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The Journal of Eliza Klein

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The Journal of Eliza Klein - Page Text Content

S: The Journal of Eliza Klein

FC: My Journal

1: This Journal Belongs To: | Eliza Klein

2: About this Journal This journal is written from the point of view of a young girl in the 1920's from Iowa named Eliza Klein. It is an account of her life as she seeks stardom and moves to New York City. It may or may not seem a little vauge to you but I'm hoping you can use your imagination and add your own flare to this drama.

4: I can't believe I'm actually here: in New York City! This place is so different from back home in Iowa. There's soo many people here. And they all look so glamorous. I was so surprised when I got off the train. To thinkMomma almost convinced me to stay at home. My dreams were too big for Riverton ,Iowa. Now that that I'm here I can spread my wings! Long live New York City!!!!!

5: Yesterday was the first day I really saw the city! AfterI checked myself into a little hotel real close to Grand Central ( I spent nearly a quarter of my money on the room alone!) ,I wasted no time and passed out on the little bed right there in the middle of the room. Train trips from Iowa to New York are exhausting ya know!I woke up a couple hours later.I was starving by that time but i figured that if I wanted to compete with all the girls in the city, I should hold back from the food. That and I wasn't about to waste a single cent.

6: This morning I bought a bagel from the shop down stairs. The man behind the counter gave me the most knowing look;like he knew just who I was and what I was here for. I suppose there's a lot of girls like me in the city, but I'm different. I'm gonna make it like no ones ever made it before. Just you wait. I stayed in my room until it started to get dark then I went downstairs.I waited by the curb considering my next move. I decided to practice by taxi hailing skills. Lydie had taught me how to do that back home. It was only a matter of seconds before a car

7: pulled right up in front of me. When the driver asked me where I wanted to go I told him to take me where the fun is. I didn't understand why he dropped me off on a quiet street but I didn't have the chance to ask before he sped off. I didn't know where I was and I was scared so I just stood there facing down a dark alley. When I turned around I bumped right into a woman who was dressed in the shortest skirt I'd ever seen. She was so nice to me.She offered to help me like she was the one who ran into me. Before i knew it we were down the alley way past a door and into a place I'd only ever imagined. We were in a Speakeasy!

8: It's been about a week since I met or should I say ran into Lady . Coming to New York I wouldn't have expected anyone to be half as nice.She is so sweet to me! She's taken me out every night and has been teaching me the ropes. I could say there's one rude thing she's done. When I told her my dreams of being a dancer, she laughed in my face.Said that the city would chew me up and spit me out and that I would be back in Idaho before knew it. I don't even live in Idaho!I would have walked away from her just right then but I needed her more than anything .

9: I haven't spent any money on food since the night she took me under her wing. She's also given me so many new clothes. Dresses and skirts so short I'd never have worn them had not she forced me into them. The one thing I haven't tried despite Lady's best efforts is a drink. You know an alcoholic drink.I just sit in the corner while she drinks, shows too much skin and kisses men she's never even met!I know it sounds crazy but I want to be just like her. So free and happy. I want that so bad.

10: What a party that was last night.Seems thats all I can remember; that is was some sort of fun. I can't make heads or tales of it all.Everything was normal until Lady gave me some "water" to drink.I was dressed in a dress that was more fitted to a 10 year old and had more make up on than anyone ought to.All Lady's doing. I hope I didn't do anything too risque last night . I downed at least 5 of those "glasses of water". But last night was one of the best night's of my life. I finally felt free. I can't wait to hit the bars tonight. Don't know why I didn't do it before!

11: Movin out of the hotel today . Lady said I can stay withe her rent free. I still don't know why she's being so nice to me. I doesn't make sense.Better not question it.It seems that I've become the talk of the Speakeasies. Me and Lady have started goin to a new one called the Blue Room. It's nonstop jazz and drink. I love it! Never in my life had half such a good time.I'm enjoyin myself now but I'm still tryin to find a way on to the dance scene. I want to be a show girl so bad.That's the one thing Lady won't help me with. I wonder what happened that was soo terrible. I'll make it even without

12: her help.I'm gonna be a star no matter what. Even though I'm havin the time of my life I still miss home. Every so often I look in the old wood box Papa gave me when I was just a girl, the one with the daisies painted on top and just stare at pictures of home and smell the rich cedar sent of the farm and Momma's fancy perfume. I even look at the engagement ring Samuel gave me before the accident. I miss him so much.To think if he hadn't have died I'd me married with a child right now. Do I still want that in life?

13: I met a man last night. His name was Johnny. Boy is he easy on the eyes.He was such a smooth talker. We shared some some laughs and on account of the several drinks I'd had I even told him I wanted to be a dancer. You'll never believe what he told me. He said that he had a way to get me on the scene. Before the night was over he had offered me a modeling job. Said I had just the face the industry was lookin for. I can't believe my luck. Lady says I shouldn't trust a guy like him but what does she know .I'm here and I'm ready for my close up.I'm gonna be famous!!

14: August 15 It's all comin together now. First I'll take over the modeling scene. Then I'll move in to dancing. By the end of the decade I'll be on top. Everyone will know the name Eliza Klein. I had my first shoot today. Johnny even made it so I wouldn't even have to audition. Apparently I am the new face of Penman Cosmetics. My face is gonna be in the papers by the end of next month says Johnny. Everything's happenin so fast. It's gonna be great.

15: I suppose Johnny and I have become a little more than just friends. He is so handsome and sweet. He took me out to dinner and things took of from there. He's the best thing that's happened to me since Sammy .Lady still doesn't like him. But who needs her. Johnny said I can move in with him. I swear he's the sweetest man I've ever bet.Lady's just jealous of me. She wishes she were half as beautiful as me.She pretends she knows things but in all honesty she's just a girl who never made it big and doesn't want anyone to do what she couldn't.

16: My life is better than its ever been before.Everything or at least almost everything is perfect. I don't know why but since I moved in with Johnny , I've been missing my family more and more. I miss Momma and Poppa so much . And Tommy and Marie, Baby Lucille and puppy dog Ruthy . Johnny seems to be pulling away too. He stays out longer and talks less. Despite all this I think I'm really in love with him.But then again I was in love with Samuel and this relationship is nothing like that one. It's not nearly as real or nearly as addictive.

17: I did something bad. Real bad. Last night I was feeling down in the dumps. I realized that I had no friends and a boyfriend who has seemingly lost all interest in me. I dressed in my best trying to make myself feel better and made my way down to the Blue Room.Then I drank myself silly. I ended up in gods knows where with god knows who.And then I ruined everything. Let's just say I was unfaithful to Johnny and end it there.What have I done!

18: I know just what I'll do. I won't tell Johnny . He doesn't need to know.It was one time . One mistake and it'll never happen again ever ever ever! I love Johnny . It was just one mistake .

19: I tried to reconcile my relationship with Lady today. I went to her apartment. She wasn't there. I went looking at her friend Rosy's place( Rosy who still hates my guts for "stealing" her friend).she wasn't there . No one has seen her .Where could she be?

20: July 8 She's in Chicago. Lady just up and left and moved to Chicago. I heard she was offered a gig. I can't believe it. What happened to show business is no business of mine. I can't believe she left me.Left me here all my myself . I just don't get it. Why now? Why this way?

21: I hate Johnny Rhodes I hate Johnny Rhodes I hate Johnny Rhodes I hate Johnny Rhodes I hate Johnny Rhodes I hate Johnny Rhodes I hate Johnny Rhodes I hate Johnny Rhodes I hate Johnny Rhodes I hate Johnny Rhodes I hate Johnny Rhodes!

22: I'm such a stupid stupid girl. Why am I so darn stupid? Everything has gone wrong. Everything!! Johnny kicked me out. He never loved me.I'll just say it. I went out and got myself pregnant. And then I did the dumbest thing I could have done and told him it wasn't even his baby. Now I'm out on the street with no place to go, no food to eat, no one to get me photo shoots without auditions anymore, and a baby I don't even want. I guess you could call it instant karma. Slept with a man I barely knew, got myself in this situation What in the world am I gonna do about all this. It's just no fair.

23: I wrote home to tell Momma about what's been goin on and to ask if I could come back home. I've got nowhere else to go.This is how she responded: Liza, Don't ever come back here. All you'll do is bring shame to the family name.And there ain't no way I'm gonna let your little illegitamete child grow up anywhere near Marie's children.You're not welcome here.You're not my daughter anymore. What am I going to do?

24: I tried to fix it all but all I did was break myself.I didn't think I just acted. Ran out into the middle of the street,got hit by a taxi, hoping that when I woke up it would be just me with no child to think about. It's still alive.This is one strong baby.Think I'll name her Charlotte after her Grandma. I know she had to be strong to disown her child . I know she still loves me.

25: I found a job as a seamstress downtown. Don't start for a couple more weeks. Thank God Momma taught me how to sew. Otherwise I'd be up the creek without a paddle. Charlie should be born any day now. I'm huge.I know I wouldn't have said this 4 months ago but i can't wait till she's born.

26: I am a seamstress in New York City. I am tired and overworked. I'm making way less money than I could be if I were dancing or modeling and I have a beautiful little 5 month old baby girl named Charlotte who I love. I think that I am finally happy.

27: my little girl, Charlie. 5 months

28: The Jazz Age | The 1920's was a time of excess and fun. During this decade alone, the country changed in numerous ways. World War One also known as the Great War had just ended and the nation was welcoming immigrants from around the world. Industry was also a key part of this time period but I believe that two key events stand above the rest. Prohibition and of course Jazz music on the following Pages I will outline just what these words entail and show why I think that over all other events of the decade these influenced our country the most.

29: Prohibition Prohibition was a period of time in United States history where alcohol was basically illegal.It all started January 16,1920.The 18th Amendment(due to wording deficiences)only banned the manufacture and sale not the consumption Possession of alcohol.Any public establishments previously able to sell or manufacture alcohol were shut down immediately and the remaining products were destroyed. There were many reasons that the United Sates put a ban on alcohol, one of which was the Women's Christian Temperance Union. This group of women were strong adversaries of alcohol. They believed that it was the cause of several of America's problems including spousal and child abuse and industrial productivity loss.In their opinion the ban on alcohol was a welcome change they believed would transform the American way. Another reason Prohibition was considered and eventually instated was to save resources for war. It was argued that grain should not be used in the production of beer, but in the manufacture of bread for the soldiers who fought in World War One. Prohibition was also considered somewhat patriotic because many makers of beer were of German descent.At this point in history America and Germany were, so to speak, not the best of friends. Ironically, Prohibition only fueled America's thirst for alcohol. Many people considered the ban unjust.They continued to drink alcohol despite the fact that all legal establishments had been closed down. They went to Speakeasies, or illegal bars, to drink and party.Just before Prohibition took effect,Cleveland, Ohio had an estimated 1200 legal bars. By 1923 there were 3000. As for the manufacture of the alcohol the Speakeasies sold, there was organized crime. This is where the mobsters made the real money. They would make alcohol by any means even if it wasn't quite sanitary and sell it to anyone who was in the market. As a result of this many people died whether it be for health related reasons or because they got involved with the wrong group of gangsters. Eventually, the United states realized that Prohibition was only ruining the country. It was officially ended on December 5,1933

30: Jazz(After all it was called the Jazz Age) Jazz played an intergral part in the 1920's.After World War One droves of African Americans made their way north looking for a better life. With them they brought their music . This migration spurred the Harlem Renaissance, a growth in African American culture. Jazz and Blues music spread throughout the nation.This influenced the spread of popular dances like the Charleston and the Bunny Hug.Some popular Jazz artists during the time were the famous Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Bessie Smith. Jazz was the music of choice among many of America's Speakeasies and illegal bars. Not only did it encompass smooth somewhat intimate sounding notes(in the form of Blues music) but fast joyous melodies.People enjoyed the fast paced music while they threw back drinks. This is perhaps why many people elder and otherwise looked down upon Jazz music as fuel for inappropriate behavior. Performing at Speakeasies was an easy way for many jazz musicians to get a great start in heir careers.Since illegal bars were so often frequented by the countries best and brightest, musicians flocked to these establishments looking to be discovered. Many bars were segregated excepting the entertainment. African Americans would be allowed to sing for the crowds enjoying their drink but joining them was sometimes out of the question. Overall,Jazz music played a huge role in the 1920's so much so that even today the 1920's decade is called the Jazz Age.During this time music went through some major changes and contributed to the music we listen to today.

31: On the preceding pages I revealed the two events that I thought were the most important during the 1920's in the United States. Prohibition and jazz music were two historic events unique to the 1920's.I believe that the entire 20's decade was very important to the development of our country not only in contributing to the overall culture but in influencing the development of crime throughout the country.I hope you can see that our nation just wouldn't be the same if the 20's never happened.

32: Just for Funsies... Learn the Charleston at the following URL'S!!!

33: Yeahhhhh!!!! French Toast!!!

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