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The journey to find {HOPE}

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S: Stephanie Tillman "just another girl trying to impact her world"

FC: STEPHANIE TILLMAN Storyteller Motivator Promoter Creator Visionary Connector | ikros : Storytellers : Chapters : {HOPE}station

1: A Chapter that started July, 2002 in a homeless shelter and has now impacted thousands of lives...her only motivation is to wake up and seek more lives to touch. If you watch long enough you'll see her doing a strategic-random-act-of-kindness. See, the more you get to know her, random movements might just make sense and in some weird way are very strategic. Once you meet her you will know one thing...catch her while you can because this girl is ON THE GO! Although she is involved in many projects, they all fall under her 5 core characteristics: Storyteller, Motivator, Promoter, Creator & Visionary So whether you are looking for a speaker for your event, help with a team building event, fund raising campaign, an injection of {HOPE} or someone to help lead your organization through the storytelling branding process, she is your girl.

2: Stephanie Tillman is a dynamic storyteller, promoter and graphic designer. Stephanie owns ikros.com, an award winning branding, marketing and graphic design firm with a national presence. She built the company from the ground up by relying on intuition and inspiration. Recently ikros rebranded, focusing on telling the stories of individuals and organizations through Storytellers and Chapters. ikros also launched a philanthropic initiative called the {HOPE} Station. Why the shift? What’s the story? Is the world changing Stephanie Tillman, or is Stephanie Tillman changing her world?

3: 1. 25 under 25 Award 2. Rising Star Award 3. Cover of Kansas City Star 4. Influential Women 5. KC Small Business Magazine 6. 435 South 7. NBC TODAY show 8. Fox 4 "You Matter" Project 9. Heroes of Joplin 10.WOR Radio and more | AWARDS | AND | MEDIA

4: Less than a decade ago Stephanie Tillman was a mother raising two toddlers and struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Stephanie and her husband found God, sobriety and new life, but just as they began their new chapter they faced the challenge of homelessness. Opportunity is born of adversity. As her family moved through homelessness and began to rebuild their lives, Stephanie was presented with business project that put the spotlight on her natural promotional and graphic design talents. Over the next few years Stephanie worked a marketing job, while continuing to build her skill set with design projects she contracted on the side. Eventually the time came when demand for her work required her to make a choice. Make a leap of faith to become an entrepreneur, or say no to an ever growing client list. With no formal education or business background, she took the leap and Crossover Graphics was born. | The company quickly expanded to become ikros.com, a full service marketing, branding and graphic design firm. In 2010, during its second year, ikros.com gained a lot of attention as it experienced a 555% growth in a stagnating economy. Tillman was a success by any typical measure, but money and attention were not the indicators of success that mattered to her. In the life of Stephanie Tillman success is all about impact. | ABOUT IKROS

5: In April of 2011, feeling that she had gotten too wrapped up in the day to day business aspects, Stephanie wanted the freedom to act and go where God needed her so she found new homes for her 10 employees and clients and shut the doors to her office, to find a simpler way. Reflection and prayer led her to recognize the core of her purpose – storytelling. She had seen the powerful impact created by a person sharing their story – the connection it creates, the comfort and inspiration it can provide to others. Your story and the chapters of your life make you who you are, your personal brand. | Your story is the heart of what you most need to share with the world and what the world needs to hear. Stephanie realized that sharing her story over the years wasn't a way to turn the focus to herself, her tribulations or triumphs. Instead she thought about the ripple effect that sharing her story caused. When she opened up, allowing people to feel comfortable around her, they in turn opened up and it changed the connection between them. Suddenly Stephanie realized that the impact of storytelling is how people move from one chapter of their lives to another. It is how they express, “I’ve been there. I understand. I share your joy/pain/frustration/gratitude.”

6: Spring 2011 was a busy time for Stephanie and the ikros team as they prepared for the launch of Storytellers by ikros. The weekend before the launch, on May 22, an F5 tornado hit Joplin, Missouri. Determined to help the people affected by the tragedy, Stephanie pulled her team together. Postponing the Storytellers launch, they packed up and headed to Joplin. They stayed on the ground in Joplin for three months, redirected their efforts once again and created an initiative called the {HOPE} Station. Understanding the importance of sharing the stories of their experiences, the team used Chapters to help people express themselves, share the hope and heal. The week after a tornado took over 160 lives and ripped a town apart, Stephanie Tillman was standing in a tent in 100 degree weather with devastation all around her doing something unheard of and handing out shirts that said {HOPE} station on one side and a blank piece of paper on the back. The concept was simple for Stephanie, “I handed them a shirt and a Sharpie. It was that simple.” Soon people were wearing shirts bearing their prayers, the stories of survival, their frustrations or their gratitude. Kids simply drew pictures of what they had experienced, like a house with trees falling around them. When the marker touched the paper, something amazing happened...tears started flowing and they began to exhale the pain. When they were done writing on a piece of paper on a shirt, they were smiling, sharing stories and they could finally inhale their first glimpse of HOPE. The connections began to happen in a very organic manner. A person standing in line for groceries reads the back of the shirt worn by the person in front of them. The message is simple, clear and straight from the heart. Suddenly they felt less alone, less confused, less hurt and more thankful to be alive. They felt less aware of what had been lost and most aware that there was hope. They shared hope by sharing their story. The {HOPE} Station has become a philanthropic initiative to raise hope wherever hope is needed most. The {HOPE} Station is focused on providing the missing element in the chaos of relief, {HOPE}. When others are talking, we're listening. We provide the calm after the storm or during times of adversity. The {HOPE} Station is a ministry tied to communities, supporting schools, coordinating events and networking with businesses, artists and individuals to promote humanitarian efforts and raise the awareness of hope. The {HOPE} station stayed in Joplin for over a year and with this small gift of {HOPE} they gave away over 5,000 shirts for people to share stories on and impacted countless more lives through their other outreaches in Joplin. | ABOUT {HOPE} STATION

8: The evening of Saturday May 21, 2011 was just like any other for the Carmona family. Moises, his wife Kari, their 3 daughters (Mari, Audri and Arriy), and Kari's two young sisters were at a Youth Revival celebrating Jesus. After the service ended, everyone was dismissed to enjoy refreshments, but 8 year old Arriy had different plans. She was so impacted by the service that she went to the alter where she knelt and prayed. Her father Moises soon joined her. For over two hours they knelt, prayed and sought the comforting presence of Jesus. May 22, 2011 was also a normal day for the family: waking up early after a late night to head to church, enjoying some watermelon for lunch afterward, then heading back for evening services. Because of the size of their family, they always traveled in 2 vehicles. Separately, they loaded the kids in the trucks and headed back to church where Kari arrived before Moises. The sky began to grow dark, and there was chatter about a bad storm, so Kari called Moises who was a few minutes behind her to ask him to come quickly to the church. By the time Moises arrived, the storm had increased, and tornado sirens were piercing the ears of the church congregation. Everyone took shelter and began praying. Prior to this day, 8 year old Arriy was a fearful child. She would not even walk into a room by herself and always needed the comfort of one of her many stuffed animals. But not today. She was strengthened by her prayer time less than 24 hours before. So instead of crying or being fearful, she just prayed and prayed then her small voice stopped praying and 8 year old Arriy went to meet Jesus face-to-face. | A story of Hope...

9: The past 12 months have been a Chapter that Kari and her girls never thought they would experience, but through their pain, they have found comfort in helping others while healing their hearts. Kari and her girls are the most active volunteers of the {HOPE} station ministry always available to help others exhale their own pain. Kari knows there is a great purpose in this tragedy, and she must use her pain to help others experiencing storms in their lives. She also knows that only a "Real Man" would have carried the weight of an entire church on his back to save the lives of others, and she finds comfort knowing she was married to that "Real Man." His legacy inspires others to stand up and become "Real Men." | By every definition, Moises was a "Real Man." He cared for the broken-hearted, always lent a helping hand, and loved his family with all of his heart. He was strong enough to protect, but humble enough to share brokenness. In the midst of the chaos, Kari heard her husband say "If anything happens, I love you," and she was comforted, because he had always been her protector. But these would be the last words Kari heard her husband say. She could hear the voices of her family praying, then she began hearing grunts and painful sounds coming from her husband. She looked over and saw that he was holding a beam of the church on his back, which allowed their friends and family to safely escape the falling walls. Moments later, the pastor came over to tell Moises that everyone was out, and he exhaled his last breath. The last piece of the church that was standing crashed down, and he joined his daughter in heaven. Moises was a “REAL MAN” in life and until his last breath. | In a moment the winds ripped through the entire church like a bunch of popsicle sticks being blown over and torn apart. The rest of the night would be even more unimaginable as 12 year old Kayla carried the limp body of her little sister Arriy out of the church, and Kari saw the lifeless body of her husband loaded on a truck that was stacked with a pile of other non-survivors of the storm. This was a far cry from the previous day or even from a few hours before when Kari had her husband and daughter standing beside her. And now they were gone...taken away without warning. How would she live? How could she stand by herself to be a mom to her own girls and a mom to her sisters whom she cares for? Isn’t God’s house supposed to be the safest house? Why did this happen to Moises and Arriy? What is God’s lesson from this, because there has to be one, right? | The Carmona family is a huge part of the {HOPE} station and ikros. They attend most of our ministry events and as they are still working through their grief, they never stop helping others. Inspired by their story, ikros has created 2 shirts, one for youth and one for men to honor the legacies of Moises and Arriy's lives. Moises' shirt is a reminder of what a Real Man is and Arriy's "doodle" shirt" helps children facing scary situations know that with Jesus...there is never a reason to fear.

10: Stephanie knows that wherever you are in life, it’s a Chapter, not the whole story. Sharing your story is as simple as sharing your heart. Speaking up makes you vulnerable and it can be scary or painful but telling your story can also bring closure and help you heal. If the people who learn your story are at a crossroad or going through a difficult chapter, your story can get them through it. With this insight, the Stephanie created Chapters, a line of tee shirts designed to build connectedness, promote individual expression and spread hope. Chapters were developed as a product for individual branding. People need people. Chapters are a tool for putting the population of the world back in touch with humanity – hope is about giving the story back. ikros.com created Chapters to express the brands of individuals and organizations. We want people to unearth their inner Storyteller and encourage them to share the Chapters of their lives or company. Be inspired to express your story and become inspired to connect with people and improve your world. These shirts are more than just great designs! All Chapter shirts are inspired by individual trials or the heart of a cause. When we meet a person that has a Chapter we fell needs to be shared with others, we interview them and a new Chapters shirt is birthed! We also offer these shirts for Wholesale purchase to organizations for motivational tools and fundraising. | ABOUT CHAPTERS

12: Connecting sponsors to your cause, telling the story and raising money has never been easier. We make telling the story of your cause fun and memorable. Not to mention we give you a years worth of stories in just one impact event! Events include a campaign inspired by your cause, 100 shirts, photos of all stories written, banner & impact video. The fun interaction and engaged connections are free of charge! In addition, after your event is over, we sell your shirts online and give you 50% of the proceeds for one year! See photos of past events at www.ChaptersRevealed.com

14: Stephanie Tillman has the ability to capture the attention of virtually any audience and motivate them by sharing her life experiences in a comfortable, inclusive and relatable manner. In one of her most requested talks, The Chapters in my Closet, Stephanie pulls a wardrobe out onto the stage or into the room. There are two stools, one for Stephanie and a second one. During the venue, she talks about her story and the 5 step process for overcoming personal chapters in real life. The process includes Reality, Realign, Renew, Rebuild and Reveal. After introducing the process, Stephanie invites someone up to join her on the second stool. She invites them to choose a shirt that speaks to them and then walks them through that 5 step process. At the end of the demonstration the audience sees that it is not only possible to share the difficult times, but that doing so impacts everyone in the room. The experience ignites a powerful chain reaction. The Chapters in my Closet is about helping people express and close difficult chapters and become motivated by the experience. | GET MOTIVATED BY OUR PASSIONATE FOUNDER

15: Past speaking audiences include: National Baptist Youth Convention Salvation Army Businesses Nonprofit Fundraisers Motivational Schools Youth Events

16: Everything we do follows this foundational verse. We believe it is the perfect formula for the cycle of {HOPE}. It was the map of success that Stephanie has followed from homeless to greatness . Greatness is measured in small moments throughout the journey. Stay connected to learn more or join us on our journey to bring hope to our world, one story at a time. facebook.com/byikros facebook.com/StephanieStoryteller Facebook.com/theHopeStation www.ikros.com info@ikros.com

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  • Title: The journey to find {HOPE}
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