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The Edwards

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S: The Edwards

FC: Live Our Lives

1: A Picturebook of Memories for Dick Edwards | A gift for you from Frances Blount, Sarah Griffin, and Ryan Vincent University of Alabama

2: As a child Dick says he was "stubborn as the day is long" and that he "gave Mama and Daddy trouble!" | Dick with his pet calf at Granddaddy Edwards' home in Antioch, Alabama. | Age 5 in Reform, AL

3: Dick with Mother and sister Carol, above; Mother, left

4: Paper Boy | At age 10, Dick started his first job as a newspaper carrier. He started out on a bike but soon upgraded to a Cushman motor scooter. He would "run that scooter wide open" on the roads, going up to top speeds of ten mph! He delivered papers so well, he was even featured in the newspaper.

5: High School Days | Dick at age 16, left; and as a teenager, above.

7: Dick and Betty at the L.O.L. Annual Dance

8: Momentos from High School | Above left is Dick's class ring. Above right is an initial ring given to him by Betty. The bracelet above is an identification bracelet given to him by Betty. Dickie is written on the outside, while Betty is written on the inside.

9: Dick completed Boy Scouts all the way and become an Eagle Scout at age 15.

11: Dick and Betty | Once upon a time, Betty saw Dick walking down the stairs at Tuscaloosa High School, and she knew he was "The One". They started dating shortly thereafter. After both attending University of Alabama, Dick and Betty were married on June 18th, 1959 at Forest Lake Baptist Church. The wedding was an intimate ceremony with just the families of the bride and groom. They went to Pensacola for their honeymoon and lived happily ever after. | The Love Story of

13: Newlyweds | After they got married, the young couple headed to Virginia for six months. Dick and Betty had decided to start their family right away and Betty was pregnant the whole time they stayed in Virginia. Betty always knew she wanted children with Dick. Along came three beautiful babies in the next five years. Claude, Mark, and Melanie Lynne grew up in a happy home at Greenbriar. Dick worked hard at the First National Bank and Betty stayed at home. Their most special memories include Daddy driving to school, Christmas holidays, Mama playing games with them, and of course the foundation of good character and strong morals that their parents exemplified for them.

14: The National Guard | Six months active duty, Virginia 1958

15: After completing the ROTC program at The University of Alabama, Dick graduated as a First Lieutenant. He then spent six months active duty in Colonial Heights, Virginia, followed by seven and a half years on reserve.

16: "I remember when Dad was in the National Guard and had to go to camp for a few weeks in the summer. It seemed like he would never get back home but when he came back he always brought us some really neat surprises." -Claude Edwards | Virginia included training, hard work, and, of course, daily walks with Betty.

18: The house at Greenbriar | "The riding lawnmower from Greenbriar, Nana and Papa's old house, is something I will always remember. When I was young I always wanted to drive the lawn mower, and would sit on it pretending I was going wherever I pleased. I also remember cutting the backyard at Greenbriar, which was the first time I | ever cut grass. This was a valuable lesson, as I continued to cut grass to pay for my first car, but it all started in Nana and Papa's backyard. I remember wanting to do a good job to impress Papa." -Riley Edwards

19: "A memory I carry with me is when Mel and I were talking to A.D. on the screened-in porch at Greenbriar. We had been talking about faith and life and the challenges of raising a child and, as the conversation was ending and we were all standing to return to the den A.D. said, “Y’all are doing a great job with Caroline.” “Do you really think so?,” I asked. Dick’s jaw tightened and tears came to his eyes. With the slightest quiver in his voice he said, “Absolutely. Me and Betty have talked about it and we are so proud of how y’all are handling everything and raising Caroline.” And then, with a twinkle in his eye and a grin he said: “Just hold what you got!” -Gregory Faulkner | Betty clownin' around on the porch, left; a view of the whole deck, below

20: The Holidays | "I have a great memory of Papa sitting on the footstool next to the Christmas tree every year and wearing a Santa hat to pass out the Christmas presents." -Molly Edwards | "Papa, one of my fondest memories is you wearing Santa's hat and giving us instructions on opening our gifts at Christmas. I love you dearly." -Tamara Edwards | "I remember Dad making us all stay in our rooms on Christmas morning until he had the lights and video camera set up so we could have home movies of us opening the gifts Santa brought us. It seemed to take him forever to get ready for us to come bursting into the room." -Claude Edwards

22: More fond memories... | "My favorite memory of Papa is that we have the same birthday, so we get to celebrate together. We always have the best presents and the most awesomest cakes. Love you Papa." -Emory Grace | "My earliest memory of Daddy is one of the most special I have. I remember so many times sitting in Dad’s lap in the old upholstered rocking chair in the den. After I took my bath in the evening I would crawl into Daddy’s lap, sitting heart to heart with my head on his shoulder, and Daddy would rock me. I remember the squeak of the springs, my hair wet and pajamas on, and best of all, Daddy would pat my back and I would pat his right back. I’m not sure there is any memory that makes me feel so safe and loved." -Melanie Lynne Edwards Faulkner

23: "When Claude and I were engaged and making our wedding plans, I will never forget Papa helping us set up a monthly budget. It was not a fun process for a a young bride-to-be, but I am so appreciative for the way he helped us plan." -Melanie Edwards | The wedding's of Claude, Mark, and Melanie Lynne

24: "I remember when I was around 5 years old and Papa would come down the hall of the old house on his hands and knees first thing in the morning saying “Fee-fi-fo-fum I smell the blood of an English man.” (My cousins and I were still in our pajamas waiting for him to make his appearance.) Molly, Riley, and I shrieked and laughed as we ran down the hall, into the living room, and onto the couch. There Papa would come and tickle us until we couldn't stop laughing." -Caroline Faulker

25: "One of my favorite memories of Papa is the way he made breakfast for my cousins and I after we all spent the night at his house. He always made us chocolate milk the "old fashioned way", with white milk and just the right amount of chocolate syrup. After he made sure we were okay, he would sit down with the same breakfast every time; another one of my favorite memories: the brown sugar cinnamon pop-tarts cut into perfect bites that he picked up with his toothpick!" -Molly Edwards

26: "I have fond memories of Dad growing up. I remember going to work with him sometimes at the First National Bank on Saturdays and running wild in the dark building." -Mark Edwards | "I've always found it interesting the reaction I get from people when they find out that Mr. Edwards is my father-in-law. Former employees and coworkers of his all have such respect for him! Many of them say that respect bordered on fear because he is such a man of few words and always has such a dignified, intellectual aura about him until they get to know him and realize how sweet he is!" -Melanie Edwards

27: 'I remember visiting him at work at the bank, sitting on his lap behind his desk and the time he took us down to see all the money in the vault." -Claude Edwards

29: Despite devoting most of their time towards work, homemaking, and raising an outstanding family, Dick and Betty still managed to spend as much time together possible over the years. Their marriage has continued to remain as strong as ever. One of their favorite activities to do together besides attending many dinners and functions, as the pictures to left show, was to dance. They were even on a square dance team, The Cherokee Reelers, together... Dick says they "used to dance their crazy heads off!"

30: "One of my first memories of A.D. is when Melanie and I were first dating. I would come to pick her up for our date; Betty would open the door and invite me to come in and take a seat in the den while Mel finished getting ready. Dick would say, “Good evening, Greg”. Then he’d pop open The Tuscaloosa News, lay back in his recliner and place the opened newspaper over his face and appear to be taking a nap. For weeks, the “Good evening, Greg” was all I would hear from Dick till Melanie and I were going out the door and he said goodnight. A talker like me sitting across from A.D., lying with the paper tented over his head scared the devil out of me!" -Gregory Faulkner | Hanging birdhouses at Greg and Melanie's house in New Jersey

31: Photo for the Church Directory, above; 25th Wedding anniversary, left | "I remember sitting next to him at church and that he was insistent that we all went to Sunday school and worship every Sunday. I remember that he couldn't sing the hymns that well but he still sang them so we would too. We went out to lunch with the whole family and he made sure we all had an enjoyable experience doing so together each Sunday after church." -Claude Edwards | "He always gave me good guidance when I messed up... He said, 'Always tell the truth, treat everyone fairly, and be respectful.'" -Mark Edwards

32: Everybody remembers Dad driving... | "Daddy drove me to school at West End Christian every day for 6 years. Most days I entered the car with rollers still in my hair, and while I took out the hot rollers we listened to Lum and Abner on the radio. Dad was prone to running late, so if we were unlucky enough to meet a train on the way to school Daddy would say “I can beat that thing!” and proceed to race through the side streets of Tuscaloosa, taking us miles out of our way trying to beat the train to the next crossing, and the next, and the next. We never did beat that train, but I learned some very useful driving techniques that have come in very handy in New Jersey!" -Melanie Lynne Edwards Faulker | "I remember Dad driving my friends and I to school in carpool and listening to the comedy radio show Lum and Abner. He would make us all be quiet so he could hear and he would just laugh out loud at what he heard." - Claude Edwards

33: "He took us to Junior High school every morning, late. He drove like a maniac and listened to Lum & Abner on the radio." -Mark Edwards | "I remember him driving us on family vacations in the big green station wagon to Gulf shores and what a great time we had together." -Claude Edwards | "I remember him rescuing me when my car would break down on the way home from fishing at the lake and him towing me home by a ski rope to the back of his car and the front of my Volkswagon to tow me home with my fishing boat behind me." -Claude Edwards

34: Travels | Out west with the McCoys | Dick and Betty always loved to travel! When Dick retired after thirty three years at the bank, they decided to "travel the country east to west, north to south" as Dick puts it. They spent ten years touring America.

35: Dick and Betty at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

36: Above: One of Dick's favorite covered bridges in Woodstock, Vermont | Right: The town of Woodstock, Vermont | Left: Driving to Melanie's on Highway 82

37: At Folly Castle in Petersburg, Virgina

38: Dick's long time love of baseball led them to visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York | "I always enjoyed hearing Papa tell stories of Mickey Mantle and the mammoth | "blue darter" home runs he hit. He, | Nana, and I always shared the common interest of baseball, and it's a joy to see the | excitement and happiness he gets from telling stories. It instantly made Mikey on of my idols." -Riley Edwards

39: Dick in his teens playing ball | "The sight of Dad sitting in the stands at my baseball game in his coat and tie, knowing that he was busy and it was difficult to come watch me play during the week, was the best. He didn't always make the whole game, but he was there for most of it." -Mark Edwards | "I remember how much time my Dad spent with me helping me learn to play sports. He was a great instructor and coach and taught me that the most important lesson in sports is good sportsmanship." -Claude Edwards

40: "Another great memory I have of Papa is when I hit my first 'over the fence' home run. I longed to hit one for what seemed like forever, and when it finally happened I was so happy he was there to see it. After rounding first and high-fiving my dad who was coaching there, I continued around third which is where I saw Papa in the stands smiling from ear to ear, the same way he told the Mickey Mantle stories. It made me so proud and overjoyed, I will never forget it. More importantly, I learned a great lesson from Papa that day when he told me how great I played after the game. He was proud of my home run, but he was more impressed with the 'blue darter' I hit in the previous at-bat that went for double. I was honestly honored that he described my hit as a 'blue darter' because to me, only Mickey Mantle hit those. It taught me at a young age that even though home runs are a great achievement, a hard double in the gap can actually be a better hit in the end. This lesson resonated with me throughout my entire baseball career, for which I am very thankful." -Riley Edwards

42: Cresson Bridge in southern New Hampshire | Dick at Plymouth Rock | Betty at the lighthouse in Owls Head, ME

43: Dick at the Statehouse in Boston, MA | Sidewalk in front of the first public school in the United States, Boston, MA.

44: Left: Paul Revere's House | Right: Betty in front of Mark Twain's house, Hartford, Connecticut | RIght: Market in Santa Fe, NM

45: Right: The painted desert in Arizona | Above: Betty at the Bellingrath Gardens | Dick at the cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park

46: A few favorite places.. | The time spent out west was one of Dick and Betty's favorite times. Especially memorable is the trips to The Grand Canyon and to Pike's Peak. As Dick says, "you need to go high and you need to go low!" The canyon and the mountain gave them the opportunity | to experience both the highs and lows. Dick recalls funny memories at both places. At the canyon, he remembers Betty climbing up on a rock to look down a 500 foot drop, scaring the daylights out of him! At Pike's Peak in Colorado Springs, he remembers the thin, winding road they had to drive up. He says he kept looking over at Betty to assure her, "Don't worry, I've got this!" To hear him tell these stories and more about their travels in person is priceless.

48: About this book | In Fall 2011, Dick participated in a program run through the University of Alabama by Dr. Daniel Potts. The program combined art therapy with the telling of memories to a group of students who then complied this scrapbook. While Dick did not quite enjoy the art sessions, he did | create some amazing works of art. As the students, we felt so lucky to work with Dick and Betty! We are so thankful we got to meet and talk with the most kind, gracious, funny, and loving people every week. Dick's life story is absolutely inspirational - anybody who gets to share it with him is blessed. We hope y'all enjoy the scrapbook as much as we enjoyed putting it together! | Ryan, Dick, Betty, Sarah, and Frances

49: Dick's Art

50: "The memory that will last forever is that of a father, a husband, and a man that exhibited the utmost honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and care. I love you Dad." -Mark Edwards

51: "The most important memories that I had of my Dad were all the times that people complimented him to me for his faith, strong principles, and character. They still do so today and the memories that I have described earlier, as well as the man my Dad has been his whole life, has been such an inspiration to me and has made me a better person." -Claude Edwards

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