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The Dick and Ettie Caldwell Family

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The Dick and Ettie Caldwell Family - Page Text Content

S: The Dick and Ettie Caldwell Family

BC: Elizabeth and friend admiring the Big Oak, Thomasville GA c.1940 The Big Oak at the corner of Crawford and Monroe Streets, dates to circa 1680, which makes it one of the oldest Live Oaks in the country. It has a height of 68 feet, a girth of 22 feet and a span of 155 feet.

FC: The Caldwell Family - 1926 Richard, Ettie, Forrest, Josh, Robert, Dick holding Elizabeth | The Dick and Ettie Caldwell Family

1: Trips to Visit Our Caldwell Family “Wake up sleepyhead! Don’t you want to go on vacation?” And so would begin our journey to visit our Caldwell relatives in Thomasville. Every other year we would make the drive to Georgia. The other years Annmama would take the train to visit us in Cleveland. The first day was always an exciting adventure. The drive would take us over two lane roads (this was before Interstates), through farm country and small towns in Ohio and then into horse country in Kentucky. Usually we encountered only occasional delays caused by getting behind a slow moving truck or a farmer on his way to town for his Saturday shopping. Mom would always pack a lunch so we could make a stop at a roadside park along the way to eat. You never knew what Mom would pack in our matching Scots plaid cooler and thermos-sandwich box carryall. Our entertainment in the car consisted of bugging our brothers, playing car games or reading our Classics Illustrated, Mad magazine and Mickey Mouse comic books. We would also play the game “Authors” and we learned about various authors and the books they wrote. The next day was mountain day! We would drive through southern Kentucky and Tennessee and enjoy all the winding roads that curved up and down through the Appalachian Mountains. There were plenty of “Dangerous Curves Ahead” and “Watch for Falling Rocks” signs and the roads were cut right into the edge of the mountain. Dad did all the driving so Mom's job was stomping on the floorboard to help us slow down! The scenery was more interesting than yesterday and we enjoyed watching for Burma Shave signs, checking out signs for upcoming tourist traps, counting the “Visit Rock City” birdhouses and seeing how many places they could paint “Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco”. The roadside stores always seemed to have chenille bedspreads of peacocks and rebel flags hanging outside. No matter how hard we tried, we could never get Dad to stop so that we could see the “real hillbillys” as advertised. At the end of the day, we would need to find a motel room - a process much different than now. This was before motel chains so Mom would always need to check the AAA Travel Book to see what might be available. When a motel was found that looked OK on the outside, Dad would stop to see what rooms were available. But before he would take a room, he would need to go and see the room in advance. Sometimes it would take stopping at two or three motels before one was found that was clean and did not have bugs or funny smells. The final day would start just south of Atlanta. Breakfast would always be at the Atlanta Farmers Market. The drive that day would be through the rural south that meant miles of cotton, tobacco and other farm fields. Tenant farmer shacks would line the road and we had a chance to see what true poverty looked like. Later that afternoon we would reach Thomasville. When we drove past the Big Oak we knew that Annmama’s apartment was just down the street. She was always so happy to see us! It was always great to see all of our Aunts, Uncles and Cousins that night and we knew that an exciting time vacation time in store for us. | Dedication This book is dedicated to Mom in recognition of her love and deep interest in her extended family and their genealogy. Contained in this book is information about Elizabeth's grandparents; aunts, uncles and cousins; her parents; and her brothers and their families roughly through the mid-1950's. Elizabeth's genealogy information about the various lines of her ancestors will be available on Gary Panek (Nov 2012)

2: Emmett Blanchard "Dick" Caldwell | Emmett Blanchard Caldwell was born at Five Points near Lanette, Chambers County AL on 22 Mar 1886. The story goes that Minnie Hearn Caldwell, his mother, walked several miles to help her sister Emma who was ill. While there, Emmett was born. John R., his father walked with the small trunk of baby clothes since his mule was too tired after the days work. Minnie’s sisters Emma and Blanche wanted the baby name for them, but as it was a boy, the name of Emmett Blanchard was decided upon. However when John R. arrived, he said “I don’t care what you name him -- I’m going to call him Dick.” And he did. The name lasted throughout his life. The family lived in Cowarts AL from about 1890 until 1900 when they moved to Donalsonville GA. While in Cowarts, Dick and his brother Hearn were sent to school in Cedar Springs (Abbeville) staying with Judge Sheffield’s family. Early in 1906, Dick went to visit his grandparents John Richard and Minnie Caldwell in Shellhorn AL where the Seale sisters, Lucy, 21 and Ettie, 19 were boarding while teaching school. After a whirlwind courtship of about 6 months, they were married on 6 June 1906 in Montgomery AL. After the 6 am wedding, they took the train to Donalsonville to live with the Caldwell family until Dick’s father completed building a house for them. Dick was in the sawmilling business with his father, moving their mill to various places where timber was available. They went first to Donalsonville, then Iron City GA in 1913, to Metcalfe GA in 1914, and back to Donalsonville in 1920. With the exception of a year spent in Norman Park GA in 1925, they stayed in Donalsonville until August 1929 when they moved to Thomasville GA. A natural musician, Dick played the guitar, banjo, fiddle and accordion, mostly by ear. When he went to collect the rent on a farm he owned, he took his banjo along to play and everybody sang along. He was a good and loving husband and father and always ready to help others in need. He loved to hunt and fish. In 1930, he returned to Donalsonville to see his family doctor for a bladder infection. This was before antibiotics were available and he died suddenly of uremic poisoning on 24 May 1930 at 44 years of age. He and Ettie are buried in Friendship Cemetery in Donalsonville GA.

3: Dick Caldwell c. 1902 and c. 1904 (right) | Dick (with cigar) and friend, 1910

4: Four Generations - 1909 Rev. John R. Caldwell Sr. holding great-grandson Forrest, Dick Caldwell and John R. Caldwell, Jr.

5: Trip to Hot Springs AK 1920 Front: Dick, Ettie, Minnie, Kate, Harvey, John R. Rear: Alice and Hearn | The Caldwell Family - 1923 Richard, Ettie, Forrest, Josh, Robert, Dick holding Elizabeth

6: Ettie was born in Greenville AL on August 17, 1886, the last child of James Knowlon Seale and Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Gillespie. In the family Bible, her name is recorder as Mary Ethel, but as a small child she insisted her name be changed to Ettie Woodruff for a lady she admired. Ettie and her sister Lucy moved to Shelhorn AL to teach school and while there, boarded with the Rev. John R. Caldwell Sr. and his wife Minnie. There she met Emmett Blanchard “Dick” Caldwell when he had come to visit his grandparents. They were married on June 6, 1906 in Montgomery AL and went to live in Donalsonville GA. Ettie and Dick had five children: Forrest Seale, James Richard, Robert Edward, Joseph Cleburne and Minnie Elizabeth. After Dick's death on May 24, 1930 at the age of 44 years, and losing money in bank failures, times were hard for Ettie and her five children. The boys worked many odd jobs and she made over clothes for Elizabeth and did some dressmaking for others. Lucy and Lillie helped when they could. Ettie got a job doing alterations at the Monash dress shop where she worked as a clerk and manager until she retired at age 70. She was lovingly known as "Annmama" to her eight grandchildren, a name she received from grandson Bob who preferred the name to Grandmama. The First Methodist Church was a big part of her life. She was at every service (Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday night), taught Sunday school, was on the Board of Stewards and sang in the choir. She lived a long loving and useful life and died February 18, 1978 at age 92 in Thomasville. | Ettie Seale's at graduation for the Girl's High School, Montgomery AL where she was valedictorian, 1905 Her mother made her dress with the Bertha collar of Battenburg lace. Bottom right opposite: Ettie's wedding dress was also worn both by daughter Elizabeth in 1946 and granddaughter Carolyn in 1968. It was made by Lizze Seale, Ettie's mother. | Ettie Woodruff Seale

8: Ettie Seale Caldwell 1950

9: Ettie Seale Caldwell 1970

10: The Homes of the Dick and Ettie Caldwell Family | Woolfort & 2nd St, Donalsonville GA Diagonal from the "Yellow House", the family lived here for one year. | Woolfort & 2nd St, Donalsonville GA 1920 The "Yellow House" was the birthplace of Elizabeth. It was built in 1920 by Dick Caldwell after losing the home in Metcalfe due to fire. | House in Donalsonville 1906 -1914 Built by John R Caldwell Jr for Dick and Ettie Caldwell, later lived in by grandmother Lizzie Seale and Aunt Lillie | John R. Caldwell Jr. Home, Metcalfe GA 1914 - 1919 Dick, Ettie and their family moved to Metcalfe when the sawmill operation moved there. This family home was destroyed by fire 1919. All that was saved from the fire was Richard's bicycle.

11: 219 Washington St, Thomasville GA 1929 | 710 N Dawson St, Thomasville GA 1929-1930 This was known as the "Big House" and was purchased by John R in 1920 completely furnished for $10,000. The large lot was divided and homes for other family members were built there. | 522 N Dawson St, Thomasville, 1935-1937 | Young St house (not shown) 1930-1935 | Rear of Big House | Rear of the Big House

12: Forrest, Elizabeth and Ettie 1926 | Elizabeth and Forrest

13: 1926 Donalsonville, Richard, Ettie, Forrest, Josh, Robert, Elizabeth, Dick (above) Forrest, Richard, Robert and Joseph (below)

14: Forrest, Richard, Joseph, Robert and Elizabeth Caldwell taken at 710 N. Dawson St, Thomasville GA. Fall of 1930 | Richard, Ettie, Elizabeth, Forrest, Joseph, Robert, 1933

15: Dick, Ettie, Elizabeth and Forrest at Forrest's Graduation from McRae College 1925 | Grandma Lizzie Seale and Forrest Caldwell, Donalsonville GA 1930

16: Mothers Day 1942 - Richard, Forrest, Elizabeth, Ettie and Robert (above) | Mothers Day 1942 - Frances, Laura, Elizabeth, Ettie, and Minnie Caldwell

17: Mothers Day 1942 Laura, Dick, Forrest, Elizabeth, Grandma Minnie and Robert | Josh, Richard with Little Richard, Emily, Frances (rear), Ettie, Elizabeth with Tom, Laura (rear), Forrest, Robert with Bob, summer 1947 Josh and Marion brought Elizabeth and Tom to Thomasville to visit.

18: The Caldwell Family -1948 Front: Ettie holding Billy, Richard, Cleburne with Bob, Lillie Rear: Emily, Laura (holding Carolyn), Richard, Frances, Robert | Picnic 1947 Ettie, Frances, Robert, Richard

19: Ettie with Tom, 1947 | Lillie, Tom, Elizabeth, 1947 | Bob and Richard Jr.

20: Picnic at Richard & Laura's house, 1957 Below: Tom, Emily with Bruce, Gary, Billy, 1954

21: Forrest, Laura, Dick | Billy, Tom, little Richard | Ettie, Richard, Dick, Forrest, 1957

23: Sewanee Park FL, 1957 Front: Hearn, Minnie, Ettie with Bruce, Elizabeth, Gary, Richard, Carolyn Rear: Laura, Frances, Alice, Gladys, Tom, Forrest, Richard Jr, Robert, Bob

24: 1983 - Back: Bill, Elizabeth, JoAnn, Marion, Arthur Culbreth, Richard, Joseph Front: Emily, Nadine, Carolyn, Laura, Jason Campbell, Christa | c 1977 - Front: Forrest, Theresa, Middle: Rebecca, Marilyn, Christine, Genevive, Elizabeth, Rear: Arthur Culbreth, Shirley, Geraldine, Gladys, Robert, Far Rear: Charlotte

25: 1970 - Richard, Laura, Elizabeth, Emily, Ettie, Forrest, Frances, Robert | 1970 - Front: Bruce, Carolyn (holding Michael, Patricia, Bill, Rear: Gary, Tom

26: Forrest, Ettie, Richard, Elizabeth, Robert, 1974 | Four Generations 1974 Elizabeth, Gary holding Matt, Ettie | Johnnie, Nadine and Mattie Will

27: The Big Oak, Thomasville | Patricia, Elizabeth, Ettie | Patrica, Bruce, Ettie, Elizabeth | Azaleas in bloom

28: Forrest Seale Caldwell Forrest was born 29 Apr 1907 in Donalsonville GA and died 28 June 1983 at the age of 76 in Thomasville. On 5 July 1944, he married Emily Neel in Thomasville and they celebrated 39 years of marriage. Emily, was born 23 Dec 1904 in Thomasville, and died 24 Mar 2000 in Thomasville at the age of 93. Forrest graduated from Donalsonville High School, and McRae College where he studied accounting. Forrest studied music at the Atlanta Conservatory and taught music in Attapugus GA before coming to Thomasville. During WWII, he served as a Sergeant in the Army Air Corp, with service in Italy, Brazil and Boca Raton FL. Forrest loved music, especially Bach, was an accomplished pianist and organist and was a music teacher. He attended the First United Methodist Church where he was a Sunday School teacher. He served as organist at this church and the Dawson St Methodist Church. He was a member of the Thomasville Art Guild and was a Mason. Emily attended Wesleyan College and received a Masters Degree in French from Vanderbilt. She taught English Literature and French at Birdwood Junior College. They were both very active in local cultural activities and the First United Methodist Church. Forrest and Emily had a son, William “Billy” Ralph, (b. 2 Oct 1947). He married Joan Turrentine (m. 24 Aug 1973) and they have three daughters, Emily Allyson (b. 16 Jun 1977), Aryn Elizabeth (b. 4 Jun 1980) and Ashley Elysia (b. 13 Feb 1984). Billy is an outdoors person, fisherman and hunter. Growing up, he learned taxidermy and mounted many of his catches. He attended Andrew College and the University of Georgia and became a Dentist. He lives in his boyhood home at 113 Park Ave in Thomasville. The huge white house had a screened in wrap-around front porch with porch swing that was enjoyed by all.

29: Forrest and Emily's wedding 5 July 1944 Thomasville GA | Emily, Forrest and Billy 1947

30: Forrest in Service | Forrest feeding Billy 1946 | Billy 1949 | Forrest, Emily, Billy, Joan, Aryn, Allyson - 1980

31: Forrest and Emily | Emily, Joan, Aryn, Allyson, Ashley -1987

32: James Richard "Dick" Caldwell Dick was born 3 Feb 1911 in Donalsonville GA and died 1 Nov 2001 at the age of 90 in DeFuniak Springs FL. On 24 Aug 1940, he married Laura Bess Hobbs in Thomasville and they celebrated 61 years of marriage. Laura, born 24 Oct 1916 in Thomasville, died 6 Feb 2005 also in DeFuniak Springs at the age of 89. Dick served in the Army Air Corp during WWII as an Aircraft Maintenance Sgt in Moultrie GA and Montgomery AL. Laura graduated from the first class of women officers in the army as part of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps “WAACS” and served as a 1st Lt. She was a recruiter for the Aircraft Warning Service in Thomasville. After the war Richard managed hardware stores and Laura was a home sales agent. Dick and Laura later moved to DeFuniak Springs Fl. Richard was a collector of everything and had several outbuildings full of "treasures" that he enjoyed showing accompanied with stories of how various items were obtained. Laura was an active community volunteer at the hospital and for senior citizens. Richard and Laura had two children, James Richard, Jr. “Dick” (b. 12 Aug 1943), and Carolyn Muriel, (b. 25 Apr 1947) both born in Thomasville. While growing up, Richard Jr. was known as “little Richard”. Dick attended the University of Florida and was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Artillery. He was stationed in Nuremberg Germany. Dick married Jo Ann Ziegler (m. May 1966) and they had a daughter Christa (b. 30 Dec 1967) and a son Stephen Richard (b.10 Oct 1974). Dick became a corporate attorney and lives in Treasure Island FL with his second wife Gloria Matyszyk. Carolyn married Troy Campbell (m. 29 Jun 1968) and they had a son Michael Emmett (b. 4 Jan 1969). Carolyn remarried Steve Maniscola (m. 26 May 2012) and lives in Pensacola FL. She was an elementary school teacher and enjoys playing with an Irish music band. | Dick 1930 | Dick 1916

33: Dick and Laura 1943 | Dick 1930 | Dick 1943

34: Richard Jr, 1944 | Carolyn, 1947 | Richard, Laura, JoAnn, Christa, Richard, Carolyn front: Stephen and Jason

35: Dick and Laura 50th Anniversary, DeFuniak Springs, 1990

36: Robert Edward Caldwell Robert was born 11 Jul 1913 in Iron City GA and died 27 Sep 1978 at the age of 65 in Thomasville. On 29 Feb 1936, he married Frances Groover in Ochlocknee GA and they celebrated 42 years of marriage. Frances, born 15 Oct 1917 in Ochlocknee GA, died 15 May 1983 of Huntington’s disease in Thomasville at the age of 65. Robert was the Chief Electrician for the Thomasville Utilities Dept for 43 years. In his position, he traveled throughout the local area. He was especially knowledgeable about locations of abandoned dumps where, with a little digging, antique bottles and other relics could be found. Robert also was a collector of many items including fossils, Indian arrowheads and Civil War artifacts much of which he found while working out of doors. Robert and Frances always had dachshunds as pets. Robert was also an excellent storyteller. Family fish fries in his back yard are well remembered, as are Aunt Frances’s hush puppies. They were active in the First United Methodist Church where Robert served as Scoutmaster. Robert and Frances had one son, Robert “Bob” Edward, Jr. (b. 29 Nov 1941) in Thomasville. Bob attended Birdwood Junior College and Florida State University where he majored in accounting. Bob died 2 Apr 1992 in Thomasville at the age of 50. Bob married Terry McLeod (m. 19 Jun 1965) and they had three children: Robert Edward III (b. 24 July 1966), Allison Lynn (b.9 Oct 1967) and Laura McLeod (b. 25 Dec 1972). Terry also attended Florida State University and was an elementary school teacher. | Robert 1917

37: Frances and Bob 1941

38: Four Generations Mother's Day 1942 Minnie, Ettie, Bob, Robert | Bob, Elementary School 1949 | Bob, High School Graduation, 1959

39: Fishing with Uncle Robert 1963 Patricia, Tom, Robert, Billy | Fishing with Uncle Dick 1955 Gary, Bruce, Billy, Tom, Carolyn, rear: Uncle Dick, Little Richard | Patricia at Uncle Roberts

40: Joseph "Josh" Cleburne Caldwell Josh was born 9 Sep 1915 in Metcalfe GA and died 17 Jun 1997 at the age of 82 in Westerly RI. On 25 Oct 1944, he married Marion Jessie Hoadley in Westerly RI and they celebrated 52 years of marriage. Marion was born 1 Sep 1915 in Westerly RI. Josh had a previous brief marriage c. 1938 to Mary Virginia Isaacs in Thomasville. Josh served as a Pharmacy Mate 1st Class in the Navy during WWII. He served overseas for 30 months in Glasgow Scotland and Algiers. His ship was torpedoed at Gibraltar. He was in the hospital at Casa Blanca and was later flown home on a seaplane. On the plane he played cards with Jan Masaryk, who was the Czech Foreign Minister in exile on his way to Washington for war meetings. He worked as a Supervisor for the local water department while Marion worked as a secretary. They were both life members of the Westerly Yacht Club. Josh and Marion had no children.

42: Josh and Marion | Marion and Elizabeth

43: Minnie Elizabeth "Betty" Caldwell Elizabeth was born 11 Oct 1921 in Donalsonville GA. On 16 Jan 1946, she married Richard “Dick” Emil Panek in Thomasville and they had celebrated 65 years of marriage. Richard was born 25 Feb 1922 in Cleveland OH and died 12 Nov 2011 in Westlake OH at the age of 89. Elizabeth was a child of the depression that was made more difficult with the loss of her father when she was ten. She missed him very much but growing up was close to her oldest brother Forrest with whom she shared many qualities. Forrest taught her how to play the piano, a talent that she used throughout her life. Elizabeth was an excellent student and received a scholarship to and graduated from Andrew College in Cuthbert GA. During the war, she worked at Finney General Hospital in Thomasville. Dick graduated from Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland and enlisted in the Army Air Corp on graduation. He was trained as a meteorologist at UCLA and was assigned as a 2nd Lt to be the Weather Officer at Thomasville Air Field where he met Elizabeth. After their marriage, they moved to Cleveland OH to raise their family. Dick obtained his Master’s degree and worked as a Civil Engineer while Elizabeth devoted her life to raising their family. The family moved to Fairview Park in 1954 and Dick and Betty remained in their home on South Sagamore Road for the next 50 years. Elizabeth remained close to her family through family vacations that were taken to Thomasville every other year, where the children enjoyed being with Annmama, their cousins and their Aunts and Uncles. During the years between vacation visits, Ettie would visit the family in Cleveland. Betty was active with her church groups (the Lamplighters and Christian Education Committee), PTA’s, the local Women’s Club, the American Field Service (a foreign student exchange program), the Book Club, as a Meals-on-Wheels volunteer, and with various other groups and programs while the children were in school. She learned how to spin and weave (she had her own loom and several spinning wheels) and was active with the Spinning Group and the Weaver’s Guild. She is an excellent spinner and has used her own yarns for both kitting and weaving items for the family. The family also welcomed international visitors from the Cleveland International Program each year. She and Dick traveled extensively both in the United States and in Europe with numerous Elderhostel programs, usually twice a year. They enjoyed attending local theater performances with their friends. One of Elizabeth and Dick’s hobbies was genealogy. They spent a great of time tracing their family roots using correspondence and microfilm information to track various leads. They were meticulous in their documentation. They often visited locations where the family had previously been located looking for additional information in court records and at local cemeteries. They were members of the Western Reserve Historical Society and the Zoar Historical Village.

44: Elizabeth 1922

45: Ettie and Elizabeth, 1922

46: Elizabeth, age 3 | Elizabeth as Flower Girl in 1925 age 4 | In school play as Page, Donalsonville, 2nd grade | Mary Elizabeth Gillespie Seale with Granddaughter Elizabeth, 1921

47: With cousin Katherine Hicks, fall 1931 | With mother Ettie in 1930 | Elizabeth, age 9 in dime-store photo

48: 1939 High School Graduation | Elizabeth - 1941

49: Elizabeth at Andrew College, Cuthbert GA, 1940-1941 | Elizabeth at Panacea Beach 1943 | Ettie and Elizabeth holding LuLu, 1939 | Elizabeth 1944

51: Caldwell - Panek Wedding January 16, 1946, Thomasville GA

53: Elizabeth on her wedding day | First Methodist Church, Thomasville GA

54: Caldwell-Panek Wedding Front: Gertrude Lumsden, Elizabeth, Richard, Mary Washington and Virginia Pait Rear: Tom Urbansky (best man), Robert Caldwell, Richard Caldwell and Forrest Caldwell (who walked her down the aisle)

56: On Honeymoon in New Orleans | Elizabeth and Richard Panek 1944

58: Dick and Betty's Children Dick and Betty had four children, all born in Cleveland OH: Thomas “Tom” Richard (b. 30 Dec 1946); Gary William (b. 25 Dec 1948); Bruce Caldwell (b. 3 Mar 1951); and Patricia “Pat” Elizabeth (b. 22 Jul 1959). Tom married Judy Hurst Apple (m. 19 Jun 1976 in Columbus) and they raised Judy’s daughters Robin (b. 17 Feb 1965) and Tiffany (b. 27 Dec 1968) in Columbus OH. Tom earned an MBA from OSU and was a marketing business consultant and later was an instructor for Franklin University. Judy is an accomplished professional children’s photographer. They are grandparents to four grandchildren. Gary married Jeanne Shaw (m. 25 Sep 1971 in Westlake) and they had three children: Matthew Richard (b. 12 Mar 1974), Benjamin William (b. 2 Dec 1975) and Emily Jeanne (b. 8 Jul 1977). Gary graduated OSU and worked as a business administrator at OSU, for a non-profit and for the state. He also served in the Regional Planning Commission and as an elected official in local government in Westerville OH. He and his wife Barbara Towler (m. 15 July 2009) are retired and living in New Bern NC. They are grandparents to ten grandchildren. Bruce married Fran Baskin (m. 3 May 1980 in Columbus) and they had a daughter Alice Kathryn (b. 6 Sep 1986). Bruce was the tinsmith at the Ohio Village, a replica of an 1850 Ohio town at the Ohio Historical Society located in Columbus OH. Fran worked is an ESL teacher. Pat married Gary Ireland (m. 9 Oct 2010 in Granville OH) She graduated from Wooster College, Wooster OH and works as a Publications Editor for the American Medical Association in Chicago IL. They are grandparents to one grandchild. | On way to Thomasville, 1955 Richard, Bruce, Gary, Tom

59: Fall 1971 Tom, Richard, Gary, Bruce, Elizabeth, Patricia | Christmas 1959 Emil and Alice Panek, Patricia, Elizabeth, Bruce, Gary, Richard, Front: Tom | Christmas c. 1995 Bruce, Gary, Patricia, Tom, Richard, Elizabeth

60: Picking Apples - 1976 Judy holding Ben, Tiffany, Fran, Bruce, Robin, Gary, Tom with Matt | At Patricia and Gary's Wedding, Granville OH 2010

61: At Ben's Wedding - 2008 Front: Ben, Emily, Elizabeth, Dick, Patricia, Bruce, Rear; Matthew, Gary, Tom

62: Caldwell Lumber Mills in Metcalfe GA (above) and Donalsonville GA c. 1913

63: Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins | Alabama - Georgia 1929 | John R Caldwell Jr. in Pierce Arrow

64: John Richard Caldwell, Jr. and Minnie Lee Hearn John Richard Caldwell, Jr., Dick’s father, was born 3 Dec 1864 in Macon County AL near Tuskegee (Cross Keys) the son of John Richard Caldwell and Mary Rebecca Jennings. He died 22 Jan 1936 in Thomasville GA at the age 71 from over radiation for skin cancer. John’s mother died when he was 12 years old. He was very close to her and many of his grandchildren were named Rebecca in her honor. Minnie Lee Hearn was born 7 Feb 1868 in Girard, Stewart County GA, the daughter of George Washington Hearn and Mary Ann Bird. Minnie died 5 Mar 1956 in Duval FL at the age of 88. John and Minnie were married on 22 Feb 1885 in Girard AL and they celebrated 50 years of marriage. Both are buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Thomasville. John was in the sawmill business like his father and owned the Caldwell Lumber Co with sawmills at various times in Alabama, Metcalfe GA and later Donalsonville GA. The family live in Cowarts AL for about 10 years before moving to Donalsonville GA around 1900. His son Dick was in business with John as well as his brothers Hearn and Bud in later years. Dick managed the daily operations at the mill. Around 1914 the family moved to Metcalfe where they had a big sawmill near the railroad siding. John built houses for Dick and Ettie, Hearn and Alice, Merle and Albert Knapp across the road from the mill. He and Minnie lived in the office space until the children’s houses were finished before their own home. John built or bought homes for all his children. In 1921, John bought the house at 710 Dawson St, Thomasville (known as “the Big House”) when he moved to Thomasville. The house was fully finished and cost $10,000. The lot extended from Dawson St to Young St except for the corner house. The house at 321 Webster St was given to Kate and George Hicks. He later built three bungalows on Young St that were occupied by different family members for many years. John was very prosperous until the bank failures and the Depression when he lost most of his money. He continued in the lumber business in Homerville, Norman Park GA and in Jaspar FL. John was staunch active member of the Baptist Church while Minnie attended the Methodist Church. His brother, Buckner Mason Hearn was a Baptist minister and his father John R. Caldwell, Sr. was a well known Baptist preacher who preached throughout the south. John loved his children and grandchildren around him. The youngest grandchild was usually sitting in his lap at the dinner table. Minnie was known for her kind heart and good cooking. Whenever a family member was in need, Minnie would travel to help them. Minnie was raised as a Methodist and the Methodist church was part of her life. After John's death, she lived with several of her children Merle, Hearn, Kate and granddaughter Rebecca when she had the twins.

65: John R. Caldwell Jr from tintype, c.1869 | Minnie and John 1923 | John 1935 | John, c.1920

66: Children of John Richard Caldwell, Jr. & Minnie Lee Hearn 1. Emmett Blanchard “Dick” Caldwell Born 22 Mar 1886 in Girard AL. On 6 Jun 1906 in Montgomery AL, he married Ettie Woodruff Seale. He died 24 May 1930 at age 44 in Donalsonville. They had five children: 1. Forrest Seale (b. 29 Apr 1907 in Donalsonville GA, d. 28 June 1983 in Thomasville) 2. James Richard "Dick" (b. 3 Feb 1911 in Donalsonville GA, d. 1 Nov 2001 in DeFuniak Springs FL) 3. Robert Edward (b. 11 Jul 1913 in Iron City GA, d. 27 Sep 1978 in Thomasville) 4. Joseph "Josh" Cleburne (b. 9 Sep 1915 in Metcalfe GA, d. 17 Jun 1997 in Westerly RI) 5. Minnie Elizabeth “Betty” (b. 11 Oct 1921 in Donalsonville GA) Dick's sisters Merle and Johnnie, the last surviving of his siblings, both died on the same day 22 May 1990, exactly 104 years from the day of Dick's birth. 2. Ralph Hearn Caldwell Born 2 Nov 1888 in Robinson’s Springs AL and died 23 Jan 1957 at age 68 in Jacksonville FL. On 9 Sep 1908, he married Alice Minter in Jakin GA. Alice was born 6 Jul 1887 in Jakin GA and died 6 Feb 1970 in Jacksonville FL. Both are buried in Lake City AL. They raised two daughters: 1. Gladys (b. 20 Jun 1909 in Donalsonville, m. Walter Davis) 2. Agnes Lee Green (b. 1908) an adopted daughter | Alice, Ettie, Hearne, Gladys, Agnes, Elizabeth 1932 Homerville | Minnie Hearn Caldwell, Hearn Caldwell,Jasper FL 1955

67: The Caldwells 1923 Back: Dick, May, Harvey, Hearn, Bud Front: Merle, Johnnie, Minnie, John R., Kate | Trip to Hot Springs AK 1920 Front: Dick, Ettie, Minnie, Kate, Harvey, John R. Rear: Alice and Hearn

68: Caldwell Cousins c 1923 Front: Genevieve, Elizabeth, Marilyn, Katherine, James Middle: Richard, Rebecca, Christine, Gwendolyn, Geraldine, Robert, Joseph, Arthur Back: Forrest, Agnes, Ina, Gladys (holding Shirley), John R. | The Caldwells 1923 Back: Dick, May, Harvey, Hearn, Bud Front: Merle, Johnnie, Minnie, John R, Kate

69: Caldwell In-laws c. 1923 Front: Mattie Will Kerr Caldwell, Ettie Seale Caldwell, Alice Minster Caldwell Back: George Hicks, Audley Walker, Albert Knapp | 3.Emma Maydell "May" Caldwell Born 3 Mar 1891 in Cowarts AL and died 12 Aug 1975 at age 84 in Micanopy FL. On 25 Aug 1907, she married (eloped) with Starling Arthur Culbreth in Donalsonville GA. Arthur was born 13 Sep 1882 and died at age 69 on 28 May 1952 in Donalsonville. May later married Ira Hancock (m 28 Feb 1927 Pine Park GA). They had four children: 1. Ina Eloise Culbreth (b. 3 Jul 1908 in Donalsonville, m. Robert Burch, d. 6 Jul 1972 in Micanopy Fl, struck by lightening) 2. John Richard Culbreth (b. 6 Jul 1910 in Donalsonville, m. Iris Simmons, d. 11 Jul 1983 in McClenny FL) 3. Starling Arthur Culbreth Jr. (b. 18 Feb 1914, m. (1) Mary Francis Hilliard, (2) Vivian Crews, (3) Rowena Mercer Lund, d. Mar 2002 in Gainesville FL) 4.James Caldwell Culbreth (b. 4 May 1917 in Donalsonville, d. 25 Mar 1973 in Thomasville)

70: 4.Nellie Merle Caldwell. Born 23 Oct 1893 in Cowarts AL and died 22 Mar 1990 at age 97 in Sarasota FL. On 1 Feb 1914 in Donalsonville, she married Albert W. Knapp and they were married for 63 years. Albert was born 7 Jan 1892 in Metcalfe and died in 1977 at age 85 in Sarasota FL. They had three children: 1. a child lost at birth 2. Gwendolyn Knapp (twin b 12 Sep 1918 in Metcalfe GA) married Robert Bethea and had two sons, Robert and Thomas 3. Geraldine Knapp (twin b 12 Sep 1918 in Metcalfe GA) married Russell Hendry and had one son Russell Hendry. On 20 Dec 1962 she married Kenneth Horneman. She died 18 Sep 2010 in Sarasota at age 92. | John R Caldwell Sr with Geraldine and Gwendolyn Knapp | Merle and Daughters 1919 | Merle, High School Graduation

71: 6.Eugene “Bud” Forrester Caldwell Born 18 Apr 1898 in Cowarts AL and died 25 Mar 1944 at age 45 in Jasper FL. On 1 Sep 1916 in Thomas County, GA, he married Martha William “Mattie Will” Kerr and they were married for 28 years. Mattie Will was born 25 Aug 1901 in Richmond VA and died 13 Feb 1986 at age 84. Both are buried in Jaspar FL. They had five children: 1.Rebecca Eugenia (b. 26 Jul 1917, m. Everett Daniel Odom 21 Mar 1942) 2.Marilyn Alice (b. 22 Nov 1919, m. George Mangum 22 Dec 1940, 4 children) 3.Shirley Martha (b. 16 Nov 1923, m. Stanton Abercrombie 16 Sep 1939, 5 children) 4.Minnie Jean (b. 20 May 1928, m. Charles Baker, 2 children) 5.John “Jack” Richard III (b. 27 Aug 1930, m. Kay, 2 children) | 5. Johnnie Ryals Caldwell Born 22 Feb 1896 in Cowarts AL and died 22 Mar 1990 at age 94 in Panama City FL. On 28 May 1914, in Iron City GA, she married Audley Dean Walker and they were married for 34 years. Audley was born 24 Mar 1893 and died 8 Jan 1948 in Quitman GA at age 54. Audley owned a drug store in Thomasville and also served as President of the Georgia-Florida Baseball League from 1937-1941. They had two daughters: 1.Julia Christine Walker (b. 2 Sep 1915, m. Henry Clay Brown 14 Dec 1940 and had 2 sons and one daughter) 2.Genevieve Walker (b. 21 Jun 1921, m. Edward Rushin 1939, divorced, m. John Casey 7 Oct 1949 in Las Vegas NV, and had 2 sons and one daughter) | Cousins Johnnie, Irene and Merle Caldwell, Donalsonville GA | Bub, c. 1903

72: 7. Kate Rebecca Caldwell Born 28 Nov 1903 in Donalsonville GA and died 31 Mar 1965 at age 61 in Thomasville. On 27 Feb 1921 in Cairo GA, she married George Franklin Hicks and they were married for 30 years. George was born 13 Aug 1901 in Metcalfe and died 19 Jan 1952 at age 50 in Thomasville. They had five children: 1. Katherine Hicks (b. 22 Sep 1922, m. Howard McGraw Blackson, 7 children) 2. John Caldwell Hicks (b. 21 Oct 1925, unmarried) 3.Charlotte June Hicks (b. 22 Feb 1930, m. Ted Drew, Jun 1948, one son, divorced, m. Carson Kanning May 1968, one daughter) 4. George Franklin Hicks Jr. (b. 15 Aug 1939 m. 4 children) 5. Theresa Gold Hicks (b. 19 Oct 1943, m. Rev Don West, 8 Jun, three daughters) | 8. Harvey Spurgeon Caldwell Born 17 Apr 1906 in Donalsonville. On 17 Sep 1925 in Norman Park GA, he married Nadine Howell and they were married for 18 years. Harvey served in the US Navy during WW II as an Aviation Machinist's Mate 2c and was killed in action on 17 Feb 1944 at age 37 in Suriname (Dutch Guyana), South America. Nadine was born 6 Nov 1909 and died 11 Jan 2011 at age 101. She was a nurse at Vereen Memorial Hospital in Moultrie. She was active in the Magnolia Garden Club and the Daughters of the Confederacy. They had no children. They are buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Thomasville GA. | Kate, High School Graduation | Harvey 1942

73: 1983 Nadine Caldwell and Christine Walker Brown | 1989 Hicks Girls - Theresa West, Charlotte Kanning and Katherine Blackson | Caldwell Family Reunion 1982 Front: Genny Walker Casey, Christine Walker Brown, Marilyn Caldwell Magnum, Rebecca Caldwell Odom, Marilyn's daughter, Dan Odom (behind), Elizabeth Caldwell Panek, Dick Caldwell Back: Johnnie Walker, Nadine Caldwell, Mattie Will Caldwell, John R Culbreth and wife

74: James Knowlon Seale James Knowlin Seale, Ettie’s father, was born 29 May 1836 in Butler County AL, the fourth child of Anderson and Mary (Polly) Armstrong Seale. James enlisted on 9 Sept 1861. He was a drummer in the Alabama 17th Infantry Regiment of the Confederate Army. In the same unit, brothers Cornelius Hampton “Hamp” (wounded Resaca GA), Elias Allen “Al” and Henry Oliver (wounded Atlanta) also served with him. The Alabama 17th Regiment fought at Pensacola, Shiloh, the Atlanta siege, Kennesaw Mountain, Nashville and the final Carolinas campaign. The war ended for them on 26 Apr 1865 with the surrender at Greensboro NC. He suffered frostbite to his ears that bothered him ever after. After his return to Butler County AL, he married Frances (Fanny) Elizabeth Bloxom on 7 Nov 1867. Fanny died 13 Jun 1869 at the age of 17. James was a clerk in a dry goods store and later in their marriage Lizzie kept a boarding house for teachers. James also conducted a sawmill. The family were faithful members of the Methodist Church in Greenville AL and James sang in the choir. They moved to Montgomery AL about 1899 where they belonged to the Dexter Ave Methodist Church. James K Seale died suddenly on 5 Apr 1904, at age 67, in Whitehall AL while attending to business at his lumber company.

75: Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Gillespie James second wife, Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Gillespie was born 18 Oct 1851 in Lincolnton, Lincoln Co, GA, the third child of Joseph Lewis and Lucy “Florence” Gillespie. In 1854 the family moved to Auburn AL. She remembered during the Civil War of hiding the cow out in the field when Northern forces were rumored to he in the area. After the death of her father, Joseph Lewis Gillespie, Lizzie moved to Greenville AL with her mother, Lucy Florence Gillespie. Lizzie married James on 11 Mar 1870 in Greenville AL and was married for 34 years. On 5 Apr 1904, at age 67, James K Seale died suddenly. He had been ill for about a month, but was thought to be recovered. He had traveled to Whitehall AL where he owned a sawmill, was stricken suddenly, and died before a doctor could reach him. He is buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Greenville AL. Only three months after James death on 5 Apr 1904, Lizzie lost her daughter Juliette to tuberculosis. This was a deadly disease at the time and Lizzie had already lost two sons to it – Clyde in 1894 and Will in 1896. Forrest later succumbed to the same disease in 1906. After the death of Forrest, Lizzie and her daughter Lille moved in 1906 to Donalsonville GA to be near daughter Ettie, who had just married and moved there with her husband Dick. Lizzie was devoted to her family and the loss of four of her children to tuberculosis in young adulthood plus the death of Jimmy, influenced her to dress in black and white for the remainder of her life. Lizzie was known as a gifted leader and took an active interest in community affairs. Lizzie was an expert needle worker and accomplished cook. Her watermelon rind pickles cut in the shape of leaves were prized. For years she was Chairman of Women’s Work in the local Red Cross. During WWI she headed up the knitting program for the soldiers. Lizzie died of pneumonia following a heart attack on 16 Jan 1932 at age 80 in Donalsonville GA. | Lucy Florence Gillespie c. 1850 | Lizzie Gillespie Seale

76: Gillespie Family, c. 1922, Front: Lucy G. Brown, George Gillespie, Elizabeth G. Seale, Rear: May G. Knight, Lu G. Purifoy | Seale Sisters Lille, Ettie, Lizzy and Lucy Seale 1926

77: James and Fanny had one child: 1. James Cleburne Seale. Born 29 Sep 1868 in Greenville AL and died 2 Feb 1950 at age 81 in Auburn AL. He was named after Gen. Clebune of the CSA Army. He married Estelle Love Whittaker, the daughter of an Auburn University professor, in Auburn AL on 11 Apr 1899. Cleburne had a business in Mobile AL early in his marriage. After moving to Lebanon TN, he owned a company that made cedar boxes called “Cedars of Lebanon”. They had two children Margaret, and James Clyde Seale. Margaret was a violinist (m. Alex Gray, 3 daughters, m. Andrew Biggerstaff). James was an architect who served as a Major in the Combat Engineer Regt of the Seventh Army during WWII. He was killed in action near Rohrwiller France and received the Silver Star for his service. He had a son, Jimmy and a daughter Betty Cleburne. | Margaret Seale | Margaret, Cleburne and James Clyde

78: Margaret Seale | 2. Lewis Clyde Seale Born 28 Dec 1870. He attended Dental College at Vanderbilt University in Nashville TN and had set up practice in Ozark AL when he contracted TB and died 20 Aug 1894 at age 23. | James Cleburne Seale, Margaret Seale Biggerstaff, Clyde and Clara Seale and son Jimmy | In addition to Cleburne, who was 17 months old when they married, James and Lizzie had the following children, all born in Greenville AL:

79: 3. Lille Dale Seale Born 11 Jun 1872. She studied art & china painting in Montgomery AL. She painted many pieces of china for gifts and a set of service for 12 with gold rims and monogram “S”. After moving to Donalsonville GA with her sister Lucy and her mother, she worked as a milliner and owned The Fashion Shop in the mid 1920’s. She was a milliner and all the ladies of Donalsonville were proud to wear her hats. Lille closed the store during the depression. When FDR started the Public Works Administration in the early 30’s she became the first librarian in town, a job she held for many years. She always kept up with current events and politics and especially admired FRD. After her retirement, she lived with her nephew Forrest and later on, other family members and died 3 May 1953 at age 80. Lille and her sister Lucy never married but were major influences in the lives of their niece and nephews.

80: 4. Willie Gordon Seale Born 20 Oct 1873. He was a confidential clerk and bookkeeper for his Uncle Randolph Brown in Troy AL starting in 1893. TB claimed his life on 23 Oct 1896, three days after his 23rd birthday. Randolph Brown spoke highly of his good Christian character and kind thoughtfulness. | Lillie Seale in her store "The Fashion Shop", mid 1920's

81: 5. Nettie Florence Seale Born 26 Mar 1875 and died the following day. 6. Albert Forrest Seale Born 1 Mar 1877. After moving to Montgomery, he was in the book and stationery business. He later became quite successful in the lumber business. He was stricken with TB and went to Las Vegas and then to El Paso TX for his health. He grew better and desired to come home. His mother and Kendrick went out to be with him but on the return trip home they had to stop in San Antonio TX where he died on 13 Feb 1906 at age 29. | 7. Juliette May Seale Born 14 Apr 1879. She was active in the work of Dexter Ave Methodist Church in Montgomery and was an unselfish and loving person. She was engaged to be married when she developed TB and died 14 July 1904 in Montgomery at age 25.

82: 9. Lucy Estelle Seale Born 16 Mar 1884. She graduated from Girls High School in Montgomery in 1903 and attended Troy Normal College to become a teacher. She taught first grade in Donalsonville, with the exception of working in Washington DC during WWI. In 1926 Lucy accepted a position in the Cuthbert GA schools where she was much loved by the children and their parents. In the summers, she returned to Donalsonville to be with her sister Lillie and they sometimes held classes in reading and math. She also taught and organized the Daily Vacation Bible School at the First Methodist Church. She had two mastectomies and died 25 Jul 1944 of breast cancer at the age of 60.Lucy and her sister Lillie never married but were major influences in the lives of their niece and nephews. 10. Ettie Woodruff Seale Ettie was named Mary Ethel at birth, but as a small child insisted her name be changed to Ettie Woodruff for a lady she admired. Born 17 Aug 1886. She died 18 Feb 1978 in Thomasville GA at age 91. (See Ettie Seale biography page 6) | 8. Joseph Kendrick Seale Born 18 Oct 1881. Kendrick died on 27 Sep 1961 at age 79. He married Margaret (Maggie) Hall on 15 Sep 1903 in Montgomery Al and were married for 20 years. They moved to Knoxville TN where Kendrick worked as a heating engineer. Maggie died 19 Dec 1923 in Montgomery. They had one child Mary Lurline, born 4 Dec 1913 in Middlesboro KY. On 6 Oct 1925, in Knoxville TN, Kendrick married Elizabeth Kennedy who was born 26 Oct 1898. Kendrick and Elizabeth had one son Joseph Kendrick Seale, Jr. born 19 Sep 1926 in Knoxville. He became an Anesthesiologist. He died at age 33 on 1 May 1960 in a boating accident on the Mississippi river.

83: Lucy Estelle Seale

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