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The Alchemist and the Monomyth by Bennette Harding

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The Alchemist and the Monomyth by Bennette Harding - Page Text Content

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FC: The Alchemist and the Monomyth by Bennette Harding

2: The Call to Action The boy, named Santiago, tells a gypsy of a recurring dream he has about a child taking him to treasure in Egypt near the Pyramids. After hearing the boy's story, the gypsy tells the boy, "And this is my interpretation: you must go to the Pyramids in Egypt" (Coelho 14). This is the first part in the book where the Boy is called to go beyond his normal life as a shepherd in the fields of Andalusia.

4: The Refusal of the Call The boy disregards what the Gypsy said. He thought of it as a very average prediction with no worth. He decided he would no longer believe in dreams: "So the boy was disappointed; he decided he would never again believe in dreams" (Coelho 15). The refusal comes quickly after the call. The boy decides that the Gypsy was general in her interpretation.

6: Supernatural Aid After his meeting with the Gypsy, the boy goes to the marketplace and buys a book. He sits down on a bench to read the book. He is sitting by a man he learns to be Melchizedek, the King of Salem. This man gives him advice on life and about his journey, "It (personal legend) is what you have always wanted to accomplish" (Coelho 21). Melchizedek is crucial to the boy's journey because he gives him the tools to succeed.

8: Crossing the First Threshold The boy sells his sheep and buys a ticket to take him to Tanger, a port in North Africa close to Spain. The boy ponders the thought, "How strange Africa is" (Coelho 33). The boy bravely goes where he has not been before. Melchizedek spurred him forward on the first step of achieving his personal legend.

10: Belly of the Whale After the boy arrives in Africa he meets another Spanish speaking person in a bar who says he will guide him to the pyramids. This person steals all of the boy's money and leaves him alone in the marketplace. Coelho uses an allusion to the Bible: "But now...he was in a different country, a stranger in a strange land" (Coelho 38).

13: The Road of Trials The boy begins his journey on the road of trials with a crystal merchant. While working with the merchant, he learns and gains wealth. Then he remembers his goal of finding treasure. Then he finds a caravan that is traveling to Egypt. He literally gets on a road that is to be full of trials. The boy's realization is this: "I finally have enough money, and all the time I need. Why not?" (Coelho 65).

14: Meeting with the Goddess The boy meets a young woman named Fatima when the caravan stops at an oasis to wait out the tribal wars. She acts as the goddess by helping the boy find the Alchemist. Later, she also helps him realize the nature of the desert and its people, and that he can still accomplish his personal legend and be with her. The girl explains, "'That's the man who knows all the secrets of the world'" (Coelho 94).

16: Temptation from the True Path While the boy is still in the Oasis, he falls in love with the girl named Fatima. The boy is tempted to give up his pursuit of treasure because he believes that he has found treasure in Fatima. He wants to stay in the Oasis with Fatima. Fatima says "That's why I want you to continue toward your goal" (Coelho 97). Fatima tells the boy about the women of the desert and how their husbands would leave to pursue their goals, but they would always come back. Fatima did not want the boy to give up his personal legend for her.

18: Atonement with the Father This stage in the monomyth is represented when the Alchemist helps the boy to understand himself and the world. The Alchemist is very much a father figure for the boy in that he gives him wisdom and teaches him life lessons. This happens after the boy leaves the oasis to find his treasure. The Alchemist told the boy, "I am only going to point you in the direction of your treasure" (Coelho 115). This is much like any other father. The father doesn't seek to accomplish all of life for the boy, but to give direction.

20: Apotheosis The apotheosis for the boy occurs when the boy must turn himself into the wind. The boy and the Alchemist are captured by desert warriors who threaten to kill them. However, the Alchemist talks them out of it by saying that the boy can turn himself into the wind. When it comes down to it, the boy is able to turn himself into the wind "And that he, a boy could perform miracles" (Coelho 152).

22: Refusal The boy reaches the dunes near the pyramids and thinks of going back to the oasis and forfeiting his treasure. He believes that "If he wanted to, he could now return to the Oasis..." (Coelho 160). He has a chance to return to a normal life but he refuses. He knows he must go on and finish his journey to achieve his personal legend.

24: Master of Two Worlds The boy digs at the pyramids and is robbed. The robber tells him that he had a dream on that spot of treasure in Spain. The boy realizes that the true treasure is in Spain and he makes it back there. He digs for the gold and "An hour later, he had before him a chest of Spanish Gold coins" (Coelho 166).

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