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The Adventures of Laser Larry

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BC: The End!

FC: The adventures of Laser Larry | By: Alex Boyer

1: The Adventures of Laser Larry

2: In the distant planet of Mars... | Several aliens called out to earth through a holographic message in need of help from a superhero named laser Larry. | They needed his help on a special mission to defeat the Jupitamian Civilization. They being raided by them and were about to be taken over.

3: Back on Earth... | So laser Larry toke it upon himself to go and save the Martians from the jupitamians that were trying to take over them | Everybody in the town gathered around to wish him good luck as he was about to take a journey into treacherous parts of space

4: AS he Flew into space... | He looked back and saw all the people he was leaving. The planet began to shrink as he soared through space. Everything around him was quite, dark and cold. | But it wasn't long before he saw a little red dot. He began to fly faster so he could help the unknown civilization of the Martians who need his help. When he arrived something was wrong.

5: On mars... | There was no one in sight. he began to fly around and still saw nothing. Then he heard yelling and fighting in the distance. He saw two individuals fighting and went over to them. He hit the dirt on the ground and they were gone. Then the next thing he knew he was captured. | He looked up and saw two tall figures dragging him to a large city. They were speaking some weird language thats sounded like gibberish. They looked down on him with glowing green eyes and large fangs.

6: in marsopotamia... | Larry was caged and in front of a large crowd of unknown figures staring at him blankly. Then he heard a humanly voice over a speaker and he shot up. "We caught one," the leader exclaimed. The Crowd roared as he began to speak about Larry but then he broke out with his laser power. He flew out of the cage and began to attack the leader. The leader picked him up and threw him into the cage and said something in the Martian language. Two large figures pulled him out and threw him down into the pit.

7: Down in the pit... | He woke up on a crusty cot and saw and old human-like figure in the corner with a green block. he rubbed his eyes and the figure was gone. He looked out and saw several cages with weird figures in them. Then saw a steps going along the wall. | "You are new," a voice said from the darkness. Larry turned around, "Yes I am, who are you" "Don't worry about that, you want to get out don't you?" "I do," he stood up and waled over to the shadow. "Stop!" He stopped, "how do I get out?

8: in the pit... | "Climb the wall all the way up to the top and once you are there you're free," the voice answered. From that point on Larry was determined get to the top of the pit and fight off their army. He stepped out onto the first step and advanced and toke it step by step. But once he got the the top he had to jump up and grab the ledge. He toke a giant leap of faith to the ledge and climbed out of the stony and humid pit. From there it was just a red desert with nothing in every direction. He decided to go up the tall red mountain to the west. He walked up to a gate the said Marsopotamia in big bold letters. He climbed the gate went into the town.

9: Back in Marsopotamia... | He fell onto the other side of the gate and heard some shuffling behind him. on his way up the steep and treacherous mountains he saw another sign that said, "No intruders welcome". a Chilling sensation over toke him as kept on walking.Then he got to the top of the mountain and looked out across the red soil and rocks in front of him, there was nothing insight and he also saw the other part of the gate. he was confused about the planet that could be considered a giant maze. When he turned around he saw a large black rock that was a little unusual for the area he was in. He moved and saw a deep hole with some light in it. He leaped down there.

10: Down in the Hidden city... | Flames burns everywhere and the civilians are running for their lives. All of the clay huts were on fire or already burnt down. It was complete chaos and he had mo clue who was who because they looked way too similar. He stopped the first person he saw, "Who are you running from?" The small alien pointed at a group of warriors marching through the ruins of the city. He flew over there and stopped them in their tracks. "Stop," he continued, "why are you destroying their civilization. | They all said it at once, " universal domination"

11: In the middle of the fight... | He began to fight off the first wave of raiders he saw that the reason they all looked the same is because they were. They were being controlled by one leader that may be on his home planet. He looked on the back of one of the minions head and saw a box. He shot a laser at it and the alien snapped out of the mind control. So after he removed all the boxes from their heads there was a rumbling. A giant spaceship crashed through the dome ceiling and crushed half of the city structures. Several iron doors slung open and humongous beast thundered in to the city reeking havoc.

12: as All the aliens headed for Larry... | He shot lasers out of his hands and and flew all around them. On by on he was taking down these giant aliens until the on moment when the leader stepped out. He was very different in many ways. He was taller, stronger and faster. Laser Larry shot his lasers at him and they bounced of him. He stopped and scanned for a possible weak spot. There was nothing so he flew over to him as fast as he could and slammed into him and there was a huge explosion.

13: AS all the smoke cleared... | He walked around and saw nothing but dust. There was a huge crater in the middle. It was quiet again so he picked up some of the rocks and flew backed to the earth. While he was in space it was quiet again. as he passed the moon it looked like a huge white pearl just sitting there. He made it back to earth and everyone surrounding wanting to hear his story until someone gave him another message from the moon. they said, "we need your help!!" He toke off.

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