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The Memories We Had

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S: The Memories We Made By Ashley Picado

FC: The Memories Made | Ashley Picado

1: The Memories Made By: Ashley Picado

3: For my mother who had watched me grow throughout the years

4: It was a dark, thundering, raining day and i was stacked on the shelf of Toy R' Us. I try to look prettier then the other flawless Barbies next to me, but we all looked the same no matter how hard I try. I'm Barbie, but I like it when people call me Barbs. I always try to look my best because i want to be bought and played with. I want to know how it feels not to be tied on and stuck in this closed plastic box. It's dark and scary when the store closes and all the lights shut off. | Its been 1 month since I've been on this shelf and no one has any interest in buying me, but today i saw this ancient woman; she was in a rush and i wondered "Why?" She looked at every Barbie doll in the aisle, but somehow I got her attention. She looked at me with eyes bulging out of the secrets, smile larger then the sun. It made me feel happy and warm inside and under breath i heard her say, "You're perfect just P-E-R-F-E-C-T."

5: I hope not. She doesn't seem that much fun. I bet little girls have better imagination than this woman. Beep! The clerk roughly scanned me and I was trying my hardest to keep my hair unruined. The ancient woman was running for her life out of the store. The woman ran so strangely fast that she dropped me three times while getting to her car. She grabbed the Range Rover, the house, and me and put us in the big pink zebra glittery bag and stuffed colorful paper. | She put me in her cart with the new pink Barbie size Range Rover and the new Barbie Party House and a bunch of new totally hot clothes. I wasn’t sure if all these amazing things were for me or for another Barbie. When I saw that I was being brought to cash register, I felt so happy. Nothing mattered to me at that moment, but what worried me the most was if that ancient woman going to be my owner. The one who was going to play with me?

6: It wasn’t even 20 minutes until I felt this huge haul and I fell off the bag. “I don’t feel good ” I murmured quietly. The ancient woman put me back into the bag and began running under the pouring rain that I could hear repeatedly smashing drops on the sidewalk. She stopped gently and rung the doorbell I couldn’t see anything because there was so much colorful paper it blinded me from seeing anything at all. I heard a little girl talking to this ancient woman; it sounded like the little girl wasn’t very happy. I mean I would be upset too if there was this ancient woman at my door. All wet and breathing heavily it’s so disturbing. The more I paid more attention to the little girl and the ancient woman the more I found out that the ancient woman was the little girl’s grandmother and the little girl was, Brittney. An eight year old, Brittney was having a birthday party but has been waiting for almost 2 hours for her grandmother to come.

7: “Honey, I’m sorry. they wouldn’t let me out of work until now and I was running late, but I got you a present that would make everything okay. I pinky promise you?” said the grandmother to Brittney in a soft and forgiving voice. That made me feel sorry for this poor grandmother. I heard Brittney saying “Grandma, it's okay. I’m just happy you’re here safe now and with me. Like you say all the time, Grandma. Beggars can’t be choosers.” | Honestly, when I heard what she said I was very touched. I’ve never met a little girl who cared so much about her grandmother or any family member. Usually what I saw in Toy ‘R Us was little girls yelling and crying to their moms telling them to buy whatever Barbie they picked. The anger and the selfishness that got over them was so disrespectful and it left me heartbroken, but hearing Brittney forgive her grandmother was the most heartwarming thing ever and it gave me that little hope inside me that there are girls who love and respect their family members.

8: When Brittney finally pulled me out of the bag, the smile on her face was priceless. Her front two teeth were missing and her baby blue eyes filled with tears and the pureness and happiness on her face is what made her look like an angel to me. I later found out that I was her first and only Barbie doll, which made me feel like I was the only one who mattered to her. The first couple months went great... Wait no... AMAZING. She played with me every day. It seemed like I was her sister, the way she tell me tell me everything, all her secrets. She took me in the car and put on my seatbelt for when we went in long and short car rides. Everything was going great for Brittney and I. | Days pass by, and Brittney doesn’t play with her teddy bear, Brian anymore but plays with me more often than Brian. She takes me to school now and shows me off to all her friends. All her other friends have Barbies, too but personally I think I’m the prettiest from them all. Usually every couple times a week they come over Brittney’s house and we have a play date. We dress up all pretty and pretend we’re going to dance. I love play dates so much, I’ve met so many different kinds of Barbies who understand me and like the same thing that I do!

9: 10 months later Months pass by where Brittney doesn't play with me as much. Before she used to take me with her to sleep with; now she leaves me next to her bed or left on the floor is so cold that I can't even move. I miss the warmth of her arms around me. During the day, she plays me all the time like usually, but at night is when everything feels cold. I feel lost and lonely at every night.

10: 4 years later Years pass by where Brittney doesn't play with me at all. It's been 4 years since her eighth birthday, when I was first brought to her. She's 12 years old now and she finally got her first cell-phone and started wearing mascara. She's so cute now. She has the most beautiful cheek bones. Her eyes are still baby blue, her lips are pink like a rose, her hair is soft as silk, and her smile is big and bright like a star. Lately, she has been getting a bit of acne on her forehead and chin. I’ve seen Brittney change throughout the years and she's not the same little girl from 4 years ago. I ask myself every night in tears and so much pain my heart “How can someone change so much throughout time?”

11: She's 18 now and last month I was kicked under her bed by her. My right arm was broken off and I feel like a piece of garbage. My body is weak, my hair is tangled, and useless to do anything to help myself. I wish I was with the 8 year old Brittney again, the girl who would always hug me, the girl who would take me to sleep with her and the one who would tell me all her secrets, but now she doesn't care about me anymore, I mean who would I beat up Barbie with broken body parts, messed up hair, and dirty skin. I’m a disgrace to the Barbie community. Meanwhile, today was the day Brittney was moving to college. She was packing up everything.

12: Brittney was cleaning her room and came across me under the bed and found me alone and cold. She picked me up and I saw a little twinkle in her eye, but I then I realize it was her eyes watering, She hugged and told me “Oh my. I miss out memories, Barbie. The way I sued to show you to everyone, the play dates we had, and all the time I told you my secrets. Everything changed like a salamander. I just wish I could go back and spend more time with you because you were my best friend and until now I realized I grew up too fast. I can't believe this is good-bye. I’m going to miss you Barbie, thank you for the memories.” She put me in the attic box and shut the box closed, but then right after she closed it and she took me out. She hugged me and said “I can't forget about you, not again.” From that day on she took me to college. She wouldn't carry me around, but would leave me in her room on a shelf next to her bed. That's when I saw she actually cared about us and her childhood memories.

13: The End

15: Ashley Picado I was born on August 6th 1999. My inspiration towards everything I do is my family and grandmother. Throughout my life I've always wanted to be an inspiration to others and show everyone that as long as you have a smile on your face and have an open mind towards everything you do, you will get through life.

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