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The adventurous Pencil

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FC: The Adventurous Pencil By: Michelle Toth

1: I dedicate this book to my Friends and family who are always there to read my stories

2: “Ticonderoga factory employees please report to your stations. Thank You.” Said the lady on the P.A. “Today’s goal is to make three million pencils, if not more, so get going.” The boss told them. All of the factory employees began to shout in disgrace, “We only did two million yesterday why does it have to be a million more?!” The Boss said nothing in reply he just gave a look. I on the other hand was sitting in an old dusty box waiting for my next adventure. They call me T-I-C-O-N-D-E-R-O-G-A. I’m chosen! I am placed on this black rubbery thing. It’s moving closer closer closer, to the dark hole. This place is scary because I heard that once you go through you’re never coming back. In silence I fell into a giant bucket of other things that look like me and guess what they all have the same name as me. I can see it stamped on their side.

4: “Beep Beep Beep,” went this red blinking thing above us. “Wee!” I screamed. Others yelled “Ah!” But I wasn’t scared. Once we all fell the giant bucket went back up. The landing was pretty rough. The large man was stuffing 12 of us in this ridiculous size box. I could feel the man’s cold hands through this box and the scrapping of the others next to me. I began to close my eyes to try and relieve the pain faster. When I reopened my eye’s it seemed as if my eyes were out of focus, and instead of breathing I started gasping for air. I am claustrophobic. Others I met before were feeling the same way, so it wasn’t just me. “Is it hot in here or is it just me?”Asked one. Of course we were then stuffed with other little boxes. It grew very dark for a very long time. “Whee-oo, whee-oo, whee-oo,” is all I heard. We hit a bump, it shuffled us all around. From one side of the box to the other, making me sick! I realized it was a fork-lift driving us around. The “whee-oo,” had stopped and it was a stand still. “Put this box over here, what’s in it?” asked a man. “Umm there should be pencils in this one.” yelled back the guy. “Ok, just place this one over here.” said the man.

6: Since I was on top of the box I could see out a little bit a sharp object that was triangular entered the box. It seemed to have gone in a straight line. At last I could breathe! The lights hanging from the ceiling are blinding me but, it is great to be able to see everything again. A few boxes down were picked up, soon it would be me. Below me some others were talking about how they couldn’t hold us up no more I felt upset knowing friends that I just met might be smushed. If I could do something like jump out of the box I would. Then hopefully some would follow my lead so it would be less weight. “I’m next!” I yelled aloud. Wow! What a big hand that is. The bow was warm but now, brrrr, it is cold. When I was placed down I felt a draft through the little whole in the box. It was cold. When I was put down I realized part of the reason for me being cold is because I’m not sitting on a medal shelf. Maybe I’ll meet more friends, I thought.

8: The big box I was now sitting in was now empty. Thinking to myself I wondered if everyone on the bottom of the box was okay. Right now I was standing in a little box from before with eleven of my friends. I talked to them letting them know we will be moving around so we can see if they are now okay. We went right, left, right, left, etc. We got closer to the end of the shelf slowly but surely. “Drop.” We fell down. Luckily the store employee who put us on the shelf was there to pick us back up again. We did not want to stay so more and more times again we fell. The man probably got tired of putting us back us there because he now put us a little further on the shelf. It grew dark and the store was silent. Knowing I would be spending sometime here so I began to rest. A bunch of others began to snore. I would try numerous of times to shut them up but it failed each and every time. They grew angry, yelled at me, fell back asleep, and snored again.

10: Hours past lights turned on again. It took about a minute for my eyes to adjust. “Whoosh,” came in a breeze from the nearby entrance. I began to get chills. It happened a few more times. Many customers came in and many went out. So many eyes looked and stared I was not chosen. Friends of mine have been picked but, not me. Until, one person came and bought four boxes. How will they ever know who is who, all of our names are Ticonderoga. We were put into this weird red thing. It was one of those hand carts like in other stores. We walked around awhile gazing at things. Finally we were taken out of the red basket and placed us on the counter top. “Hello, Welcome to staples.” said the gentleman. The lady carrying us replied “Hi.” “Beep Beep Beep,” went a machine that scanned us. I was next I thought. I’m a buck fifty. Next he opened a bag and began to shove everything in there. I don’t want to go in there I won’t be able to breathe. Just as I figured I was thrown in there. “Ruff, Ruff,” went a large animal that we saw when we exited the store. I wonder if his name is Ticonderoga too! It wasn’t its Todd. When we entered another door form the car a girl cried, “Mommy, Mommy did you get all my supplies?”Asked the girl.

12: “Of course honey, why wouldn’t I?” she asked in reply. She ripped the bag out of her Mom’s hand and ouch she poured us all out on the floor! Truly, I did not want to be here. Being treated like this was not fair. “Zip,” went this oversized bag. We were placed in the book bag. It smells clean, I wonder where were going now, hopefully a place where kids are nice. “Zip,” went the bag again. It grew dark. I might as well go to bed so that I can stay up tomorrow. Luckily her mom didn’t pick any pencils that snored. During the night I couldn’t sleep, nor could the others. So in the mean time I met Crayola Green Crayola Blue and Pink Eraser. It is nice to make new friends. We were picked up, our journey must be beginning.”It is time to go, we’ll be late!” said the girl. “No you’re not, let’s go!” said her mother. A door opened than slammed. Minutes went by, “Have a good first day at school sweat-heart.” Yelled her mother. “Bye.” She replied. I now realized were going to school! I’ve heard of it before, but never been.

14: We entered a room. Children were yelling and screaming they didn’t want their Mom’s or Dad’s to leave them. One single teacher was trying to calm everyone. She must have the hardest job in the whole building. “Find your name on the table please and then sit down.” She had told everyone. Once we found our seat we got situated. We were placed on a cold desk. I fell and rolled right off the desk. One kid kicked me and rolled me right out the door. Waiting for someone to come get me like the gentleman at staples. No one came, I began to cry. “Beep,” a bell sounded. Kids left their classrooms. One kid looked then passed, then another, and another. Finally almost the last person that saw me picked me up.

16: Entering another classroom a kid holding me asked, “I found a pencil in the hall anyone want it?” Hands went up waiting to catch me. He counted “one, two, three!” I went up as if I could fly. I realized all at once the kids trying to catch me were the ones who stared at me. One of the caught me and then dropped me. It hurt trying to roll away one stopped me by stepping on me. That didn’t feel very good either. As I took a deep breath I was lifted. Off of the floor and pointed in the direction of a sharpener. The teacher yelled from a distance “Timmy, what are you doing?” “I’m umm going to sharpen my pencil.” He replied in fear. “No you’re not! If you hadn’t been goofing off that would have already been done.” She instructed. “Fine.” Timmy replied in anger. “You can sit down now.” She said.

18: “Sharpen it after the directions are given ok Timmy?” She encouraged him. After she gave the directions she asked the class, “If you need any help come see me and this should be done independently.” Timmy now approached the front where the sharpener was located. For each step he took every breathe I took. Maybe he’ll change his mind I thought. That wouldn’t happen because it was already too late. I went in slowly, the engine started and the blades began to turn “Brrrr,” went the machine. It cut my bottom half into a triangle. First it tickled, and then it began to hurt. My whole .body vibrated. It was scary, I cried. I just knew after this I’d be getting smaller and smaller during every usage. My life went on. The places I went repeated. School, backpack, homes, backpack then all over again. It was really simple. Life was ending and soon I would be thrown out because I am TOO SHORT! ~The End~

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