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The Field

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S: The Field

FC: The Field | Written By: Angelina Rowan


2: I'm writing this..letter? But I'm not really sending it to anyone. I guess its more like a journal? I don't know. Maybe I'll put it in that awful corn field in remembrance. Gosh, my heart's racing just remembering that night. I could hardly see, my tears were blinding me. I lost my voice from screaming at the top of my lungs over and over again. It felt like I had been standing there on the road after we got out, in the cold for hours with the flashing police cars, ambulances, wide-eyed, fear-stricken neighbors and sobbing parents all around me. There was stepped on corn stalks scattered all over the ground..

3: My guilt was convincing me that they were purposely surrounding me, trying to suffocate me. People that I didn't know were saying how sorry they were that I had to go through such a horrible experience. They asked what they could do but unless they could bring my best friends back to life, they needed to just back off. They were saying they're sorry about my loss. They were saying that they understand the pain I must have been feeling right then. They obviously didn't. If they felt what I felt, they wouldn't be able to find their voice. I wished they would just leave me alone.

4: I think back to how it all started. It was a beautiful fall day. Unusually warm, it was very sunny and cheerful. Hah, nice trick God. The events that happened after the sun went down were completely opposite from cheery and calm. Me and my best friends were getting ready for trick-or-treating around Bri's neighborhood. I was dressed up as a pirate, and Bri, Liz, Lauren, Gwyn and Katie were dressed as different colored crayons. We left the house while it was still light out so we wouldn't have to deal with all the annoying 10 year olds who went out after dark.

5: We weren't really in it for the candy, we planned to stay out late, after all the little cowboys and princesses were finally in their warm, safe beds. We were so stupid. How could we have been so stupid? How could we have thought that it would be okay to just walk around a seemingly empty neighborhood at night nothing but flashlights? I just don't know.

6: Okay well I guess I have to go on now. After we got tired of trick-or-treating we started walking to a nearby barn by Bri's. | This barn is the site of at least one hundred animal's deaths, caused by a sick, twisted, dangerous man. | Picture of the barn taken by the police the next day

7: I'm shuddering as I think about it. If you think like a bunch of bored, sugar-high teenage girls for a second, I guess its pretty easy to see why we chose to walk there on Halloween night. But it started to get very dark, very quickly after sunset. The clouds were covering most of the full, orange moon. As we were walking to the barn we heard a few eerie dog howls and it was as if they were the ghosts of all the poor murdered animals in the barn that we were walking to, trying to warn us. I should have taken that as an omen, I should have known to go back. But I didn't so now my friends are dead and its my fault.

8: It was cold. We were getting scared, being out there all alone. But the massive adrenaline rush kept me going. Bri and Liz were complaining about being cold and scared and we could tell Katie was terrified. "Its freezing guys. Can we just go home?" Liz said "But you guys, we got so far," Gwyn stated strongly "Yeeeeah. And you know we won't have another chance like this to finally go to the barn," Lauren pleaded. "Besides, it'll be a great story to tell everyone at school. They'll all be jealous." She smirked.

9: That little fact right there convinced everyone to keep going. All I was thinking was that these pictures would be so cute on Facebook. We had to cut through the corn field to get to the barn and at first it was fun. We huddled together. You couldn't see through the corn and that made it scary but we weren't that scared because it was kind of like the haunted corn maze at Dorney Park, which we've been in a hundred times. Not true. We heard rustling in the corn so we grabbed on to the person next to us and started walking two by two. Me and Liz were in the front, Katie and Bri were in the middle,

10: Lauren and Gwyn were in the back. We were about halfway to the barn when they were taken... We didn't realize Lauren and Gwyn were gone right away. We heard some more rustling but didn't think too much about it. Then about two minutes later we heard a terrible, painful, terrified sounding scream..It was a few yards away and the first thought that ran threw my mind was, oh my God. Then I thought are some other kids are walking in the corn? Whats if they're hurt? So I immediately said, "Uh, you-u guys? I t-t-think we gotta go-o help."

11: And when I turned around to tell them I noticed that Lauren and Gwyn were gone. I put it all together right away. I screamed. I was shaking, I was so scared. Those screams that we head sounded like someone was being murdered. I could see the pieces being put together in everyones minds right away and we started frantically calling their names and running all over the place, bumping into corn stalks. "GWYN. OH MY GOD. IF YOU GUYS ARE PRANKING US RIGHT NOW..IMMA KILL YOU!" Liz screamed. There was no answer. Just terrifying silence. We decided to split up to find them. Half of my mind was saying that they were pranking us, but the other half didn't believe it.

12: We decided to split up to find them. We didn't even really think about calling the police right away and me and Katie were so stupid to not remember that our phones were dead. Now we had no way to call the police or even call Bri and Liz to meet back up with them. I don't even know if they tried calling Gwyn and Lauren's phones but we had to find them so we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find them. It was a mess. There was corn in my hair, the ground was muddy and slippery so me and Katie fell a lot. "LAAURENNN! GWYNN!" Our throats were starting to hurt and our voices were hoarse but we kept screaming their names.

13: It was getting colder and darker and my feet were getting numb. Katie grabbed on to me. Her nails dug so deep into my arm that it drew blood when we bumped into somebody. Katie screamed so loud into my ear that I couldn't hear for a few seconds. Thank God that it was Liz and Bri. We decided that splitting up wasn't such a good idea and that we should stay together no matter what for the rest of the night. Finally we called the police but we didn't stop there. We kept running around, having no idea what direction we were going in because the corn was so high above our heads. Thats about the time that we found them.

14: We found him. All three were bloody, on the ground. Gwyn and Lauren looked like they had been stabbed 13 times each, and the murderer had a knife through his heart. Everything went black. I don't know how long I was out for but I woke up in the middle of nowhere with Liz, Bri and Katie surrounding me, begging for me to wake up. I looked around and for a second I thought that seeing my friends dead and bloody was just a nightmare. I didn't see them anywhere. I was about to ask where they were but I decided, I didn't want to know.

15: But something was wrong. I could tell that everyone had been crying and I drew the conclusion that Gwyn and Lauren were dead. My friends picked me up and guided me around in the darkness. I could tell that they had no idea what to do and neither did I. Then we heard a helicopter, and sirens all over. I saw the flashing lights and ran to them. The armed policemen went into the field, cutting their way through with massive knives. Everything was all blurry.

16: I sat down on the edge of everything and just cleared my mind of everything except the one thought that ran over and over again in my head like a broken record..They're gone and never coming back.

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