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BC: ©2011 Kira Od, all rights reserved


1: I am a sculptor of depth, experience, and persistence. I have something meaningful and hopeful to say about humanity, and I know how to say it without words. Anatomy is more than a science to me. It is the root of all that humbles and ennobles us. It is the blueprint of our bond with other species. It is living proof that we are one small part of something far greater. Though many mistake my HYBRIDS for ancient mythological characters or fantasy figures, I don’t look backward or inward for inspiration. I am a modern sculptor, alive in the 21st century. The truths I need are right in front of me and it is my duty to describe them. It doesn’t matter if you are tall, short, fat, thin, male, female, young or old: if you are a living, breathing human being, my sculptures are about you. You, born of man and woman. You, the human animal. Why are my HYBRIDS all male? Why not? Why ignore the fact that men are as beautiful, complex, and sensitive as women? Why deny that humans are animals, for that matter? Western art is willfully ignorant on both of these topics. Western art says, “Men are animals,” and doesn’t even want to look. Not me. If you think animals are inherently inferior, you don’t know them. The way I combine men and animals transcends derogation. Every HYBRID I make is unquestionably human, yet where the man ends and the animal begins remains a mystery. In that mystery lies a deep truth. Bronze may be silent, but it can communicate. My HYBRIDS are talking to you. The closer you look, the more you will see. Art reflects the world; it does not change it. You change the world. I change the world. My role is to make art that says what I know about humanity in the most sophisticated way possible; it is to create bronzes detailed and interesting enough to give me hope for the future of art; it is to take the time needed to make each piece I do a superb accomplishment of skill, insight, and quality, regardless of cost. It isn’t easy. Foundries can barely manage the level of difficulty in my pieces, and public agencies fear the controversy associated with my work. Most sculptors would give up, faced with such smothering challenges. Not me. | I AM KIRA OD | WHAT KIND OF SCULPTOR AM I?

3: HYBRID ONE | (the Wolf) | This piece was inspired by the question about a dog that is answered with the phrase, “Because he can.” When someone dismissed this HYBRID as ‘awfully explicit’ I asked her why. She said it was the fact that the foreskin was discernible. There is much more to this sculpture than a foreskin.

9: HYBRID TWO | (the Horse) | What might the world be like if animals held the reins? For one thing it might be more sensible about nudity. A man once walked up to this HYBRID and exclaimed, “If that’s not sexual harassment, I don’t know what is!” Clearly he didn’t know what is.

15: HYBRID THREE | (the Cougar) | We so associate the feline with the female, a friend saw this HYBRID for the first time from a distance and exclaimed, “You’re finally doing a woman!” I told him not to hold his breath.

21: HYBRID FOUR | (the Cape Buffalo) | A Cape Buffalo stopped a flatbed truck I was in with one hard look from 50 meters away. I said to the driver, “You move another inch and he’s gonna rip your fenders off." The driver replied, “That’s what he did to our other truck last week.” Standing on gored Humvee parts and proffering a key stamped with the words, “MADE IN TAIWAN,” this HYBRID has had enough of exporting war and importing everything else.

28: OKAY, NOW THAT YOU THINK YOU’VE SEEN THE FIRST FOUR HYBRIDS, I’VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU: | They are sculptures, not pictures. To say they look different in person is an understatement: they are different. First, go to: www.kiraod.com and poke around. (Yes, the prices and dimensions are there; no, I don’t accept credit cards.) Then contact me and make an appointment to visit the studio, where HYBRID FIVE (the Raven), may still be in progress. Here you can rotate and touch the bronzes; catch every angle in x, y, and z; and see all the cool details that won’t fit in a book. Friends and family are welcome. | YOU HAVEN’T.

29: KIRA OD P.O. Box 70173 Sunnyvale, CA 94086 PHONE: (408) 245-1294 E-MAIL: kiraod@kiraod.com WEB: www.kiraod.com

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