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The Devil's Shadow

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FC: The Devil's Shadow by Janiece Alatorre

1: The Devil's Shadow byJaniece Alatorre

2: On the night of October 1st, a very small family, Austin Johnson which is 15, Anna Johnson which is 13 and their mom, Victoria Johnson, moved into an extremely gorgeous house that they absolutely loved and thought that their life was going to be amazing but, what they don't know is that they are in for a rude awakening.

3: The very first night all of them slept in the living room downstairs because their home goods haven't came yet. When Austin suddenly jumped up out of bed,he checked the time and it | was 2:31AM. As he heard himself breathing heavily he was thinking what had woken him up from a very deep sleep he was in. Then it happened. He heard very large footsteps walking upstairs but the thing | that was weird was his mom and Anna were sound asleep on their air matresses. He whispered to himself, "It was just a bad dream Austin go back to sleep".As he hoped it would stop it did and he was sound asleep.

4: The next morning they were unpacking all of their furniture and boxes. Anna already finished her room first, so she went downstairs for some tape to put up a poster and when she came back in to her room she froze.Silence.Frightened because all of her things were moved around.She went to go get her mom. When they came back to Anna's room, it was the way Anna left it before she went to get tape.She was absolutely amazed all day long.

5: Anna's Room After She Unpacked.

6: As the day drew on it was night time. And it was also time for bed. That night Anna woke up because the room was freezing and when she breathed she could see her own breath because it was that cold. When she went downstairs to the thermostat, it was only seventy-two degrees but Anna could of sworn it was way chillier than that. She slept in the living room that night all alone.

7: Two days after that chilly night, Austin was home alone because Anna and Victoria went grocery shopping.As Austin was listening to music and messing around with Photoshop on his computer his room suddenly got extremely cold so he went to check if Anna or his mom left the door open as they left the house.It was closed. Austin was walking to his room when he heard a big BANG! Standing in silence.His conscious just told him it was just a creek in this old house.And so he started messing with his computer again. Another BANG!. He was terrified.He didn't know what to do so all he did was say,"Mo-Mom?" "Ann-Anna?" "Is-Is that you?" Nothing.Silence. Then it happened again and this one was the loudest one of all the three.BANGGG!It seemed to come from the basement.So with some confidence even though he was extremely frightened, he started making his way down two flights of stairs.At the top of the stair way to the basement he stood there and waited.

8: Finally, his conscious got to him.When he was at the last step of the stairway to the basement, he seen it.And he was astonished. What he had seen was a figure that had the body of a very tall man but, it had irregular body features. It had huge black wings that Austin knew wasn't good at all.He also had huge feet, huge hands, and he had evil eyes that Austin was just staring in and they seemed to be hypnotizing him but, he got out of the trap and ran upstairs as fast as lighting. As he was in his room now.He was shaking and he was scared. He was breathing extremely heavily and he could'nt catch his breath he whispered to himself "It was just my imagination.Y-yeah thats what it was". As he was thinking of what he had just seen Victoria and Anna walked in the house and Victoria yelled "Austin?Austin where are you?" Nothing at first just the sound of his music playing loudly.So his mom went upstairs to his bedroom and she asked him "whats wrong"? Austin replied with a sob and told her everything even what had happened on day1 of the night they had slept in the living room

9: the figure that Austin had seen.

10: Victoria was amazed by what she had just heard she was beginning to cry when she called Anna to the room and asked, "Has there been any strange things happening to you too." Anna was frozen for a few seconds then she told Victoria everything. All of them were freaking out the rest of that day. They all slept in the living room that night because it seemed that had been the only safe place in this house. Suddenly, Austin woke up to find his sister not in the living room. Austin was freightened as he was yelling, "Anna? Anna? Where are you"!! Intensively he ran to the attic and found his sister just standing there looking into space. Now he was angry and scared at the same time. He said angrily "You leave us alone you disgusting beast.Y-y-you are not welcome here You need to leave all of us a-a-alone"!! Then, His sister collapsed on the hard floor. Austin asked her with tears in his eyes, "Anna you scared me.What were you doing up here"? At first she was just staring up at him as she in his arms. Then she finally said,"I didn't even know I got out of bed".

11: There were freightened and angry all at the same time. They thought their lives were going to get better after they moved into this house because their father,Eric Johnson had died in a terrible car accident and their lives haven't been the same after that. Victoria was terrified so as the day went on, they all stayed next to eachother. Then that night. The night where everything seemed like a nightmare. They slept in the living room once again. The nightmare started out with a high pitched scream.It woke Austin up and as he was searching for Anna she wasn't there and then it happened. He seen his mother.Dead.Her eyes were big and bloody.Her wrists had been slit and she appeared to be strangled. He let out a small sob and thought to himself,"I need to find Anna maybe she's still alive". So he ran upstairs furiously yelling "Anna!""Anna!!"Nothing.So far.

12: When he found Anna she was already dead.Her Throat had been slit.There had been blood.Everywhere.There was a bloody 'X' on her chest.Austin Held her in his arms. The day that Anna and Victoria died was on October 29th. But, what happened to Austin you ask? Well, police found him a month later at his apartment, he had lived in after this "little" incident,dead.His body was chopped up in pieces with dried up blood everywhere.It literally covered the floor.There was a name that was cut into the only part left that wasn't cut into pieces.It was his head. There was a name carved into it and it said "Backo". Nobody knows why this happened or who did it. But, there has been many rumors and different stories about it.

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