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The Newlyweds

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S: The Newlyweds

BC: A story of love, and survival of the zombie apocalypse. Can Sam and Jim make it out alive?

FC: The Newlyweds | By Elliot Cancel Ashley Torres Selena Arroyo Ryan Patterson

1: Dedicated to: Fans of zombie films, and lovers of Disneyland

2: On a beautiful day, in Central Park, Jim is getting married to Samantha. They are about to be the first people to ever get married in Central Park. Jim is waiting patiently in the altar, with his best man, and friend, Austin. But while inside, Sam is getting ready, with her friends helping her prepare to get married. Sam says excitingly “I’m so nervous! I can’t believe that I’m actually getting married!” | “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine,” her friend Jasmine told her. Her mother came to her room, telling her, “It’s time Samantha.” Sam’s father, Albert, is waiting outside the room, ready to walk her down the aisle.

3: Her veil covering her face, and her and Albert are ready to walk. They both hear “Here Comes the Bride” playing and they are finally walking down the aisle, to Jim, and the reverend. They finally make it to the altar, and her father sits in the front row. “Dearly beloved, we’re gathered on this glorious day, to witness the bond Jim Sowinski, and Samantha Fitzgerald, in Holy Matrimony.”

4: After a small lecture from the reverend, it was time for them to finally be wed. The reverend said “Do you, Jim Sowinski, take Samantha Fitzgerald, to be your lawfully wedded wife?” “I do,” Jim said. “And do you, Samantha Fitzgerald, take Jim Sowinski, to be your lawfully wedded husband?” “I do,” Samantha said.

5: “By the power infested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.” Jim moved her veil, and laid a kiss, upon Samantha’s lips, and they are now, husband and wife.

6: Once they were finally wedded, everyone got ready to go to the after-party. Jasmine was remembering when they were little girls. Remembering all of the things they did when they were younger. Like when they used to play together when they would visit each others house. Or when they first met during Elementary school.

7: During the after party, everyone was having a good time. Everyone was congratulating Sam and Jim, dancing, drinking, and just enjoying them selves. Jim took the microphone and made an announcement. “We have decided on where we are going to go for our honeymoon. We’re going to Disneyland!” Everyone started cheering and applauding them for going to a great place that anyone would go to.

8: After the party, they both started to pack for their honeymoon. “This is going to be a great trip. I can’t wait until tomorrow,” Samantha said excitingly. “As long as I’m with you, everyday is always great,” Jim responded happily. | Zzzzz....

9: They then both get ready for bed, and then they leave for a week at Disneyland. The next day, they both wake up at 8:00 in the morning. They both have their backs packed and are ready to go. Before they get to the airport, they make a stop at Ihop for breakfast. “Hello, and welcome to Ihop. What can I get you today,” a waitress asks them full of glee. Jim answers, “I would like raspberry pancakes please.” The waitress writes down the order. “And you ma’am?” Samantha responds, “I’ll have the same thing.” The waitress has both orders written down.

10: “Thank you. I’ll be back with your orders.”As the waitress leaves, they are both anxious for their honeymoon. A few minutes later, the waitress comes back with their orders and sets them on the table. “So what’s our plan for when we get there,” Sam asks Jim. “First, we get to our hotel room, leave our bags in the room, and then we go to the park and enjoy ourselves. Then later on tonight, we put on our party clothes and find a nice club for us to enjoy the night. It’s the perfect set up.” | As Jim and Sam finished their food, they pay their check and leave for the airport. As Jim and Sam finished their food, they pay their check and leave for the airport. As Jim and Sam finished their food, they pay their check and leave for the airport. As they reach the airport, an announcer says “Flight 174 is preparing for take off.”

11: Sam and Jim head to the gate and they board the plane and an escort takes them to their first class seats. They sit in their seats and are ready to go. “Would you like something to drink before we take off,” a stewardess asks them both. “I’ll have a glass of wine,” Sam responds.The stewardess gives Sam her wine, and Jim his scotch. A flight attendant uses the intercom a little later. “We are about to fly to Florida. Please turn off your cell phones and laptops for at least 5 minutes, buckle your seat belts, and enjoy the flight. Thank you.” They both do as they’re told and they both sip their drinks, and prepare to fly. Sam tells Jim “I’m so nervous. It’s my first time actually flying in a plane.” Jim holds Sam’s hand “It’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” The plane starts moving, and Sam holds Jim’s hand tightly, as they are flying off the ground, and into the sky. After a short time later, they are told that they are clear to take their seat belts off, turn on their cell phones, and enjoy their flight to Disneyland. After 4 hours, they arrived in Florida’s airport, and they get ready to leave the plane. “We are now ready to leave the plane. Please gather all of your belongings and have a nice day.” Jim and Sam gather their bags, and leave the plane.

12: Sam says excitingly, “I can’t wait to enjoy a nice week with the love of my life.” “I’m so glad I get to spend the rest of my life with my one true love.” They both share a kiss and leave the airport. Jim tells Sam, “I got a surprise for you.” Jim points to a chauffer showing Jim and Sam’s name. Without hesitation, Sam asks Jim “You got us a limo?! This is so sweet of you Jim!” They both follow the chauffer to the limo and he shows the limo. They put their bags in the limo’s trunk and they get inside it, and seeing how nice it is inside, with refreshments for the ride to the hotel. They make it to the hotel and are greeted by many employees. They get their bags out of the limo, and they walk into the hotel, and walk to the front desk. Jim and Sam are greeted by the manager at the front desk. | “Hello, and welcome to Hotel La Quack. I am the manager, Nick. Do you have reservations for here?” “Yes we do. We are under the name Sowinski.” Nick checks the computer to make sure that they are booked for the hotel. “Ah-ha! Here you are. You are in the Honeymoon suite. Here’s your room key. Fred.” Nick rings the bell and a bellhop rushes to the front desk. “Fred, will you please take this lovely couple’s bags to the Honeymoon suite?” “Sure thing sir,” Fred says and takes their bags to the luggage cart. Fred gets a luggage cart and they help Fred put their bags on the cart. They go up to an elevator and once it is open, they go in it, and press the button to the top floor of the hotel. When they reach the top, Fred opens their room, and they are both wowed by their room. | A heart shaped bed, heart shaped pillows, everything full of hearts. Jim gives Fred a tip and he is happy about helping Jim and Sam. “This is a really nice room. Are you ready to enjoy our time at the park,” Jim asks Sam. And without hesitation, Sam grabs Jims hand and they both head to the park. They head out the front door, and do as much stuff as they can before it hits night. They go on roller coasters, the Ferris wheel, and meet a lot of Disney characters.

13: Once sunset hit, it was time for them to get ready to go to a club. “Sam, we got to get ready for tonight.” They head back to the hotel, and they both get ready to go to a club. Sam is getting her make up ready, and Jim is putting on a collard shirt with jeans. They take the limo to the club, and see a DJ with a giant mouse head hosting a party. They were both dancing the night away, and were enjoying themselves, and had a few drinks while dancing. “This club is amazing! We should come here often Jim!”

14: A few hours while at the club, they started to head back to the hotel. "Wow! It's 2:00 a.m. already. How long were we in there," Jim asked Sam. "We went to the club at about 9:00. So we were clubbing for about 5 hours." "Woah! We should get back to the hotel" Sam grabbed Jim's hand and they walked back to the hotel, glad that they are having a great honeymoon.

15: They went back to the hotel, and they both get ready for bed. As they both lay in bed together, Sam said, "I had a really fun night." "Me too, my love." They both share a kiss, and go to sleep. | The next day, at 9:00, the sun beamed onto Jim's eyes, which caused him to wake up. He yawned and stretched, and climbed out of bed. He decided to go onto the balcony, and see the view. But once he went outside, the park was completely empty. Nobody was around. He went back to the room and checked outside his door, and even the hallway was empty. "What's going on here," Jim whispered to himself.

16: Jim quickly shook Sam. "Sam, wake up! We have to leave now!" Sam slowly opens her eyes and sees Jim's eyes, looking like he is worried about something. "Jim, what's wrong?" Immediately, Jim responded "Sam, get up! We have to leave now!" Sam quickly sits up and Jim grabs Sam's hand and they went out their door into the hallway. "Jim, what's going on?" They both see someone walking slowly, and hear the person grunting. Jim yells out, "Excuse me! Where is everyone?!" The person turns around and looks like a zombie. They are both frightened and scared because of what they see. "Run Sam!" They both look for a fire escape and head downstairs, going outside.

17: They head outside and Sam is completely terrified. "Jim, what was that?!" "I-I don't know. We have to get out of here!" They both start running, but they see a child. | They both walk over to the child. Jim taps the child's shoulder. "Excuse me, where are your parents?" The child turns around, and it turns out the child is a zombie too.

18: As soon as the zombie child appeared before them, a horde of zombies started coming towards them. But then, a voice was heard in a distance. "Guys! Over here!" Jim squints his eyes to see who it is yelling their names. "Sam, it's Fred! Let's go!" They both run as fast as they can. But then a zombie grabs Jim's leg, and causes him to fall. "Go on without me! Get to Fred!" Sam runs as fast as she can crying in fear and terror.

20: Sam makes it to Fred, and hide in a safe room away from the zombies. ""He's dead. My husband is dead.' Fred barricades the door to keep them away, and Sam sits against the wall in terror. "Sam, we can make it out of here. A chopper is coming here soon. But we have to find a way out of here. And I think I found it." Fred points to a direction to a building where the chopper will be. Fred explained, "We have to go past the back, and sneak to that building."

21: Sam gets up, and they both head to the back door. They silently run to the building, but a zombie notices them without them both knowing. The zombie calls the other zombie about fresh meat. "Sam run!" They both run as fast as they can, but then Sam hits a wall by accident. Fred keeps running, and Sam falls to the ground, laying down alone.

22: As Sam woke up, a zombie walks to Sam, as she is laying on the ground. Sam takes a closer look at the zombie, but comes to a realization. | It's Jim who is the zombie. Sam quickly gets up and stand against the wall. "J- Jim?" Jim walks to her trying to bite her. Sam cries more and more from the fear she is having.

23: To Be Continued...

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