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The Other Planets

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S: The Other Planets Part One

FC: The Other Planets Part 1 of 5

1: Part 1 of 5 The Other Planets

2: Chapter One Go to the where, There will be an ugly Lare, Living by the indent in the ground, Go there go there now “What in the world does this clue mean? I mean this is a clue hunt not an animal mystery!” the young creature speaking was just over two and a half feet tall, the color of light blue, very fuzzy, and went by the name of Gork. He lived in the galaxy of The Fluffy Blue Thing People and was proud to call himself an agent of the TFBTP Spy team. Then of course there was his trusty, clumsy, and surprisingly smart side kick, Bonk, also from the galaxy of The Fluffy Blue People. As of now they were in a vast cavern in which a clue that would bring them just one step closer to finding a way to save the neighboring galaxy of The Tall Thin People, because if they could not succeed The Tall Thin People would be sucked into a giant black hole, but more importantly to them, with that universe out of the way they would be out alone to face the dreaded galaxy of The Milky Way. So here they were on a mission to find a way to stop a black hole from destroying their most needed allies.

3: “Well obviously the arrows at the end of the letter are a clue of where to go but what does that K mean?” for a creature like Gork who was use to already having clues and just finishing up the mystery himself, this was very puzzling, but luckily for him he had his sidekick, who use to this kind of stuff, there for him. “Look at the arrows and how the K follows it, so K must stand for a Kack (a unit of measurement close to a mile)!” “Okay, I see what you mean but what about the Lare part? Aren’t those like extinct or something?” this was Gork speaking in a confused tone as if someone had told him to go find a Lare that he had thought to be extinct, which someone had told him to do. “Yeah they are ALMOST extinct there are only like a few in existences and will be imposable to find even one unless we knew someone who knew of everything in the universe!” besides being smart Bonk was occasionally slow-witted, because they actually did know something that would help them very much, the legend of the Man with all Eyes who could all the many different galaxy’s with is one-thousand six hundred and twenty eight eyes. Their only problem was thinking of this legend and more importantly going to find him.

4: “Well the best we can do is get out of here with this clue. Bonk grab a piece of paper out of the pack and copy this down for later reference and then we can follow the arrows.” While Bonk was studying the note and copying it down Gork was thinking and the more he thought the more he realized that all Lare sightings had been reported in the very place they were most afraid of, The Milky Way. “Bonk, make haste, I have an idea that we must gather others for. Especially the Martians from Mars, for they know the ways of the Earthlings and that is where we will find the Lares and the answer to our problem.” ----------- “Bonk has reported to us and it is time to set the ambush, their first stop will be at Mars so we need to get the agents up there as soon as possible.” The man speaking was most wanted in the Tall Thin People galaxy and the Fluffy Blue People galaxy but he was very safe considering that since he escaped from prison he stayed within the limits of the Milky Way, where very few creatures ventured. “On it,” this was his to soft-hearted butler like creature speaking, “Oh and when will we be paying Bonk?” “Pay him! Why in the Venus would we pay him?”

5: “Because he is the one that gave us the information and you said that you would pay him for his loyalty to us, The Greater Good!” “Kook, you fool! Why not kill him off? We will know the info he gave us, they will know that he works for us so why keep him?” “Yes sir. I understand and I think we can send the ambush team to Mars by tomorrow.” “You may leave.” “Yes sir.” Kook left the building failing to see his leader’s evil smile behind his back. When he was gone The Mastermind called out to his guard, “Make sure that when Kook is done with the ambush team he doesn’t see another day, we need someone smarter in his position.” The guard merely nodded, that job was a no-brainer. “Then if you don’t mind you can have his post, you’re the martin for the job.” “Thank you, sir.” Little did they know that Kook was just outside listening through the wall with his strong hearing and had was already formed a plan that would take down not just the ambush team but also the Mastermind and his followers.

6: Chapter Two Gork and Bonk’s flight was scheduled for a date that was two days away and they would reach Mars a day after that. In the meantime they would be relaxing and training all day and night preparing for the new atmosphere and area that they would soon meet. They would be launched in a hovercraft no bigger than a medium sized car. Everything was going as planned yet Bonk was worried. He had his job from the mastermind and knew what to do yet he was of course worried. If he had been wrong about the information he had heard and passed along he would die, little did he know either way he would probably be killed. He was upset because of what he was to do, he had the mission where he was to blow up and blast Mars to smithereens. All those warriors would die, he had suggested to the Mastermind that they warn them to come on their side and then those who didn’t come would be blown up, but like usual his comments just got the Mastermind angry and annoyed. Now good fighters or even future slaves would be killed because of his thick headed boss. But before he could blow up Mars the ambush team had to capture Gork at the sight of the Two Craters. This was a lot to think about and if the slightest thing went wrong he would die.

7: Kook new what to do, he had to destroy the Mastermind once and for all. How? He had no idea. He had his Koon gun, his own creation that shot out liquid acid and was very deadly. If he could only find his way to the Masterminds living quarters he could spray the acid on the bed and the Mastermind would find a nice little surprise when he tried to go to sleep. At the present time he was hunkering down in the tower room the guard there was currently laying on the ground fifty feet below the tower window. Later when the shift changed the guard would find his companion lying face down with bad burns across his chest and right arm, but the guard would not find anyone near the scene because Kook had long since fled to the workroom to find out where the Mastermind lived, he was headed towards where previously he had heard his death be said. Kook was just in time to see the Mastermind leave his study which for Kook was good and bad. The bad part was that right before Kook arrived, the Mastermind had sent his bodyguard to end Kook’s very life. Meanwhile the launch to Mars was just getting started. The hovercraft was in the blasting zone, Gork had his hair combed nicely and his clothes which were ironed perfectly, and finally

8: Meanwhile the launch to Mars was just getting started. The hovercraft was in the blasting zone, Gork had his hair combed nicely and his clothes which were ironed perfectly, and finally Bonk had a shy smile on his face and a bomb in his supply kit, everyone was ready to go. “Blast off in three, two, one.” The hovercraft soared up into the space lifting higher and higher, just out of hearing from the massive explosion from a bomb Bonk had left as a good-bye memory. “That should make the boss happy,” thought a happy Bonk smiling himself to sleep. Gork was happy he couldn’t believe the celebration that was put on before the launch. Those creatures knew how to cook and have fun. He was so happy he forgot to put the craft into auto-pilot before he to fell asleep. -------------- Kook knew that the Mastermind was afraid of death, so it was easy to stop the bodyguard. He just pointed the gun at his former boss. The Mastermind understood the message, “He touches me, and I kill you.” “Stop, don’t touch him!” But it was too late. Kook turned and sprayed the bodyguard with acid and within seconds the bodyguard was no more than a pure white skeleton.

9: Kook turned to the Mastermind with the Koon up. But the Mastermind had pulled a gun from a holster on his back and before Kook even realized what was happening, he was shot with laser beam so powerful Kook was reduced to nothingness and was gone forever. Kook had not destroyed the Mastermind or the ambush team but he had succeeded in killing a tower guard and a body guard, but also scared all the Masterminds followers. Their friend could be a betrayer and might turn on them. Kook unknowingly turned the Masterminds creatures scared and without trust for one another.

10: Chapter Three When Bonk woke up his surroundings were unfamiliar to him and according to his map they should still be flying, but they weren’t. He turned to ask Gork where they were but Gork was fast asleep in his seat. Then Bonk saw everything unfold in front of him, Gork had fallen asleep and forgot to put the craft in auto-pilot. Bonk’s anger filled him up. How would he succeed in blowing up Mars with his stupid companion? When Gork awoke he realized he couldn’t scratch his nose, or even move his arms. When his groggy, sleepiness fell away he could see that his arms were tied behind his back and that he was standing on a cliff with a crater so big he couldn’t see the bottom of it. Then looking behind him was Bonk with a smile that could only come from a low life scum. Gork had been betrayed. “Bonk! Let me free. Why betray me?” “Let’s see, you are the only thing in my way to get to ultimate power. See when I blow up Mars; blow up our planet that we launched from, and destroy and kill you, the Mastermind will have no choice but to let me into a throne of riches and power. So now you must go off this very steep cliff. Good bye, Gork, good bye forever.”

11: A native to this planet, which Gork had unwittingly landed on, was watching the struggle that was going on this from just behind a nearby rock. When he saw enough and realized that the one named Gork was in danger, he ran out from behind the rock and pushed the one that was obviously the betrayer into the deep crater. Bonk knew that he was falling down deep into the earth and had just enough time to pull his parachute before he hit the ground and did. But now he was stuck at the bottom of a pit with nothing absolutely nothing. Gork was experiencing many different feelings right now and fear was one of them. He had just witnessed his companion try to kill him and then go flying off a cliff because some fellow an easy yard high had pushed him. Even more disturbing was that Gork had not seen anyone near him until this creature seemed to have dropped out of the sky. Gork was a superstitious man and was actually quite afraid of the thing standing in front of him. Was he a man with dark power or what? “Hello, I’m Gork from the galaxy of The Fluffy Blue People, and you are?” “Sevart, Man of all Eyes, and also your master, see I know a good slave when I see one and you are perfect.”

12: “No, no, no, no. I can’t. I have to-“Gork could say know more. For Sevart had pushed yet another creature into a crater, this one was unlucky and had no parachute and this creature did not survive. On the planet Mars some creatures reported seeing a craft from far away flying overhead, but not one of them knew that the creatures aboard the craft had a bomb that would eventually destroy all they ever had. On mars we will find a new person that will enter our story here, a thing named Mekk.

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