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The Elizabethan Era

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The Elizabethan Era - Page Text Content

FC: Elizabethan England | By Matt Bruzzano

1: Index Geography: 2-3 Religion: 4-5 Achievements: 6-7 Politics:8-9 Economy:10-11 with pictures from:

2: Geography | England is an island nation made up of three large islands and several smaller island in Europe. It has a temperate climate with rainfall all year around. The temperature rarely drops below 23 F however. Many areas of England are also mountainous.

3: Religion | In Elizabethan England catholic and protestant religion were both very prominent. Many aspects of society were based off religious ideals and morals. During these times, witchcraft was used to explain to explain thing they didn't understand such as sicknesses. Sadly, many innocent people were convicted for being witches and were killed.

4: The mountainous terrain of souther England ----> | A map of England and it's surrounding islands <-----

5: A protestant cross--> | A standard catholic church <---

6: Achievements | During Queen Elizabeth the firsts' reign, England experienced a golden age. It was the height of the renaissance and a time of many advancements in the arts. By far the most celebrated and famous artists of the time was William Shakespeare. He wrote 38 plays, 154 sonnets and has spoken of issues that were often not discussed in their society.

7: William Shakespeare and the Mona Lisa. One of the most famous artists and and piece of art during the times.

8: Politics | In the Elizabethan era, England was a strict monarchy. Like many governments in this time , it was supportive of religions following the catholic ideals. To preserve these values it was made illegal to judge religious ideals on stage. Breaking this law, or any other for the matter, would often result in torture, a common form of punishment in the Elizabethan era.

9: Queen Elizabeth the first, the lady who brought in the Elizabethan Golden Age.

10: Economy | The Economy of England was typical for the time. It was for the most part, based on agriculture but unlike many other agriculture based societies, it had a currency system. It also relied heavily on importing and exporting. Two of the main trading centers of england was London and Antwerp. Two of the main exports was wool and several types of art.

11: A mini portrait, one of the main exports that England had.

12: Society | Like many nations before it, England had a social class system similar to that was similar to the system used in the dark ages. It ranged from Monarchs to Laborers and gave people the opportunity to switch between classes. Education and family also factored into where someone fit into society. However, men were still seen as superior to women.

13: A typical market during the time

14: William Shakespeare

15: Shakespeare was one of the most influential writers in the history of man. He wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets, many of which are still praised as masterpieces to this day such as Hamlet, McBeth and of course, Romeo and Juliet.

16: Early Life | He was born April 23rd 1664. His parents John and Marry had two children before him but he was the first to survive. William grew up like many other European boys at the time. He was exposed to the arts he would one day revolutionize. However, he only went to school until he was fourteen years old His father was a Glover who made a decent living and eventually ran for mayor.

17: A standard Elizabethan theater | A typical Elizabethan town

18: Marriage and Children | The exact details of William's marriage to Anne Hathaway are unknown due to the controversy surrounding it. The date of their wedding was changed so that it would look like she was pregnant after their marriage. The two eventually had three children, Susanna and twin Judith and Hamnet. He lived most of his life on Henlly Street and eventually died on his birthday in 1616.

19: William reading to his fammily | Henlly Street

20: Shakespeare's Plays | William’s plays revolutionized theatre forever. He talked theme’s that often weren’t discussed and caused a lot of controversy. To the point where Queen Elizabeth had to change laws preventing topics of his plays from being in plays. Most of his work is still studied today in schools throughout our country.

22: My name is Matteo Bruzzano, I'm a 45 year old merchant who spends all day traveling with two of my twelve sons from town to town selling any goods that we have on us. By day we trade or travel and by night we stay at ins along our route, getting a meal whenever one is available. I have a good income for a merchant and just recently came home to the rest of my family for awhile where my five daughters and three wives wait. I'm short and skinny with a deep voice and dark brown hair. I've been told I'm grumpy and bitter but anybody who says that is an idiot who doesn't know know what they're talking about. I don't have much education but I learned a lot from my father. | Persona

23: We live in a medium sized house in capulet territory. It would be a comfortable house if we didn't have so many people crammed into it.

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