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The Movement- CDU

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BC: Jesus.



2: INGRID MAE TADLAS Registered Nurse Cebu Doctors' University 1st The Movement-CDU President | I love Cebu Doctors’ University. I didn’t want to fly by my four years of school without witnessing to my classmates about Jesus. I always had that desire to share about the Gospel, but the fear of man always got in the way. So in my last year in college, I decided to step out and told myself, “No more fear.” There were a bunch of us in our youth group studying in CDU. And when we heard about The Movement in Cebu Normal University, we were jealous for it. We wanted Jesus in our school too. So we gathered together and came up to our church leaders and said, “We want that in CDU, what do we need to do?” | I believe that that step that we took made an impact in my life, personally. I was appointed the President for CDU, and honestly, I was never good with leadership. I was always a follower, obeyed orders, did the tasks and helped out. But to actually lead a Bible study in my school, juggling with school requirements, weekly meetings with the officers and prayer meetings, was a new challenge. It wasn’t easy. Being a leader kills you, in a way that it’s not about yourself anymore. You are in a team, and cooperation with each member brings success to the team. As the leader, I was the first to humble down and set an example for everyone else.

3: One amazing thing that the Lord granted in the beginning of The Movement-CDU was favor. We had incredible favor from our school leaders. To start off, when we gathered together to start it, we had no idea that we needed to file all those paper works, the vision and mission, etc. There was a structure and a process on how we could officially start it. The good thing was our school was a non-denominational university, meaning it was open to any form of religion or organization. Working on the paperwork took us weeks to get done. We were passed around from one office to another for the approval until it reached the head of student affairs. I remembered Mr. Duja, the SAPPRO Coordinator, wanted to meet with us and find out what our plans were for this organization. Here came another challenge for me, speaking. I would always stutter or start to cry when I share about something I desired in my heart. Thankfully we were there as a team and with the leading of the Holy Spirit, the plans were approved. | "The best part about The Movement was seeing the lives of college students being changed."

4: We had only a handful of people coming in to our prayer meetings and Bible studies. Our efforts to constantly check up and follow up on them brought them closer to God. The testimonies, the struggles and the encouragement the core group shared was powerful. We were able to develop friendships and relationships with people. Our skills in communicating with people developed and shame and fear started to shed off. | We all had one dream and that it to see this nation can be changed. It starts with speaking out the Truth in the places where ideology and humanism are rampant. | I am extremely blessed to be part of this movement. The prayers of those before us were answered through us. And our prayers for the school are beginning to be unveiled now. People are hungry for something real, and that is God. And out of these places, a group of people will rise up to become the future leaders for the Philippines. They will run with righteousness and justice because they will no longer settle for the things of this world. | I am constantly praying for you all. I miss the adventures, the brainstorming, prayer meetings and “tambays” and the big events. I pray that the Lord will keep you all grounded in His word and His love. Run with Him, and burn with a passion to save the lost. I urge you to take a stand, and dare you to move into greater heights with Him for your schools. | ~

5: Acquaintance Party 2009-2010

7: Post Valentine's Special

9: Kenneth Charles Lambo AB Psychology Graduate Cebu Doctors' University SY 2009-2010 | Renewed Faith: A Testimonial of a Wandering Soul Faith isn't the ability to believe long and far into the misty future. It's simply taking God at His Word and taking the next step. - Joni Erickson Tada Sometime in my life I found different sets of “truths” which basically has tremendously inculcated so much influence into my actions and judgments in general. To some, it gives them the convenience of personal satisfaction, emotional stability, intellectual superiority, and spiritual contentment. But the course of my obstinate insistence of perfectness and the outcome of my misguided actions apparently derailed me into nowhere. Later on, I discovered myself stumbled surrounded by my so-called “truths”. I asserted that these are just part of being a newbie in the world of trial and error. Sustaining to my belief that I am right and anybody’s opinion are mere faces of an inferior nincompoop-trying-hard saviour, I still go to my practice of thwarted self-illusion righteousness. That is how the way I live my life until.....

10: It was an ordinary afternoon, after I ate lunch with my Psychology major classmates, we chilled in the lounge of the College of Arts and Sciences. I do not know but with some an inexplicable urge, I took a glance at the bulletin board. The stuffs posted were all school updates and gimmicks of the senior Psychology batch to gain participants into one of our experiments and trainings. Something had caught my eyes. A normal bond paper sized poster was hidden underneath an old tattered poster that nobody would even bother to steal his time looking. Out of curiosity and the spirit of altruism (‘coz I know how hard it is to post something realizing that it has just been placed in a not-so attractive place for reading convenience), I slid the paper gently like holding a rose for a dear someone hoping it will not be torn. I read the paper and all I saw was a big question mark in the middle with a direction in it. I stopped in awhile to think of something silly shaggy dog story to incorporate before dismissing it in the group as one of my trademark antics (at that time I find it really very not worthy of note to read!). | Again with an unknown incomprehensible feeling, I withdrew my impractical plan and instead called Monique Oamelda (a good friend who is now taking Special Education of USC’s Graduate School) to give a message on the number given at the bottom (I used Monique’s phone because I was thinking it might be a “wanted pangga” scam of some desperate loveless fellow).


12: Recruitment Fair 2010-2011


14: Though the entire content of my message was purely from the heart, I did not expect something positive in return. You know, just telling something very personal to people I do not even know for the fact that they do care about my problem. The response was quick and it proved that the paper posting is not a hoax, it is existing and genuine! I was dumfounded for awhile; I immediately arranged an appointment with Miss Ingrid (the president at that time) who was fortunately the owner of the number I messaged (paradox to the “wanted pangga” notion I had). Like the principle of Counseling, the encounter I had with that piece of paper was a metaphor of a Guidance Counselor and me as a troubled student. That was the time that the piece of paper was logically called THE MOVEMENT. This “more than just college organization “ made my soul find its right track when I was in the road of....... | Confusion . | It is the best and commonsensical description that I could give to myself during those times. As I always share to the group, I am a sceptic believer. I was at a brief, erratic and in heal-relapse relationship with the Lord, maybe because I am prone to believing science over faith. My fourth year in college life was terrible and a mess. I have had a terrible relationship, internship fiasco and research paper requirements all lined up. I don’t know how to hold on with those terrific feelings. I was empty. I was hostile to the world. There was at some point when I felt like I was a zombie. I have no Lord and no faith. I have a friction with my mom and with my second mother, the chair of our department. | Page 14

15: They arrived at the right place at the right time. The timing was perfect that made me think of HIM again. He never ever left me. | I was able to express my “truths” which eventually became false beliefs. | God used THE MOVEMENT to heal my wounded soul and made me feel important again. | -Kenneth Lambo | THE MOVEMENT helped me renew my being.


18: I lost their trust and love at some point. I could not connect to the outside world. I just simply felt unimportant and non-existing. The problems were so savaging and I felt the world was unfriendly towards me. It was during those times that I needed someone who can help me unpack my baggage full of burdens. THE MOVEMENT was a God-given organization to me. They came at the very critical part of my college life. They arrived at the right place at the right time. The timing was perfect that made me think of HIM again. He never ever left me. He gave a group of people whom I can share my feelings with and friends whom I know listens to me. | The sessions I had with THE MOVEMENT was life changing. Every tambay tackles about things that are common to our existence as a human being and as a student. It talks about our daily encounter with the Lord and how we response to it. The first tambay was the beginning of something new to me. I was able to express my “truths” which eventually became false beliefs. THE MOVEMENT helped me renew my being. They showed me the meaning of love and faith to God. They helped me find the door to which I can see the light leading to Him. It feels like God used THE MOVEMENT to heal my wounded soul and made me feel important again. Indeed, it was more than just that. I feel like I belong to a family. Everyone shares laugh, stuffs, food and insights. The reason behind why I emphasized more the way why it led me to the movement was because God wants me to realize how he moves in His holy ways. His actions are not attractive (just a piece of paper) but it was that way wherein I saw how He finds means to relocate my journey again. THE MOVEMENT was an instrument to be an agent in leading people with empty hearts, doubtful minds and people who do not know where to go.

19: It is me who could really attest how THE MOVEMENT fulfill their mission in bringing God into the center of a student’s life. I hope THE MOVEMENT family will grow and touch more wandering souls. Thank you so much for making me equipped again with the gift of faith and optimism. Thank you for making a stronger Kenneth Charles Bennedect Lambo. THE MOVEMENT. I owe a part of felicitations to you for the things that you made me see and realize. Continue to grow and be the voice and catalyst of hope to everyone! God bless you!

20: 2012-2013 | 16 | Sheena Madarimot: "I was changed a lot. I became a TRUE Christian. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior through The Movement. I am so blessed that I chose Him. With God, I'm gonna shape history! "

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