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The Devil Wears Prada[Short story version]

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BC: This book is about the life of Sylvia. She got a scholarship to NYU, and now she feels like those aren't her dreams anymore. Go on a wild adventure with Sylvia s she faces a stressful job, an impatient and intimidating boss, and life in the fashion world!

FC: Written and Illustrated by Avana Judea Mckoy English 1 1st period class

1: New York City was a city full of blinding lights, many people, and great job offers. This city was busy and fast paced. That, I had to get used to. I had gotten a scholarship to NYU in my senior year of high school. My plan was to be a medical doctor, at least that 's what I thought it was. I moved here, made new friends, and fell in love. I was not the best dresses around, and sometimes I didn't really care. My goal was to get my degree and get out of the city. Then I realized that being a medical doctor was not what I wanted. I wanted to experience more because I was only 20 years old. I needed to find myself, and find the career that made me happy. This is my story, the life story of Sylvia.

2: So I dropped out, so what? Its not like I didn't have a degree at all, because i did. My friends didn't think that was a good idea, but my boyfriend Steven did. He said he supports me in everything I do. My parents were a little upset, but they understood me. I began moving my things in a apartment with Steven. That way we could split the cost of our bills. Now, I was looking for a job and I didn't know where too look. As I was walking down 4th street, there were many buildings and a lot of people with their briefcases and cellphone. I thought about what a busy world their was. I felt as though I should be working, besides I had to find a job to pay off my bills. Looking to my right, I noticed a sign saying saying, " NOW HIRING", on a glass window. So I went into the building and asked the lady at the front desk what the job was that was hiring. She looked at me crazy and giggled. "I'll send you up", she said. While walking towards the elevator I heard on the phone saying, "We have another one wanting to apply, she's coming up." She hung up the phone and my throat was dry as ever. There were 60 levels in this building, and I was going to the 58th floor. I stepped out the elevator and onto a huge, spread-out room. I walked to the first desk I saw, while lookin around at my surroundings. There were racks of clothes everywhere and a thosand pairs of shoes.

3: "Hi, can I help you with something?", the lady at the desk asked. "Yes, I'm here to apply for your job offering here, you are hiring correct", I asked. "Yes we are, but by the way you are dressed I dont know if you are interested. Miranda is probably not interested in someone like you!"She exclaimed. "Wait, I thought I was the one asking for the job here."I said, and walked away. I walked to another desk. A short, skinny, pale girl, looking very exhausted was lookin at me up and down. Some people they have in here, I thought to myself. Looking past the girl, I saw a tal, older lady with a huge purse and a made up face. She looked at me with an intimidating look, and walked towards me, "Cynthia, who is this?" The skinny girl pooped up out of her seat and stood up straight saying, "Miranda!Oh, this is um...umm!" I interupted quickly, telling the lady that my name was Sylvia. We walked into her office and I found out that she was the founder of Fashion Magazine. I was in shock!! She hired me, but I felt that it was for something else besides my fashion sense. She also told me that this job would not be easy.

4: Tonight, I would go out with my friends to celebrate my new job. As me and my friends were chatting, I got a ring on my phone. Steven grabbed my phone and began throwin git across the table to Carla and Brad. "Give it to me!" I yelled. They laughed and kept throwing it. I snatched the phone quickly and picked it up."Miranda, yea hello?" I said. On the other line Miranda was saying she needed me to go to the office to help her with some outfits. She hung up the phone quickly, and I thought how rude that was. I walked back to the table, rolled me eyes, and ditched my friends. As I was heading towards the office, I noticed a black Mercedes driving towards me. The back window rolled and Cynthia appeared yelling, "Get in!" I ran and jumped in the car. When we arrived at the office, Miranda was already yelli ng my name. "By all means move at a slow pace, you know how that just moves me", Miranda said sarcastically. "Ok, I need 50 skirts from Calvin Klein, 10 scarves from Burberry, and a latte from Starbucks", she said. I nodded to her request and left her office. I went over to Cynthia telling her that wouldnt be able to hold all of this stuff. She told me all this stuff about how she was the first assistand, and they dont run errins. There was no way I could carry all this stuff, but I grabbed my purse and cell phone, then ran out the door. I had to be quick about it because Miranda was very impatient.It took me an hour to get back with everything. The Starbucks was cold and it was dripped all over me. "What took you so long? Miranda is very impatient, and all the designers are in the office"Cynthia whispered. When I walked into the office Miranda had this mean look on her face and I knew that she was highly upset with me."Miranda I'm so, so-",she cut me off. "Just leave, there are no excuses!" She exclaimed. At that point in time I just knew she was going to fire me.

5: A man by the name of Nigel was talking to Cynthia. "And who is this?" He said whle looking at me."And what in heavens name does she have on?"he cried. Cynthia exclaimed,"Oh, this is Sylvia the newest assistanr." Nigel said, "Wow, very surprising! A Lot of girls would kill for that job." He winked his eye at me and walked around the corner. Right then and there I thought of an idea. I walked around the corner where Nigel went, he was walking into another room. Wow! There was a big closet behind the doors he was walking into. The top fashion designers clothes were in that room. There was Louis Vuiton, Marc Jacobs, Dooney & Bourke, Burberry, Cucci, and so many more. I was amazed at all the clothes, shoes, and bags that were in there. Lookin to the left, I saw Nigel and yelle d his name. I told him how my fashion sense was not that great, and that I could use a little help. At first he hesitated and said no, but when he looked at my wardrobe he had no choice but to say yes. He gave me some clothes out of the room, and it seemed like I would not be able to fit them. Nigel also gave me some shoes and bags. I was so excited about my new makeover I was getting. Nigel told me that I needed to go to a hair stylist, so I was ready!

6: It took us four hours to go shopping and to get my hair and makeup done. When I was done Nigel was surprised and satisfied with my look. I thanked him for helping me out. For once in my lifetime I felt pretty, and I felt like I did something right. As I was walking down the streets in Manhattan, random people would say that they liked my hair, or my shoes, or my outfit. Now, I had confidence in myself. I thought that Steven wouldn't notice me if I showed him my new look. So, I went by his job to surprise him. Steven worked as a chef in a gourmet restaurant. I waited by a car on the side of the curb. He was coming out of his job with his work shirt over his shoulder. He began walking and saw me, and did a double take. "Wow", Steven said surprisingly. I began blushing and soon laughing. Steven always had me laughing, that's what I liked about him. As we walked back to the apartment, he was telling me how beautiful I looked, I felt high of myself. I went to bed that night thinking about another hard day I would have at work.

7: Waking up at 5am to get dressed is no fun at all! Steven was able to sleep for two more hours. Lucky him! Getting up so early was not an easy task, but the best thing about getting to work was that I had a choeffer now, to pick me up. So I was out the house at 6am , and with the mornig traffic the way it was, I made it to work at 6:35am. I knew today would be an easier way because Miranda was in Miami today. My dad was coming to NYC today to visit me. I was so excited! I was sitting at my desk talking to Cynthia about the upcoming weekend. Cynthia had the flu and she looked drousy. I was out of the office at about 7pm, and I was heading to the airport to pick up my dad. Cynthia was calling me, yelling on the phone about how Mirand wanted to get on a plane tonight."Sylvia, I dont know hat to do!There is a severe thunderstorm in Miami right now, but her daughters recital is tomorrow, and she is going to miss it."Sylvia yelled. She was panicing, so I tried to help her out by calling the airport, but unluckily all the flights were cancelled. There was nothing I could do. I had to enjoy my time with my dad while he was here. I couldn't stress because that wasn't my problem. I tried to get away from work for a few hours while I could.

8: It was easy for me to wake up this morning. I made it to work on time and I had already beagan to answer phone calls, but I noticed that Cynthia was not at her desk. Usually, when Miranda comes in, she drops her coat and purse on my desk, but this morning dhe threw it all on Cynthia's desk. I felt bad for Cynthia. Just when I was getting up, Miranda called me in her office."As you may know, this weekend is Fashion week. I have many things to do, and it seems as though you can help me better than Cynthia. So, as of now I want you to go with me to Paris."Miranda said. I was in full shock! I 've never been out of the country, better less Paris! But then I thought about Cynthia. Fashion week in Paris meant the world to her, and she was dieting and everything so she could buy clothes for the occasion. I told Miranda that I couldn't do it. Cynthia has worked hard for this."Cynthia has the flu, she's slow paced, and she doesn't take direction very well. You, you move at my pace, you answer my calls, and you do everything right!" Miranda added."Your choice, but just know that going to Paris will openb a lot of doors for you. You should consider it", she said. I thought it over and I knew that that was an offer that I couldn't turn down. So I told Miranda yes, and she told me that she would break it to Cynthia that she could not go. We were leaving by tomorrow night.

9: Tonight, I would have to tell Steven the big news. It wasn't going to be easy to tell him this because he knew that I was spending more time on the job than with him. I was not ready for this."Hey Steve!" I said in a low voice."Hey, whats wrong?" He said."I'm goiong to Paris"I replied. "What?You know, you spend more time on this job than you do with me!What happened to us Syl?I used to know you, the girl that didn't like Fashion and the girl that could careless about how she was dressed. Now this, I dont know this girl!" Steven yelled."Steven, I haven't changed I'm still the same person, I am just interested in other things. I'm sorry if we haven't spent much time together like we used to but I still love you and that hasn't changed. I'll be back in 4 days.I love you!"I replied. Steven understood everything that I had said, bu the was stil alitlle upset. he knows that I loved him and I always will. I began packing my clothes and getting ready for the long flight that night.

10: Paris was so beautiful. It was like a dream come true for me to be there. All the lights reminded me of NYC, but over here it was a whole new world. I had to remind myself that I was here for work and not to play around, but I could tour after work was over! Tonight, me and Miranda just relaxed and ate dinner at a French restaurant. Miranda looked very stressed and I just wished that I could get her out of the shell that she was in. Miranda looked tired, so I told her to go get some rest and I was going to do the same. The hotel was so beautiful, I hardly wanted to lay on the bed. I had the hotel room all to myself and I felt like a celebrity. Tomorrow was goin to be hectic. There was going to be runway showws,after parties, and more parties. So tonight I relaxed and got as much sleep as possible.

11: The Runway shows were incredible. I never knew this fashion stuff was this exciting. Miranda was right, a lot of doors did open for me. Many fashion designers wanted me to model in their next show, and I was just an assistant! All the runway girls were tall and thin, thats how Nigel had me looking. I felt like I did the right thing for myself by taking the chance to come to Paris. Like they said a lot of girls would kill for this job. I will continue to follow my dreams, and who knows, maybe I will become a model....someday!

12: *Foreshadowing* -The definition of foreshadowing is: The use of clues to hint at events that will occur later in the plot. -Foreshadowing happens many times in my story. -Examples: *In the beginning Sylvia says that being a Medical doctor was not what she wanted. She wanted to experience more. That shows that later in the story, she will try to find a career that best fits her. *Another example of foreshadowing in my story is that Sylvia talks about how when she goes into work the next day it wont be easy. That usually means that the day before must've been pretty bad, and Miranda will be fussing when she goes back into work.

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