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The Pearl Fairy's Garden

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S: The Pearl Fairy's Garden Garden PM Class, 2010-1011

FC: The Pearl Fairy's Garden

1: The Pearl Fairy’s Garden By The Garden PM Class 2010-2011

3: This book is dedicated to Ms. Pearl, The tender gardener nurturing the seven budding blossoms of the Garden PM Class to their full bloom. “The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.” ----- B.B.King

5: Somewhere, something is out there, | waiting to be known. ---Carl Sagan

6: A space boy named Michael loved to study the sky, The low crescent moon, the sun bright and high. One night, he spied among shimmering stars, Abright,beaming glow, reaching out from afar. It wasn't a planet, it wasn't a comet; It wasn't a space ship with an alien on it. He climbed in his rocket ship, blasting off into flight Setting off to explore the mysterious light.

8: Not far away,on a planet called Pink, Three worried princesses gathered to think. They were artists these princesses, With magical powers, They painted the sunset, and the petals of flowers. The bumble bee's stripes, that was their work too, But now the pink princesses were feeling quite blue.

10: “Our rainbow is missing," Was Hannah's complaint. Caitlin cried, “There's no colors for paint!” “We must find it soon,” Kellen warned with fear. “Or all of Pink's colors will soon disappear.”

12: High overhead, Hunter sailed through a cloud, The great dragon tamer was feeling quite proud. His dragon was strong, with a powerful roar, He dipped and he dove, he spun and he soared. Then all of a sudden, he fell to the ground. There was nothing to see, but pink all around.

14: A crash and a bang, the pink planet rumbled The pink princesses ran to the scene of the tumble. A boom and a roar, a shake and a plop. The pink space ship was crushed, With a dragon on top. “I'm so sorry,” said Hunter, “don't be alarmed,” My dragon and I don't mean any harm. “I guess he got tired, we've been flying for days. That magical light has called us its way.”

16: The princesses looked to the far away glow And wondered about their missing rainbow. Could this light be calling out to them too? The princesses knew what they had to do. The dragon tamer had crash landed. Without their space ship, they were stranded! Hannah and Kellen twirled their pink gowns. Caitlin sprinkled stardust from her sparkly crown They sent a message into the sky. “That space boy Michael is always flying by."

18: And so five new friends, Set off to find, A light that was warm, and friendly, And kind

20: The planets orbit around the sun; Tiny Mercury is number one. Venus glows brighter than all other stars; On Earth, there is life, And there might be on Mars. There’s giant Jupiter, And rings around Saturn, Frozen Uranus makes number seven. Far away Neptune is named for the sea. Pluto is not a planet, but it used to be.

22: Juliet lived among flowers and trees, She watered the earth And raised honeybees She sang with the birds in morning song And danced in the sun When the shadows were long.

24: One night, while Juliet was deep in a dream, She awoke from her slumber To a glaring moon beam. But it wasn’t the moon, interrupting her sleep. She looked out her window to get a good peep. The fairy was calling, the wise one named Pearl. It was time for Juliet, to explore the great world.

26: Deep in the ocean, among the sea creatures Marin swam with dolphins, And hunted for treasures. On the foamy shore, she built castles with sand And basked in the sunshine warming the land. But in Marin’s heart, all was not well, A sadness was growing like a witch’s spell. “I miss my sister,” was Marin’s decree. “I haven’t seen Kellen since I moved to the sea!”

28: Just then, the ocean gave a loud roar; A giant wave rose and washed Marin ashore! She looked for her beach, but what did she see? A place filled with flowers, and birds and trees. Could this be the place where Kellen had gone? But there was no pink, so that must be wrong. Then a soft voice called out, “Do not be scared. You’ve come for the Pearl Fairy. I’ll take you there.”

30: High in the sky the rocket ship flew, Seeing the sights, As only space ships can do.

32: When suddenly the sun and the rain Mixed together! Michael cried, “I’ve never seen such weather!” The three pink princesses Were hugging and kissing. “There’s our rainbow we’ve been missing!”

34: Juliet surveyed her field of new friends Marin and Kellen together again. Caitlin and Hannah, smiled and waved; Michael and Hunter, marched forward so brave; “We’ve landed here from a very long flight. We’ve been drawn here by that beautiful light.”

36: “Friends, you have come from far and wide." “Follow me,” said Juliet, “I can be your guide." “The light is leading us to a children’s kingdom, Ruled by the Pearl Fairy of Knowledge and Wisdom. Do not be afraid of this new world, She is kind and wise, this Fairy named Pearl. She tends a garden where we’ll blossom and grow. She will teach us all the things we need to know."

38: And so Michael, Juliet, Hunter and Caitlin, Hannah and the sisters, Marin and Kellen,

39: Found the Pearl Fairy and her magical place, A garden where love glows on each smiling face.

40: Where baby buds bloom into brilliant flowers, And smart little saplings grow strong as oak towers. There are books to be read, and songs to sing, But here is the greatest of all these great things:

42: In the Pearl Fairy’s garden, Children sprout their own wings.

44: The End

46: Garden PM Class 2010-1011 Juliet Alkaysi Hunter Cassatly Michael Compierchio Caitlin Eng Hannah Moran Kellen Ievers Marin Ievers

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