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The Davis Family

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S: The Davis Family

BC: When we would go and visit Uncle James, he would undoubtedly bring out the photo albums that contained the photos that are included in this book. We thank the Lord for the privileges we've had in being together as a family. As generations grow farther apart, we hope they will be brought together with the memory of the loved ones who were once with us, but now live in heaven and will always be in our memories. We hope that the bond of our relationships strengthen us as we face the future and we always keep in mind the past. All the fond memories in this book were contributed by Paul, Nancy, Terry, Danny, Teresa, Roxie, Troy, Peggy, Marc and Dawn. There are many more memories that we all had a chuckle about but weren't able to put in this memory book. They made us who and what we are today. ~ Dawn (Paul's Granddaughter)

FC: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | The Davis

1: Homer Melton 1879 - 1951 | Lular Mae 1887 - 1958 | Lillian Opal 1908 - 1985 | Pauline 1909 - 1996 | Etta Pearl 1911 - 1996 | Harold Lester 1913 - 1969 | Willie Atrice 1915 - 1986 | Clyde Melton 1916 - 1988 | Minnie Katherine 1917 - 1972 | Robert Denver 1919 - 1986 | Paul Homer 1920 | John Thomas 1923 - 2016 | James Cleveland 1925 - 2009 | Wilma Dean 1930 - 2017 | Stillborn Son 1907 | Thelma Lucille 1922 - 1922 | Elgin Morris 1928 - 2006

2: Homer Melton Davis ~ July 29 1879 - July 19, 1951 Lular Mae Davis ~ January 28, 1887 - August 8, 1958 | Married 1905 | Our family is like the branches of a tree. We may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. | ~ Buried in Cullen Cemetery - Providence KY

4: Lillian Opal | July 24, 1908 - February 27, 1985 | Married Isom Clevenger Children: Opal, Edna, Virginia, Giovannina, Betty, LJ "Chicken" and Wilburn "Doughbelly" | Lillian loved to cook. She would spring clean every week. There would be crocheted doilies that she would starch and they would be wavy. Isom worked at the meat processing plant in Evansville, IN. He would walk 6 miles from his house to town on a dusty road to get a ride to work. Every evening Lillian would have a pan of hot water ready to wash his dusty feet when he came in from work. Isom raised rabbits. He had a goat cart and would load his kids, nieces and nephews into the cart and take them for a ride through the neighborhood. He would take the goat and cart to the railroad tracks, gather up the coal that fell off the train cars, and use it to heat their house. He sold the fresh fruit he raised to everyone. | Buried in Green Grove Cemetery - Providence, KY

5: Pauline August 13, 1909 - November 27, 1996 Married: Adron "Iley" Duncan Children: Fay, Wesley, Paul and Patsy | Pauline loved to play Rook and she would do anything to win - mirrors, tapping, secret code. She also loved to play the piano. She played by ear and not by note. Any time she had company, before they could leave they had to play the piano too. She always wanted to cook and keep you well fed. Every time Paul would pass through Evansville, she would make him the best pecan pie. Iley was big into ham radios and was able to talk through his television to those in his living room while he was in the kitchen. It made for some great laughs. | Buried in Concord Cemetery Hopkins, KY

6: Born Eddie but legally changed to Etta Married Loren Krantz Children: Douglas Buried in Sugar Creek Cemetery, Providence KY | Etta Pearl | September 21, 1911 - April 14, 1996 Buried in Sugar Creek Cemetery - KY | Best Butterscotch Pies according to her brother Paul. She always had the softest silkiest skin. Etta Pearl always put light makeup on each morning. Etta Pearl worked at a restaurant in Detroit called "Greenfields". They had the best food!

7: Harold loved all his farm animals, especially the pigs and his mule "Kate". He was a coal miner and worked his farm as well as his father's. Harold, Homer and nephew, Terry, would farm both farms together. Harold worked on the crew that installed the first sewers in Providence, KY. He loved fishing with James and Denver. His daughters loved him dearly. While he never went to school and couldn't read or write, he was a hard working man who loved God and his family. | Married Mary Ruth in 1934 Children: Peggy and Geraldine Buried in Cullen Cemetery - Providence, KY | January 3, 1913 - July 16, 1969 | Harold Lester

8: Willie Atrice "At" | January 25,1915 - May 22,1986 Married Leotta Head Children: Jerry, Carolyn and Wendell Buried in Park Memorial Gardens, Dearborn, MI | Carolyn | Jerry | Annabell, James, At and Leotta | Leotta, At, Vince and Nancy | Randy, Nancy, At and Leotta | At's work years consisted oas a restaurant manager,and an employee at Peerless Cement. He was an avid card player, loved to bowl and play baseball. Everyone knew that At LOVED sweets. During a Davis Reunion, he was made a "special" cake by his nieces. Surprise!! it was a frosted "cornbread" cake! A trip to the racetrack to see his niece, Nancy, was always a treat. | Lillian and At

9: Clyde Melton May 3, 1916 - September 4, 1988 | Married: Naomi Children: Jimmy and Darrell Married: Hilda Step Children: Valerie, Bobbie, and Buckey Buried in Sugar Creek Cemetery - KY | Clyde worked in the coal mines and is remembered for his very raspy voice. He was neat as a pin and liked things spic and span. It would be bitter cold and he would drive right by his nieces and nephews as they were walking to school in the cold and snow but he wouldn't pick them up because he didn't want their muddy boots in his clean car!

10: Minnie Katherine | October 28, 1917 - July 9, 1972 Married Norris Baker in 1938 Children: Sandra and Phyllis | Minnie worked for a candy factory called Pangburns which eventually was bought out by Russell Stover. Every year she sent a box of candy to her siblings for them to share at Christmas. Minnie loved all her brothers. Her home was open to all. Her husband never saw her without makeup. She was always "dolled-up".

11: Robert Denver | April 15, 1919 - August 21, 1986 | Married Katherine Smith. Children: Betty Jean, Kenneth, Robert, Jr, Ronnie D., and Gary. | Denver was an avid card player. There was once a Davis card marathon that lasted two days and nights! Denver was a well known beagle breeder. He raised and sold his dogs to people all over the United States. | Buried in Green Grove Cemetery - Providence, KY

12: Paul Homer | August 18, 1920 | Married: Thelma Children: Nancy and Randy Married: Bea Married: Mable | Avid card player, fisherman and hunter - sudoku and crossword puzzle solver.

13: It's a great life if you don't weaken! | We lived with Granddad for a while and every morning he would be stirring and stirring his coffee - he wouldn't look up from his newspaper but would place that "warm" spoon on your hand while we were eating our cereal. He would also walk behind you and crunch the egg shells right near your ears! He was a morning person and we were not - which only added joy to his tricks! | Did you know that if you take a cane, you can get on the gambling boat first?! | Sayings: If you said you had a headache, he's reply "If I had a head like that I'd want it to ache." | He once sent an entire box full of 20 year old worn out Fruit of the Loom underwear back to the company - they had a lifetime warranty on them! | Marc said that once while they were hunting, Granddad saw some guys stashing beer in a culvert. He had carried his rifle out in the gun case. When he came by to get Marc, he had his gun in hand and a gun case full of tall boys.

14: Paul's 90th Birthday Party

15: One summer evening Dad and I were visiting Paul when he and Mable were living in KY on Tradewater River. We were looking over the garden and the harvest season was near complete. But there were some short red crinkled peppers (HOT!!!!!). Well, the neighbor's cattle fence backed up to the yard and garden and there was this huge gentle Brahman Bull, he was beautiful and, as I said, gentle, coming to the fence as he routinely did for a pet on the head and some good green vegetables from Paul. Well, Paul decides it will be funny to give him the hot peppers. Dad and I both advised against it to no avail. Paul gives the bull the peppers and he started snorting, saliva starts streaming to the ground from his mouth. The bull backs up and starts pawing the ground, snorting and Paul makes another decision ---- to run and get in the house. Well, the end result for the next couple of years was we were not able to cross the field to hunt because the bull did not forget and he kept us out of the field. Thanks Uncle Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Troy | James was well known by all for his fart machine. Well, James and Paul decided to take a friend of Paul's golfing and James brought along...his fart machine. James and Paul conspired to drive Paul's friend mad. Well, they did it, and they made him really mad to the point he would not play golf with Paul anymore.

16: John Thomas | Married Libby Children: Larry and Dennis | August 21, 1923 - November 1, 2016 | When Thomas was a baby, he was crawling and fell into the well. Luckily, his gown snagged on a nail that was used to lower the milk into the well to keep it cold. They found him crying, hanging on the nail. Lular said that he was going to be her preacher boy. Years later he would stand on a tree stump outside the church and preach to the others gathered in the yard. Thomas has always been faithful to his church. He spent many years working for Burroughs Corporation in Detroit and then returned to Kentucky and worked for GE.

18: James Cleveland Davis | James never wanted anyone to die alone. | Sometimes the biggest decision to be made before going hunting wasn't what time to leave, where to sit or what gun to take but which hat to wear! | Married: The love of his life since 2nd grade -Annabell "Susie" Phelps in 1946 Children: Terry, Danny, Roxie, Teresa and Troy Buried in Oddfellows Cemetery - Clay, KY | June 8, 1925 - March 13, 2009 | Legally named Grover Cleveland Davis - James almost didn't get into the service during WWII due to the wrong name and high blood pressure. In the end, he received Silver and Bronze Star and Purple Heart during WWII. | James tried and tried to get into Whirlpool. Finally, Susie filled out his application, said he graduated from a high school that burned down and there were no remaining records and didn't put down that he had been wounded in WWII. James got the job and it contributed to a better life for his family. | Marched across the entire country of France on foot. | Accepted Jesus as his Savior while on furlough leave in a field in France.

21: Mid 70's Dad, Terry and Jockey went to Land Between the Lakes bow hunting deer. They were very primitive in their gear and approach in comparison to the other hunters camping at Hillmens Ferry. The others had RV's, climbing stands and the best bows money could buy, while the Davis boys slept in a tent on the ground and used tree limbs to sit on and hunt. One evening they were shooting targets for practice with their recurves and cedar arrows while the other hunters were shooting fancy state of the art compounds. The other guys were really putting on a shooting exhibition and Dad just commented to the one old Colonel there "That's pretty good shooting on those red dots but I've never seen a red dot on a deer to shoot at" Well, Dad goes out in the evening climbs a tree and this | nice eight point walks up. Dad starts to draw his bow and the deer sees him and turns to face him. Dad can't hold it any longer so he comes to full draw and releases the arrow. The deer runs off and Dad is sure he hit the deer. Terry and Jockey arrive and the trailing begins and takes them way up into the night, jumping the deer multiple times. The decision was made to wait until morning and resume the search. The next morning, the deer was found but they couldn't find a hole where the arrow struck the deer. Terry raised the tail of the deer and found a short piece of the cedar arrow sticking out of the deers' rear. Terry said, "Dad I thought he was looking at you when you shot". Dad replied, "He was, but must have jumped the string when I released". Well everyone in camp had to see the largest buck taken in LBL that year and what a story. The colonel congratulated Dad on the harvest but then went to the public restrooms where Jockey happened to be in a stall. Jockey overheard the colonel say to the others "What sh*%t luck, what sh*%t luck". Well, I guess the moral of this story is it's better to be lucky than good!!!!! ~ Troy

22: Elgin Morris "Jockey" | July 27, 1928 - April 5, 2006 | Married: Elvira Children: Ray, Bobby, Lynda and Joey Married: Barbara Children: Christy | Jockey dedicated his life to working in the coal mines. He always loved being with family and was the life of the party...along with the other brothers! Jockey drove a mitchi”bitchy” car – at least that how he said it. Everywhere he went he would find someone he knew – he LOVED people. Jockey would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He lived with James and Annabell off and on a few different times. One day in the winter he left for the day, leaving the door to the house open. The pipes broke in the kitchen and when James and Annabell returned, the entire kitchen was all ice. Another time Jockey was out driving and was robbed at gun point. They took everything but his shorts. He went to the police station, walked in wearing only his shorts and said “I was robbed”! | Buried in N. Mt. Zion Cemetery - Mayfield, KY

23: Wilma Dean April 25, 1930 - April 22, 2017 | Dean worked many years at the plastic factory in Providence KY. She loved to play cards. Her favorite card game was Rook. She always wanted a partner that was "good". Dean was always happy and smiling. She loved kids. Dean helped take care of her mom for many years. Dean was a devoted wife to Johnny. | Married: Johnny Baker Children: Roger

24: Generations ~ the love in our family flows strong and deep, leaving us memories to treasure and keep. | Harold, Pauline, Etta, Lillian, Minnie, Clyde, Lular, Homer, Denver, At, Thomas and Paul

25: Katherine, Barbara, Jockey, Anna, James, Paul, Johnny, Denver, Lillian and Dean | Paul, James, MInnie, Denver, At, Clyde, Thomas, Harold, Etta Pearl, Lillian, Jockey, Pauline, Dean, Homer and Lular | The Davis

26: Minnie, Norris and Lular | Homer, Minnie and Lular | James and Homer | Loren, Denver James, Homer and Lular | The Davis Ladies | Denver, James, Paul, Lular, Harold, Thomas, Clyde, At and Jockey | At, Homer, James, Denver, Clyde, Pauline, Lular, Lillian, Dean, Minnie and Etta

27: Minnie and Homer | The love of a family is life's greatest blessing.

28: Brothers by nature ~ Friends by choice | Thomas and Jockey | Paul, At and James | Jockey, Paul, James and Clyde | James and Paul | Thomas and Paul | James and Paul | Thomas, Paul and At

30: You can rest assured that if one of Denver's dogs went in the river after a coon, Denver was right behind - saving the dog. At a very young age, James nicknamed Annabell - Susie. James and Susie, Thomas and Libby had a double wedding. Several of the boys tried their hand at living in Detroit. But, only At, Thomas and Paul stayed, the rest returned home. At's managerial skills spanned from a baseball team to a hamburger joint. Most of his years he worked at Peerless Cement Company. Warning: If you were going to say anything unkind about a Davis brother, you had better make sure there wasn't a Davis sister around - they were very protective of their brothers. Harold's wife, Mary Ruth, and Clyde's 1st wife, Naomi were sisters. Lillian helped deliver Nancy, Paul's daughter, and gave Nancy her first bath. Harold grew the biggest potatoes.His house was always open to all. Harold would call his hogs and scratch their ears with a corn cob. When Isom met Nancy's husband, Vince, the first thing he said to him was "So how much you make bub?" Homer's parents were Nannie and Thomas. | One time Marc told Uncle James that he thought James looked like Andy Griffith and he said.... "You know, I always thought he was a good looking fella". | Homer was ordained a deacon on November 27, 1938 at the Green Grove Baptist church. Minnie was the same name as Homer's sister. James was the same name as Homer's Great Great Grandfather.

31: James and Denver | Denver, At, James, and Norris | Lillian | Etta, Dean and Roger | Libby, Thomas, Anna & James | Thomas and James | James and At

32: Family Reunions | It's not just a family, it's a legacy.

34: "In every conceivable manner, the family is the link to our past and bridge to our future." ~Alex Haley~

36: First Cousins | Second Cousins | Third Cousins | Terry~Troy~Fay~Ronnie~Kenny Danny~Jimmie~Darrell~Patsy~Caroline~Teresa Lynda~Roxie~Nancy~Peggy~Opal~Betty~Giovannina~Geraldine | Descendants from: Lillian, Pauline, Harold, At, Clyde, Denver, Paul, James and Jockey

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