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The Journey

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The Journey - Page Text Content

S: Brandon Barlow

BC: Hazelwood Hawks

FC: The Journey Brandon Barlow and the 2011 Division II Missouri State Champion Hazelwood Hawks

1: To Brandon For Love of the Game (and my love for you!) Grammy | #12

2: Thursday, 4-7-11 Hawks vs Rockwood Summit at Home Field | "LAX Pimp"!

3: Brandon taking it to the net! | Ball | In 2011, Brandon's 3rd year of LAX, he was asked to switch from "ATTACK" (short pole), a position he had played his first 2 years, and play "DEFENSE" (with longer D-Pole, above). He made a GREAT transition! | S L A S H

4: Hawks and Rockwood Summit will meet again at Lindenwood for the final round of State Playoffs! | Mason defends Hawks! | I'

5: One team, one fight! | Slash

6: I'm a "KEEPER"! | Bustin' OURS, so we can kick YOURS!

7: Ball | Prepare to be disappointed, (now AND later)!!

8: Varsity undefeated! | HAWKS Win 9-6!

9: Brandon and Mason CELEBRATE with ALL 4 FEET off the ground!

10: Tuesday, 4-12-11 (Away) | VS P a r k w a y C e n t r a l

11: This game goes to Sudden Death Overtime! Hawks defeat Parkway Central 9-8! | Missing 3 "late" Seniors this game, Brandon & others "took up the slack"! (Coach addressed this issue after the game!) | In a team & parent meeting after the game, Coach Livingston encouraged his players to play harder because, in his words, "Ms. Barlow wants an exciting trip to STATE!" It worked, because the following month, on 5/26/11, these HAWKS would meet Parkway Central again to play an "EXCITING" second round of STATE Playoffs at LINDENWOOD, and defeat them AGAIN!

12: Thursday 4-14-11 (Home) | Hawks vs Wentzville | 12 | 20 | H

13: "Coming & Going" | "Manly LAX Men" | LAX on! | LAX off!

14: "Trust me, I'm a Goalie!" | L A X A D D I C T

15: I've got this little guy! | Just LAXin'! | Size Matters!

16: Mason, turn around! | What? | L A X A D A I S I C A L

17: Hey, dude... watch that stick!

18: My "stick behind the back" pose! | Grammy, look at me!

19: Two "12"s! | Bro, stay close! | Hey Mason, can you stand on one leg? | I can reach this dude with my D-pole! Cool! | Same pose! | Same pose!

20: HAWKS keeping 'em out!

21: H | Get off my stick, you silly LAX monkey!

22: OFFENSE gets the glory, but DEFENSE hurts people!

23: Goal! | Play LAX to the MAX!

24: LAX! No Opponents, Just Victims!

25: #12's Weapon of Choice! | Never do battle without it!

26: SMACK!

27: If you can't play nice, PLAY LAX! | B a l l

28: Coach Livingston | Coach Schuh | Team Paramedic, Dave

30: Ouch! Hurt your booty? | You can get up now, the play is over! | "There's no crying in LAX!"

31: WARNING: LAX Players with Attitude! | ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING!

32: L A X B R O S | Play HARD, play SMART, play TOGETHER!

33: Ball | Outplay, Outwork, Outlast!

34: W I C K E D S T I C K | "D" players have "LONGER SHAFTS"! | Walk "softly", and carry a "big stick"! | Why is Barlow walking that way? | T Y R A N | Little Guy

35: Doing that one-legged thing again!! | L A X A H O L I C

36: L O R D OF THE S T R I N G S

38: Brandon scores 3 goals! | Hat Trick! | Sticks above our heads!

39: Hawks defeat Wentzville 18-3! | Varsity remains undefeated! | Another one bites the dust!

40: Brandon has Mason's back . . . literally!

41: "He ain't heavy, he's my bro!" | These Hawks have had a lot to celebrate this season! | OK, get off!

42: Tuesday, 4-19-11

43: H a w k s vs Webster Groves | Coach Sam Youngblood | Defensemen have "longer poles"! | Goalie BEAST! | BooBoo

44: Stormy weather and broken lights relocated this game from Webster's home field. | Hawks defeat Webster 13-8! | I'm the HIT you never saw coming!

45: Run, Bran! Mom wants a goal! And he gives her one! Score! | Michael, Kenny and MOM of #12 | This one's for my mama! | "Winning"

46: Thursday, 4-28-11 vs Fox | HAWKS win 7-4!

48: Saturday 4-30-11 vs Rockbridge "Bruins" (from Columbia, MO) | Don't make me hit you! | Motivated! | Ball

49: Dedicated! | Don't even THINK about it! | B a l l

50: #12 Outnumbered! | Where you going? | I'm still on you! | Whack!

51: Mason saves a goal!

52: Ball | It takes BALLS to play LAX!

53: "Go, Bran!" Dad wants a goal! Brandon gives him one! | Ball | S C O R E | Take it all the way, Barlow!

54: We got ya! | Brandon & Tyran fight to get the ball!

55: High-stepping Carl runs with the ball!

56: Ball | Take it WAY down, Bran!

57: "Wicked Stick" won't give it up!

58: Teamwork makes the dream work! | Give it all you got!

59: LAX Motivation!

60: LAX Attack!

61: You can NEVER play too much LAX!

62: Coach Livingston is in his "nervous" pose! | "Pick it up, Barlow, and take it down!" | Ball

63: The field was very wet and slippery, as you can see by these muddy legs! | I do all my own stunts! | Ball

65: I am the Coach. To save time, assume I know EVERYTHING ! | He is a LAX Genius! | Wow!

67: Hawks defeat Rockbridge 13-7! | Run, Joey! He's on you!

68: Sunday, 5-1-11 vs Shawnee Mission | The Lancers are a Division I team from Kansas City. | ALL it takes is ALL you got!

69: B A L L | Be relentless! | ALL out, ALL the time!

70: #12 | All I need is green grass & a Quick Stick! | Reeve

71: S C O O P I T U P

73: "Sticking" it to them!

74: B A L L | Catch it and GO!

75: B A L L

76: Brandon is about to be "whacked" for having the ball! | Does the Ref notice the one-handed hit?! | Huh? | S L A S H | Division I players shouldn't need to "slash" Division II players! | Ball

77: Despite their efforts . . . | . . . Hawks lose this one! (But it's not a "Conference" game.)

78: Wednesday, 5-4-11 Hawks vs Parkway South (Away) | #12 | Ball

79: Hit him, Bran! | Hit

80: #12 | Risk everything! Fear nothing!

81: B A L L | Losing is NOT an option!

82: #12 | Warriors on the field! | Down and dirty!

83: Hawks win 7-5!

84: Tuesday, 5-10-11 | P I C T U R E D A Y

85: "We look good!" | "Where's the camera?"

86: Mason chats with Bryce, a future LAX player! (Maybe!) | "Smile, guys"! | Hey Mason, does LAX hurt? | Oh, yeah!

87: "Swing Player" Brandon changes into his JV jersey for next picture!

88: Mason | Tyran | Kasey | Scott | Reeve | Hawks Varsity Goalie

89: Joey | Jeremy | Jordan | Donovan

90: Ayrion | Reeve | Jeremy | Donovan | Cool LAX Dudes! | Where?

91: Connor, Joey, Kasey | Ayrion, Carl, Jeremy | "Charlie's Angels" aka Ryan M., Bryce, Ryan G. | A y r i o n | K a s e y

92: Hazelwood Hunks! | All pictured, (plus 2 players not pictured), --except for Andy,-- are Seniors (15 guys), and will be lost to the HAWKS' 2012 LAX Team! | Andy stays!

93: Handsome Bunch! | Bye Bye Boys! | Seniors, Antonio & JuJu not pictured.

94: Varsity Hunks! | Hunk #12!

95: 2011 Hawks VARSITY "Conference" Record Date Opponent Score 3/25 Fort Zumwalt West W 16-4 4/02 Republic/Springfield W 19-0 4/03 Glendale/Springfield W 16-2 4/07 Rockwood Summit W 9-6 4/12 Parkway Central W 9-8 OT 4/14 Wentzville W 18-3 4/19 Webster Groves W 13-8 4/28 Fox W 7-4 4/30 Rockbridge/Columbia W 13-7 5/04 Parkway South W 7-5 5/08 Hickman/Columbia W 14-2 5/12 Marquette L 7-4 5/14 Northland/Kansas City W 10-6 Playoffs 5/20 Wentzville W 7-4 5/26 Parkway Central W 7-5 5/28 Rockwood Summit W 5-4 OT (3 Non-Conference losses to Parkway West, MICDS & Shawnee Mission.)

96: "Friday Night" ... 5-20-11 ... Home Field | Coach Livingston making his most inspirational speech "in Hawks history"!

97: Let's bring our "A" game, Hawks! | Hawks get ready to do battle with Wentzville in the 1st Round of Playoffs. If Hawks win, they will make Hazelwood History!

98: Hawks' #1 FAN & MOM of #12! | Nana and Momo have come to see "history" made! | MOM | Brandon's "Mean Face" should scare opponents! It scared all of us!

99: Friday, 5-20-11, on home field, Hawks play first round of playoffs. Huge fan support on this "Friday Night"! Kaytlyn, Ashleigh, Devyn and Bryce make signs and cheer for the Hawks! | Brandon and Reeve make prediction -- #1 -- in midst of Barlow family and Kim. A great time was had by all! | #1

100: Hawks wear "Retro" Jerseys tonight! Brandon #92 Mason #20 | Tyran? | Reeve? | Jordan? | Hawks look good!

101: Who's Who ??? | McGinniss? | Donovan?

102: Let's get it done, Hawks! | Fans!

103: Game On!

104: Done! | Come on & get some, bro . . . | Give me some "luv", dude! | HAWKS win 7-4!

105: Playoffs Bound! | History!

106: LAX makes the world a better place!

107: Hawks pile on!

108: Brandon is on the bottom of this heap!

109: #92 Celebrates "Hazelwood Hawks History"! | LINDENWOOD! Here come the HAWKS!

110: Congrats from Momo and Nana! Great-grandparents ready for Lindenwood!

111: Jeremy | Jeremy and Kasey | Varsity Hawks are ready for 2nd Round of Playoffs! | These 3 Seniors will be missed, along with 12 others! | D o n o v a n

112: Best Buds, Mason and Brandon | Brandon and Michael (Mason's big brother & former Hawks player), our sideline "coach", and Hawks supporter! | Goalie and mom (Karen) celebrate with Brandon! | The Goodwins!

113: LINDENWOOD! | Thursday, 5-26-11 Hawks vs Parkway Central | INTENSITY! The "mood" of the evening!

114: Hazelwood Hawks have arrived! Playing at Lindenwood has been a dream of this club! A great deal of teamwork and effort has brought this team to the State Championship Playoffs! | It's time, Reeve! | I need gum!

115: We got this, Coach! | Right here, right now! I believe in you guys! | Let's do this!

116: Coach Livingston, Garrett Kochner (former Hawks Goalie) and 2011 Goalie, Mason. | You ready for this, Mason?

117: Let's go to work, Mason! We need this win! | I got your back, dude! | This is OUR day! We're ALL ready!

118: These Hawks have their "war paint" on! Parkway Central will be so intimidated! | Talented and handsome LAX Players! Great combination! (You gotta love these two!)

119: Great music playing while the Hawks "get loose"! They looked like a "chorus line"! Mom applauds their moves!

120: Best Buds, Kim and Stacy are so ready for this game! | Mom is too nervous to sit down, but will stand and cheer on "HER Hawks"! | Stacy and Ashleigh say hello to Garrett (former Hawks goalie), who came home from college to support his former teammates! He was very excited & proud of them! | M O S T V A L U A B L E P A R E N T | Y OU

121: Mason's family -- John, Karen and Michael | Stacy is hoping and praying "her boys" can take advantage of this opportunity to win a State Championship Title! | Devyn & Bryce are "burning nervous energy"!

122: What a beautiful night for a Hawks victory! | Under the lights at Lindenwood! The National Anthem is played ...

123: #1 Fan looks on! "Let's go, boys!" | Come on Hawks! | This one's for you, MOM!

124: HAZELWOOD and Parkway Central take the field for the 2nd Round of STATE Playoffs!

125: Hazelwood defeats Parkway Central 7-5! | HAWKS will be back on Saturday to play the final playoff game for the STATE Championship!

126: Saturday, 5-28-11 Missouri State Championship Game | LINDENWOOD | Hazelwood Hawks are ready to battle Rockwood Summit for the State Championship! | Hawks suit up for final game!

127: HONOR the GAME!

128: The fans are ready! | Great fan support for the Hawks! | Brandon may have had the only great-grandparents in attendance! Momo and Nana are ready for a special day! | These fans have a view from the top!

129: Team Paramedic, Dave, has had a very busy season caring for our players. The Hawks are the only team in the league lucky enough to have a paramedic standing by! | Dave is also a big fan and dad to #12! | Dave & Jeremy

130: Hawks trailed throughout the game ... but go on to play Sudden Death Overtime and WIN 5-4! | Half-time strategy with Coach Brian Livingston, later to be named "2011 Coach of the Year"! | "Play like there's no tomorrow, gentlemen, because there isn't!" | Coach Jason Case

131: Happy HAWKS and Fans !!! 2011 Division II Missouri State Champs! | Mom's 3 years of cheering pays off! Her HAWKS are STATE CHAMPS! | Have you hugged a LAX player today? This family has!

132: "Happy Tears" from Nana & Brandon! | Nana and Momo are so proud of their great-grandson! They were so happy to share such a special day with Brandon and his teammates! | Overwhelmed! | Unbelievable Game!

133: The Barlow kids celebrate with their big brother! They supported the Hawks all season . . . it was a family effort, and they are very proud to be the Champs! | Brandon with 2 Beautiful Girls! | The Barlow Bunch! | "Brotherly" love!

134: Savor | the moment, Gentlemen! | Brandon put on his red "Playoffs Shirt" immediately after winning the game! (He knows how to "stand out" on camera!)

135: Jordan is | We're #1! | Hawks take State! | "Dono" and Brandon raise the State trophy! | Sweet! | !

136: Hawks win State! | Life is good! | HAWKS

137: "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!" | No words needed . . . #12 says it all!

138: At a BBQ given by Coach Livingston at his home, he and Coach Schuh make good on their promise to shave their heads if the Hawks win State! | (We all know how that turned out!) | Just a "little" off the top! MoHAWK?? That works for me! | Coach is going to be REAL pretty!

139: Brandon has a "hand" in "shearing" Coach Schuh. | Start by cutting lengths, and then . . . | I can make you look as good as me, Coach! | OMG, Barlow, not that!

140: Team picture taken at BBQ of the Hazelwood Hawks Missouri State Champs (and their "bald" coaches, next to Brandon!) | Coach Livingston holds the Missouri State Plaque!

141: And now, let the celebrating continue at the Annual Hawks LAX Awards Picnic at St. Ferdinand Park in Florissant. This year . . . 2011 . . . the Hawks have more to celebrate than ever before, a Missouri State Championship! Let's go to the picnic . . . | Thursday, June 2, 2011

142: Our whole gang attended the picnic. Nobody wanted to miss this buffet! Pictured above: Nana, Momo, Brandon, Kim, Kaytlyn, Paul, Bryce, Stacy, Dave, Renee & Ashleigh (Devyn & Grammy, not pictured, but present!)

143: f a m i l y f u n

144: Big Brother vs Little Brother! | Devyn tracking a bird!

145: If Brandon gets too rough, Bryce can "tell Mom"! | Bryce won't ALWAYS be smaller than Brandon!

146: Coach Case ready to score as soon as they get the net up! | Smokin' hot grill!

147: While waiting for the "dinner bell", the Hawks kill time -- doing what else-- playing LAX!

148: A view from the top . . . of Brandon's head, that is! Brandon gave himself this "lucky" haircut for the State Championship Game! It worked!

149: Coach Schuh got a much closer haircut! | Coach Livingston "sporting" a MoHAWK! (get it?) | thanks Skills Teamwork Knowledge Motivation Confidence Character Conditioning Attitude Coaches!

150: #1 Hawks signing T-shirts for Brandon's family. | Ashleigh is in charge!

151: Missouri STATE Champs are definitely our "Celebrities"!

152: Our family's "CELEBRITY" gives us his autograph!

153: Mission Accomplished! That's why Ashleigh was in charge! | Ashleigh models her HAWKS autographed shirt!

154: Eat up, Hawks! (It's what they do "2nd Best"!)

155: This "LAX family" puts together a great "feast"!

156: "Let them eat cake!"

157: A bunch of "sweet" guys! | It was fun "designing dessert" for the picnic!

159: Coach was a little shy about showing everyone his new haircut. Coach Case got rid of Livingston's hat, and the "MoHAWK" was revealed. | What a good looking bunch of CHAMPIONS!

160: Scott

161: Coaches were given "autographed" framings to remember this team by.

162: Brandon always hugs these ladies!

163: Even though Brandon was slightly embarrassed by this "award", he understood that Coach Livingston wanted to make a strong point by acknowledging his tireless efforts, year after year. The 2012 Season will tell if the Coach was successful in "inspiring" his HAWKS!

164: Brandon receives another VARSITY "bar" to add to his

165: Along with his 2011 Varsity "bar", Mason received the Defensive MVP Award for the Playoffs!

166: Farewell to these 3 Seniors! Ayrion, Carl & Dono are going out WINNERS! | G o o d G u y s

167: Tyran shows off the HAWKS Missouri State Champions plaque.

168: "LAX! ! It's in my BLOOD! | Candid Varsity Memories

169: Muddy face, new stick and "colorful" head! | Mud-Covered Future State Champ?

170: Running to Mama! (probably hungry) | Hawks home field is full of "Rally Squirrels"! | Protect your nuts!

171: You have to be "BRAVE" to play this game! (or just crazy) | Crazy? Who's crazy? | He's "NUTS"! | This kid's "squirrelly"! | B R A V E

172: My stick and bones will break your stones! | Live, Love, LAX! | GOT GAME?

173: I'm HOT ! | I hope Grammy has the camera on me! | This is a pretty cool pose! Showing off my "big stick"!

174: S H I R T S | S K I N S

175: Brandon & Mason show their "game balls"!

176: 2 0 1 2

177: Get it? | Got it!

178: Front sides ...

179: ... Back sides!

180: The 3 Playoff "Faces" of #12! (It worked for all 3 games!) | Game 1 5-20-11 "Mask Face" (after sweating) | vs Wentzville

181: Game 2 5-26-11 "Half Face" (before sweating) | Game 3 5-28-11 "Cross Face" (before sweating) and "Shaved Head" | vs Parkway Central | vs Rockwood Summit

182: (2011) | M a s o n | S c o t t

183: What's so funny, Barlow? | Nothing, Coach. Just flashing my awesome smile for the camera! | Coach Schuh (with hair!)

185: Goalie Goalkeeper Goaltender Netkeeper Netminder Crease Police Certified 100% Insane! | I stop stuff for the Hawks!

186: Dave & Coach assist Jeremy during an asthma attack! | 4-14-11 Home | Wentzville

187: Half-time strategy discussion with coaches, while Dave works with Joey Mirth.

188: Sunday, 6-19-11, Father's Day

189: One of Momo's gifts from the Barlows was a framing of LAX pictures, showing family shots of Momo and Nana with Brandon at the Lindenwood Championship Game.

190: Dave's gift was a framing of LAX pictures depicting his efforts as Team Paramedic, action shots of Brandon, and the team picture.

191: The Barlow Bunch celebrates their Dad on Father's Day!

192: Brandon was surprised with two framings . . . one with his Varsity action shots, and one with his JV pictures.

194: West is so proud of these guys! | Senior Bryce Woods and teammates pour the water jug on Coach Brian Livingston after winning the State Championship game! | Teammates stand on sidelines, cheering on Hawks, hoping to win State Championship. Throughout game, they never sat on the bench. They stood and cheered the entire game!

195: This article appeared in the Hazelwood West Yearbook! | Junior Brandon Barlow and his teammate hold up State trophy. Barlow just started playing defense this year. | Team and Coach hold the State trophy and the State Championship plaque. | State Champions! | Junior Mason Goodwin, Goalie, stops another shot on goal by Rockwood Summit. Goodwin won State tournament defensive MVP. | Friends and family members cheer as the last goal is scored and the game is over! | After someone scores, Senior Kasey Wade and his teammates hold their sticks above their heads and cheer. Wade planned on playing LAX at Lindenwood Belleville with a full ride scholarship. | A player from each team does a "face off". When the whistle blows, the two players battle to see who will get the ball first.


205: W i n n i n g T e a m | O t h e r T e a m | "Losers"!

206: H a z e l w o o d | H a w k s R o s t e r

207: Brandon #32 on JV | SHOOT Early! SHOOT Often! | JV 2011 Season 3-11 vs Parkway West, W 3-0 (B, 1 goal) 3-25 vs Ft. Zumwalt W, W 6-2 (B, 2 goals) 4-2 vs Republic, W 6-0 (Springfield, MO tourney) 4-3 vs Glendale, W 4-0 (Springfield, MO tourney) 4-7 vs Rockwood Summit, L 6-4 4-12 vs Parkway Central, W 7-0 4-14 vs Wentzville, W 9-2 (B, 3 goals) 4-19 vs Webster, Tie 5-5 4-30 vs Rockbridge, W 8-1 (B, 1 goal) 5-4 vs Parkway South, L 2-1 5-12 vs Marquette, W 7-1 (B, 5 goals) 5-21 Parkway C. Tourney Game 1 vs Ft.Zumwalt W, W 10-1 (B, 4 goals) Game 2 vs Eureka, L 5-1 Game 3 vs Ladue, L 7-6 (*Tie/Shootout) (*An extra five minutes was added to clock so that "a tie could occur"! REALLY!)

208: Thursday 4-7-11 | Quick Stick!

209: JV loses this one 6-4 to Rockwood Summit at home. | JV Coach, Jason Case

210: Tuesday 4-12-11

211: JV defeats Parkway Central 7-1! | Full Speed!

212: Thursday, 4-14-11 JV vs Wentzville

213: Hawks win 8-2!

214: Pick it up and go! | Ball

215: Brandon scores . . .

216: . . . 3 goals! !!!!

217: Hat Trick !

218: Saturday 4-30-11 vs Rockbridge "Bruins" (from Columbia, MO)

220: Brandon hangs on . . . | M A S O N

221: . . . to the ball!

222: Nice Shot! | B a l l

223: HAWKS DEFEAT ROCKBRIDGE 8-1! | Brandon scores a goal! | 32

224: "Swing Player" Brandon changes jerseys for JV pix. | Tuesday, 5-10-11 Picture Day!

226: JV | FFF | J V H u n k s | Hunks? Really? | Smile!

228: Steven | Jacob | Andrew | Aaron | Mike

229: PJ | JV Goalie Uelk | Michael | #32

230: 2011 "Swing Players" (Varsity players who also play on JV) #32 Brandon Barlow #30 Ben Shaw #24 Tyran Rich #23 Reeve Behrens

232: Saturday 5-21-11 JV Tournament at Parkway Central

233: Brandon played this tournament in a borrowed helmet and gloves. After celebrating making the playoffs with Varsity the night before, he was so excited that he forget to pick up some of his equipment!

234: "Kicking back" between games. | Mason | 32

235: Hawks vs Ft. Zumwalt West Brandon scores 4 goals! (Better than a Hat Trick!) Hawks defeat Jaguars 10-1!

236: Brandon does a good job . . .

237: . . . of keeping | . . . the ball!

238: Never, NEVER forget moments like these . . .

239: Flying "High"!

240: 12 | 20 | "Leave everything on the field"! | Mason's | BFF

241: LAX ROCKSTARS "STICK" together!

242: Coach Livingston and Staff "pumping up" their HAWKS for the first round of playoff games!

243: 5-20-11 is a special night for the HAWKS, as they wear their "retro" jerseys, and fight off some major butterflies!

246: Lindenwood bleachers are full of HAWKS fans! | Hazelwood students, friends and family members cheer as the winning goal is scored by the HAWKS in Sudden Death Overtime! They witnessed their HAWKS become the 2011 Missouri State Champions!

248: H A W K S

249: F O R E V E R | and ever!

250: Sweet! | Wait till Mason sees that SPIDER!

251: HAWKS coaches didn't mind the haircuts their team gave them! It was worth it to have these guys give them their first STATE title!

253: Cool STATE Champs Medal!

254: "MY LAX MOM" | Stick Finding Uniform Washing Gatorade Getting Snack Packing LAXi Taxi Driving Referee Ripping ALWAYS CHEERING | #12

255: ...only a mother...

256: The day you arrived on the planet.! | The day we met! | Sports ... think SPORTS! | Born to LAX! | You can see why 'my cheer' for YOU is "THAT 'a BABY" | Baby Hawk | 12 | Now I get to hug a super athlete AND a great young man! | A "few" years later!

257: Who knew you would grow into a big hunky LAX player? | Grammy's team-autographed State Champs shirt.

258: Two years of High School SOCCER and four years of LACROSSE earned Brandon his Letterman's jacket, and the 2011 Missouri State Championship entitled him to this INCREDIBLE RING!

259: A moment like this may come only once in your lifetime! Savor it, enjoy it, and never, ever forget it! This 2011 LAX State Championship was "Your Moment in Time"! Congratulations, Brandon!

260: This book is my tribute to Brandon and the 2011 Hazelwood Hawks Varsity LAX team! It was an honor to photograph and record YOU, as you are always a source of great pride and joy for me! Thanks for sharing so many special moments with all of us in your 2011 Winning Season! As I've said many, many, many times this year at your games, "That 'a baby"! | Love, | Grammy

261: The End . . . of an incredible Journey! Whatever is not covered in pictures in this book can be seen on lots of video of the 2011 Season!

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