, Shipping, & Receiving Clerk, and a Traffic Manager. Health, Safety, and Environmental Assurance - Environmental Engineer, Health & Safety Representative, Safety Coordinator, Environmental Specialist, and a Safety Engineer.

28: Careers in this cluster involve the marketing, promoting, buying, selling, and distribution of goods and services. Unlike most other clusters, sales and service offer many opportunities for semiskilled and skilled workers. An increasing number of positions require familiarity with a computer. People with a college degree or computer skills will be sought for managerial positions in sales, logistics, management information systems, marketing, and e-marketing. Pathways: Management and Entrepreneurship Professional Sales and Marketing Buying and Merchandising Marketing Communications and Promotion Marketing Information Management and Research Distribution and Logistics E-Marketing

29: Careers that I would like from this cluster are: Management and Entrepreneurship - Small Business Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Entrepreneur, President, and an Independant Distributor. Professional Sales and Marketing - Regional Sales Manager, Client Relationship Manager, Business Development Manager, Territory Representative, and a Channel Sales Manager. Buying and Merchandising - Store Manager, Visual Merchandise Manager, Sales Associate, Operations Manager, and a Retail Marketing Manager. Marketing Communications and Promotion - Advertising Manager, Public Information Director, Creative Director, Art & Graphics Director, and a Sales Promotion Manager. Marketing Information Management and Research - Brand Manager, Planning Analyst, Strategic Planner, Marketing Services Manager, and a Forecasting Manager. Distribution and Logistics - Distribution Coordinator, Inventory Manager, Logistics Analyst & Engineer, Materials Manager, and a Shipping & Receiving Administrator. E-Marketing - Fulfillment Manager, Web Master, Interactive Media Specialist, Web Designer, and a Site Architect.

30: People working in this cluster provide basic research as well as laboratory and testing services. Often their work results in a new discovery with the potential for improving life. Careers range from engineers to teachers to technologist. Conducting research is often involved in this career area. Researchers generally specialize in one area of the life, physical, earth, and space sciences or technology. Pathways: Engineering and Technology Science and Math

31: Careers that I would like include: Engineering and Technology - Aerospace Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Civil Engineer, Human Factors Engineer, and a Chemical Engineer. Science and Math - Science Teacher, Anthropologist, Biologist, Analytical Chemist, and an Archeologist.

32: Transportation involves moving passengers, cargo, and mail on land, at sea, and in the air. Workers are needed to design, operate, and maintain the vehicles and the systems that track them. Planning, management, customer service, and regulation of transportation systems and their effects on safety and the environment are also a part of this career. Pathways: Transportation Operations Logistics Planning and Management Services Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance Transportation System Infrastructure Health, Safety, and Environmental Management Sales and Service

33: Careers that interest me in this cluster are: Transportation Operations - Airplane Pilot & Copilot, Flight Attendant, Locomotive Engineer, Ship Engineer, and a Railroad Brake, Signal, & Switch Operator. Logistics Planning and Management Services - Logistician, Logistics Manager, Logistics Analyst, Logistics Consultant, and a Logistics Engineer. Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations - Production, Planning, & Expediting Clerk, Warehouse Manager, Storage and Distribution Manager, First-Line Supervisor & Manager, and a Machine and Vehicle Operator. Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance - Facility Maintenance Manager & Engineer, Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician, Aircraft Engine Specialist, Aircraft Repair & Service Technician, and a Power Plant Technician. Transportation System Infrastructure - Urban and Regional Planner, Aviation Inspector, Freight Inspector, Traffic Engineer, and an Air Traffic Controller. Health, Safety, and Environmental Management - Health & Safety Manager, Environmental Scientist and Specialist, Safety Analyst, Environmental Science & Protection Technician, and an Environmental Compliance Inspector. Sales and Service - Sales Manager, Reservation, Travel & Transportation Agent or Clerk, Marketing Manager, Sales Representative, and a Customer Service Manager.

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