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The Life of a Corcoran

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The Life of a Corcoran - Page Text Content

BC: Made By: Alexis Corcoran Period:1 English 9Honors

FC: C | The Life of a Corcoran

1: Dedication to my family and friends

2: Table of Contents Page 4:"My Name" Page 6: "There was an old women" Page 8: "Rafaela Who Drinks" Page 10: "Papa Who Wakes" Page 12: " Geraldo No Last Name" Page 14: "Boys and Girls" Page 16: " The First Job" Page 18: "Sally" Page 20: "The Monkey Garden" Page 22: "Whats Sally Said"

4: My name is Alexis, it is taken by many but it still has just as deep meaning. Originally a boys name, it means "to help, or to defend." My parents knew I was going to grow up to be a strong individual, yet wanting something feminine. They came up with Alexis, still not sure how. It was between Alexis or Autumn, that's all I know. At first, I didn't like it knowing it was originally a boys name but, I grew to love it. I do know one of the reasons why they liked Alexis is because of the many different types of nicknames I could have, for example, Lexi, Alex and my dads favorite X. My favorite and closest to my heart is, X. Only my dad calls me it, and will be the only one who can. He got "X" from when my brother was younger and couldn't say Alexis, so instead he would call me X! To be honest, I don't know what name I would rather have than Alexis. This name just makes me, me. | "My Name"

5: A.D.C

6: There was an old women When I used to live in Florida there were the "bad" kids in the neighborhood, just like every other neighborhood. At the time, I didn't really realize that they were bad. Every kid in the neighborhood wanted to hangout with them, and I did too. My parents refused me to talk or to be with them and as a little kid and of course like all little kids, I thought my parents were awful. Now that I look back I wouldn't have been so hard on my parents about, not realizing how bad they actually were. Later on, my parents told me they had a broken home. They had no mother or father, who abandoned them and now live with their aunt and uncle. The only thing I remember from their family was how their was always a death in their family. My parents would never tell me by what, but one day I looked in the newspaper and saw that they lost one of the members of the family to a shoot out in downtown Miami. If I had never heard of them, I would have never knew anything different from my life.

7: Love your family

9: I I | "Rafaela who Drinks" If I could be any character, I would want to be Ariel. she isn't favorite Princess but I admire her the most out of all of them. I admire her because she stayed so strong between awful things happening in her life. Ariel, the princess of the sea, also got to live two totally different worlds, which I wish I could. The life between sea and land had been so different, yet she had gotten through it. She had found determination through her family members and her new husband, Prince Eric. I think she shows that even though life can be hard, with unexpected things you can still live your life to the fullest. She had a hard decision between her life on land and life in the sea and ultimately did what she though would make her the happiest. Even though her life isn't perfect like every other fairytale princess and i commend her for that. Ariel had to make a hard decision

11: "Papa Who Wakes" There was a death in my life that was very traumatic. I didn't think I would have been as upset as I was since I knew it was going to happen eventually. The day before he passed, he saw his long time friend who we think he waited to see before he passed. My grandma said how good he was doing after he saw his friend and that entire day he was laughing and being himself again. I thought he was getting better, but I guess not. I thought I was prepared for it to happen, but I guess not. On November 13th, he passed. My mom picked me up from school that day unexplained and once we got outside she told me. I broke down in tears. I didn't understand why he had to leave, and why I couldn't be with him when it happened. I dealt with it by talking about it with my family and close friends. They told me about their experiences and how they dealt with it. After everything, I shut myself out of everyone besides my family to think about everything.

12: "Geraldo No Last Name" On the past cruise for February vacation, I met a stranger. I was in my group of friends I had met on the cruise and this kid our age shows up. He was extremely quiet at first, but at the times he did talk he had a thick long island accent. I tried talking to him to get him engaged in the conversation and he was coming along. As we started talking more, we had some many common interests, and the same sense of humor. His name is Mark, from long island(which we already figured). Him and I and a couple other friends hung out in "The Joker" all night playing connect four. The same day, just later in the day we all went looking for him to hang out again. He basically disappeared all that day. The next day, he found me and told me he slept all day because we kept him "past his bed time". I never got any information to keep in contact with him, but he is a stranger I will never forget.

14: "Boys and Girls" Boy's and girls are extremely different. Boys can make friends with everyone. One day they can be complete strangers, and the next best friends. Girls are hard to talk to, they judge you on everything that you do, wear and say. Once they judge you, they will never let you forget it. We live in separate worlds because of how different we are. In the mornings most of us brush our hair, put on makeup, and just try to look good. Boys just wake up and put on anything they want then leave. We are completely different humans, with the way we live and and how we act. People are always going to judge you, no matter what but it seems like girls are the worst and never forgive you. Boys and girls are completely different.

16: "The First Job" There was many times where i felt self- conscious. When I moved to Tennessee, I felt so out of place. Everyone had their own little cliques which were "exclusive". I was always worried about what I was wearing, what I said, and everything I did. I started becoming someone I wasn't and I started losing my own identity. When I tried to make friends, they acted like they were better than me and didn't accept me. If I could re-do that day, I would. I would have tried to been more energetic and happy towards everyone. I'm usually reserved and shy, but if I would have been more open and myself I think I would have made friends easier.

18: "Sally" He has dark brown hair with striking blue eyes. He comes into my dreams quite often, but I don't dare to talk to him. In my dreams, I walk around school and I catch a glimpse of a varsity football jacket. He is always surrounded by many friends, and from what i can see he loves to laugh. His laugh is like pure gold, and it makes everyones heart melt. He also loves to play pranks. Leaving notes on teachers desks, to even messing with classmates. I can tell he is loved by many and makes those friends days even better. I keep wondering if he's actually happy though. He is always smiling, but like many say the best smiles are the ones hiding things. I would ask him some causal questions like; "What's your name?" and others. He is the guy every girl imagined to have in their life. He was around 6'3, tanned, dark hair, light eyes and a winning smile. He walked with confidence and everyone wanted to know him, or even to be him.

20: "The Monkey Garden" This hiding spot, was like a different realm when I was younger. The cool grass tugged against our feet as we sprinted to get to the safety of our hiding spot. It was small and dark, but we loved it. It was covered with soil and with tall trees looking down at us. We would all sit in a dirt filled area and make up games that had to do with the area surrounding us. There was a little stream by my house where we would go and pretend to be ancient times and "speared fish". We danced in the stream like how raindrops hit the ground. Then, immediately run back to the hide out for safety from whatever game we were on to next. We would go inside the house for a quick snack and hurry back to the hide out, afraid other neighborhood kids would take it.

22: " What Sally Said" Sally, you can't keep telling us you just keep falling. That answer isn't good enough for us this time. I honestly don't know what to say to you. The bruises are getting worse and worse, and your whole body is practically black and blue. I should have asked when I first noticed it, but Sally is someone abusing you back home? If they are, just tell us and we will take you in and call the police. As i touched one of the big bruises across her arm, her eyes started to swell up. Sally: I swear it's just a bruise from falling off of my bike! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have came here. I will just be on my way. Maybe if I could stop being such a klutz, then this wouldn't be happening. I could even get gear to help break the fall, anything to make you people believe what I'm saying is the truth!

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