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The Christmas Angel (Copy)

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BC: Originals by Kathleen - 2013

FC: O | The Christmas Angel

1: THE CHRISTMAS ANGEL | Written and Illustrated by | KATHLEEN ANNETTE (EPP) FRIESEN | Christmas - 2013

2: This book is dedicated to my Dad, my family and the little girl and her parents, who is the reason this book was written. If the walls of our home could talk, they would certainly have many more stories to tell. Thank you for the memories!

3: THE CHRISTMAS ANGEL | "All God's angels come to us disguised." James Russell Lowell

5: A long time ago, a couple with two boys, brought a new baby girl into their lives in the north bedroom of the new home they had built. For five years they enjoyed their home that was more up to date than most farm homes in their neighborhood. The basement and the cellar were used as the main home until the rest of the house could be built. The cellar underneath the basement was used for canning and a separate room in the cellar was used to store potatoes.

7: As the little girl grew, she helped her mother with the chores in their new home and one day the mother asked the little girl to go to the cellar and bring her some potatoes for dinner. Obeying her mother, the little girl went down through the basement and under the porch to the cellar stairs.

9: As she entered the cellar , the little girl reached over the stair railing to pull on the light string. The stair railing gave way and the little girl fell to the cellar floor. Sadly, on that day, December 14, the little girl died.

11: As the custom was, her coffin was placed in the east living room window, in the family home, until the day of the funeral. The mother grieved a long time for the only little girl that she loved so much. Two of her sons would see her standing in the kitchen, looking out of the north window and crying. Perhaps blaming herself for sending the little girl to the cellar.

12: Some years passed before the husband and wife had more children, but over the years, another daughter and two more sons were born. The family finally moved from the house, for this very modern home became to much for the family to keep up. A new family bought the home and for sixteen years, they raised three children of their own.

13: After the youngest son had lived in the home for almost a year, he decided that farming was not a job for him and he and his wife moved away. In 1973, another young couple moved into this wonderful home with so many memories. This couple lovingly raised their four children in the home, not forgetting the little girl and speaking of her to the children often,

14: thinking that the cellar would be a good place to hide Christmas presents. No one would look there because of the little girl's death. Years passed, and the ceiling of the cellar fell down and the cement porch floor, that was supported by rotting wooden beams was in need of repair. The family, who had now lived in this loving home for thirty years,

15: decided to replace the porch floor. Seldom having been in the cellar, the family lowered a ladder and started the much needed job of removing the snakes and cleaning up the boards from the fallen ceiling. In 2004, the new porch floor was poured. Many good times were had on the new porch by the couple, their grown children and now their grandchildren,

16: never forgetting about the little girl that had died in the cellar beneath the new porch floor. Eight years passed, with the family celebrating the holidays together, reminiscing of happy times in this beautiful home that became more memorable to them with the passing of each holiday season.

17: The year 2012, their Christmas holiday would bring another memory for the family to share together. The couple brought home their Christmas tree for the family to enjoy, placed it in front of the east window, the same window where the little girl's coffin was placed so many years ago, and decorated it with lights and ornaments like they had for the last forty years.

18: Admiring the tree before going to bed, they were convinced that their children and grandchildren would certainly think this tree was the most beautiful tree they had ever seen. With that said, the couple turned the lights off on the tree and went upstairs to bed, where they had slept since their children were born.

19: The next morning, when the couple got up, they came down stairs to find this beautiful Christmas tree twinkling with the bright lights they thought they had turned off the night before. The husband said to his wife, "You must have forgotten to turn the lights off last night!" So, the next night, the wife said to her husband, "Come with me to water the tree and then you turn off the lights!"

20: Before going to bed, they watered the tree and the husband turned off the lights. In the morning, the twinkling lights were once again lighting up their living room! Remembering the death of the little girl, her coffin in the east living room window where the tree now stood, and the cellar that had been cleaned up where the little girl died, the couple began to wonder how and why this was happening,

21: never keeping track of the birth date or the date of the little girl's death. Her parents and her two older brothers had already passed away, and her younger siblings were born after her death, and so the questions remained. After the holidays were over, the tree was taken down and the lights were put away, but the subtle reminders of the little girl remained throughout the year.

23: Twelve months have passed since the twinkling lights lit up the living room in the home of this couple. and thoughts of last Christmas were locked in the memory book. And so on November 26, 2013, the couple went again and purchased their Christmas tree. They brought it home and set it up in the east living room window, like they had in years past, the same window where the little girl's coffin stood 83 years ago on December 14.

24: For 2 1/2 weeks, the couple watered the tree and then turned off the lights before going to bed, like they always did, never thinking of the events of the last Christmas. One particular Friday evening, the couple watered the tree and went to bed as usual. Saturday morning, December 14, the couple came down for breakfast to find their tree once again twinkling

25: with beautiful beaming lights! The wife shared her story and concern with her father, who came to visit that evening. The father thought there must be a logical reason for why this would happen, but he could not explain it. As they shared their memories of this home, the wife asked her father to look up the birth date and the death date of the little girl that died in the house years ago.

26: After arriving back home, the father called his daughter and shared with her that the little girl, now an angel, was born on January 23, 1925. It put the wife's mind at ease to know that this was not the reason for the mysterious Christmas lights. And then, after a pause, the Father shared with her that the little girl died on this very day, December 14, 83 years ago!

27: To this day, the questions remain about this little Christmas angel, whose life was cut short way to soon. She continues to remind us and we continue to remember her and her family, and the legend that this wonderful home has left with us, our children and our grandchildren to share for many generations to come.

28: Merry Christmas to our Christmas Angel!

29: Obituary of Blondena Fern Siebert, hand written by her mother after her death. Found in the back of the family Bible and shared with me by her niece, Cindy Friesen in 2014.

30: HAPPENINGS Tree lights come on Pictures turned backwards Clock pendulum stopped Shadow box fell from the wall Upstairs hallway light came on All of these happen between December 14 and January 23, during the night and nobody is present. Office light goes off Office fan comes on Both of these happen year round but more frequently between December 14, (her death date) and January 23, (her birth date).

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