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The Crazy Night

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The Crazy Night - Page Text Content

S: Natalia Espaillat

BC: Bye!

FC: The Crazy Night

1: Aphrodite | This scrapbook is about this crazy night I had with some of my godly friends. So let's get started with this crazy story. Aphrodite and I went clubbing one night just to get away with all the drama in Mount Olympus. Aphrodite had the cutest dress that night! It was red with hearts on it I was so jealous! We were having so much fun that night though! We were dancing with all these people, and just had a good time. The only thing is that all these pervs were coming up to us. you sure believe that I smacked all of them in the face. They were normally coming up to Aphrodite of course since she's gorgeous! One of these guys even handed her a rose! Where did he get a rose! | PEACE

2: WAR | ARES | While Aphrodite and I were having a good time this weird guy comes up to Aphrodite and starts flirting with her. You should have seen her face! She had the nastiest look on her face but the guy didn't notice I guess because he just kept going and going. While I was listening to this guy fail at trying to pick up girls I look towards the entrance and see Aphrodite's husband Ares! He comes in with his armor on and a pretty mad look on his face. He's moving his head frantically as if he was looking for someone. And of course he looks straight at us. I hear Ares whistle and a three headed dog comes into the building! Why is there a three headed dog in a club! He comes over to us with the scariest face. I thought I was going to cry.

3: WISDOM | ATHENA | Right before I was about to cry I saw a big crowd of doves come through the door. Then Athena came in behind the birds. She had her newest owl Whiskers on her arm. But she couldn't find us so Ares beat her to us. Ares came and started to yell at Aphrodite. They began to fight and I was telling them to stop but they didn't. If you didn't know gods don't like to listen to other people for some reason. Then finally Athena comes and starts to talk to Ares and gave us a signal to get out of there. While we ran out we heard Ares yelling at Athena.

4: ARTEMIS | Hunting | We rushed through the doors and saw the big full moon in the sky and Artemis in a car. Aphrodite looks at me with a confused face and I look back at her smiling. I thought this was so cool! We walk over to the convertible punch buggy and see a hind in the back seat. Artemis started to laugh at the facial expressions I did. Aphrodite just acted like it was normal. I notice that she has a bow and arrow on her back and I just thought that was normal as well. "Let's go to Mount Olympus." she told us

5: ZEUS | MEN | It was so sudden. I mean we were at the club like two hours before this and now we're on our way to Mount Olympus! And in between those two hours crazy things have happened. Right when Artemis started driving I saw a lightening bolt right in front the car. It was so bright that I had to close my eyes. By the time I opened my eyes we were on a mountain with beautiful temples and views. Oh wait that was Mount Olympus. I stepped out of the car and when I looked up from the floor I saw a random ox walk right past me. Mount Olympus is just plain weird. I walk to the other side of the car after I had that random encounter, and I see Zeus. He tried to be smooth and flirt but that wasn't going to happen. I just walked away.

6: OCEANS | POSEIDON | The other girls told me just to ignore Zeus because he's not going to stop. But then I see Zeus' brother Poseidon on a big white horse. "Don't listen to my brother he's just a huge flirt." he told me. "I've noticed." I answered. He opened my hand and put a necklace in my hand, I lifted it up and saw that it had a dolphin on it. But I gave it back to him just to make it clear that I don't like him in that way.

7: PARTIES | DIONYSUS | After those two conversations Aphrodite and I walk to her place to talk about things. When we walked into her place it was so beautiful! She had portraits of herself everywhere, but the one that stuck out to me was a portrait of a lion and a tiger together. Another thing that stuck out to me were these masks on a shelf, and when I got closer I saw that they were theatre masks.She also had these tall columns made out of marble. It looked like a castle inside. While Aphrodite was telling me about her interesting life we heard a knock on the door. I got up and opened the door and saw it was Dionysus. He told us he had a very interesting story. He came to sit down and poured himself some wine.

8: Eros | Dionysus told us that he met a very special girl that he has fallen in love with, but he's not sure that she loves her back. I asked him who this lovely girl is and he said her name was Miranda. I gasped and told him that she is one of my best friends! Dionysus was releived that I was friends with her because he wanted me to help. I told him that we should get Eros involved. Dionysus like my idea, so we went straight to Eros. Eros said that this plan was possible but we just need Miranda. Dionysus called Miranda to come. When Miranda got here Dionysus handed her a beautiful rose that he hand picked. She gasped and gave him a big hug. Dionysus smiled and started to blush. I ran away for a few seconds to talk to Eros. I heard the flap of his wings coming towards me.

9: HOME | HESTIA | I told Eros the whole plan and he left and got in his position. I ran quickly back over to where everyone was and saw Miranda and Hestia talking. Miranda and Hestia are very good friends just like Aphrodite and I. I look behind me and see Eros in his place with his bow and arrow in his hand. They decide to have a big celebration for Miranda. They cooked all the meats in a big fireplace with huge flames inside of it. I look at Eros and give him the signal to shoot Miranda with the golden arrow. Right when he shot the arrow Hestia got in the way to talk to Miranda. next thing you know Hestia runs straight to Dionysus and starts acting like a thirteen year old meeting One Direction. Mir gets confused and sees that Apollo is all by himself. So she goes and talks to him. After the celebration she comes up to me and tells me that she likes Apollo. My whole plan just got ruined so I came up with plan B. To hit Miranda on the head with a rock and while she is passed out shoot her with a golden arrow, and then shoot Hestia with a led arrow. It is just perfect!

10: MUSIC | APOLLO | I call Miranda to the side of a rocky mountain and tell her to sit so I can have a conversation with her. As she sits down I get behind her and pick up a big rock and throw it trying to hit Mir but instead I accidentally hit Eros while he was in his hiding spot. He flies out towards the sun. Miranda didn't even notice him falling since she was watching Apollo. Apollo was playing beautiful music on his lyre. Miranda stood up and ran to him to talk to him. I saw them putting their lips closer to each other very slowly. They were about to kiss. But then i see Eros fly up from no where and shoot Miranda in the back right before Apollo kissed her. The arrow in her back caused her head to go up from the pain and Apollo accidentally kissed her on the chin. Right when Miranda felt the smooch she put her head up and asked him why he just tried to kiss her. Apollo got so confused. Then Mir said that she loves Dionysus and not Apollo and ran straight to Dionysus to confess her love to him. But I totally forgot about Hestia. Miranda ran up to Dionysus and gave him a big kiss. Hestia walked up and right before she yelled she got shot with a led arrow. Miranda and Dionysus lived happily ever after.


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