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The Life of FIG

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BC: The life of Fig continues...... She has many friends and many many people who love her. So many things happen to Fig because she is so adventurous. But, in some part, it was fate..... Fate brought FIG to us. We could not love her anymore. Thank you to everyone who was involved in rescuing her!


1: Day one in my life I don’t remember.. I was too young. Day one in the life of foster care. Now that I remember!

3: I was found on May 1, 2012 at the Tillamook County Dump.

5: Yep, those men that work there, they found me and saved me. I was in a pile of garbage. Now, I like to think that.. I got somewhere, where I should not have been. Like in a box that was headed to the dump. I don’t want to think someone threw me away. That would be hard to digest and I have a lot of years to live and I don’t want that issue popping up during a session with the Doc when I am older.

6: The men that rescued me that day called Tillamook Animal Shelter, Maria and Dan, that work there, took me in. Tami aka mom. heard Maria mentioned having a kitten that needed fostering. Mom said she would foster me. So, low and behold, I went to stay with Andy and Tami and their family pets, Tucker, Fancy, Boo, Achoy, Bob and Tomas. Mom named me FIG - in the English Language it stands for “found in garbage“. She thinks she is so funny!

8: My first days in my new home were perfect!

9: The first few days went just fine.. Living the life. Getting bottle fed and having nap time. I was just a baby, maybe about 3-4 weeks old at the time.

11: On the 4th day at the new foster home. Mom was feeding me a bottle and I was being a little bit of a fuss bucket and not taking the bottle. I was chewing on it and mom said “those nipples must be tough” when yep you guessed it. I bit the nipple off the bottle. Mom looks at me.. I look at her. She says “are you OK“? I just look at her.

12: Mom sets me on the floor, thinking that I had swallowed it and it had gone down and goes outside to tell dad what happened. He is out mowing the lawn. So, she tells him and walks back inside the house. That is when all hell broke lose (excuse my language). I scream, the scream of life. (literally, it was my life). I screamed and mom came running. I tried to get away, but she caught me.. I cannot breath - I cannot breath - I try with all my might to breath - I scratch my own face trying to make it breath - almost scratched my own eye out.

13: Blood gushes from my nose and sprays mom. Mom starts screaming (she doesn’t even know she is screaming).

14: Dad runs in the house and of course, he knows. Yes he knows because mom had told him I swallowed a nipple.

15: .My little legs are in spasms and I look into moms eyes and grab her face. with my nails. to imprint on her JUST HOW DIRE THE SITUATION IS! I snagged her just below the eye - (we now have matching scars). Dad grabs the phone.. But who do we call? Mom screams - Judy Walton - foster coordinator for United Paws. Judy answers the phone.. Mom calmly tells her that I cannot breath, I chocked on a nipple (if you ask Judy, she will tell you mom was screaming uncontrollably, but, mom tells the story her own way). Judy says “flip her over and pat her on the back”. Mom does that and I start to breath, but it hurts so bad.

16: This is the day after the bottle accident. Already healing up.

17: Mom thinks the nipple is still stuck and I am breathing through the hole. (seriously mom)? Of course, it is a Sunday and we have to call the emergency vet. Pete at Pioneer Vet says “come right in“. We get to the vet’s office and I am sure Pete thinks I am dead. But no, not that day. I made it. I am scarred and mom will never be the same. She will never ever allow me to have another bottle. I was weaned that day.


20: And life goes on..........

22: I am fine and I have no permanent health issues from the trauma. On day 10 of my life in foster care. My mom opened the front door and I started to run outside, mind you.. STARTED would be the main word in that sentence. Mom shut the door. Yep, she did. She caught the door just as it hit me mid center. I have to tell you . It knocked the wind out of me. Mom picked me up and cried and she taped the lock on the door shut with painters tape so she wouldn’t do it again.

24: She didn’t know what she had started.. Nope she didn’t. OHHHHHH my tummy! It started rumbling and rumbling and yowie - off to the litter box with me. I spent the day between the litter box and my bed. She literally squished the poo out of me.

25: But I was OK from that trauma too - mom still isn’t OK and there is still painters tape on the front door. She also put a block of wood in the sliding glass door the size of my head, so she will never slam my little beanie in that door (thanks mom). There is also a note on the toilet lid that says “lid down - per FIG”. Gotta love my mom.

26: Another day goes by in my life. And another.. I don’t feel well No, I don’t feel well at all. It might have something to do with being shut in a door. Ya think? So, mom calls the vet and makes the appointment for me. She calls United Paws to let them know. She posts it on face book. And gets everyone worried about me I sleep all day she cannot wake me up. Well, she can, but I don’t want to wake up. I just want to sleep. This is not normal for me.

27: So, in the night, I start crying to high heaven. Have I mentioned that I don’t cry? I am very quiet and mom jumps when I need something, so I don’t need to cry. Dad says - “this must be serious“! So mom gets up to get me. I just need to be held. She holds me until I am asleep and then I go back to bed. Mom of course, is not sleeping. She is freaking out. She knows something is seriously wrong.. I have a morning appointment at the vets office and it is not coming soon enough for mom.


29: I get up in the morning and I poop I poop rocks. I am constipated. I haven’t been drinking enough water or formula with my canned food. Mom sends out the alert to everyone that I am fine. I on the other hand will never live down the fact that everyone one in the WORLD knows I was constipated. She posted it on face book, she called her friends, she was so excited. I on the other hand was humiliated and still am........ But I lived.. I lived to tell another tale.

30: This one, is short, but scary! Mom was taking a shower. I thought that her clothes laying on the floor looked like a good place to take a nap. Well mom is kinda blind.. She wears glasses. But not in the shower. She got out of the shower - dried off.. Took a big ole step to leave the bathroom and missed me by a hair. She actually felt fur on her foot. Now, you understand.. I weigh about a pound - maybe two. I won’t tell you how much she weighs. But, you can guess that I was almost squished. I didn’t notice it. But she started crying so hard. I thought the world had ended. Well, my world almost did end that day.

31: But I lived! I lived to tell another tale!! So as the story goes.. Mom and dad adopted me. I think they THINK they are the only ones that could keep me safe. But, I know for a fact, that these accidents were not my fault. SOMEONE SAVE ME!!!

32: First time in dad's boots! | Wilson River Pottery water bowl! | Me and dad

33: Auntie Jaime | Auntie Melyssa

34: Mom and Dad

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