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The Poa Tree

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The Poa Tree - Page Text Content

BC: Bonnie and her best friend Zoey have to set off on an exciting adventure! They need to save the magical Poa Tree's life before all poems disappear forever.

FC: The Poa Tree | By McKenna Foesier and Sarah Johnson

1: To Mr. Russel Thornberry, for helping us to create our first piece of literature and Hermin the Frog. Hermin was the most unlucky frog in the world. Thanks to the Ms. Schneider's 2016 Grade 1 class in Caroline School for the illustrations, and also thanks to Erin Rutschke for enhancing drawings.

2: 1 | Once there was a tree. It was called the Poa Tree. It had leaves made out of poems and a trunk made out of the pages of books that have never been read. But then the leaves began to fall.

3: 2 | Bonnie loved books. She was also seven years, three months, two weeks, and six days old and lived with her grandparents. She had curly red hair, gray eyes, and freckles.

4: 3 | Bonnie went to her room to read her favorite poem, "The Little Turtle". But when she opened her poem book, the poem was gone! Bonnie ran to her grandma to tell her what had happened.

5: 4 | Her grandma bent over the book. "Oh dear," Grandma sighed. "This means that the Poa Tree is sick. Bonnie, this is the story of the Poa Tree. It is a tree made of poems, and when it gets sick, poems disappear. Do you want to save the poems?" Bonnie nodded. "Then you must travel through the land of Zeek, and find what poetry can teach us. Remember to bring your poem book, for it will lead the way."

6: 5 | "Goodbye Grandma, I'll be back soon!" Bonnie shouted as she ran towards her friend Zoey's house.

7: 6 | Zoey was Bonnie's friend. She was also seven years and five months old exactly and lived with her dad. She had blond pigtails, and violet eyes. Zoey also wanted to be a famous movie star.

8: 7 | Once Bonnie had picked up Zoey and explained the problem, they both set off into the deep dark woods near their tiny village.

9: 8 | After they had been walking for a while, Bonnie noticed that the path split into two paths. "Which one should we take?" Bonnie asked. "We should take the cleaner one of course!" Zoey cried. "But it seems too obvious!" Bonnie pointed out.

10: 9 | When Bonnie and Zoey were arguing, Bonnie's poem book started to glow. It flipped to a page in the middle. The page said- The Road Not Taken. By Robert Frost. "So we're taking the dirty road." Zoey said grumpily. The set off on the path as the poem disappeared.

11: 10 | After a very long time walking, Bonnie and Zoey left the woods. They saw an enormous hill. It was so high that they couldn't see the top. "We have to go up that, don't we?" Zoey gulped. "Uh-huh" Bonnie whispered.

12: 11 | And they went up.

13: 12 | And up.

14: 13 | And up.

15: 14 | And up even higher.

16: 15 | Bonnie and Zoey had been walking for hours. Finally, they collapsed onto the ground. "I can't go any farther, Bonnie." Zoey whined as she started to slide down the muddy, dirty hill.

17: 16 | Bonnie was about give up when she felt her poem book tremble. It was glowing again! When Bonnie opened the book, she saw a poem called "Uphill" by Christina Rossetti.The poem said that there was a place to rest up ahead. Bonnie and Zoey found new strength, and kept climbing.

18: 17 | Bonnie and Zoey raced up the rest of the hill, hoping that the resting place would be comfortable, dry, and warm. They reached the top of the hill and looked around. Soon they saw a tiny little cottage, with a little sign that said HOTEL. Bonnie and Zoey raced inside and flopped down on the two little beds. They were instantly asleep.

19: 18 | Bonnie heard birds singing when she woke up. She got up and started to wander around the hotel. There were only 3 rooms. The room they had slept in, the bathroom, and tiny room in the back. When Bonnie walked in, she saw a piece of cloth on the wall. She was amazed to see threads weaving themselves into the cloth!

20: 19 | Bonnie realized that she had been carrying her book around since she had woken up. As she looked down at her book, it started to glow. Bonnie opened up her book. The poem that it had flipped to was 'Threads of Her Journey, by Raymond A. Foss. "So this is called a tapestry." Bonnie said. Then she saw that the pictures were pictures from her life!

21: 20 | Zoey walked over, yawning. "Hi Bonnie." she said sleepily. "Whatcha doin'?". Then she saw the tapestry. "Why are there pictures from my life on here?!" she gasped. "This is very strange, Bonnie thought. "We should get going," she said.

22: 21 | The girls started to walk again. A couple hours later, they came across a waterfall and river. They looked across the river, and on the other side was the Poa Tree. "How do we get across!" Bonnie cried. Suddenly the waterfall lifted up into a shining diamond bridge.

23: 22 | The girls crossed the beautiful bridge and then they were standing on top of a tall, grassy hill. In front of them was the Poa Tree. It was very, very tall. All around the bottom of the tree were fallen leaves made of poems. The trunk was gray and bark was peeling off. Bonnie and Zoey saw it and felt very sad.

24: 23 | Bonnie and Zoey slowly walked to the Poa Tree. Bonnie suddenly ran to the Poa Tree and gave it a huge hug. She then heard a voice. "Bonnie, save me please." The Poa Tree whispered. "But how?" Bonnie cried, the Poa Tree's sadness creeping into her. "Think of what poetry has taught you on your journey." The Poa Tree replied.

25: 24 | "I don't know" Bonnie sobbed. "Please help me!" The Poa Tree bent down one branch and touched her on the forehead. Bonnie saw the paths in the woods, the huge hill, the tapestry, and the bridge. She saw her journey.

26: 25 | Bonnie thinks about all of the lessons she learned on their journey. She thought of all of the amazing moments that she and Zoey had had. Then she had it.

27: 26 | "I think that what poetry can teach us is that we should never give up, for in all that we do, we can be great." Bonnie said, and she knew for sure that it was right.

28: 27 | The Poa Tree started to glow and sparkle. Then there was a loud, amazing, BANG, and the Poa Tree was alive and healthy again, the leaves growing on the branches again.

29: 28 | A beautiful little leaf floated down and landed in Bonnie's hand. It was a green-blue colour, with shiny silver writing all over it. "This is for you, Bonnie" the Poa Tree whispered.

30: 29 | The Poa Tree then leaned over and whispered something to Zoey. Zoey smiled and nodded. Then, with another bang, three, shining glittering creatures appeared. There was a Pegasus and a little purple dragon with big green eyes

31: 30 | Bonnie and Zoey climbed up onto the animals. The dragon and Pegasus took off, and Bonnie soared through the sky. "What did the Poa Tree tell you Zoey?" Bonnie asked. "It told me to follow my dreams." She replied. "That's what my junior actress book said too."

32: 31 | Two hours later, Bonnie and Zoey had landed on the road in between their houses, and had both started walking home after thanking the animals for flying them home. Bonnie started running when she saw the roof of her grandparents house.

33: 32 | Her Grandma opened the door and Bonnie raced into her arms. She started to tell her grandmother about her adventures. All her grandmother did was smile a very wise smile and say, "Of course dear."

34: 33 | The poems mentioned in this book are the property of the authors that wrote them. This is the list of the poems we used, the authors who wrote them, and the websites we found them on.

35: 34 | The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/173536 Uphill by Christina Rossetti http://www.poetrysoup.com/famous/poem/8646/uphill Threads Of Her Journey by Raymond A Foss http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/threads-of-her-journey/

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