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The adventures with Gg the mouse

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S: The adventures with Gg the mouse

FC: The great adventures with Gg the mouse. By: Jhelesha Franklin, Jennifer Lozano, Krystal Sparks 2011 Mrs. Duncan

1: The great adventures with Gg the mouse. By: Jhelesha Franklin, Jennifer Lozano, and Krystal Sparks

2: One sunny afternoon, there was two girls named Sha-nae-nae and Bon-que-que. They were in the science class of Mrs. Duncan. They were getting ready to do a project.

3: Mrs. Duncan had just left the room when the girls needed her the most. | Just then, they heard something but they ignored it. Then a moment later they heard it again, it was like a squeaking noise. Every thirty seconds they would hear a little "squeak, squeak" "squeak, squeak".

4: They finally decided to check it out. When they found out where the squeaking was coming from, they saw a little mouse. | "Hi kids, my name is Gg. I noticed that you didn't know what to do your project about, well let me help you out with all that." | "we will do my favorite; I like to call it the geologic time scale!"

5: "well it is a large cloud called a nebula. Lets get started with the eras: an era is a unit of geologic time that includes two or more periods." | "Now there are three main eras in the geological time scale. First there is the Paleozoic, which started around 542 million years ago and ended 251 million years ago."

6: "The Paleozoic has six periods that go to it. Periods are a unit of geologic time that is also larger than an epoch but smaller than an era." | "The six periods of this era are the Permian, Carboniferous, Devonian, Silurian, Ordovician, and Cambrian.

7: In the Cambrian, marine invertebrates, or animals that do not have back bones, lived. | The period of Ordovician there lived aragonites and primitive fish. | In the Silurian period echinoderms became more common. | In the Devonian period the lungfish lived for a while. | Crimaids lived in the period of the Carboniferous. | Last for the Paleozoic era is the permain period in which the invertebrates, trilobites, and andenypterids lived.

8: "Now let`s move on to the mesozoic era. It started around 251 million years ago and ended about 65 million years ago." | "The Mesozoic era has three periods, cretaceous, Jurassic, and the Triassic period. In the Triassic period reptiles called ichthyosuars lived." | "In the Jurassic period kthyosaurus and archaeupterty were the first birds." | "Now the last period in the mesozoic era is the cretaceous period. In this period horned dinosaurs called ceratopsians lived."

9: "We ended up having a mass extinction around 251 million years ago." | "Mass extinction is the extinction of one or species in a relatively short period of geologic time, usually as a consequence of a global event, a natural disaster, or an extreme change in the environment and based on studies of fossil records and evidence." | "Mass extinction was when the environmental changes started to occur, which was also in the Permian period."

10: "The last important on the geologic time scale would be the Cenozoic era. This era began around 65 million years ago and ended about 0.0115 million years ago." | "The Cenozoic era has three periods called quaternary, Neogene, and Paleocene." | "In these periods small rodents, like ants and beetles, and many new mammals like whales lived."

11: While Gg paused Sha-nae-nae asked "Gg, can you also break down the periods since you can break down the eras?" | "Well, yes you can" Gg the mouse answered "I am going to name all of them, now you already know two of them but I am just going to remind you. ok?"

12: "There are eons, eras, periods, epochs, and ages. Eons are the largest units of geologic time." | "Eras are a unit of time that includes two or more periods." | "Periods are a unit of geologic time that is also longer than epoch but shorter than an era." | "Epoch are a subdivision of geologic time that is longer than an age but shorter than a period." | "Lastly there is age. Ages are epochs that have been divided into smaller units. All of these things together are called the five units of geologic time."

13: "Is that all for the geologic time scale?" Bon-que-que asked. | "Well, no." Gg replied. "There is one more era on the geologic time scale called the Precambrian era but scientist don`t know much about this era because it happened so long ago. | "Well, kids... its time for me to go now but, remember i was never here" Gg said as he winked at the girls. | "Ok, Gg you were never here." Sha-nae-nae tells the mouse. | Gg the mouse disappeared as the girls were finishing their project.

14: Mrs.Duncan walks in the room as they were just packing up to leave because they were done with there project. | "Are you girls done already? That was quick. Oh well at least you are done. You can leave now if you would like." said Mrs.Duncan | Mrs.Duncan was surprised, as were the girls to be done so quickly. They were thankful for their little secret friend. Without him they knew they would know nothing about the geological time scale.

15: Both girls thanked Mrs. Duncan and left the room refreshed and relived that they were finally done with their project. They will never forget talking with Gg the mouse.


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