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The Old Benson Mansion

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S: The Old Benson Mansion By: Abby Casey

BC: Caitlin and Abby are two friends that couldn't wait for their favorite holiday Halloween. They thought this Halloween was going to be like any other. Like getting candy, trading them for your favorite chocolate. But this year they discovered an old mansion that belonged to the Benson's. The girls go inside. What happens next? Find out in The Old Benson Mansion.

FC: The Old Benson Mansion

1: The Old Benson Mansion By: Abby casey

2: It was Halloween night, and my friend Caitlin and I were going trick-or-treating with each other. I was just completing my cowgirl costume when there was a knock on the door. I ran down the stairs putting on my boots at the same time. I went to the door. I opened the door, Caitlin was right there.

3: Caitlin had a Japenese costume on. Her black curly hair was tucked up in a bun with chopsticks in it. Her dress was baby blue and her face was white with red lipstick on. "Hey, Abby. Guess what? Do you remember when we were watching the top ten haunted houses on tv?" Caitlin asked. "Yeah. I had nightmares for weeks! Of course I remember." I said, sternly. "Well, I was walking in the woods one week, and I saw the #1 haunted house. The Benson mansion! When you go through the woods there is a little street called 13th street. The house

4: was right there! Neil, Nelly, and baby Betsy Benson used to there. It has never been occupied for more than eight minutes after the death of the Benson Family. People say that they can still hear Neil grunting from doing his taxes, and the slurps of Betsy drinking from her bottle." Caitlin said, bug eyed.

5: "We can squeeze time for the Benson mansion." I said, with a sigh. "Awesome!" Caitlin shouted, jumping on my bed. "No one is going to the Benson house." my mom said. My mom had short blond hair. She was wearing gray sweatpants and a red t-shirt with the Bearcat logo. "Why not?" I whined. "One, no means no, and second of all, I don't want you to bring home any ideas." mom said, putting my laundry away. "Mom, come on." I said. "No, no, no. Don't you get that?" mom said.

7: "Come on, Abby. I want to get at least two pounds of candy before eight thirty." Caitlin said, pulling me out the door. "But that's in ten minutes!" I shouted. "Then we have no time to lose!" Caitlin said. We got candy from 10 streets in five minutes. We ran so much. "I... can't... go.. any further" I said between breaths. "Me either. Let's stop by the woods and take a break" Caitlin said. We stood by the sign that advertised McDonalds.

9: About five minutes later, Caitlin and I heard a wolf howling at the moon. Caitlin and I ran screaming. We lost about a pound of our candy. We reached 13th street when we finally stopped. "Oh no. We're not supposed to be here. My mom said..." Caitlin covered my mouth. "Be quiet." Caitlin said. She took me to the old Benson mansion. "Perfect!" Caitlin said as if she just flipped a house and made it look brand new.

10: "Alright, Abby. We're finally here. I knew it wouldn't be so bad." Caitlin said. "But my mom said no, and no means no. My mom said it wasn't safe" I said.

11: "Don't be such a goody goody, Abby. You always follow the rules. Take a risk. It's worth it." Caitlin said, trying to persuade me. "But if I do, I'll be grounded for life." I said. "I know your mom. You weren't grounded for life when you ran away to my grandma's house with me. Or when you put glue in your sister's shoe and she couldn't move." Caitlin said.

12: "I guess. O.K." I said. "You'll get over it." Caitlin said. We walked up the Benson's dead grass. I had butterflies in my stomach. Caitlin was nervous too. I could tell from her face. We both

13: took a deep breath. Caitlin knocked on the heavy door knocker. We looked around. We saw three graves that read: Nelly Benson 1800-1834 Neil Benson 1799-1834 Betsy Benson 1825-1826 A chill went up my spine. All the curtains were black. Some of the windows were broken. The black roof had a dirty chimney on top of it. Smoke was coming out. The time was about 10:00 and I saw Caitlin yawn. "Neil, can you get the door?" asked a voice. "No, Nelly. These darn taxes are up

14: again." the other voice answered. The door shot open. Caitlin and I took one step inside. The heavy door closed and locked behind us. "Welcome." said a voice behind us. "Um... hi?" Caitlin said. I took a look around. Cobwebs were everywhere. The rooms looked freaky. The kitchen was groaning. I had a feeling it was Neil Benson doing the taxes again. The stairs were caved in, so there was no upstairs. Betsy's room was on the first floor. That was the only room that looked welcoming. "There are a couple of bedrooms down here.You can sleep in my

15: Benson suite. There are two twin beds. Make yourself comfy."the voice said. "And by the way, I'm Nelly." "Okay." I said. Nelly left. The room was all dusty. Both beds were dark red. The pillows were black silk. There was an old piano too. "I'm scared." Caitlin said, rocking in a corner.

16: "I know. Me too." I said. "Let's get out of here." Caitlin said. "But I think Nelly was expecting us to stay here." I said. "You're right, girls." Nelly said, in a ghostly figure at the door. Caitlin and I screamed. "You're not leaving, either." Nelly said.

17: "Why not? Caitlin asked. "Because. You girls make the perfect playmate for Betsy." Nelly said. Caitlin and I saw an open window and we jumped out of it. We ran through the woods. I swore Nelly was chasing us.

18: We finally arrived at my house. The door was locked. "Oh no!" shouted Caitlin. "My bedroom window is open. We can climb up the bricks." I said. We finally got in my room. But, we lost ALL of our candy. My stomach grumbled.

19: We ran downstairs. I got something to eat. After that, I ran back up the stairs. My mom was upstairs in our loft snoring away with a book on her lap. I was lucky she didn't catch me. Thanks to her snoring. I was glad Halloween was over! The End!

20: About The Author Abby Casey was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on September 12, 1999. She lives with her parents and sister, Lydia. Abby enjoys writing stories, baking, and shopping. Abby would like to continue writing books and become an author.

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