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The Fantabulous End Year Mixbook Project

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S: The Most Dangerous Game Part II By: Bill Widmer


1: “Ah, dry land at last!” said Whitney cheerfully. “Aren’t you excited to enjoy a nice warm bed and a hot meal, Captain?” The Captain looked at Whitney with his fishy blue eyes and shrugged, “I won’t have much time to enjoy it, Whitney. Lots of sailing in my future.” With that, Captain Nielson started toward the boathouse. As Whitney watched him walk away, his thoughts began to drift. He wasn’t really thinking about food and bedding. His mind was focusing on Rainsford... *** The boom of thunder rang in Rainsfords head as he lay there, content, in his bed. He removed the fine silk blankets from his body and sat up to get out of bed. The rumble of his stomach forcing him up, he dawned his hand-made smoking jacket and grabbed his new pipe. He lit the pipe as he walked to the kitchen. Rainsford decided to poach a few eggs and toast some bread for his breakfast. He was a simple man, and as such was very content with a simple meal. *** Sitting at the table, his eyes began to drift to the window. Despite the dark and stormy weather, Rainsford could easily pick out the light in the distance with his hawk-like vision. He began to wonder if anyone would ever visit the island to rescue him. One person in particular made his way into Rainsford’s mind Whitney. Being Rainsford’s childhood friend and the only hunter who could ever match him, Whitney was the only person Rainsford has ever felt close to. He wondered where Whitney could be. ***

2: Whitney heard the thud of a dart hitting a dart board somewhere behind him. He heard it again, and once more, followed by a few loud drunken cheers. The locals were playing darts as he enjoyed an ice cold beer. He took a big gulp of beer and sighed very deeply. Rainsford should be here with me, thought Whitney. Before he could take another sip, a half-full glass bottle whistled past Whitney’s ear and exploded against the wall, showering the floor with thousands of glittering glass pieces and beer. Whitney whirled around just in time to see and dodge a razor-sharp dart speeding at his face. Two men were yelling at each other, screaming profanities. “You cheated! I want my money back!” yelled the smaller of the two men. He was short and stocky, with a scruff beard and the traditional sailor’s apparel. The other man was taller, and looked more muscular. He bore an anchor tattoo on his right shoulder and a scar going from his nose down to his chin. “I did no such thing! I earned it fair and square!” boomed the larger man. The small one readied another dart and let it fly, again missing its target and hitting an innocent bar denizen. The man it hit was not very happy about it, and whipped his bottle at the nearest person to him in a frenzy. That man hit another, and before long it was a full on bar fight. Just as he ducked to avoid another bottle, Whitney noticed a man plow his way into the bar. This man wore a dark blue uniform with a badge pinned to his chest. The uniformed man ran up to Whitney and yanked him away from the bar.

3: “Come with me!” he yelled. Utterly confused, Whitney obeyed the man, thinking he was some sort of security guard or police officer. They quickly fled the bar, not stopping until they got a good hundred feet away. Staggering for breath, Whitney stopped and turned to speak. “Who are you?” Whitney asked. “My name is Bob. Bob Walter. I have no time to explain, but I’ll say what I can. I was a sailor on your yacht. I was bed ridden due to a nasty case of scurvy. I’m here to help you save Rainsford. Now, follow me to the boat I borrowed from one of the locals.” Despite a strange feeling Whitney had in his gut, he followed the man through the tiny town to the docks. The dock was completely empty, aside from one tiny boat that looked barely big enough to hold two people. It had an engine about the size of an icebox, and a few seats. The motor came alive with a loud bang, and then started to purr smoothly with the occasional sputter as Walter pulled the cord to start it. He motioned for Whitney to get in, and then followed. “Why did we have to rush to do this?” Whitney asked. “The longer Rainsford is out there, the bigger the risk of his death. We can’t waste a single second. There is a reason us sailors are so afraid of that island.” With that, they set off into the abyss called the ocean. They sailed for a long time, longer than Whitney cared to think about. He started counting fish to try to pass time, reaching somewhere around five hundred before finally giving up.

4: He sat there with this man he’d just met for what seemed like an eternity. Two days and two nights went by, with next to no speaking after Walter described why so many are afraid of the accursed island, and how so many have died by its waters. Finally, something started to happen. The skies turned dark gray and the ocean seemed restless, with bigger and bigger waves every minute. Out of nowhere, fist-sized rain drops started falling from the sky, threatening to completely flood the boat. “Quick, grab the bucket under your seat!” yelled Walter, while frantically searching for something. Whitney found the bucket and started scooping water from the boat. The adrenaline in his body started kicking in, allowing him to toss out water faster and faster. But it wasn’t fast enough. The boat started sinking, and Whitney wasn’t the greatest swimmer. “Here, take this!” yelled Walter, throwing him a life preserver. “I see the island over there, about half a mile away. If we can just get there without hitting the rocks, we should be fine. See you on the shore!” Walter dove into the water and broke into an Olympic swimmer stroke. Not needing any more convincing, Whitney followed him much more slowly, still in his life preserver. He swam as fast as he could; it took him almost an hour to reach the shore. Just as he was almost there, a massive wave threw him towards the shore, and towards the jagged rocks that could pierce through him like a sharpened spear.

5: Abandoning his life preserver, he dove under the water to avoid the current. Swimming as fast as his legs and arms would allow, he pushed himself to get to the rocks before another wave hit; and before his lungs needed air. Just as he felt his lungs tighten and an unbearable urge for air, he reached the rocks and wedged his foot in between a crevice in them. He used this foothold to pull himself up and over the rocks. Feeling beaten and worn out, he almost toppled over upon landing when he jumped off the rocks onto the shore. The adrenaline was gone, and he was defeated. Whitney dropped onto the sand with a soft, cushioned thud. He felt the warm embrace of sleep within seconds. “Hey, Whitney, wake up. We gotta find Rainsford,” said a familiar voice. Whitney sat up, feeling refreshed but at the same time worn out. Everything ached. Forcing himself to stand, his calves resisting, Whitney walked over to Walter. “Any idea where to start looking?” “You’re the hunter, you tell me.” “Right. Well, let’s look for some tracks then.” Whitney’s extreme hunter instincts kicked in, and he began searching. In the patch, he found what he was looking for: hunting boot tracks. They followed the tracks through a harsh jungle, fighting their way through vines and thick brush. They followed it for a while, starting to think they may have been going in circles.

6: Just as they were about to give up, Whitney spotted an enormous structure with towers jutting into the foggy sky. Excitement, combined with nerves, rushed into Whitney like a child getting a new bike. Rainsford might be alive! He sprinted to the building, prepared to find his friend. He got to the door and spotted a gargoyle knocker. He knocked it once. It produced a surprisingly loud noise, startling Whitney a bit. After a few moments, a tall figure opened the door. He was a slender man with an erect posture. He was wearing a uniform, somewhat like a man in the army would. It was Rainsford! “Greetings, Whitney,” said Rainsford with a big, toothy smile. “Care to go hunting?”

7: Main character: -Nirec -Think of a last name -Jack of all trades (Magician, swordsman, throwing knives) -Starts as a teen (seventeen) -Main quest to defeat some powerful guy -Dark brown hair, medium length, lean muscles, fit, medium-height, Gains magical glow mid-story Plot: -Nirec starts as an orphan -Has to go through vigorous training with (insert cool name here) -Famine in his town, caused by the evil (insert evil name here) -Nirec meets an archer, (insert girls name here), and a blacksmith (insert rugid name here) Setting: -Semi-large town (insert town name here) -Old times, think bronze ages -Big city with the benevolent king (insert kingly name here) -Evil (insert evil name here) lives in the side of a mountain -Mountain on other side of a river, at a triangle point between the town and the city

8: Characters: -(insert girl name here) -Archer -Tom boy, wears leather armor, green hair -(insert rugid name here) -scar across his face from fight with a werewolf -Short brown hair, stern face, tall, muscular -(insert evil name here) -Short black hair, handsome, thin, evil smile, extremely powerful magician -Needs a reason to start the famine, and a means of doing so -(insert kingly name here) -Medium age, big gray beard, big-ish (not fat but built big)

9: A PLAY By William Widmer Play Name For Hosiah Davis Characters A Strong man A Boy A Werewolf Scene There is a man walking through the woods. He is carrying a massive sword on his back. He is a guard tower but is lost. He is walking along, trying to find his way back, when he trips over something in a bush. It is a small boy carrying a blow gun. STRONG MAN: Woah, who are you? (Short pause.) The boy vanishes in thin air. STRONG MAN: What in the world?! Where did you go?

10: A young voice is heard, very fast-paced and high-pitched. THE VOICE: My name is Omeet. I’m hiding from the beast. What is your name? STRONG MAN: My name is Tryn. What beast? THE VOICE: Wicker. He is a wolf-man, cursed by a god named Sora for doing evil experiments on innocent people. He is now roaming this forest endlessly, terrorizing anyone in his path. STRONG MAN: I see. How is it that you turn invisible? THE VOICE: I am a trained assassin. STRONG MAN: Assassin? But you’re just a child! THE VOICE: Only by appearance. I’m older than you think. I’ve come to kill Wicker and to rid this world of his terror. STRONG MAN: Are you going to do it all alone? THE VOICE: Are you suggesting you would like to help? STRONG MAN: Well, maybe. It would help if I could see you. The small boy with the blow gun reappeared. BOY: There you go. Now how can you help me? (The boy keeps moving, as if he was nervous.) STRONG MAN: Well, I do have this little beauty. (He shows Omeet the sword.) BOY: Hmm. Do you wield it well? (The boy continues to move about nervously.)

11: STRONG MAN: Well, I do have this little beauty. (He shows Omeet the sword.) BOY: Hmm. Do you wield it well? (The boy continues to move about nervously.) STRONG MAN: Of course! I can slaughter any foe. BOY: Very well, you may come with me. STRONG MAN: Alright, but first... why do you keep twitching like that? BOY: I have to keep moving, for if I stand still for too long I will turn invisible. STRONG MAN: So that's how you do it. Can you teach me that trick? BOY: I'd love to, but I can not, as it was given to me at birth. It is a DNA thing. My sincerest apologies. STRONG MAN: That's unfortunate. BOY: Yes, most unfortunate. Now, let's head out. The two of them walk through the forest for hours, until they finally stumble upon an ancient tower, and see the werewolf standing by it. BOY: Wait. That tower is actually a magical defensive system of Wicker’s lair. It will shoot anyone who gets too close to it. STRONG MAN: Shoot? Like a gun? BOY: ... STRONG MAN: Right, stupid question. BOY: Just a bit. STRONG MAN: Well if we can’t get close to it, then how are we going to kill the werewolf?

12: BOY: That’s easy. I’ll shoot him, and then run into that bush over there. When he goes to chase me, I’ll be invisible. That’s when you jump him and when he attacks you I’ll come out and shoot him with my blowgun. Its darts are poison-tipped in order to kill him. STRONG MAN: You make it sound easy. How good of a fighter is he? BOY: Good enough. You’re going to need all of your strength to kill him, I assure you. Just be careful and think fast. And kill. STRONG MAN: Killing is what I do best. This’ll be a slaughter. BOY: I hope you’re right. Are you ready? STRONG MAN: Yes. The two of them executed the plan; the werewolf attacked, ran into the bush, and initiated Tryn. Then he miraculously teleported away and ran behind the tower and kept running, critically wounded. STRONG MAN: What in the world?! BOY: It seems the gods are keeping an eye on him. STRONG MAN: What do you mean? BOY: That was a special spell granted by the gods. It allows him to teleport a small distance once every few minutes. STRONG MAN: Well that’s just great. How are we supposed to fight that then?

13: BOY: Well we’re going to have to destroy that tower so we can chase him after he uses it. I can set a trap that will explode when he steps on it, which will slow him down. STRONG MAN: How do we destroy the tower? BOY: That’s easy. We just attack it. Every few minutes, a group of animals attacks the tower because they believe it is an abomination against nature. Since the tower can only shoot one thing at a time, we use those animals as cannon fodder. STRONG MAN: Cannon fodder? That’s terrible! BOY: Don’t worry, they’re not real animals. They are minions spawned by some unknown god and their only purpose is to attack the tower. STRONG MAN: I still don’t like it. But I guess we have no other choice. The two of them waited for the animals, then attacked the tower. They did this over and over again for twenty minutes, and finally the tower was destroyed STRONG MAN: Well, that was easier than expected. BOY: I'm surprised he didn't try to stop us. Let's set the trap. STRONG MAN: How do you set the trap? BOY: It's easy, just stand and watch, I'll do it. STRONG MAN: It looks like a mushroom.

14: BOY: Yes, it is mearly a disguise for the trap. If he steps on it, it will explode, causing his heel to shatter. Then we can catch him even if he teleports away. STRONG MAN: How are you so sure he'll step on it? BOY: We have to bait him. You're going to lay on the ground here and I'll bloody you up a bit to make you look helpless. STRONG MAN: Err, what do you mean blood- (He was cut off as Omeet shot a dart into his arm. Then another in his thigh.) STRONG MAN: OW! What was that for?! BOY: I meant exactly what I said. STRONG MAN: You could have at least warned me! BOY: If I had, you wouldn't have complied. STRONG MAN: Well yea, you shot me! BOY: I apologize. Please, lie down here. He'll smell your blood. STRONG MAN: Fine. You're lucky I don't help him hunt you. BOY: Why would you want to do that? STRONG MAN: Oh, nevermind. The two of them sat and waited for hours. STRONG MAN: Are you sure he's coming? BOY: He should be here soon. He must have smelled the blood, it is still fresh in the air.

15: STRONG MAN: But you wounded me hours ago. How can it still be fresh? BOY: You don't have the acute smell that we do. STRONG MAN: What do you mean we? BOY: I am of animal nature as well. I'm not an evil destructive brute, but I have the senses of an animal. That is to say, taste, smell, hearing, and sight. STRONG MAN: Not touch? BOY: Touch is the same for us as any creature, human or otherwise. STRONG MAN: Oh, right. Of course. BOY: What's that supposed to mean? STRONG MAN: Oh, nothing. BOY: Shh! I hear him coming! The boy turned invisible as something approached. STRONG MAN: Is it him? (In a whisper.) BOY: Shh! WEREWOLF: I know you're there, human. I can smell your blood. I also know you aren't dead. I'm going to change that. STRONG MAN: It can speak?! (Panicing, but still quite voice.) WEREWOLF: I will have fun with this! STRONG MAN: Wait, no! Please don't hurt me! WEREWOLF: (Cackling laughter.) Why would I not? You tried to hurt me! STRONG MAN: I'm sorry! Please don't!

16: WEREWOLF: I don't want to hear your sympathy. I just want revenge! The beast ran at Tryn, ready to tear him apart. However, he stepped on the mushroom trap and his ankle burst open. STRONG MAN: Haha! The trap worked! BOY: Attack now! Before he flashes away! STRONG MAN: Die, evil beast! BOY: He teleported! Over there, get him! Tryn and Omeet worked together to slay the beast. His corpse lay motionless on the grass. BOY: He is dead. Thank you for helping me defeat him. STRONG MAN: That seemed far too easy. Is that really all there is to it? BOY: Well, we need to cast a spell upon his corpse, else he may revive and become far stronger. STRONG MAN: Do you know the spell? BOY: Yes, it is a simply spell, but it requires lots of materials. Though we should be able to easily find them here in the woods. STRONG MAN: What are the materials? BOY: Well, I need a few sticks and something to start a fire, and an apple.

17: STRONG MAN: What's the apple for? BOY: I'm hungry. STRONG MAN: Oh. (Gives Omeet a face of disgust.) BOY: (Smiling.) Please hurry, the longer we wait, the sronger he'll get. STRONG MAN: Fine, fine. (Mumbles.) Stupid little squirrel boy. BOY: What was that? STRONG MAN: Oh, nothing. Tryn leaves and finds all the materials Omeet asked for. STRONG MAN: Here you go, your squirreliness. BOY: Squirreliness? STRONG MAN: Like highness, except you're a squirrel. BOY: I'm not a squirrel! Gah, whatever. Let's just start this fire. STRONG MAN: Is that enough sticks? I'll find more if I have to. BOY: It's plenty. We'll be burning the body. STRONG MAN: What, why? BOY: So it can't be used to store his soul. His soul is still there, only his body will be destroyed. Which is why we destroy his body, so his soul roams endlessly for eternity.

18: STRONG MAN: That sounds terrible! BOY: Oh, it is. But he deserves it. STRONG MAN: Right. BOY: Put the body in the fire, please. Tryn picked up the body and placed it in the fire. Omeet started chanting strange words Tryn didn't understand any of it. BOY: It's done. His soul is now hopeless to find it's body. STRONG MAN: Thank god. That took far too much effort. Now what are you going to do? BOY: Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'll find a way back to town. Get some money, maybe start my life over and live as a normal person. STRONG MAN: Really? That sounds great! BOY: No. STRONG MAN: (Sighs.) I'll never understand you. You're so peculiar. BOY: You don't need to understand me, I am what I am. STRONG MSN: Right. BOY: Enough about me, what are your plans? STRONG MAN: Hmm, I hadn't thought about it. I was originally trying to find a treasure out here, but I got lost on the way. No I wouldn't have a clue how to go much of anywhere. I was actually hoping you might be able to help me.

19: BOY: Is that so? What kind of treasure is it? STRONG MAN: I'm not really sure. I just heard it was one of the richest treasures ever lost, and that if I found it I could become a king. But really I just want it to be able to support my wife and my son. BOY: You have a family? What are their names? STRONG MAN: Well my sons name it Ren, and my wife's name is Sona. BOY: Why do you need the money? STRONG MAN: We're really poor, and my son is sick. I need to pay for a doctor to help him. BOY: I see. Perhaps I could help you? STRONG MAN: Certainly! Do you know where the nearest town is? Maybe we can ask for help there. BOY: Yes, I do actually. Follow me. The two of them set off for the nearest town, hoping to find the treasure to save Tryn's family. Do you think they will find it?

20: The Sad Mummy By: Bill Widmer There once was a sad, sad little mummy He awoke with a small case of amnesia He cried, “Who am I and where is my mommy?!” Then he set off to explore Indonesia He searched far and wide but couldn’t find his parents So he began to weep like a baby After much weeping he set off for Paris Where he then enrolled in the navy He defended against lots of terrorists They kept on fighting and would not stop He fought against them in the rainforests After winning he invested in some stock He became a rich mummy And that made him extremely happy!

21: The Master Engineer By: Bill Widmer There once was a master engineer He was small and everyone made fun of him Once they even threw him out for a swim! This was not good for his master career So he began to craft a big spear He made a robot with mechanical limbs After that he acted on a whim And connected the two using a sphere He wanted to exact his revenge And decided to attack everyone! He promised himself he would avenge He shot his enemies with a blowgun Then he brought them to the nearby Stonehenge And fed them to a dragon!

22: My Moustache By: Bill Widmer Ever since I was a boy I wanted a mustache I saw big ones, small ones, short ones and tall ones Some curled, some were plain and thick, and some were prickly But the one I wanted was the epic and amazing handlebar moustache It is big a fluffy and awesome looking! It looked like a cater pillar wrapped up It keeps your face warm and attractive And also smells good and feels nice

23: Frederick the Spiked Turtle By: Bill Widmer The fast, spiked turtle named Frederick He fell in to radio active waste This fast, spiked turtle who is now toxic For his illness there is no tonic So he did run far away with much haste The fast, spiked turtle named Frederick He could not be cured by any magic If only he could feel less misplaced This fast, spiked turtle who is now toxic He could not be cured by any medic He felt like his life had been a waste The fast, spiked turtle named Frederick His identity would soon be erased He fell to his knees and felt so disgraced This fast, spiked turtle named Frederick All hope gone, he found a nearby clinic And his little turtle heart they did replace The fast, spiked turtle named Frederick This fast, spiked turtle who is now toxic

24: The Cat That Went Moo By: Bill Widmer There once was a cat named Ted He loved his life, despite the fact that he was red A boy once saw the cat, can you guess what he said? "What is your name, little cat? And why are you red?" "Oh, my name is Ted, and I don't know" said Ted "Maybe it has something to do with me saying moo," "Moo? Cats don't moo! Cats meow!" said the boy "No, I moo. Does that confuse you?" So the boy searched far and wide To find out why the cat said moo But he couldn't find out anything So they became friends, just like me and you!

25: The Frost Bird By: Bill Widmer There once was a frost bird, majestic and kind The wise frost bird helped everyone in need She protected those weak in body and mind She even helped her young babies feed The wise frost bird helped everyone in need From young to old, no one needs to plead She even helped her young babies feed Some would even say she is under a spellbind From young to old, no one needs to plead For this wise frost bird will help every one Some would even say she is under a spellbind This wise frost bird who is oh so kind For this wise frost bird will help every one She protected those weak in body and mind This wise frost bird who is oh so kind There once was a frost bird, majestic and kind

26: The Energetic Rat By: Bill Widmer The little rat with too much energy He would always go around playing pranks He once played a prank on his friend Billy He put laxatives in Billy's brownie Doing this moved the little rat up the ranks Eventually he put in an entry He did this to become an army rookie But they did not take him because of his pranks The little rat This caused him to feel extremely sluggy And eventually also weepy So he helped Billy who gave him a thanks So the army let him drive their tanks And this made the energetic rat happy The little rat

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