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The Book of Love for Tommy Joe Ratliff

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The Book of Love for Tommy Joe Ratliff - Page Text Content

S: The Book Of Love For Tommy Joe Ratliff

FC: The Book of Love For Tommy Joe Ratliff By TheGlitzerBabes

1: Dear Tommy, Me and The Glitzer Babes made you this book to show you how much we Love you as more than just a regular Rock Star but as a normal Human Being . We all each gave our reasons as to Why we Love you so much in this book so here are the reasons why I Love You Tommy. I Love you because you help Adam Lambert spread the message about Love being all different shapes and colors by always kissing him during Fever regardless of what people think. By doing that you are waking people up to the fact that it’s SOOOOOOOOO OKAY for all men to be gay and that both men kissing is just as sexy as if both women were kissing. Another reason why I Love you is because you always put on a great show when rocking out on that Bass of yours and Looking SEXY while doing it . But the very Main reason that I Love you so much are because you are always sweet to everyone and to everything that is around you. What I mean is that you always try to spend time with as many fans as humanly possible by talking with fans about random stuff as well as trying to take photos, and signing autographs even if you aren’t at a venue. You also try to help out your friends on twitter by giving them shout outs about a certain show or concert that they are performing at. Lastly, I Love You because you are a very real person what I mean is that you always tell the truth about everything when it comes to music, movies heck even about your views on Love. You are very BEAUTIFUL person inside and outside so please no matter what happens don’t ever change. I Love you for not just being an Awesome Bass Player but I Love You for You . I wiil always support you and your career no matter what. I really hope you like the book that The Glitzer Babes made for you . Me & the rest of the Glitzer Babes will all continue to send Love & Light to you & to your family. I wish you a very Happy 29th Birthday that’s only filled with Love and Happiness from everyone and from everything that is around you . Love, Dara DiGiovanni aka The Leader of @TheGlitzerBabes

2: I love Tommy because he just a great person.He is good looking and enjoys being on stage with Adam.He has his own way to entertain us.He plays the bass beautifully and hes funny.I've never met Tommy but i am hoping for soon one day.Tommy seems like a nice person and it seems like he has a great personality.That why i love Tommy.So Happy birthday Tommy we love you and give you the best of wishes on your birthday - Eve

3: Tommy, you are definitely one of the sweetest people i have ever met! I love you so much and i hope your day is amazing! Happy Birthday kitty cat <3 Jenni Koch

4: I never meet Tommy Joe Ratliff before. Hopefully someday I will. I just starting finding things out about Tommy after I found out he was the guy Adam kissed at the awards. And just recently I signed up for twitter and I'm able to find more things out about Tommy. I'm getting to see all kinds of pictures of him. And I have to admit he is very sexy. Which I'm sure all his fans agree with that statement. You have a beautiful smile. I did get the opportunity of going to one of Adam's shows at Bethlehem PA and got to see Tommy play live. And boy is he amazing. I could listen to him play all day long. Tommy seems like a real down to earth person. He takes pictures with people from young children to older adults. And that is very sweet. You don't find many band members that do that. He seems to be willing to talk just about anything if you ask him. What a cool guy you are Tommy. And that's why I love you. And I will continue to follow your progress, and hopefully I will be able to meet you one day. So continue being yourself and we will continue to love you! Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Happy Birthday Tommy!!! Love ya, Cori (a.k.a. GlitzerBabe #64) From Delaware

5: Hi Tommy! Happy Birthday from all your fans! We all love you SOOOOOOOOOO much! I mean.. your so sweet & funny & sexy & nice & pretty :) I hope you have the best day of your life ENJOY YOUR BIRTHDAY xxx Audrie (@AdommyisHOT)

6: I love Tommy because he's sweet, adorable, and a big crowd pleaser. He tames the crowds and loves his fans. He has patience beyond belief, and he goes to whatever lengths to entertain others, and rock the friggin house, dude. He's also a sexy beast and looks like Heaven with all his Glam-Gear on. <3 The Androgynous Elf! Love, Mandy Laham

7: Hey Tommy :) You sweet beautiful soul you!You deserve nothing but the best and most happy birthdays.. Don't look at yourself as getting older but look at it as getting wiser, smarter, and more experienced/mature in different things.Yeah; laugh now... but I meant it in other ways then the one your mind probz rushed to. But anyways, You really mean a whole lot to a bunch of people, and you seriously changed a lot of their lives; mine included..The night I met you... let me start out with.. I never dreamed that I would meet you; but when I did... it seriously made my life, and changed it for the better; sounds crazy right.. But it did.. call me a crazy fan girl all you want.. I don't care. But all I know is for one thing... the moment you stepped off that bus.. you were like Tommy, the real person; not the “star”... but the genuine person we all happen to know and love: the fame doesn't go to any of your guy's head.. you especially! You have this sort of vibe..where you are like you automatically feel comfortable... You are such a sweetheart and even the words I am attempting to write are coming out all jumbled up.. and I am almost on the verge of crying, like I did that night and you were all like “Oh now sweetie don't do that.” but its hard not to... when all your dreams are coming true right in front of your eyes.. All of that still really seems surreal... but it did happen.. and not only that... after the show was just as amazing... as the show itself. Have a very happy birthday;You rock. Love you so much. Lauren Ratliff o.o

8: Happy Birthday Tommy Joe Ratliff! I love you sooo much, it's kinda unreal! Ever since I saw you play during Kradison, I completely fell in love with your bass skills, and of course YOU. I adore how your so sweet to your fans, and how you try to autograph everyone's items, and take pics, this makes you really friendly! I finally got a chance to meet you during staten island, (after the show)! and it was a dream come true! You give off the fierce epicness, and those seductive eyes, make me shiver! My goal is to talk to you you about music! and how we actually have alot in common about music. I'm a huge cure fan, and when I found out you liked them... I flipped out! ahha, that's not the only amazing thing about you... your not scared to kiss adam on stage! and just do whatever the fuck you want to do! Even though your straight, you don't care about hooking up with a guy. Which shows your strong! Another thing, is that I love that vampire look you give off, and how you dress makes me jelous! btw, your just so sqeeezable hehe. I love your taste in clothes! So i just wanted to say best wishes! and i hope you stay SAFE! and have the bestest birthday ever in the whole world! I can't wait to meet you again bb! GO TACO FANS! - adommyfans from twitter love Veronika :D

9: Why I love and admire Tommy: Other than the fact he is completely and utterly talented at bass, he’s unique in personality as well. He’s the reason that I started playing guitar; and I hope that once I master that, I can begin to play bass and get just as good as him. Even though I’ve never met or even been in the same city as him, I can tell that he likes being diverse in his wardrobe and make-up and doesn’t give a damn about what other people think. You can tell this from his ordeals with Adam Lambert, the gay glam star. Not many straight bassists would allow the singer to rub against, make sexual gestures to, or even kiss them. And he doesn’t seem to mind the fact that people actually question his sexuality based on his actions with Adam. Tommy seems to actually embrace that. And he is straight, because he says so and that‘s all the proof anyone needs (but if he were gay, that would be phenomenal too). He’s just young and allows what comes his way to give him a few exciting aspects to his already growing fame. Even at the AMA’s when Adam kissed him out of the blue, he didn’t mind and said it was all in the name if entertainment; and all the people that criticized them about it, Tommy thought were completely crazy. Another stage tradition that seems to be between him and Adam is the glam singers’ fetish with pulling on his hair. That hair is just so palpable in its way of being Adam‘s play toy; I also love the fact that it’s completely soft looking and just plain amazing in every way. And to put a cherry on top, I like it that he wears his black creepers to make him seem taller. That’s unreservedly adorable. Short and elf-like? Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! (Happy Birthday, Tommy!) You’re only young once, but you can stay immature and glamtastic until the end of time. -Gray Bouchat

10: Tommy, I love you because of your great personality and stage presence. Plus you look like an angel, perform greatly with Adam ;) and seem to be very kind and considerate towards your millions of fans. I hope you have an amazing birthday and an epic time with your family and friends! Have a good one hun! Lots and lots of love Doris (dorisholzel)

11: I love Tommy Joe because he is an amazing bass player, hes sweet, sexy, funny! Hes just awesome, and very lovable! words cant even describe Tommy! He is everything you could ever want in a guy! I Love him very much and i hope he has a birthday as special as he is! ~ Love Geena <3

12: Tommy! My name is Danielle, I met you in Costa Mesa with two of my other friends named Jazzy and Alexa. We all love you such much! You give the best hugs ever and you smell delicious hahah! I hope you have an amazing birthday, and may all your wishes come true! Hope to see you in LA if you guys have another concert down here, hopefully you will because it would be a party and we definitely wanna meet you again. Thanks for everyone. We Love You!! Love, Danielle <3 :)

13: Tommy, You inspire me to go for my dreams and be who i truly am. I love that you aren't afraid to put on the guyliner and get all dolled up. It shows that you are comfortable with yourself and that is so amazing. It's people like you that give people who are different "weird" the confidence to be who they are and love themselves so, thank you for that! Plus, I can't deny that your an awesome guitarist and bass player! Love you, Mariah K. <3

14: Tommy, this photo is from a chance encounter with you (and Monte) in front of Starbucks in Denver, CO on July 17, 2010. Thank you for always being available to meet and sign autographs for the fans. Why do I love you? I love your performances - first, your music!!!! And your costumes, your makeup, your hair, and the way you dance around the stage and toss your hair and bob your head, and especially the way you play with Adam. Thank you for a great show each and every night!!! I met you at Denver and Springfield with Dallas and Winstar coming up! I consider myself a Badger. I wish you a most wonderful Birthday! And I wish you a wonderful life, a great career, and much happiness in finding love, no matter whom you choose to love. With Love, RadarEcho (Twitter)

15: Happy Birthday, Tommy Joe!! I hope your day is as special as you! Thank you so much for being such a sweetheart. I know that it must sometimes get overwhelming having fans bugging you for attention, but you handle is so well and I love you for that. Meeting you at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, Pa. was my dream goal for that day. I had seen the show two times prior but wasn't able to hang around and wait for you. This show was my day. I was going to meet you. I waited literally all day for you and I must say, you didn't disappoint. You were just as nice as I knew you would be. Thank you so much for taking the time to make me smile. It really does mean alot. You showed me just how very beautiful you are. Not only are you so incredibly beautiful on the outside (you really are!), but your personality is just as beautiful. I admire you so very much and I wish you the best at everything you do! I don't know if you remember the card I gave you when we met. It was a really cute thinking of you card and had photos in it from the Starland Ballroom & the Borgata. But the card said that I thought of you today & liked it so much that I'm going to do it again tomorrow. How very true that is. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. And on your day, I'll be thinking of you even more (how is that even possible?! lol). I love you, Carol @Adam_TJRgirl

16: I love Tommy because he loves his fans and I think he would do anything for them :) I <3 you Tommy Joe Ratliff!! Love, Holly George

17: "Today is a special day, Mr. Kitty (; It's your BIRTHDAY!! So, I've decided to give you a speech, since it's the best thing I can do online (: Ahemm... Tommy, You've inspired me to be everything that I can be. You made me actually listen to the music behind the voice, and I hear so much more in music... Not just to vocals but the background supporting it.... Thank you. You've also learned I can never be more beautiful than you. Ever. Even though I'm a girl. Ahhaa, That was partly a joke (: Tommy, I love you and the world loves you, And all you need to be on your birthday is happy <3" With Love, Mia Relevio

18: I love Tommy Joe Ratliff because of the personality he has, he is such a cutie! He is the greatest!! Always such a happy person! He is just totally AWESOME! From, Joel Calvin

19: dear tommy first happy birthday, celebrate beautiful! so why i love you so much? Well you are very sweet and so damn sexy ;) besides you have a great hookup. unfortunately I had not the luck to be able to see you once live. But when the glam nation tour is coming to Germany, I have the luck to be there for two shows Stay as you are just because you're super good I and many others love you Tommy Joe Ratliff very nice Greetings from Germany your smallblueangel

20: I love Tommy very much because He has inspired me to try and learn guitar and maybe even bass in the future. His outgoing attitude has inspired me to be myself, regardless of others opinions. Adam is lucky to have a sweet, talented, unique bassist like Tommy. Love, Shannon Sell

21: I love you for your extraordinary personnality, for how you is with your fans, because you're a glamazing bass player and because you're hot!!!! You just have the best personnality that a man can have and you're SOOO niiicee!!! And you give sooo much love to us, your fans!!!! You go outside to meet some of us after almost each shows, make sure to see each fan who are there to take pics and sign autographs, give them all big hugs and kisses...You give us a whole lotta love!!! And to hear and see you play it's candy for the ears and eyes!!!! You're the perfect man and perfect Idol!!!! Embodied perfection!!!! Love you sooo much Tommy <333333 -Sophie Bélanger xoxoxoxo


23: I love TommyJoe Ratliff for many reasons. For the obvious reason, he's sexy & adorable at the same time, always. And then for what you wouldn't know without asking me about it is that Tommy has really helped me when I felt really bad about myself. It's no secret that he's a sensitive guy since Adam posted it on his twitter but I've gotten to experience just how sensitive Tommy is firsthand. I love Tommy because he's there for you when you need him & I don't think he even realized everything he said to me would end up saving me. So thank you Tommy<3 & Also I met Tommy after he'd talked to me & he remembered who I was & so that meant a lot(: I hope to keep the friendship I have with Tommy forever. Yours truly, Kathryn17

24: I love Tommy Joe so much because he is such an amazing person. He always makes time for his fans and is the sweetest man I have ever met. It was like 90 degrees that day and he still stayed outside till he had seen everyone sometimes more than once. Tommy is also very very pretty and I love how comfortable with himself he is. He also gives awesome hugs. Love, Abby

25: I love Tommy because he's such a sweet person. He so much fun to watch perform with Adam, and is a great musician! Love, Bionacca Gates

26: I love Tommy because he is down to earth and has a very genuine soul. He took the time out to chit-chat and take pictures with me and other fans after the Royal Oak concert in Michigan. (He gives the best hugs ever!!) He is also very talented and not bad on the eyes either! MeOw! Happy Birthday Tommy Joe! xx Love, Lacy Carper

27: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TommyJoe! It's been such an amazing thing to watch you travel around with Adam's band. Glamnation wouldnt be the same without you. You bring such a unique, rock n roll energy to the show, and your presence and persona just adds SO much to the performances. You're multi-talented, sweet, appreciative, funny, fun, genuine, and ABSOLUTELY gorgeous.It was so awesome and surreal to meet you in SF.We get along according to astrology;) Never stop playing music Tommy cause you're so fuckin good at it. Follow me on twitter @glamtommytaco. Love you kitty:)

28: I will do my best to tell you how much I love your ability to make people smile including myself, I will do my best to tell you, you are a fantastic artist, one of my favorites. Last I will do my best to tell you that you sir make me smile and I love things that make me smile. Have a great Birthday. With Love, @Raisenetters on Twitter

29: Happy Birthday, Tommy!! :) I love you because you are just a great person. You are a beautiful person inside and out, and you enjoy being on stage with Adam. You have your own way to entertain us. You play the bass beautifully and I could listen to you play all day long. I've never met you but I'm hoping I will one day. Being 3 feet away from you, was an honor just being in your presence. You have a beautiful smile, and though it's rare that you smile for fans, when I see you smile it makes me smile. You seems like a real down to earth person. You take pictures with people from young children to older adults. And that is very sweet. You don't find many band members that do that. You seem to be willing to talk just about anything if we ask you. You have patience beyond belief, and I know that it must sometimes get overwhelming having fans bugging you for attention, but you handle it so well and I love you for that. You goe to whatever lengths to entertain others, and rock the house. You honestly inspire me to go for my dreams and be who I truly am. I love that you're not afraid to put on the guyliner and get all dolled up. It shows that you're comfortable with yourself and that is so amazing. It's people like you that give people who are different, the confidence to be who they are and love themselves so, I thank you for that! You are just so kind to everyone, and you spreads so much love to those around you. You've also introduced me to your amazing friend, Chantala Parris, who I am now promoting. I would've never been able to help Hide Your Feathers without you. :) I hope you have an amazing birthday filled with tons of love from those around you. You deserve a birthday that is nothing short of awesome! You are a beautiful person, Tommy. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I love you <3 Love, Destiny (@FeathersAreHott) xoxo

30: Tommy Joe Ratliff, the cute and the sweet To play better than him would be quite the feat Not afraid to wear glitter or kiss a cute man And he takes time to talk to every fan A good friend to Adam, an asset to the crew We love you Kitty Cat, Happy Birthday to you! Love, Lisa "Chloe" Gold - Twitter: @ChloeBLI

34: Tommy Joe Way back in April of this year, I was thrilled to be able to meet you and party in the lounge with you at River Rock along with a bunch of other crazy ladies. You are a very special person. I do not know you really but after watching you perform almost daily since June, you have constantly impressed me with your love for what you do. I just simply love you as a talented performer, and a person who is beautiful from the inside out. I love the way you interact with Adam and your open mindedness is something that we need more people to be in this world. I hope you have an amazing birthday even though you will be half way around the world from us here in Vancouver BC. I have special birthday gift for you and I hope you receive it before you go to the colder destinations in November coming up! MWAH!!! Love @yourbodybible –Karen Nelson TALC member

35: Happy Birthday Tommy! You are such an inspiration to me. You are so kind and, stay true to yourself in all situations. Thank you for everything! Love, Ashley Ramsey

36: Tommy Joe Ratliff, Happy Birthday Sweet heart [: You are such an amazing man. I love you for so many reasons, I’m not even sure if all of us fans could all our love in one book! You are such a sweet person, even with all the crazy fans out there. Its amazing how you don’t ever show negativity or disrespect people, I don’t know if I’d have enough patience to be like that if I were in your position. Your sense of style is obviously amazing, I love the darker look and as you probably hear a lot you pull it off super amazing-ly! There’s so much more I could list off as how much more there is to love about you. Thank you for being such an amazing idol. I hope to meet you someday soon! Hope you’re having great time on tour and have an amazing birthday you deserve it! (: ^V^ Love Always, Rachel [:

37: Hey Mr. Tommy Joe Ratliff! Sierra Faustman here. Before I actually wish you a happy birthday, I'm going to say why I adore you. First of all, your such a cute kitty! Also your so inspirational, and sweet and talented! After everything you've been through your still trying your hardest and it's so amazing. Anyways, I hope you have an AMAZING day because you truly do deserve it! Happy birthday! With love, Sierra Faustman

38: Why I love Tommy...well first of all Tommy's beauty is unspeakable. I met him in real life, and looked into those big, soulful eyes and saw the face of perfection. Like the most beautiful, rarest rose, to gaze at him just takes ones breath away. But even more important is what is on the inside...for his soul is just as lovely. There is a sad sweetness about him...a kindness, a peacefulness. Around him you feel a sense of belonging, and then you walk away knowing that the world is a better place, simply because Tommy Joe is in it. Dorothy Nowroozian

39: I love Tommy because he is the closest thing someone can come to being perfect. He loves us fans a lot, you can see it in his actions and eyes. He always takes out time for us no matter how busy, tired (or drunk lol) he may be. He is even patient enough to put up with our cray cray personalities, screams and fantasies. It takes a real man to do that. He is drop dead gorgeous, mad talented and just so sexy, seductive and loving. Tommy is beautiful on the the inside and out. He has a charming persona that immediately draws you to him like a magnet. His shy behavior and inability to mantain eye contact makes him all the more cuter and adorable. When one lays eyes on him, it's impossible to look away and you feel as if you're hypnotized. He has passion in what he does and he is not afraid to be himself and go all out on the dark makeup (especially his luscious lips!) He loves to entertain and tease us all and he knows that we all love when he does his amazing headbanging. His hair is fabulous enough to put the girls in a shampoo ad to shame lol. From his big, beautiful, brown eyes to his feathery boa and his big ass creepers, Tommy Joe Ratliff is pure perfection. Yasmeen Osman

40: I love Tommy Joe Ratliff because he is true to his self, he is an amazing person and I'm obsessed with his sexiness. Happy birthday Tommy! Love, @GlitterDolls xoxo

41: With Love, Natalia Gonzalez

42: Dearest Tommy, Happy 29th Birthday! Thank you for keeping me inspired and entertained this past Winter - In Australia (or Summer where you’re from) I just thought, that for the purpose of this gift, I would list some of the ways in which you have inspired me over the past few months and why I am such a big fan. I love the way you are so confident in your ability as a Musician and more specifically a Guitar/Bass Player - you have inspired me to build up confidence in my own ability (I have played violin for the past 11 years, since I was 6) and get out there and be more involved in musical performances. I also love the way you are so comfortable with who you are and where you are in your life right now. Your ability to remain true to yourself throughout what I’m sure has been, and will continue to be a whirlwind period of your life, has inspired me to always remain true to myself and what I believe in, no matter what is going on in the world. You are possibly one of the most modest and humble people in the Public-Eye today which shows a true strength of character, and level-headedness which basically everyone else could learn from. You’re taste in music, is insanely brilliant, and I’m please to say that you’ve introduced me to new bands, and a whole genre of music that I would never have thought I’d enjoy. I think the connection you have to the music you listen to is an amazing thing, and you should never let go of it. Music is life, it sums up the important parts and helps us to truly see and connect with who we are and what the meaning of our own lives is. And last, but certainly not least you are quite stunning - and you have very nice looking hands, which sounds less creepy in my head, but is completely true - most musicians do I believe, but there is something captivating about the way you can strum out the most difficult looking baseline and make it look so effortless and sound amazing. Tommy Joe, Ratliff you are amazing - don’t go changing anything about the way you are. Enjoy the rest of the tour - the weather here in Australia has picked up quite a bit in the last few days, so experience everything we have to offer. Although I do warn you, Australian girls of the teenage variety can be quite insane - and we scream loud :) so earplugs might be a good option. Lots of Love, Lauren Gray, 17, Sydney Australia. xx

43: Why I Love Tommy? Because he has a big heart and He's a very beautiful person He is a really really warmhearted person. :))) And he sometimes funny and he's very hot He's a very interesting person :) That's Why I Love Tommy Tomomi Nagase

44: Why I love Tommy I love Tommy because he is cute, funny, kind, and smart. He is an awesome bass player and a good person to look up to. That is why I love Tommy Skylar Wright

45: 'Happy B-day Tommeeeh!! <3 I hope u enjoy this day at 100% because u really deserve it (: You have no idea how much you're for me and how much I love you... Well, for me Adam is not the only that I care about, I really love all of you since u're part of the Glamily, and I love you since that time in the AMA's that was the first time I saw u. You're such a big boy now lol Love ya so much... Best wishes for your birthday from Argentina (: XOXO... @sabakunobara2'

46: Tommy,I love you sooo much! You are such a sweet, funny and talented guy! You're so shy and mysterious,and i like that!(: I was at the Toledo Glam Nation show on my birthday!! It was my first ever concert,and i had such an amazing time!! It was the best night of my life! You guys didnt come out after,so i unfortunatley didnt get to meet you,but it's definatley a night i will NEVER forget!! I was lucky enough to got a spot really close to the stage,and i still swear to this day you looked right at me!!!!(: You really deserve the best in life!!! I hope you have a great birthday!!! my twitter name is @KalishaLambert if you ever wanna talk!!(: xoxo~ Kalisha<3

47: Tommy is always such a sweetheart in person, always takes the time to talk to you and always is genuine...he is also really funny and adorable. and he is a badass on the bass!! I could seriously be happy hearing him/Monte do the interlude at the GN shows & thats it..He rules!!! <3 Ali

48: Dear Tommy Hope you have the greatest 29th birthday possible :) I love you so much, you are such a wonderful person, you show us all that being yourself is the best possible thing you can do for yourself and others, you bring so much fun and love into the world, i wish that i had gotten to meet you at the concert i went to, i have heard from countless people how kind and generous you are, and not to mention how hotttt lol :) I cant wait to have another chance to see you live. I really enjoyed the time i got to talk to you a couple of min on myspace it made my me so happy and made my entire year. thank you for all the wonderful shows and all your wonderful fun tweets, hope your having a great time overseas. love Laura Horton (@adommy4evr)

49: Dear Tommy, Hope you have a great birthday and I wanted to let you know that you have and always will be an inspiration to me. You are who you want to be and you never pretend to be someone else. You are a great musician and a great person. Never change Christina Horton (@ericfangrl)

50: I love Tommy because he's an inspiration for me and my friends. He's cute and knows how to rock the shit out of his guitar. I love him because, eventhough he's had troubles in his family, he played in almost every concert and never let down his fans. And finally, I love him because he is Adam's bestfriend and that he's there for him whenever he feels down. Anya aka Anyaaa_me

51: Tommy you are awesome, sexy, and a wonderful bass guitarist! I saw you perform with Adam, Monte, and Longineu on September 5th and I thought you were just great!! I am so happy that you were nice enough to take a picture with me after the concert was over! I wish we could have talked a little more but I'm glad that I have a picture with the amazingly wonderful Mr. Tommy Joe Ratliff!! I love you sooooo much Tommy!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Mackenzie Scholl

52: Tommy, It was so amazing to meet you both nights at the costa Mesa show here in Orange County California. My friends and I had a blast, your hugs were amazingly yummy! Ha can't wait to see you again at the LA show! It's gonna be a blast! Thanks again for everything and I hope you have a great birthday! Love you so much! Best wishes <3 Love, Danielle Reiss ;)

53: My message to Tommy Joe is that I love him because he's a friendly, kind person, an amazing musician, & he looks fabulous with Adam. :). You're so sweet to do this - hope it turns out great! Darlene

54: I love Tommy very much because He's the most glittery bassist ever in the whole world and he has his own style..Indonesia love him so much !! :) and also because he can played a lot of music instrument and because he's GORGEOUS :) Love, Dian Syngates

55: I love Tommy because he’s amazingly talented and very, very sweet! One of the nicest people I have ever met! Love, Stevee Malamas

56: Tommy, the reasons I love you are you have a wonderful smile (I would love to see it even more often), you have amazing makeup skills, you are sooo badass (especially on twitter), and you like tacos!!! (I think you might be my soul mate!!) Love, Lorelei Ratliff aka @AdamLambertToez on twitter

57: I love Tommy because he's one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He's really sweet and talented. Love, Billie Malamas (@BillieMalamas on Twitter)

58: Happy Birthday Tommy! You're among the most amazing people I've ever met. I love how you love horror movies, Manson, and Depeche Mode so much. And your skill on basically every instrument is fucking intense. I'm proud to be a Badger and to support you in everything. :) Thanks for the hugs in Concord and Hampton Beach, and for your autograph. And for making my birthday so amazing in Hyannis. :D You're amazing Tommy. Happy Birthday! - Missy (@rainbowmissy)

59: Tommy, ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY! :D You are the most sweetest and most badass bass player ever! Adam picked the most perfect person for this job! I mean, who WOULDN'T pick you! Your gorgoeous, and very talented! You inspire me so much and make me want to be an even better musician! (and i also want to play bass now xD) I love your taste in music and everything about you!! Im soo happy to be a fan! You deserve all of this! :) Dreams do come true! So hopefully I can meet you one day! There's soo much about you that is just soo great, I can't even describe it all, you're perfect! Have the GREATEST birthday ever!!!! Enjoy every moment of it! Love you sooo much!!! <33333 XOXO! Love, Kimmie Ann Lambert

60: There's not enough words to describe why I love our pretty kitty. I haven't met him, but he seems funny, sweet, and outgoing, to name some things. He also seems like a brilliant friend, which I think is the most important. Whenever I'm depressed and he Tweets, I always feel a bit better. So, there are just a few reasons why I absolutely adore Tommy Joe Ratliff! Happy Birthday Glitterbaby, I love ya!! <3 GlitzGlamandLuv/Jazzy

61: Why I Like TommyJoe Ratliff... I love your smile, I love your eyes...the window to your soul... I love the fact that you get out on stage ever night and give your all to the fans, I love the fact you take time to have pictures taken with fans, or you take a minute and talk to fans . I love the fact that you are following your dream, something a lot of us have lost sight of... I love the fact that from what I have read about you, you seem very down to earth...don't ever let that change plz Happy Birthday Tommy, have a great year. Jessica

63: When I met you in Philly, you told me I was adorable and you made me feel special. Oh, and you give the greatest hugs! That's why I love you Tommy Joe Ratliff! Happy Birthday <3 XOXO ~Claudia~

64: What I love about Tommy is how sweet and confident he is, his taste in music and his badass tattoo's. I love Tommy's smile, even though he never shows his teeth :), and how great of a performer/musician he is. Most importantly, I love how Tommy has always stayed true to himself. He's pretty sexy, too... :) Love you Tommy! Brittany D

65: I love you because you're such an inspiration to me. You're an amazing bassist and you're very down to earth.You are so sweet to everyone! I hope you have an amazing glamtastic birthday! I've seen you 3 times- July 15th, August 8th, and August 15th. Driving 1000+ miles to see all of these concerts was totally worth it. I hope you liked your blanket that my friend and I made you. Go Libras! I'm a Libra too. [[October 9th <3]] I love you Tommy Joe Ratliff! Love, @hannahbanana010/@ratlifflovers

66: That's Why We All Love You Tommy Joe Ratliff :). Me & the rest of the Glitzer Babes will always be There For You No matter What happens because we all Love You so Much. We'll all continue to send Love & Light to you & to your family. Have a Wonderful 29th Birthday and May all your Dreams come true on this very special day :). Love Always, The Glitzer Babes XOXO :)


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