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The Phantom of the Opera

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BC: THE END Authors: Ana Carolina, Arthur, Davi, Debora, Flavia, Gabi, Gustavo, Isabela, Julyana, Luis Filipe, Marina, Matheus Moreno, Nayna, Pedro Batista, Pedro Henrique, Renata, Victor Hugo, Victor Silvestre.

FC: The Phantom of the Opera Class 45A Teacher Erika Cruvinel

1: Chapter 1 The Angel of Music In a summer evening in 1880, two people were sitting on the sand on a beach in France. They were Christine and her father. She was ten years old. They were traveling musicians. Christine was singing a sad song about love and her father was playing the violin.

3: A man and a boy were walking on the beach. They stopped and listened to the music. Suddenly, the wind blew Christines scarf into the sea and the boy, Raoul, brought the scarf back to Christine. Christines father said that when he died he would send her a teacher, the Angel of Music.

5: Chapter 2 A party at the Opera house The Opera House in Paris is a huge building. There are hundreds of rooms, many corridors and many cellars deep under the stage. One evening, in 1890, the manager of the opera House had a party. Many people came to the party: some were dancers; some were singers and some played musical instruments.

7: At the party, people were talking about a ghost. A few singers had seen a strange man in the Opera House. The man always wore a black cloak. They called him the Phantom of the Opera. Every evening, Madame Richard sold tickets for the performance at the opera House and she sold programs to the people in the audience. And she sold programs to the Phantom of the opera. He always sat in box 5.

9: Chapter 3 - Raoul Goes to the Opera In 1890, Raoul was twenty-one. He was going to Paris to live with his brother Philippe who was forty-one. One evening Philippe and Raoul went to the Opera House because Philippes favorite singer, Carlotta, was going to sing. But Carlotta did not sing. That evening, a different singer performed. All the people in the audience liked her. Her name was Christine. After the show, Philippe took Raoul to a corridor behind the stage. Many people were outside Christines room. Christine opened the door and talked to Raoul, but she was very tired.

10: Chapter 4 - Box Number 5 Raoul went to the Opera House again. He went to Christines dressing room. The door was closed and he heard two people talking inside the dressing room. One voice said: You must always love me. You must sing for me. The other voice said: Yes. Ill sing only for you. It was Christines voice. Suddenly, the door opened and Christine cam e out of the dressing room. Her eyes were open, but she did not see Raoul. Raoul looked inside the dressing room, but it was empty.

11: In the evening, there was going to e another party at the opera House. Philippe and Raoul were there and the Persian was present too. The manager came towards Philippe and Raoul. They talked about box number 5 and the phantom. The manager didnt believe the stories and he wanted to stop the stories, so he sold tickets for box number 5.

13: Two men and two women were sitting in box number 5. Carlotta sang that evening, but she did not sing well; she was worried. At the end of the performance, there was an accident. The large chandelier feel and the glass hurt one of the women very badly. After that, many strange things happened at the opera House. Costumes were tore, some scenery was broken and a musician disappeared.

15: Chapter 5 - The Mirror in the Dressing Room A week passed after the accident in Box Number 5. Raoul did not see Christine and she didnt sing at the opera House. Raoul was unhappy. He was in love with Christine and he wanted to meet her. He was worried about her. He went to the Opera House. He heard a voice in the dressing room. Christine was talking to another person, to another man. The voice had come from the mirror! And Raoul had heard the voice before. Raoul looked at the big mirror on the wall. He did not understand. Christine started to sing a song. She sang softly; she walked towards the mirror and she disappeared!!!

16: Raoul ran to the mirror. He touched the glass. It was a heavy mirror and it was fixed on the wall. Then Raoul wrote a note to Christine and he went back to his brothers house. That night he could not sleep. A letter from Christine arrived the next morning. Raoul read quickly: At midnight, I will meet you at the ball.

19: Chapter 6 - The Masked Ball In the masked ball, Raoul was wearing a white mask and a black cloak. He didnt speak to anybody. At midnight he met Christine on the roof and he said: Please marry me, Christine. But the Phantom loved Christine too and she explained that she could not marry him. The Phantom was watching Christine and Raoul.

20: Chapter 7 The Persian' Story

21: Chapter 7 tells the story of the Persian. He helped build the Opera house. He knows all the rooms, all the corridors and all the cellars. He knows all about the people in the opera House.

23: The Persian told Raoul about Christines secret. He told him that Christine had a teacher, Erik, the Phantom of the Opera. He said that Eriks secret was his face and that Christines secret was that she could only sing for Erik. She was prohibited by Erik to sing to other people.

24: Chapter 8 Christine Disappears!

25: In chapter 8, Christine disappeared. That night, in the Faust, the lights went off. Christine was singing on stage. A moment later the lights turned on again, but Christine was not there. The policemen walked through all the opera house, but they did not find Christine because the Phantom had taken her away!

26: Chapter 9 - Under The Opera House

27: In chapter 9, the Persian told Raoul all about the Phantom of The Opera House. He told Raoul where Christine was and he told him how the Phantom could see everything without nobody seeing him. He told Raoul about the trapdoors. They went into Chritine's dressing-room and found a secret door behind the mirror and they entered a dark corridor. Then they started their journey to try to save Christine.

28: Chapter 10 The Lake and the Tree

29: Raoul and the Persian were looking for Chrsitine. They were at a cellar under the Opera House. There was water in the cellar and they crossed it with a small boat. They entered another mysterious cellar. There was a tree and a dead man hanging from the tree. He was one of the musicians in the orchestra. Erik had killed him.

30: They finally found Erik and Christine in a room above the cellar where they were. Erik closed the exit. Raoul and the Persian were locked in a room of mirrors. This room started to heat. Erik wanted to kill them.

31: Erik showed Christine two handles: one with a fish and one with an eagle. He told Christine to choose on handle. He said the eagle would bring fire and the fish would bring water.

32: Chapter 11 The Phantom of the Opera

33: The mirrors in the cellar were terribly hot, and the cellar was terribly hot. Raoul and the Persian could not breath. Christine pulled the fish and water started coming fast into the cellar. Raoul and the Persian would die. They could not stop the water. They begged the Phantom to save them. The Persian told Christine about Eriks face. She took off his mask and saw his face. Erik asked Christine if she could love him and she said yes. So Erik opened the trapdoor and the Persian, Raoul and Christine escaped through the water. Erik stayed in the cellar and started to play the violin. He played a sad and beautiful song until he drowned. Christine and Raoul ended up together looking at the black sky and the stars above the opera House.

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