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The Mitchell Clan

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The Mitchell Clan - Page Text Content

S: The Mitchell Clan

BC: To our wonderful family with all of our love. Alice and Tracy 2012

FC: The Mitchell Clan

1: It all began with Carle Nelson Mitchell and Clara Helen Gaisford Mitchell on June 13th 1923, when they were married. They then proceeded to have 11 Children. The surviving children have all contributed to this memory, photo book. | 62 Meade Street Oil City, PA

2: Carle Nelson Mitchell 6/3/1899-3/20/1985 | Oh My, Jeanie has been praying again! I had a brother 2 years older than me. He was the first born in our family. I was the baby for five years, so I started praying for a baby sister. My sister Patricia was born. She was adorable. I prayed again and Alice came along. She was so cute. Then along came Carolyn. She was another cute one. It seemed like every time Mom was in the family way, I got blamed! They said Jeanie must be praying again. After Carolyn was born, Mom had a set of twin girls. I thought, Oh Lord now you are sending them 2 at a time. Buy one, get one free! I had a talk with God, "I am not praying for any more babies". After that I got another sister and 2 little brothers. I did confide to Mom that I had stopped praying a long time ago but, the babies keep coming.

3: My Father was a wonderful man and a very good looking man. He was very good to me and taught me a lot of things. He also told me you never make fun of anybody or anyone who is less fortunate than you are. He was a very loving father and thought so much of all of his girls. When Mom and Dad would go shopping on Friday evening, they would bring us girls back a Hershey bar. That was our treat for the week. (Barbara) | Alice says: Our Father was a wonderful man, Daddy was funny, I remember one year he grew a mustache, every day us girls would say “Daddy cut that mustache off.” We didn't like it. One day he came downstairs and we said "Daddy you cut your mustache off." He said "It has been gone for a week." I don't know if it was or not, but we didn't even notice. Daddy went out to the farm about every weekend and helped Uncle John. | Carolyn says Daddy was a good old guy.

4: Our Dad was a handsome man, at least I thought so. He also was a big tease. I remember one time he was mowing the grass, with a hand push mower and the next thing I was booted in the butt. I fell over and was so mad, but he was just getting me out of the yard for my own good. He was proud of his family. He worked hard. Every summer he would go to the farm to help Uncle John with the haying. A treat for us was an ice cream cone after Sunday school. We would go to town and sit in the car and watch the people, I enjoyed that so much. (Beverly)

5: Jean says “Dad was a great father. He was kind, considerate, humorous, great personality, giving, loving and honest. I never heard my Dad raise his voice or cuss. I never heard him say a bad word about anyone. He was a Christian and he loved the Lord. He encouraged us to do the best we could and be kind to each other. He took very good care of his family. My 1st husband Don said to my Dad one day; Maybe Jean is Janet, Daddy thought a minute, and then said No Don, this is Jean, Janet was much prettier. I said “Dad”, and Daddy just grinned.” | Daddy was never in a hurry but he could pass gas then turn around and laugh and say “who did that”. He would get upset a little when I would take the sugar spoon to stir my coffee then put it back into the sugar bowl. We had very good parents, and I never ever heard my Mother or Father swear. (Barry)

6: Daddy: I loved my dad very much. He was so much fun to be around! I remember Mom was fussing at him and he was reading the paper, he would put the paper below his eyes and say “Now Clara” that would really make her mad. He just let her fuss and did not say a word. I remember when he would start the car up he would do his mouth funny until the car would start. He chewed tobacco and sometimes the juice would run down his chin. We would all be in the car with the windows down and he would spit out the window and whoever was sitting in the back seat on his side would get some spit in their face. There are some other things I could say but I better not. He was a wonderful Father. (Sandra)

7: Dad: I don't remember that he every said a cuss word. I only got kicked on the back side a very few times as a kind of punishment. One thing I always thought badly about for Mother was that she never knew what was going to be for supper. Dad would always stop at the grocery store and pick up fresh meat after work. I could never figure out why he did that, but I never asked him either. We always had good plain meals and Dad waited until everyone else got their share first. I also was never made to eat anything that I didn't like the looks of which was probably why I'm fussy now. After I came home from the service, I had some good talks with Dad on the front porch. I was interested in what his life was like growing up. He sure had some hard times and made very little money every day. I marvel how they managed to raise 10 children. A lot of summer Saturday's Dad would go and buy Isalys chip chop ham and of course we would have every one up for lunch and enjoy fine chip chop ham. When I went to kindergarten at Gay Street, Dad would walk me half way to school and one of my big sisters would meet us. One day on our walk a dog came out and got a hold of Dad’s coat made a big hole in it. Dad had a 1937 Ford (not quite sure of the year) but when we went to Uncle John’s farm he always parked it at the top of the hill because it had a little trouble coming up the hill from a dead stop. It was the kind of car you had to drain the water out of so it didn’t freeze up.(Gordon)

8: Clara Helen Gaisford Mitchell 6/11/1904-5/5/1981 | Jean says I often wondered how Mom kept her sanity. There were 3 boys and 7 girls. Actually there were 11 of us and they raised 10. Mom was always cooking, baking, sewing, and cleaning. I really don’t know how she found time to get pregnant. It must have been the water. Mom would have given you the coat off her back. She too was kind, giving, loving, such a good person and a great Mom. Together, Mom and Dad raised a family I am very proud to be a part of. We’ve always stuck together and I think that was due to our great upbringing. Being raised in a large family makes you appreciate what you have, because you do not always get everything you think you need. God is good. I have truly been blessed.”

10: Mother worked hard. Had all us kids and went out to work also. I know she worked at the meat market, Grants (which was a department store) She worked at a laundry place, she took in wash and ironing, she sold Stanley products. She made a lot of our outfits, did a lot of knitting, she did beautiful work. She also played the piano and violin. (Alice) | I can see her watching the fake wrestling on T. V. She always thought it was for real and I always told her it was fake. It was a show. She was always good to me. One Christmas I wanted a transistor radio. It was a Motorola, I still have it today and it still works. This was from Mother and Dad. We had great parents. We came from a large family we did not have a whole lot. We always had a loving family. We always sat down as a family to eat dinner and Father always said the blessing. As for me I loved our family picnics and holiday gatherings. They were always good times and good food. Friday night was a big night out. You could ride to town with Dad and Mom and sit in the car and watch traffic and the people walk up and down the street. (Barry)

11: Mom: She was a very caring person. She would do without herself to give you something. I remember she did a lot of sewing and knitting. She made a lot of our clothes. She could make beautiful sweaters. She knitted Donna a beautiful coat and hat when she was little. When I was working at the bank and I was late getting off work she always kept my supper warm for me. Sometimes we would go to Isalys and get a root beer float. I loved my Mother very much but I didn’t tell her that in my younger days. I really miss her a lot. (Sandra)

12: Our Mother was a very hard working woman. When we were in grade school I think Mom was the oldest Mother there. She would make all our dresses and knit us mittens and hats and scarves. She did beautiful work. She would take in other people's laundry and iron their clothes. I don't know how she did it. I remember Ruth Hoffman lived with us, and Rich and Elnetta stayed with us also. Even Jean and Don for awhile. She tried to teach me to knit but I didn't have the patience for it. She was a kind and loving lady. (Beverly) | My Mother taught me a lot of things. She taught me how to knit. She and I would sit for hours together knitting. When I was a little girl, she would always give me my spelling words for my test on Friday's. Most of the time I got 100 on my test. Mom, Aunt Sylvia, Bev, Sandy and I had gone to the Erie zoo for the day and I started my period. I didn't know what it was. When we got back home, Mom made Alice go upstairs with me to fix me up. (Barbara) | I remember Mother as she got out of the car go up the outside steps and in the house, sit down at the kitchen table and use her puffer to get her breath. I never saw my Mother in slacks, and she didn’t like to see her girls in slacks. (Carolyn)

13: Mother: Clara Helen (Gasiford) She was a good mother and loved to knit. She worked out of the house at the Community Meat Market when I was young. She always struggled with asthma and it was really hard for her to go up steps and it took her a while to catch her breath once she was at the top. There was a big mangle iron that she had and it was great for doing sheets and other folks clothes, I think. I can remember when I was about 13 she would go to Butler to visit Aunt Jessie and a few times she would bring Jessie’s Cadillac home which I thought was kind of neat because she was short and could just see out the window. She took me to Butler once because I was a little sick and had Jessie give me shots for about 3 days they really hurt. When I came home from the USAF she would get mad at me because I would always make my bed, which I had to do in the service. It seemed at dinner with Dad, Mom and me, Mom would always get on Dad's case about any little thing and argue and good old dad would just let her blow off steam. I use to get mad, but I learned it was just a little spat. Being the youngest I always thought mother was old because she only had gray hair. After I got married and moved out of their house she would call me. When I answered the phone she would always say “oh is that you Cork”. Mother liked to make waffles but she couldn't just make a few. We had to call all of the local families and have them up for waffles. We all ate until we were full. It was fun getting together. Mother really liked studio wrestling on Saturday afternoons. She had her favorites and if they weren't winning she would call the other wrestler “you old puke” which was a favorite word of hers. She really got into the matches. We tried telling her it was all show but she didn't believe us. Mother never liked to hear when someone said they were pregnant. You were supposed to say in the “motherly way”. (Gordon)

14: Richard Allen Mitchell 4/09/1924-1/8/1986 | Jean says: The thing that stands out in my mind when I was growing up was how the kids teased and bullied my brother. He wouldn’t fight back. I would be coming home from school, the boys would have brother on the ground beating him up and pulling his hair. I would yell and tell them to STOP THAT!! They just laughed at me. Richard had a lot of problems but he was very kind and considerate. He really loved all his sisters. He always had beautiful prayers. | Richard was the oldest and a hard working guy. He would do anything for his two little girls. Richard wasn't a very good driver you could get car sick with him; he would go fast and then slow, fast and slow. He loved his bread and milk every night but he never gained any weight, he did work hard. (Alice)

15: My brother Richard was a very smart and intelligent man. He was good to me. Every time he got sick, Mom would have me run down to the refinery to get Dad to come home and help take care of the situation. When he was married to Alnetta I used to babysit for them and would stay the whole weekend with them in their apartment in Rouseville, PA. That’s when they had Margaret Rose Mitchell. (Barbara) | Brother Richard, He didn’t make a lot of money but he always seemed to have a job and he worked very hard. I can remember when he was still at home before he went to bed he would drink a quart of milk along with a loaf of bread and never gained a pound. He bought me my first shot gun to go hunting with Don. It was a 20 gauge single shot J.C. Higgens. Barry has it today. (Barry) | Richard could sit down and eat a loaf of bread and drink a quart of milk. He loved to eat and never gained a pound. (Carolyn)

16: Richard was the oldest and of course I was the youngest so we didn't hang out much together. I do remember the house above Rouseville that he lived in. We went there a few times and there was this rickety bridge we crossed to get to his house. He always seemed to work at a gas station and he had his own station at the top of Seneca hill. It was a 2 pump station and pumped about 60,000 gallons a month of gas. Whenever someone bought gas and had kids in the car he gave the child a lollypop which was a big seller. He also worked in a tire shop on upper Seneca Street. He had a big heart. He could down a half gallon of milk and a loaf of bread in one seating. He also loved ice cream. (Gordon) | Richard was such a hard working man. He loved and bragged on his sisters. He was proud of us. I remember when I was little he would always give me his loose change. I was so happy to get it. He couldn’t wait until he could retire but that day never came. He was very kind and good. (Beverly) | Richard and Jean

17: Jean Lillian 9/9/1926 | Jean always cut my hair. She is a caring person. When Phyllis got out of her cast she took Phyllis shopping and got her new clothes. Jean always took care of all us kids. (Carolyn) | Janet Louise 9/9/1926 - 4/7/1927

18: Jean was a twin, her twin Janet died when she was 8 months old. If the family would go out in the car to town Jean would make us all get down on the floor till we got out of town. I guess she didn’t want anyone to see how many kids were in the car. Jean didn’t want to stop at Aunt Sylvia’s she would go with Mother over to Grandpa and Grandma Gaisford’s on Sunday’s. Jean was a loving, caring and kind person and still is. She would do what she could for all of us. (Alice) | Jeanie was always taking care of us when we were little. I remember when Diamond, D-Bob’s dog bit me on the lip, it was bleeding very badly; Jeanie rushed me down to Dr. Leo Levine. Jeanie started talking about herself; something I don’t know what. Dr. Levine turned around to her and said “She’s the patient not you”. We were both so taken back. (Beverly) | Janet Louise 9/9/1926-4/7/1927

19: My Sisters Jean and Janet. I don’t remember anything about Janet because she passed away at 6 months and they said she had whooping cough. I don’t remember too much about Jean when I was little until I got older. I remember her getting married to Don Keniston and then later having D-Bob, D-Bob and I were close. We went to Sunday school together. I remember Alice always being a part of their family. (Barbara) | Sister Jean, She can be the story teller because look how old she is. She was the first one in the family as far as I know to have a black and white T.V. So Saturday mornings I would go down to their house to watch westerns. I did not like cartoons. She always had a snack for the 3 of us, me, Gordon and her son D-Bob. (Barry)

20: Jean: When Richard was sick Jean would keep all of us girls so Mom and Dad could go and see Richard in the hospital. She was a wonderful house keeper and a very good cook. She was very kind and caring. She always had a nice home and nice furniture and a nice car. She would fix my hair for me. Jean has done a lot for me over the years. (Sandra) | Jean was my second mother. I ruined her wedding. Because mother was in the motherly way with me and couldn't make Jean's wedding dress. I have had to live with that all my life and it wasn’t even my fault. I don't remember the wedding but I guess I was there. I'm told that her and Don would take me out with them, and all I would do was cry so they must have had a great time. They lived close to us and they had a son and I was an Uncle at the old age of 2. We had a good time growing up together with big brother Barry and little brother D Bob. Jean has a story about going to town to window shop but I'm sure someone else has more details because I think it was before my time in this world. We had a great time when we all would get together and make hard tack candy. I have the marble if anyone wants to come to my house to make it again. This is a winter project. (Gordon)

21: Patricia Ann 3/19/1931-2/15/2011 | Jean Says: The thing I remember about Pat was her blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. She was so pretty. I remember her twirling her hair and sucking her thumb and waving at the mail man. I remember Carol liked to visit with older people also. | The thing I remember about Pat was that she was such a hard worker. Pat was very caring, always trying to make you comfortable. (Carolyn)

22: Pat passed away February of 2011. She was a beautiful girl. She had blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. Pat always worked in the hospital. First in the kitchen then she was an aid in Virginia. She was a ward clerk. She spent time with Aunt Jess and Uncle Sandy in Butler. (Alice) | Pat worked hard all her life to support her family. When we were little I remember she liked the fat from the meat, pork chops, beef, chicken and any meat. And I was just the opposite I didn’t want any fat. She spent a lot of time down at Aunt Jess’s when she was little. (Beverly) | My sister Pat, I remember babysitting a lot for her family. I don’t remember too much about Pat when I was little until I got older. I remember her catching her night gown on fire and she got burned very badly, and she carried her scars for the rest of her life. I remember the girls saying “set some more plates, here comes the Ditzenbergers” (Barbara)

23: Sister Pat, She always worked very hard. I do remember saying when I would see their car coming up the drive way “put the cookies away” to save more for me. I think I helped them move a few times. Back then we could have had a Mitchell moving company. (Barry) | Pat: Pat always had a hard life. Deb and Ted were so cute. I used to babysit them some when Pat worked. Pat made a lot of dish cloths. She was a caring person. She never wanted to say goodbye so she would say toot-a-loo. D-Bob spit up in her mouth when she was shaking him. (Sandra) | Pat was next and I don't even remember her living at home. She worked at a hospital or nursing home all her life. She had 2 children Ted and Deb that we used to play with when they came home. (Gordon)

24: Alice didn’t like to clean because that is what Jean said. Alice and I spent a lot of time at the Mitchell farm. Alice didn’t like to help collect the eggs. (Carolyn) | Alice Lorraine 8/2/1932

25: Alice didn’t like housework when we were younger. She was kind of lazy, but not anymore. After she went to work and got her own car and started taking care of herself she did very good. She’d go shopping for new clothes and when she came home she’d say to me put them on and model them. I was so thrilled to try them on. It was like Christmas to me. Alice was always good to let Carolyn, Barb and me ware her clothes to school, but we had to keep them clean. She was very generous. (Beverly) | Alice: She would go to the farm after school was out. She started working when she was very young. I think she babysat a little boy. Alice and I used to do some things together when Alice, Barry, Gordon and I were the only ones left at home. Jean and Don would take Alice and Gordon with them a lot when they went places. Alice is a wonderful sister. She has done a lot for me over the years. When she comes to see me, she likes to go to Belks. Sandra

26: Sister Alice, I can see her coming home from work in that great big Army tank she drove, which was around a 1953 Buick. She was a good driver and she let me drive her car a few times. (Barry) | My sister Alice is a very loving and caring person I don't remember much of her growing up when I was a little girl until I got older. I remember Carolyn would leave her a note at bedtime, because Alice worked at night. Alice can I wear this outfit of yours to school tomorrow? Yes or No? So I thought if Carolyn could do it, I would try it and see what would happen. I remember Alice always being with Jean and Don. (Barbara)

27: Jean Says: Everyone knows what I thought of Alice, she was so lazy she stunk. Another thing I remember she ran out in front of a car. Daddy was mowing the yard and I was supposed to be keeping an eye on her. Daddy apologized to the driver and got a hold of me and booted me across the yard. I kept crying, but Daddy, but Daddy, you know how quick she is. After Alice got older and started working she never stopped. She has worked very hard all of her life. Alice was our cabbage patch doll. We were told she was born under a cabbage leaf. Alice also pulled my vaccination scab off, I never had a scar. | Alice got married late in life so she was home while I was growing up. She worked in Reynoldsville and Jean and Don would take her there and pick her up on weekends. I don't think I ever made that trip. She did buy a car and Don taught her how to drive and she would take me places, I think. One thing she did was she made sure we had a great Christmas when she lived at home. Under the tree was full of gifts she bought for all of us. She had a couple of really nice cars when she was at home. (Gordon)

28: Carolyn Gaisford 11/17/1934 | Sister Carolyn, I guess she always wanted to be a country farm girl but she ended up in the city with 4 children. She worked a lot in the kitchen and saved her coupons for extra cash. Her meals were great! (Barry) | Carol and I went out to the farm on the weekends we had fun out there. Carol didn’t like to go to school, she would cry all the way down the alley and at the bottom she would stop crying. I think it was Carol, Bev and Barb sang in the church choir. (Alice)

29: My sister Carolyn Benson is a very good person. I remember Carolyn always going to the farm for summer vacation and she would come back home with all new clothes for school in September. I always envied her because she got everything. We always walked to school together. We shared a big bedroom together. My sister Carolyn never had to work. We sang in the church choir and went roller skating together. (Barbara) | Carolyn says: I remember Aunt Sylvia cutting the heads off the chickens and the poor things running around headless till they died. I remember Beverly, Barbara and Sandra all went to high school together and on the way home from school we would decide who was going to wash the dinner dishes, dry the dishes and put them away. (Carolyn)

30: Carolyn spent every summer out at the farm when we were little. She would get a lot of new things. I remember when Aunt Sylvia bought her a new bike. One summer she brought it home and let us ride it. I sure did enjoy it. We all did. Carolyn was good to let us ride it. (Beverly) | Jean Says: The thing I remember about Carol was her pouting. I used to say “A bird is going to come along and sit on your lower lip and poop. She spent a lot of time at the Mitchell farm. Every summer after school was out Grandma and Aunt Sylvia would come get Carol and Alice. Carol got a two wheel bike but she wouldn’t let any of us ride it. My heart goes out to Carol today; she has suffered a terrible tragedy.

31: Carolyn: She always went to the farm for the whole summer. She would come home before school would start with new clothes. She could cook good and her chocolate chip cookies were out of this world. When we came to PA on vacation she would always fix us a lot of cookies to take home with us. (Sandra) | Carolyn liked to iron in the kitchen and the door and windows in the summer time and we would tease her and call her worm hole and of course she would get mad and chase us around. She was the first one in our family to graduate from high school. The 3 girls ahead of her either got married or quit school to help take care of the growing family. The day she got married our neighbor Marty Grzasko fell off of our bull rope and broke his arm. Her wedding reception was at the grange hall on the road to Dempseytown. I remember going but that is about all. When she and Ray started having children we had some more little ones to boss around. She always had chocolate chip cookies in a tin container at her house and always willing to share them whenever we visited. They were outstanding. Carol had the most children in the family and they filled our house when they came. (Gordon)

32: Jean Says: The thing I remember about Bev was her rocking. As a baby she would rock back and forth on the couch. Over the years we did get a rocker. I forget how many rockers she wore out. She also liked to preach to Fred, Pat’s husband. Beverly was noisy. | Sister Beverly, she married a Two Door (Tudor) then bought a four door Mercury and away they went. (Barry) | The thing I remember about Bev was her rocking the couch. This was at Meade Street. I remember when she broke her leg sled ridding and was hit by a car on Charlton Street. (Carolyn) | Beverly June 1/30/1937

33: Beverly was Barbara’s twin. Bev would sit on the couch and bang her head like she was rocking. Jean took the twins downtown on the bus and Bev cried all the way. Jean wasn’t happy. Bev broke her leg sled riding down the alley; she missed that year in school. Bev was the tallest of the girls. (Alice) | My twin sister Beverly Tudor, we had a good time growing up together, I remember when we were sled riding, Beverly got hit by a car and broke her leg. Mom and Dad kept her out of school. We didn’t graduate together. We shared a bedroom together. We went roller skating together and we went to church together, young peoples and sang in the church choir. I paid Beverly to do my laundry and iron my clothes for me while I worked, because she was at home. She never had to work. (Barbara)

34: Bev: Bev broke her leg sled riding when she was in the second grade. She had to repeat the second grade over so her and I were in school together and graduated the same year. When I went to work, Bev used to iron my clothes. I paid her .25 per dress. She sure did a good job. Bev has been very good to me in the past years. She is a wonderful sister. Bev and I went skating in Seneca and somehow our skates got tangled up and we fell and I broke my collar bone. Sandra | Beverly: I can always remember when she had her first date with Jimmy. From our front window we always knew when a car came up the alley, and we all had to see who was coming. When Jim came in wearing a leather jacket, I thought they were going on a motorcycle and he was in some kind of a gang. She and several sisters liked to sun bathe in the back yard in the summer. They would mix something up with baby oil to tan their body. They worked hard at the process but I didn't think it did much. (Gordon)

35: Barb and Bev

36: Sister Barbara, It was easy to make her laugh. All you had to do was look at her a little funny and she would start laughing. (Barry) | Barbara Jane 1/30/1937 | Barb didn’t say too much, she would hide the pans in the oven. She liked to cut her head out of the pictures that we had taken. (Carolyn) | Barb was Bev’s twin; she didn’t have much to say. If there was a picture of the family she would cut her face out of the picture. We have a few pictures with Barb missing. Barb had thick dark hair, she wore it in braids. She would put the dirty pans in the oven instead of washing them. (Alice)

37: Barb: She would put the skillets in the stove to keep from washing them. Barry came to South Carolina with me to visit Barb, that’s how I met Marshall. Barb, Bill and I used to go roller skating a lot. We always had a good time. When I moved down south Marshall and I would go to Barb and Bill’s house every Tuesday. I would wash clothes and we would cook supper together, they lived on a plantation. I have many fond memories of Barb and Bill. Sandra | Barb is my twin sister. We are just the opposite. She didn’t say much, very quiet. They always said I was the loud one. We all played good together. When it was time to do the dishes seems like she always needed to go to the bathroom. She loved to play softball. We played ball in the tank hole. We had a lot of fun. (Beverly)

38: Jean Says: Can’t say too much about Barb. She was very quiet and would look at you and just smile. I do remember one time, I walked to town with the twins it was all downhill, and when I was ready to head back home I decided we would take the bus. I had a heck of a time getting Bev on the bus, she cried and Barb just smiled. I also remember, if it was Barb’s turn to wash dishes after dinner and there were any skillets, she would put them in the oven; DIRTY. Barbara was quiet. | Barbara liked to roller skate at the Seneca roller rink. She always had a boy friend with her. I went along quite a bit. She worked at the First Seneca Bank in Oil City until she went away with Bill. She was out of town several years before coming back. But she found a husband for Sandy in South Carolina. The girls had the biggest room in the house. They had 2 big beds in the room and all this stuff all over the place. They all seemed to get alone great with each other. (Gordon)

39: Sandra Lee 9/13/1938 | I remember us girls going roller skating. Daddy would take us. Sandra broke her collar bone at the rink. (Carolyn)

40: Bev, Barb and Sandy liked to go roller skating. I guess Sandy and Bev’s skates locked, they fell and Sandy broke her collar bone. When Don was up at Mom and Dad’s eating dinner, Sandy would put her hand under Don’s chin while he was eating. Don never said a word to her. (Alice)

41: Jean Says: Sandy would go out to play in the winter with hardly any clothes on. In the summer she would go out to play dressed for winter. I used to say Mom - I think there is something wrong with her. | Sister Sandy, She would pay me a quarter for doing the dishes for her. I think she and I took the Greyhound bus to South Carolina to visit Barb and Bill and that’s when she met Marshall. Sandy could laugh too. She could really laugh if you left something from behind you. Oh what could that be? (Barry)

42: Sandy was a happy child. Always sucking her thumb. I thought she would never quit. When we were in sixth grade I was invited to Jim Stubbs birthday party. Mom said I could go if Sandy was invited too, I was so upset but she got to go with me. Sandy wanted to go roller skating and I really didn’t want to. She kept bugging me, she said Daddy will let us go if you ask because you’re his favorite but I wasn’t. I asked and he took us. Well our skates got hooked somehow and she fell, broke her collarbone and needless to say. I felt terrible and didn’t enjoy skating after that. (Beverly) | Sandy The youngest of all the girls and she was the one that laughed the most. She clung to Don whenever he was around but he never said anything to her. I think he enjoyed her. She always sat beside him at the table but I won't tell you what she did cause I'm sure some one else has mentioned it. She worked at the Oil City National Bank in Oil City until she married Marshall Smith. She really got mad at me when I told her Marshall liked to smoke OP cigarettes. She asked Corky what is OP and I told her they were Other People’s cigarettes. Sandy moved to South Carolina and picked up the real southern accent. (Gordon)

43: Barry Linton 6/4/1943 | The thing I remember about Barry was his childhood tantrums. He makes me laugh a lot. He is a good guy. (Carolyn) | Jean Says: He had big ears. I used to think, man if a big wind ever comes along he will fly away. Barry has kept us all laughing over the years. He reminds me a lot of Dad, and that is a great honor. Over the years his head did grow to match his ears. He is a very handsome man now.

44: Barry is a good guy. I remember when he would go out to Carol’s, there was a pond and in the winter time he would get his ice skates on and his welding helmet on and away he went. Barry, Gordon and D-Bob would hang together. He was a hard worker and still is a hard worker. (Alice) | Barry had a temper. I can see him kicking his heels and legs while on the floor. That’s when he didn’t get his way. He liked to play ball. (Beverly)

45: My brother Barry, my baby brother Barry was our doll baby, that we never had as little girls. He was so cute and lovable. He was our world. If he couldn't get what he wanted, he pouted. I remember him and me playing and he hit my nose with a pipe. He didn't mean to do it. I was a climber, I loved climbing trees in the back yard and I think Barry was right there with me. We played ball together in the tank hole. (Barbara) | Barry: I think Barry liked to take things apart. One day when we came home from school he had taken the heads, arms and legs off of our dolls. Barry and his son did some work at my house for me. He and Alice usually come down to see me about twice each year. Alice spends the week with me and Barry goes to his son's in North Charleston. Barry is a very hard worker and a very caring person. He wrote a poem to Marshall many years ago but I don't know where it is. Sandra

46: Barry my big brother, and he would never let me hang out with him. He didn't want to be bothered with taking care of me. There were days when we did get along. Whenever a neighbor came to our house and wanted a glass of water he would get them one and after they drank the water he would throw the glass over the hill rather than take it back in the house. When we got bows and arrows we would shoot arrows from one hillside to the other at each other but we had to watch that we didn't hit anyone which never happened. We had a big barn in our back yard which we played by the hour painting or just messing around it. I guess it was torn down when we all got head lice. Dad had a real neat Ford car in our garage and with a stick shift. We would shine it up and play in it. When Barry was close to getting his driver’s license he asked Dad if he could have it but Dad said no. The garage was about to fall down and we pulled it out and backed it in the weeds. A year or so later Barry got a torch and cut it up. . One day I saw a police car on Charlton Street and they stopped and asked me who I was and if my brother was that kid walking down the street and I said yes. They gave us a ride in their cruiser to the police station and didn't even ask our parents. I don't know how any of the family heard about it but Don came to the station only to confront sister Jean and told her to go home he would go into the station and bring us home. We got to be known as the Mitchell gang but never did anything wrong. Barry got a new bike and I only got a used one. The one thing he did was to start to dig under our house for a bigger basement. Dad just let him do it but before too long we all started to help and Dad was able to have basement walls and a new furnace built under the house. He never did say what it cost him. We dumped all the dirt out back to fill in the swamp. (Gordon)

48: Gordon Carle 9/28/1945 | Gordon was a beautiful baby boy. He had beautiful blond curls. He always wanted me to hold him and rock him, which I enjoyed very much. When he started kindergarten, I would meet Daddy or Alice part way and finish taking him to school. The first week he cried every time I would leave him. Miss Morgan, his teacher would say he’ll be OK, but it broke my heart to see him cry. After about a week he was fine. (Beverly) | I remember I was bathing Gordon and he wanted a drink of water. I gave this to him, he dropped the glass and it broke. He then fell in the tub and got cut on his back, he had to go to the hospital and have stitches. (Carolyn)

49: Jean Says: The first time I saw Gordon was in the nursery at Franklin hospital. Daddy made me pick him out. I picked all the cute ones; Dad would say No No No. There was only one left and he was so homely, I said “Not that one”!!!! And with great pride Daddy said YES. I also have to add that Gordon ruined my wedding. I was making wedding plans. I was having all my sisters in my wedding and Mom was going to make the gowns. One day she told me she couldn’t do it, I said WHY NOT Mom, she said, “I’m in the family way” I was devastated! Things worked out, I got married in the Manse and Mom had a nice reception for me at home. My little brother Gordon was six weeks old when I got married. I also remember Gordon had beautiful curly hair; we girls didn’t want it cut. Dad took him to the barber, Daddy told Mom, he’s a boy and I’m getting his hair cut. | Brother Gordon, We were playing cowboys and Indians one day and he tied me up with a rope, and I rolled over the hill and cut my head open. I think when he came down to help me he said roll over and I said I already did several times. I guess I had a couple of stitches but everything was OK. (Barry)

50: My brother Gordon Mitchell, we girls got another new doll baby to play with. He was so cute and loveable, he had blond curly hair. Everybody thought he was a little girl. I remember when he fell in the bath tub and got hurt very badly. Jeanie didn’t like his name, so she called him CORKY. Barry, Cork and D-Bob were like brothers. (Barbara) | Gordon: Gordon had blonde long curly hair. When he was about 2 years old I was giving him a bath and he wanted a drink of water. Somehow I don’t know how, the glass broke and cut him on his back. I was really scared. He had to have stitches. I think I grabbed the towel and put it on his back. Gordon and I both worked at the same bank but at different times. He worked at the North Side office, and I worked at the South Side office. It was Oil City National Bank. I think Gordon is a wonderful brother and has done a lot for me. (Sandra)

51: Gordon was a cute little boy, blond and curly hair looked like a little girl. I think Dad took him to the barber when he was about 3 years old. Dad said it was time for him to look like a little boy. He was a sick little boy and no one knew what was wrong with him, he would scream with pain. Come to find out his big intestine was inside of his small intestine. I don’t remember how old he was but one of the girls was giving him a bath and he wanted a drink of water then proceeded to drop the glass and he was cut on his back and had to go to the hospital. When he started kindergarten, Daddy and I would walk him across the railroad bridge and Bev would meet us and walk him the rest of the way to Gay Street School. (Alice)

53: Jeanie says: The Walton's did not have anything over on us Mitchell's. We always said "Good Night" to everyone. Long before the T.V. Show. Nite Mom, Dad, Rich, Jean, Pat, Alice, Carol, Bev, Barb, Sandy, Barry, last but not least Corky.

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