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The ABCs of Years 1, 2 and 3

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The ABCs of Years 1, 2 and 3 - Page Text Content

S: Breanna Rose Miller - The ABC's of years 1, 2 and 3

BC: We love you so much Breanna Rose! Happy 3rd Birthday! Love, Mommy and Daddy

FC: The ABC's | Of years | 1,2 and 3 | breanna

1: Aladdin - When Breanna was only 1-1/2, she pretty much memorized the first 15 minutes of the movie Aladdin. She would sing Arabian Nights and act out the first scene of the movie. | Auntie Amy - Auntie Amy's favorite memory of Breanna is when Breanna and Nana came in to Amy's school for her marriage and parenting class. | A

2: Brina - From the time Breanna started talking, until she was about 2-1/2, she would tell everyone her name was "Brina" | Books - Since Breanna was old enough to sit up, her favorite toys were always her books. At Christmas time, one of her presents was a book and she stopped to read it before she finished opening the rest of her presents. | B | Brent - If Breanna could not get her Daddy's attention by saying "Daddy, she would yell "Breeennnnntttt" | Our Nicknames for Breanna: Bre, Brina, Brina Rina, Brini, Bre Babe, Baby Doll

3: C | Computer - Since Breanna was about 1 and a half years old, she has been great at using the computer | Cats - Breanna just loves Grandma and Grandpa's cats: T.J., Bronco, and Pridow. She loves carrying them around and reading to them. | Camping - Breanna's first camping trip was in August of 2008 at Shady Bend Campground near Battle Creek, MI

4: Daddy's Girl - Since the day Breanna was born she has had her Daddy wrapped around her little finger | Disney World - In April 2009, Breanna got to go to Disney World for the first time. Her favorite thing at Disney was the parades and seeing all of the Disney characters while sitting on top of her Daddy's shoulders | D

5: Eye Shadow - When Bre was two and a half years old, she got in to her Mommy's make up bag and smeared silver eyeshadow all over herself and the bathroom! | E.K.G. - When Breanna was only 10 months old, she put the cord to her wipe warmer in her mouth and got a little zap. Her Mommy and Daddy had to take her to the Emergency Room for the first time. They hooked her up to a baby E.K.G. to check her heart. Luckily, everything checked out good and she was just fine :) | E

6: Flower girl - Breanna stood up in two weddings as the flower girl before she was three (Lenny and Amanda's wedding in July 2009 and Shannon and Nathan's wedding in June 2010). She will also be standing up in another wedding right after she turns three (Caroline and Victor's wedding in Oct. 2010). | Frankenmuth - In Dec. 2009, we took a trip to Frankenmuth and stayed at Splash Village. Breanna had a blast playing at the indoor waterpark. | Flags - Breanna has always loved American flags and would point one out whenever she would see one. | F

7: Grandma's favorite memory of Breanna is when she would say 'Halleluiah' just like Grandma would. | Games that Breanna likes to play - Ring around the Rosie, Duck-Duck-Goose, Pat-A-Cake, Eye Spy, Magic Rock, and Hide-and-Seek | G | Grandpa's favorite memory of Breanna is when she would say she was the 'boss of the applesauce.'

8: New House - In June 2010, Breanna moved in to a new house with her Mommy and Daddy at 13968 Coldwater in Sterling Heights. | Auntie Heather - Auntie Heather's favorite memory of Breanna is when Breanna would say, "I YOU BLUE" when ever she saw the U of M logo. | H

9: I | I-YOU! Up until Breanna was about 2 years old, she would always say, "I - YOU" instead of saying "I love you."

10: Auntie Julie - Auntie Julie's favorite memory of Breanna is when Auntie Julie and Mommy took her on her first shopping adventure. We accessorized, modeled, and tried lots on! She was a beauty queen. | J | Auntie Ju Ju loves to hear Brini tell her stories. She told her that the flowers in Nana's garden were from Nick :) She loves Nick and insists that he is hers!

11: Kite - Breanna's first kite was a big, colorful octopus. She loved flying her kite at Metro Beach. | When we would ask Breanna what she was going to do at school, she would tell us, "Read books, sing songs, and KISS KIDS!" | K

12: Lily and Lacey - Breanna just loves Nana and Papa's dogs Lily and Lacey. She loves playing dress up with them and reading books to them while trapping them in Auntie Julie's room. | Loose Tooth - When Breanna was one year old, she fell on Mommy's knee and pushed her tooth out of place. A year later, we discovered that the tooth came loose... so Breanna had her first loose tooth at only two years old! | LOST - Breanna could recognize her Mommy's favorite show LOST whenever she saw the commercials on TV. She would always refer to the show as Momma's LOST. She also loved watching the show with Mommy and Daddy too! | L

13: M | Breanna has always been the center of her Mommy's world. She is so special and her Mommy loves her soooooo much! | Breanna's favorite movies include: Finding Nemo, Tinkerbell, Meet the Robinsons, Cinderella, Toy Story, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Cars, The Velveteen Rabbit and Enchanted. | Mah Jong - Breanna loves playing Mah Jong on Mommy's computer. Even at only 2 years old, she is really good at finding the matches!

14: Nana - Nana's favorite memory of Breanna is when she watched Breanna when Mommy and Daddy took a trip to Vegas. She was not quite sleeping through the night before that, but slept through the night each night for Nana that week. | Ni-Night - Breanna's favorite blanket is her Ni-Night. It is a white afghan made by Mrs. Pascoe (Nana's childhood friend's mom). Breanna takes it everywhere with her and even pretends it is one of her friends when she plays. | N | Breanna would call Auntie Julie's boyfriend Nick, "My Nick"

15: Orange Pepper - One night, when Breanna was two and a half, Mommy brought home some peppers to make fajitas for dinner. Breanna took the orange pepper upstairs and read books to it. She called for her Mommy saying, " Mommy, come here! I want to read to you and my melon!" Mommy had to correct her and let her know it was a pepper and not a melon! | O

16: Play Doh - When Breanna was two, she stuck Play Doh up her nose while Nana was babysitting her. She stuck it up there so far that Nana had to call Papa home from work to help get it out! | Papa - Papa's favorite memory of Breanna is when she would bounce up and down behind her fire truck when it would play music. | P

17: Q | R | Questions - Breanna is always full of questions and loves to learn new things. | Rubber Boots - For Breanna's 2nd birthday, she got a pair of rubber boots from Auntie Julie and Nick that she called her Froggie boots. She wore them everywhere... even when it wasn't wet outside!

18: Squirt Zone - Breanna loves visiting the Squirt Zone at Metro Beach. She absolutely loves playing in the water! | S | One of Breanna's favorite toys is her Sammi Seahorse that she got from Danny and Amanda for her 2nd birthday.

19: School - Breanna's first day of Preschool/Daycare was in Aug. 2010 at Heritage Early Learning Center. She loves going to school, learning, and playing with the other kids. She goes to school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while Mommy and Daddy are at work. | SUPER SUE! - When Breanna was two, Nana was babysitting her and was trying to get Bre to go on the potty. Breanna sat on the potty for about 20 minutes and then called out, "I'm done Sue!" Nana came running in to the bathroom and asked, "What did you call me?!" Breanna responded in a loud voice, "SUPER SUE!" The two of them laughed and laughed, which of course made Bre continue to say it over and over. "SUPER SUE, SUPER SUE!" This then turned in to Breanna running around yelling, "SUPER SUE TO THE RESCUE!!"

20: Tinkerbell - Breanna's favorite Disney character is Tinkerbell. She loves the Tinkerbell movie and the theme of her bedroom is Tinkerbell too! | Tissue in her nose - Whenever Breanna would try to blow her nose, she would tear the tissue in to tiny pieces and stick the pieces up her nose. One time, she stuck the tissue so far up her nose that Mommy couldn't get it out and it wasn't until she sneezed that it finally shot out of her nose. | Tish-me When Bre was two, she thought that when we said Tissue, we were saying Tish-you... so when she would ask for a tissue, she would say, "I need a tish-me, please!" | T

21: Target - When Breanna was two, she loved going to Target. She loved Target so much that she made up a song about Target called "Target and the Big Red Circle." Whenever we would see a Target sign, Breanna would yell out "Look! It's Target and the Big Red Circle!" | Talking - Breanna has always been a great talker. Her first word was "book" when she was only about 5 months old! | Breanna's favorite TV shows: Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Scooby Doo, Word World and My Friends Tigger and Pooh

22: Uncle John - Uncle John's favorite memory of Breanna is when she would call her toy room her baby brother or sister's room. | Uncle Michael - Uncle Michael's favorite memory of Breanna is when she was baptized. Uncle Michael is her God Father and loves her very much. | U

23: Walking - Breanna started walking on her own two weeks before her first birthday. | V | Vegas - When Breanna was 7 months old, Mommy and Daddy took a trip to Vegas and Breanna stayed with Nana and Papa for five nights. | W

24: X | Y | Z | eXtra happy - Breanna was always such a happy baby and has the most beautiful smile. | whY? It took Breanna a while to understand what the question "why?" meant. But, once she under-stood it, it turned out to be her favorite question! | Zoo - Breanna loves visiting the Detroit Zoo. Her favorite animals to see are the polar bears and the monkeys.

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