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The Happy 40th Birthday Book

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The Happy 40th Birthday Book - Page Text Content

S: The "Happy 40th Birthday" Book

3: My Love, We left our furniture in Philly but we packed what's most important - our memories - they will go with us everywhere! You are the superhero of all my adventures. I feel i'm the luckiest girl on this planet to have you in my life. I LOVE YOU and i wish you all the joy that your heart can bear. Happy Birthday Sweetie! Kasia P.S. You can stop getting sexier now. You make everyone else look bad.

4: HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAREK! We wish we could have been there to celebrate in person! We will "raise our glass" in your honor for such a momentous occasion! We have truly appreciated the friendship both you and Kasia have extended and look forward to seeing you both very soon! Cheers! | Ironically, you share the same birthday with Erno Rubik .....maker of the Rubik Cube! | Sibel & Kevin & Lavinia

5: Yo Guapito! (guess I have to lose the "ito" after your "big" day), HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY!!! You've been a great friend, an amazing roommate, and super sports partner (camping, scuba diving, dancing, soccer...). Some of my craziest memories have you in them: - Pelee Island: You and Luca were the only ones of 15 people prepared to camp/bike at night on an island that had zero street lights (flashlight anyone?!?!). - Tobermory: Free-diving in a cave, thru a tunnel out to the lake. EASY! (Thanks for swimming back out to get my chicken ass...). - The Dominican Republic, Germany, Italy: Drinking, dancing, eating, good friends and some swimming and horse-back riding. Life was good! - Parties 'til the crack of dawn (then heading straight to work in the same clothes and a ripping hangover!). - And just hanging out at the homestead in RH: Drinking, dancing, eating, good friends, soccer and the jacuzzi with the lesbians. Life was real good! But most of all, thank you for teaching me the word "trust". Just one sentence said in passing many years ago made me realize how closed I was, and that I had to learn to trust you and others. That one phrase opened my world to the many loving friends currently in my life. Thank you for helping me expand my world, which would have been much smaller and darker without you in it. I wish for all your dreams to come true, lots of love, a long and healthy life, and much success. You deserve it. HAPPY 40th! (But didn't we celebrate that already in TO?!?!) :-P XOXO Penny | Here's a little blast from the past...Christophe Minster!

6: Dear Yarek, Te desejo muitas felicidades, paz, amor e carinho. Feliz Aniversario!!!! Adriana | Ssso, whatcha thinkin' about? | Honey, I'm real sorry about last night. May I come in? | Nothin'... ...just bear stuff.

7: Yarek, you’ve joined the forty-years-young club. Congratulations! Stefan has had a perma-invite for about 30 years, but we are happy to extend your probationary membership at this time. There was some debate internally whether you should be allowed to join, given your obvious spirit of adventure. We have come to associate the name “Yarek” with dancing, singing, scooters zipping across a tropical island, sailing in the rain, more singing, more dancing, and in general, immediate endorphin release. Given your history and energy levels, we have decided that your probation will last another 40 years and we will re-evaluate your case at that time. Thank you for being such an awesome friend and bringing much needed playfulness into our lives. We're lucky to know you, and hope to see more of you in the coming years. We urge you to come visit us and explore our urban jungle here in LA... to tame our wild highways... to scale our palm trees... to eat from the cart of an illegal immigrant... In the meantime, we wish you a very happy birthday!!! Nicole and Stefan | Remember Cozumel!

8: Dear Brodah / Wujek, From all of us, we wish you the happiest 40th birthday! Our family trips to visit you in Philadelphia will always be cherished memories. You were always such a great host, making sure we were busy with fun activities for the whole trip. Good times, good times! Here's to another 40 years of visits at whatever 'exotic' location you are calling home for the moment. All our love, Gosia , Tony , Vivian and Logan | Ottawa April 2010

9: Cancun :) | Happy B-Day Amigo!! Just remember, once you're over the hill you begin to pick up speed;))) We are overdue for a windsurfing vacation!!! All the best for your 40th. Cheers, Tomek | Jersey Shore July 2009

10: Yarek!!!!! Happy 4-0 dude! It’s been an absolute pleasure knowing you these past few years and I’m totally looking forward to more good times in the many years ahead. I’m so glad you guys are here in TO and will get to see Shailen grow up. Vooyek Yarek is going to be the best role model for him as he learns to live life to the fullest. Besos! Shelley | Hey Yarek, Happy 40th birthday! I can’t believe that when I first met you we were 16! It’s true time, flies when you are having fun! It is good to know that although we are getting older we still know how to act like we are 16 at times. Sharing our birthdays on camping trips has been a tradition we started a long time ago. It's a tradition that I am hoping to share with you for many years to come. I know Shailen is going to love this tradition. It is great having you as a friend. Happy Birthday, Sandeep | Dear Vooyek Yarek, Wowwow wow!! Note from Dad: All the wow’s from Shailen aren’t because you are really old. It’s the only word he knows right now. | Shailen | Tobermory July 2008

11: Felicidades Yarek!! Los años no pasan por tí!! Siempre serás el alma mater de las fiestas!! Besos y un fuerte abrazo desde España" Eva y Rosi | Yes, hi... I'm calling about the salmon you posted... | HELLO? Yes, this is Bear. | Oh God, not now...

12: Dear Yarek, You have the wisdom of a 60 year old and the physique of a 20 year old, so it is only fitting that you get to average it all together and celebrate 40 years of life. Have a wonderful celebration, a cliff jump for each of us, for in one more day your life insurance premiums are going to make further cliff jumping out of the question. Big Hugs, The Chapelhillbillies XOXOXOXOXO

13: Dear Yarek, Sounds like we won't be able to make it for your birthday party, which makes us sad, yet we know you'll be thinking of us while celebrating it with a glass of wine! Oh, no, that was vodka with a pickle! Or was it something else... :) We wish you all the best for your 40th (some of us are ahead of you and some have few more years to catch up), enjoy the lovely journey of life, be happy and cheerful as you always are, and hang out with people who make you feel good! (hope we're on the list:)) All the best, Jelena and Pedja P.S. Looking forward to another trip together!!! | More vodka... ...with a pickle, please! | Niagara-on-the-Lake May 2012

14: Dominika Muczynska z Rodzinka,

15: Yarek my Dear, What can we say? Every day with you, we're certainly "ON OUR WAY!" (said with a Yarek inflection!) You're an International Man of Mystery through and through. Austin Powers? Carlos Rossi? ...they have nothing on you! To the dance floor! To the beach! You definitely have a lot to teach. Putting up a tent Taking down a sail Sticking me on a Vespa. (at midnight, Amalfi coast no less) Yelling "SONYA!...DON'T FISHTAIL!" Looking up at the stars, or running through the rain Your love of life is infectious I know it has helped keep me sane (or, insane sometimes, debatable right :) ?) From all those that love you Strong in numbers far and wide We raise a glass to you my friend life is easier with you by our side. Happy 40th | P.S. I only had 10 minutes to write this little ditty So, the three-act play will have to wait until you're 60. | xo Sonya | Future us?

16: Dearest Yarek, Who would have known that Eng. Soc. rep election would result in a friendship that spans more than 20 years? I would not be the person I am today if I had not met you. You have a knack for motivating people to do what they have never done before (and what they have never imagined they would like to do :-)). I will always treasure the memories of our cross-country ski outing, white water rafting trip, travels to North Carolina, Costa Rica, Europe, etc. In addition to being a great travel and adventure companion, you have been a great friend who is always ready to land an ear, give a sincere advice and a helping hand. As our friendship grew and developed you became more than a friend you became part of the family. Since the beginning, you have been like a second brother to me, but in the mean time you have also become a good friend to Arash, and a favourite uncle to Luka and Mila. We are so sorry we could not spend this festive time with you and Kasia, and are happy to have an opportunity to wish you a happy birthday this way. We promise to have a big celebration with you and Kasia when we return from our trip. In the mean time, have a blast this weekend and have a great birthday - we will do our best to help make next 40 years are as memorable as the last 40. Much love from half the world away, Mila, Luka, Arash and Dragana

17: Yarek, I can't believe you're 40... oh wait does that mean that I... oh sh... Auguri bastardino! We miss you! Remember all our adventures? The run in Hell, Michigan, the take off with the door full open, the early swim after a night of clubbing with the drift that almost swallowed us, mountain biking, sailing, skiing, so many more... Take care and hope to see you soon! Luca & Patricia | Dances with Dirt in Hell, MI | Sailing Lake St. Clair | Shiny Shirt Party | Pull-ups on Ipanema Beach

18: Yarek, Remember all the dancing and the parties in Michigan? And when we went to Panama and Costa Rica for John's weeding? Good times, and thanks to Dragana!!! It's been so long since we have spoken and its taken a girlfriend to reconnect us (it's about time). My friend and fellow "Cancer" I wish you an awesome birthday! Much love and peace today and everyday ... Shanti (aka Neusa) | Shall I compare thee.... a pic-a-nic basket? | I'd like to sing a little song.... ...about a guy I ate. | Hi! Could I have a moment of your time to talk about Jesus?

19: Dear Yarek, Best wishes for your 40th Birthday. I remember that card with the spring chicken, hehe. Hope the next 40 are even better than the first one. ...more fun, camping, climbing, surfing, wine, good friends and great memories!! In fact every time I go to Philly everything reminds me of our time in the city (makes me wanna cry). Let the party begin!! Love, Skylie, Ines & Family | Jersey Shore July 2009

20: Queridisimo padrinooooo! Happy birthday!!! What a surprise! You are turning 40 but you still look like a teenager.....;) Bueno, queremos desearte lo mejor, ya sabes que te queremos un montón y que para mi eres como un hermano! Nos encantaria estar contigo el dia 13 pero ya sabes que estamos un poco lejos, jejeje. Cuando podamos cruzaremos el charco para visitaros y pasar tiempo con vosotros! La próxima vez ya será con Bruna, la nueva incorporación a la familia. Que pases un Muy,Muy Feliz cumpleaños y nos vemos prontito! Venga, ahora os toca a vosotros venir a vernos! Apuntado en la agenda! ;) Bibi , Pere , Biel and Bruna "coming soon"

21: Yarek! Happy birthday to a guy that not only knows how to have a good time, but brings it to all those around him. If it were not for your signature impromptu parties and outings, it’s very likely that we would have never met. For that we are forever grateful, and consider you one of our closest friends. | A phrase often comes to mind that is a constant reminder of the many good times and adventures that we have shared; "Salut i fora al canut". We wish you all the best on your 40th and look forward to seeing you sometime soon! Love, Gina, John, and Alexandria

22: Life begins at 40, Yarek !!! "Happy Birthday my dear friend!!! Welcome to the Exclusive Club 40! This is a genuine signature to a happy induction. If the joy lasts for more than 4 hours, please don't call your doctor...ride on brother!!!... For rumor has it, life begins at 40!!!" Brian | Go on... without me... | Why don't you come over here and say that??? | OMG! You locked me outside... ...naked!

23: Gerli and Co. | Girls love dancing! | Tallinn July 2004

24: Yarek, Now that you are a fellow quadragenarian, keep in mind the following as you move through the next decade: it's not a mid-life 'crisis', it's a mid-life 'opportunity'!" Regards, Rick

25: Happy 40th Birthday Jarek! We really miss having you in Philadelphia! We often pass by spots in the city that remind us of many fun evenings spent with you and Kasia. A lot has changed since we first started hanging out with you here. Zot's big pots of mussels may be gone but North Bowl is still going strong! We hope you'll return home often - maybe even to stay!? We'll play you a round of bowling anytime, and 8th Street just won't ever be the same without you on it. We drank a toast to you under the Ben Franklin Bridge this week, and look forward to toasting our drinks with you in person many times in the years to come, wherever it is that the years take us. Love, Jackie & Jim | Philadelphia November 2009

26: Dear Yarek, A toast to you, Happy Happy Birthday! 20 years old with 20 years of experience, this is the best one yet! | You deserve a wonderful year ahead with a perfect mix of achievements and adventures, and I wish I lived closer to enjoy more of it it together with you! But after many meals with discussions about everything and nothing in particular, memorable parties and nights out and about in Philly, cave diving in Mexico, and numerous biking and beach trips I think we know for all times that we are kindred souls and will enjoy the fewer get-togethers even more! Lots of love, Gabi

27: Happy Birthday Mon Ami! Really wish I could be there to celebrate but you know how it is...better yet, wish we were at Cafe Campus celebrating with 6$ pitchers and 1$ shooters like the good old days :) Don't know what you're eating or smoking but 40 means nothing with age well my friend. 10 more years and you'll need your first screening colonoscopy! Until, then, let's party! Hooman

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