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The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time

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S: the curious incident of the dog in the night-time

BC: Sources:

FC: the curious incident of the dog in the night time | by mark haddon | scrapbook by tammy huynh

1: Seven minutes after midnight, a mystery had been imposed in Swindon and I, was caught in the middle of all of this. My name is Christopher John Francis Boone.I know all the countries of the world and their capital and every prime number up to 7,057. Plus, I can't stand the color yellow or brown. My neighbor Mrs. Shear's black poodle, Wellington, had been murdered and I've made it my responsibility to find the murderer. Siobhan, my teacher, suggested that I should write a book. I don't like proper novels that much. Their scenarios aren't real and they're just simply made up of lies. So, I decided to make this book about my investigation and detective work on Who Killed Wellington.

2: VICTIM: Wellington

3: "The dog was dead. There was a garden fork sticking out of the dog. The points of the fork must have gone all the way through the dog and into the ground..." (Haddon 1) The main character, Christopher Boone, is caught in the middle of a very minor murder. The murder of his neighbor Mrs. Shears's black poodle, Wellington, struck with a garden fork through it. The cops were called and they tried to investigate however, Christopher decided to start his own investigation. These photos symbolize the evidence he needs to start his detective work. "Siobhan said that I should write something I would want to read myself... I like murder mystery novels. So I am writing a murder mystery novel."(Haddon 4) This murder mystery is based off of real events happening in Christopher's life. Therefore, this murder becomes the beginning of our hero's journey in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.

4: Get Well Mother!

5: Christopher's mother was sent to the hospital two years ago. His father said that it was because there was a problem in her heart. Christopher said that he was going to make a get well card for his mother and send his love through there. "We passed 4 red cars in a row, which meant that it was a Good Day...5 red cars in a row made it a Super Good Day..." (Haddon 24) "...I colored all the cars in with red paint to make it a Super Super Good Day for Mother." (Haddon 27) According to Christopher, five red cars in a row meant that it was a Super Good Day. By seeing these cars in a row, it determined if his day was going to be good or not. To wish his mother a speedy recovery, he made a get well card with nine red cars so his mother could have a Super Super Good Day. *Numbers under ten in this book are not spelled out.

6: (Haddon 97)

7: "Then I was really confused because Mother had never worked as a secretary for a firm that made things out of steel." (Haddon 98) Christopher was told that his mother had died from a heart attack two years ago however, as he was snooping around his father's bedroom, he found letters that were all addressed to him. The letter didn't sound like it came from his mother because his mother never worked as a secretary for a firm. "...the letter was posted on 16 October 1997, which was 18 Months after Mother had died." (Haddon 98) Christopher starts to have suspicions because this meant that his mother hadn't died. She was still alive, which meant that his father had lied to him. His mother is currently living in London. *Letter grammar mistakes are on purpose since that is how the author wrote it in the book.

9: "And he (Christopher's father) said, 'I killed Wellington, Christopher.'" (Haddon 120) Throughout the book, Christopher was convinced that his father would never lie to him because he loves him. He thought that because he loves him, he would not lie to him. After hearing this, he convinces himself that his father does not love him because he is a liar and might try to hurt him, or worst, kill him. His uncertainty causes him to be unsteady so he might want to write an entry to himself to keep a record of what's going on and keep his sanity in check. Christopher tries to think of ways to get out of the house quickly because he is so convinced that his father will do something to him, and so fear starts to build up inside him.

11: "...I made a picture [of the diagram] in my head...I imagined crossing out all the possibilities which were impossible, which is like in a maths exam when you look at all the questions and you decide which ones you are going to do and which ones you are not going to do..." (Haddon 130) | Christopher enjoys making diagrams in his head and he has to think of a way to survive without his father since he is convinced that his father is going to murder him. He lists the possibly choices in his head and crosses out the ones that most likely will not work. In the end, He makes the decision of moving with his mother which becomes the next part of his adventure. Christopher likes creating diagrams because it feels "safe" and organized to him. Finding his way to London, however, will not be safe.

13: "...he gave me a little yellow and orange ticket and 8 Euros in coins and I put it all in my pocket... I didn't like the ticket being half yellow but I had to keep it because it was my train ticket. " (Haddon 153) Christopher is actually taking the move to find his mother and actually live with her. He realizes that this is unsafe and bold however, this is the first time he's been outside of his comfort zone. Usually, he would groan and complain about being in different places however, this time, he's taking the chance. In the book, it also states that he has an irrational hate for the color yellow however, he overcomes that hate and keeps the ticket because he has a set goal and destination. The Euros represent the money he had to take from his father in order to get this ride to London. He had to steal in order to get to his mother which is very unlike him to do since he is an honest boy and he has never lied before.

14: Calling. . . Ed Boone (Father): Listen Judy, you have to bring Christopher back right now. Judy Boone (Mother): Ed please, he's terrified of you at the moment. Ed Boone: You're the one that left him and now you want him back? Judy Boone: It was his decision to come to me, please calm yourself down. Ed Boone: Calm myself down? That's my son! Judy Boone: Mine too. Ed Boone: We'll see what the court thinks of this. End 0:3:26

15: "I'm getting phone calls from your father threatening to take me to court..." (Haddon 205) After the discovering that Ed Boone (Christopher's father) killed Wellington, he ran away from Swindon and found his mother, Judy Boone. Because Christopher believes that his father his dangerous he doesn't want to go back and leave with him anymore because he can no longer trust him. His father is outraged that he's living with his mother after abandoning Christopher in the past and wants to bring matters into court so he can claim ownership of his son once more. HIs father feels very worried and loves his song very much which is why he is harassing Judy with phone calls about his son. Christopher over hears this conversation however, his father still scares him. He only wishes to live in Swindon with his mother. This "recorded" conversation between Ed Boone and Judy Boone illustrates one of the arguments they've had over the phone over who will take care of Christopher.

16: Sandy

17: Christopher's father: "I have to show you that you can trust me. And it will be difficult at first because...because its a difficult project... I've got you a present. To show you that I really mean what I say." (Haddon 219) Christopher finally comes back to Swindon with his mother. His only problem is putting up with his father. Since he didn't trust him any longer, he refuses to be in his presence and speak to him. His father makes countless attempts to win Christopher's trust back, however, Christopher is known to keep grudges for a long time. In an attempt to gain back the relationship they once had, his father buys him a golden retriever puppy, which later Christopher names Sandy. To show that his father is not a dog hater and loves his son very much. Christopher then starts to talk to his father and eventually, will learn to trust him once more and lose his grudge towards him.

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