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The Most Beautiful Thing

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S: The Most Beautiful Thing Annah Elisabeth Coker

1: The mysteries enclosed are none like any other, we can only wait to see what come out, and only hope what we put in is good. So do not judge, the only thing that can influence them is themselves, and and the only injustice is to give yourself none. We are, beautifully, human.

2: 1 | Sight and The Great Pyramids Of Giza | People say our eyes are the windows to our hearts. The picture depicts more than that, some what of a meaning that implies a direct route to our soul- our innermost feelings, who we really are underneath the skin we hide with. The hand within the eye shows the eye as somewhat of a cage to what is inside. We are our own prosecutors, and our own attorneys. We can defend, and punish ourselves. This goes back to the idea of Persuasion and Argument. With any case, especially with ourselves, we must present the best plea possible. the struggle it is going through shows the depths of the soul that can contain us if we don't realize that it can. The eye has no pupil, and no iris. Colorless, almost, if we would be colorless if it weren't for our eyes | The way we look at our masterpieces is the way we look at each other. We admire. This illustration shows the boy looking at the girl in some way like she is important to him, and she is a true beauty. he is looking at her, but he doesn't know that she was initially created from him. The imagery here is presented in enormous amounts. It creates another picture, and this one fades away, as if the people don't even matter. This is about the Great pyramids, the great structures, the wonderful establishments created by us, human beings, and we deserve no credit? We praise them, and continue to forget ourselves.

3: 2 | Hearing and The Hanging Gardens of Babylon | The picture of the injured Marine shows the "noise" in his life. It shows what he has been through. and what it has left him with. Imagine what is in diary, his life story. The scars on our bodies tell some of it, but the scars on our hearts tell more. Sometimes what we hear is music, and sometimes, it is just noise. you can interpret sounds the way you want to, just like he is either proud or ashamed of his scars. You take things the way you want to, because it is either music, or just noise. | Just like the Gardens of Babylon, these girls are beautiful. All women are. For whatever they did, probably a good, courageous deed, they are hung. With their hand- made dresses and bonnets, they were hanged. The women, whatever the crime, were still created by God almighty, and in his image. The picture depicts more than the crime they committed. It shows the voice of the two, and what they had to say in their life. They, like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, are an unforgettable beauty. They are, the hanging beauties.

4: 3 | Smell and The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus | Though this picture focuses on the blood and the tongue, blood and other substances are sometimes determined by the smell. Just like peppermint, the taste is solely dependent on the smell. If we could not smell, we would not taste. Though it is true, it is an understatement. Our smelling senses aren't as developed as animals, but that's how animals hunt, and survive. If we were animals, without our sense of smell, we could not sniff, and we could not survive. | The illustration is a picture of a man who is praying. This ties on to the Temple of Artemis with the fact of it is holy and beautiful. You can build a wonderful place of worship or you can use the places God grants you. This depicts the sensory detail in his heart, using all that God blessed him with to love him back. The Temple may be a sacred and safe, but the wilderness is his safeness.

5: 4 | Taste and The Statue of Zeus at Olympus | The sugar on her face resembles her words. What comes out of her lips is sweet, and cascades onto her beautiful face. She is sweet, because her words are sweet, and they come straight from her heart. This picture says "alliteration," and shows the importance of our words. She doesn't look to happy, maybe because She said she ate so much sugar that she says she's sick of sweet. | The statue of Zeus is a symbol of their God, and the other picture is ours. Zeus was their creator, their safety. The statue was maybe a way for the people to feel more safe, or closer to him, if you will. The style of this statue is so detailed, and shows the hard work that the people put into it, and where they believe hard work belongs. Style, the way you say something, the way something is presented. To us, the statue may be meaningless. but to them, it is above all else. Just like the famous painting of God reaching out to the man, the statue symbolizes the steps that Zeus supposedly took, and the fact that you have to meet him half-way. It' a two way street, and as long as you keep your end of the deal, he will as well.

6: 5 | Touch and The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus | This Mausoleum was built in honor of an ancient city. The illustration signifies the city that we never had the privilege of seeing. The picture that is compared to the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus is personified to a degree of fake reality. It's only a figment of the imagination, the most beautiful place a person's brain can come up with. The beautiful skies, the magnificent columns and towers. What architecture, what perspective! A goddess of a City it obviously was, but we will never be able to enjoy or witness it's happenings. As the picture, it is almost like a dream. We know it's there, but we cannot touch nor feel it. Beautiful? Very. | You can take this quote many different ways. Feel, as in touching, or feel, as in the heart. To be able to emotionally feel is something we all, to a degree, take advantage of. Why? We are so used to it. Actually, that's an understatement. We molest the gifts we are granted, even as minuscule a thing as touch. Hurting, smiling, laughing, happiness, suffering. So common. We might despise the feelings that tear us apart from the inside out, but without feelings, what is worth dying for? Is it even worth living? O how we secretly love internal torture.

7: 6 | Knowledge and the Colossus of Rhodes | Knowledge is power? It really is. Superman holds his status with a bias as he reveals his secret to fighting crime- knowledge. He must know who his enemies are, or who would he fight?Obviously, our audience is important here. We must know what our enemies are, and where they lie. This picture symbolizes the power of knowledge, but also the insecurities that our bodies have. We are subject to all faults, all murders. We have many organs protect, and many brain cells to keep alive. Knowledge is power, but the ability to resolve and resolute is another. | Colossus was the God of the Sun. He was coated with greatness, and the satire of him was light. His genre ranged from mightiness to brightness. The neat idea of this illustration is that it represents the sun, the day. If you look closely, you can see stars in the eye. This symbols the idea that we rely on the day too much. We know the sun will always be there for us, but will the moon always be? It comes and fades. Why does that not scare us?

8: 7 | Love and The Lighthouse of Alexandria | Love is gentle, love is kind. The usual saying. This picture proves it very true. The delicacy of her hand, holding the precious heart that most often times wounds us. This picture appeals to us in the way that we all feel love, sometime or another in our lives. It is a special gift, and we all possess it. it is our emotions, (pathos,) that helps us be drawn to the things that we feel the most, like the way her hand is laying. It is quite beautiful, and indifferent. She is almost submitting to it, the power of love, and openly admires the beauty of it. Poisonous, but beautiful. | The Lighthouse of Alexandria is a beautiful monument to the openness and light that she apparently used to guide the astray. The painting above it shows the power of God guiding a lost sailor home. The idea of "guiding a sailor home" to some people may be so cliché, to the point of no use. It has been thought of so many times, and now what does it really mean? it means that, even though he crashing and roaring waves rumble below him, he holds a steady hand with the radiant light that soothes the nervous seaman when he knows the shore is there. Knowing safety is nearby, the lighthouse brings comfort to all, as a rescue, as a monument, and as a symbol of the the piece.

9: 8 | We, as humans, are made up of wonderful things. Our senses, so unique, our structure, so extroidinary. yet we praise all the wonders of the earth, but forget one thing. US. We created the masterpieces. We wrote the beauty that is crafted into these wonders. Be proud of who you are, because we are creators. We are simple wonder in the hands of God. Who are we? We truly are, the most beautiful thing.

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