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The House on Colleen Drive

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FC: The House O | The House on Colleen Drive

1: Dedication For my family who has supported me through my entire life.

2: Table of Contents Chapter 1: Michael Chapter 2: The House on Colleen Drive Chapter 3: Granola Bars Chapter 4: London Britches Falling Down Chapter 5: My Best Friend

3: Michael Moments after being born my name was decided to be Michael Tomas. Michael was my grandpas middle name, made my own. My sister made the final decision to make my middle name Thomas, my grandpas first name. The significance of my name is important to me; knowing that I will remember my family forever and never forget them. The name Michael means a very nice person who makes people laugh. It also means someone who is very intelligent and easy going. This definition fits my personality perfectly.

4: If I had the choice to change or keep my name I would keep it the same. I was given my name by my family, because thats what they wanted to name me. I like my name and it defines me. I was given my name to remember my family and thats important to me. It makes me my own person. My family has taught me so much that I am grateful for. Their advice helps me with day to day decisions. I could be asked a thousand times and still have the same answer. I will keep my name as long as I live.

6: The House on Colleen Drive To get to Colleen Drive, you turn right off of the main road into my development. From there you continue down the street and turn right, and go up a hill. At the top turn left, count two houses down and your there. My neighborhood is small and quiet. All of the houses are lined up like soldiers, uniform and neat. To me they all look the same, but I like them. The houses are all the same, but in many ways different at the same time. Each person gives them some kind of personal touch to make it their own. One neighbor never cuts his grass and lets everything grow out of control. He has a lot of cats that sit in the driveway like statues all day; sometimes I wonder if they are real or not. No one in the neighborhood likes him. I don't blame them. He doesn't even have to decorate his house for Halloween, it looks scary year-round..

7: I’ve lived in the same house since day one with the same people, same neighbors, and same sense of safety I feel when I’m home. Every time I walk in the door I get a warm feeling, except in the summer when the AC’s on; then I get a cold feeling. Many childhood memories, good and bad, happened at my house. I remember them all still like it was yesterday; all of my birthday parties and holidays that I shared with friends and family.

9: Granola Bars It happened sometime in October during 7th grade. Two of my friends had been using their artistic abilities to draw a picture during indoor recess. The picture was very detailed all the way down to the smallest dots. Once the picture was done everyone laughed and admired the funny drawing of two people eating granola bars. Then a teacher walked in; the fun was over and panic set in between the two of them. After that it all went downhill. We sat the rest of recess in silence; no one was allowed to talk. Many were called to the office to explain what we saw or what happened. When it couldn't get any worse, our homeroom teacher walked in, and it did. She had us all write down what we saw and who drew the picture. We must have sat there for 20 minutes before we could even move.

10: We were all nervous for what would happen, and surprisingly nothing did at first. We got back to class like nothing had ever happened. About 15 minutes had passed when the principal walked in the room. The lecture she gave us lasted about 20 years long and she explained how some people need to act our age. No one listened to what she was saying; no one cared. Finally she was done and took the two kids who drew the picture out of the classroom. We never saw them again until the end of the day. This day really made me realize how seriously things can be taken, and now that were soon going to high school we need to act more mature.

11: Granola bars are healthy!

12: London Britches Falling Down The day after our trip to Columbus we were back in school having a miserable day. We were supposed to have the day off, but because of so many snow days we had to go. Most of the day was over and we were in our last class. Music class was especially boring that day and most of the guys wanted something fun to do. As we left a thought occurred to one of the guys, and he thought it was a good one. We all walked out the door and they came down like a pile of bricks; without even a belt to try and keep them from coming down. A few laughs and a scream from the girl later the two were pulled aside and questioned. A demerit was given along with a trip to the office. There it got worse. He missed his bus and stayed after school where one of his parents was brought in to talk with the principal.

13: His punishment was severe, and his parents weren’t happy. The next few days were lived out in quiet worry, wondering what would happen to him. He waited and waited for an answer to come, when one day the phone call finally did. The next two weeks were hard, and spent working all day. He did nothing but work, work, and more work to keep up his grades. Time passed like quicksand, with each day seeming to last an eternity. Finally his wait had come to an end, and he returned to his normal life for the next week until he graduated. What happened to that boy taught me a moving lesson to always make the right choices because sometimes you only have one chance.

14: London bridge is falling down, | falling down, falling down | London Bridge is falling down | my fair lady........

15: My Best Friend It began in 6th grade when I transferred from my old school to Notre Dame. The first week was somewhat lonely seeing as how I knew no one there. I began to make friends with a few of the people who sat around me in class, but I didn't have any close friends yet. The bus I rode to school was so overcrowded kids were pouring out the windows. The first day I rode the bus there was only one spot left; a seat near the back with two girls who happened to be in my class. The first girl was Alivia Lee and the other girl sitting there was Olivia Jereb, who would eventually become my best friend. The entire bus ride we sat and talked about everything from school to even what TV shows we watched the night before. The rest of the week I sat with Olivia on the way to school. .

16: One morning we didst leave from the bus stop because the school board had to come out due to overcrowding. We must have sat there 40 minutes before anyone said anything. Of course me and Olivia sat together and talked. We had given each other our phone numbers so we could do science homework together that night. From there we texted every day and became really good friends. We sat by each other in class and talked all class. We eventually became best friends. Four years later she is still my best friend, and practically my sister. I can always rely on her and ask her for advice when I need it. She is fun to be around and we hang out a lot. She's also pretty funny. Even though we get into arguments or get mad at each other we will always get over it. Meeting her made me realize everything happens for a reason, like how she was sitting in the only seat left on the bus, and that a true friend will always be there for you.

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